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Photo: Penny for the guy

November 5 is Guy Fawkes Night in the United Kingdom. The celebration marks the anniversary of a failed attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament in 1605, known as the Gunpowder Plot. Guy Fawkes, who was left in charge of the gunpowder placed beneath the House of Lords, was discovered, arrested, tortured and executed. Traditionally, an effigy representing Fawkes is burned on a bonfire, accompanied by fireworks. Photo: Flickr/donnaidh_sidhe

Photo: One giant leap for robots

Photo: NASA/JSC Robert Markowitz

The launch of space shuttle Discovery, originally scheduled for today, has been postponed until Friday due to weather concerns. That means that Robonaut 2, or R2, will have to wait another day to become the first non-human crew member to visit the International Space Station. R2 is the latest generation of dexterous humanoid robot helpers designed to assist astronauts with tasks such as repairs, additions to the station or performing scientific work. Before it can go space walking, it’s first job is to teach engineers how dexterous robots behave in space. This is a one way trip for R2, as there are no plans to bring it back to Earth, but it will be keeping in touch with its earthbound friends through its new Twitter account, @AstroRobonaut. When asked if it was nervous about the upcoming mission, it tweeted “Nope, not even a little nervous! I’ve got nerves of aluminum!”

You can see R2 in action at NASA’s website.

Photo: Surfing past the polls

Students in a surfing class pass a sign leading to a polling place during elections today in San Diego. Photo: AP/Gregory Bull

Photo: Burning ring of fire

Today in Indonesia, Mount Merapi unleashed its most powerful eruption this week, spewing hot clouds of gas and ash thousands of feet into the air. Merapi is one of Indonesia's 129 active volcanoes, and has killed 38 people since it started erupting a week ago. The mountain's name, Gunung Merapi, translates to "Mountain of Fire." There were no immediate reports of new casualties. Photo: AP/Kasan Kurdi

Photo: Halloween gone to the dogs

A Chihuahua named Mondex channels the spirit of Captain Jack in his pirate costume during a Halloween dog show in Manila in 2008. The event, which benefited an animal welfare organization, awarded Mondex the Creative Costume award. Photo: AP/Aaron Favila

Photo: Sneezin’ in the rain

A photo composite of the newly discovered Burmese snub-nosed monkey locals call "mey nwoah" or "monkey with an upturned nose." Photo: Dr. Thomas Geissmann

Primatologists have recently discovered a new species of monkey in Northern Myanmar (formerly Burma). A report published in the American Journal of Primatology reveals that the Rhinopithecus strykeri is so rare that researchers have yet to see one alive, although locals are quite familiar with them and claim they are easy to find when it rains. The primates often get rainwater in their upturned nostrils which causes them to sneeze when it rains. They spend rainy days with their heads tucked between their knees to prevent droplets from getting in.

Relying on eyewitness descriptions and the study of carcasses, scientists created this image of the animal by editing a photo of a close biological relative, a Yunnan snub-nosed monkey with the characteristics of the newly discovered species. The total population size is estimated between 260 and 330 individuals.

Photo: A day in the ‘Life’ of Keith Richards

The Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards slumps on a restaurant table in London, 1964. His autobiography, "Life," was recently published to rave reviews. Photo: Terry O'Neill

Photo: A tiny pioneer

On this day in 1984, Stephanie Fae Beuclair, who was born with a fatal condition called hypoplastic left-heart syndrome, underwent a controversial procedure called a xenotransplant. At Loma Linda University Medical Center, Dr. Leonard Bailey replaced the severely underdeveloped heart of the 14-day-old infant with the walnut-size heart of a young baboon. The interspecies heart transplant generated ethical debates and headlines around the world. The tiny patient, known only as "Baby Fae" survived 21 days. What was learned from the procedure paved the way for the first successful infant-to-infant heart transplant a year later, and for thousands of successful child heart transplants since.

Photo: Happy Birthday Pablo Picasso!

Pablo Picasso in his studio in Vallauris, France, on October 23, 1953. Photo: AP

On this day in 1881, one of the most influential artists of the 20th century, Pablo Picasso, is born in Malaga, Spain. The total number of works Picasso produced during his lifetime has been estimated at 50,000, which include paintings, drawings, engravings, sculptures, prints, rugs and ceramics.

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