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The boat beneath Ground Zero

Sometimes when you work on a story there’s some great information you stumble on and  you just can’t seem to work it into the piece.  Now we have a place to share it — on the Daily Need. It happened this week, when I was prepping for the WTC shoot. I came across a few articles about the discovery of a 32-foot-long 18th-century ship found during excavation this summer.

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Finally, an official plan for the World Trade Center site

Photo: AP/Mark Lennihan

After years of often tense and fruitless negotiations, including some searing public recriminations, the executive board of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey has formalized a deal with real estate tycoon Larry Silverstein to build two towers at the site of the 9/11 attacks. The board, which owns the property, voted unanimously at a special public meeting on Thursday to approve the deal, after discussing the terms of the agreement in a private session.

Silverstein holds a 99-year lease on the property, which he obtained just weeks before the buildings were destroyed. Construction has already begun on one new tower at the southeast corner of the 16-acre site, but Silverstein has requested public backing for the other two. In March, the authority, the city of New York and the state each agreed to kick in $600 million in subsidies if Silverstein could obtain at least $300 million in private investments on his own. New Jersey also agreed to back the plan in exchange for the Port Authority building a new Bayonne Bridge.

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