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Is the Texas school board rewriting history?

Next week, the Texas State Board of Education will vote on new ideologically driven curriculum standards for the Texas public schools. Elected officials are going line-by-line — deciding what should and should not be included in state textbooks. And as one of the biggest textbook buyers in the country, Texas could influence what kids learn in other states, as well.

Don McLeroy, dentist and active board member, has proposed adding a requirement to study the rise of conservative icons like Phyllis Schlafly, the Heritage Foundation and the Moral Majority. There’s also a new emphasis on the role religion played in the founding of the country, and on the constitutional right to bear arms. In all, there were more than 300 amendments proposed to the social studies standards. All these amendments will fundamentally change what kids are taught in school.

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  • Norm Farrar

    Why wasn’t the series called ‘ are liberals rewriting history?’ Perhaps Texas is preserving our conservative history and the liberals who are writing standards are forcing a change in history from the conservative interpretation of history to the liberal interpretation of history. Your presentation of the discussion as born out in the title of the discussion shows a bias in the program and does present a balanced view of facts.

  • Don Eddy

    The Dentist has been affected by his own mercury fillings! He and his conservative partners do not seem to know history. Women got the vote in 1920 not because of men deciding to give it to them, but because of two women who fought for decades, Susan B. Anthony and the one who wrote the constitutional amendment, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, which by the way, had not one word changed from when she originally wrote it.

    And god did not make man in his image, you got that wrong, man made god in his own image.

    Let’s add Gandhi’s explanation, he said that it’s not quite correct that God is Truth but rather Truth is God. Perhaps you all should read all of what Gandhi wrote in his lifetime.

    In addition, the United States is the most aggressive nation in the world. It has military throughout the world. It may not be totally imperialistic, but it’s close.

    I do agree about capitalism, but it should be left in with its present day connotation.

  • gandrews

    The Texas Board of Education doesn’t really care much about truth as they do about teaching children ideology and patriotism. One member McLeroy actually thinks the world is less than 10,000 years old.

  • A.W. & E.L.

    Mr. McLeroy and his pretentious gang of Texas Board of Education “editors” are laughably ignorant hillbillies.

    Hello……are we living on the same planet in the 21st Century…!? NOT!!!!

    I’m not surprised. After all, Texas is Bush country…. full of rednecks, rattlesnakes, prejudice, ignorance, sexism, corruption, chauvinism….and the headquarters of the Kennedy Assassination!

    I’ll bet McLeroy is trying to cross off Dallas in his history books…… as the stage of the Kennedy murder. Hmmmm, perhaps replace Dallas with, let’s say,….New York City!!!

  • Ben

    This body does not to the research that provides the information written in these text books. It is not for the place for any elected board members to decide which words they like and which words should have better connotations. There’s a reason why random people don’t write text books. They are supposed to be full of accurate facts, not a groups opinions. (no matter who that group is)
    Capitalism is the foundation of our economy. You can’t just decide that it has bad connotations and delete the word! That’s what it is! If you don’t like that, then try to change how our economy works, don’t punish children by keeping them from the truth. (but this just doesn’t make sense. Conservatives like to have big government stay out of the way, for good reasons. But that’s what makes a capitalist economy! You can’t have it both ways!)

  • martha

    So….Big Government in Texas will decide what schoolchildren may and may not learn in Social Studies textbooks.
    Are they also going to include the dangers of Big Government in Texas in their books?
    ‘Tis a paradox!

  • Dori Smith

    Hey, good segment. I shared it on FB.

    Thanks. Hope to watch more in the future.

    Dori Smith
    Producer, Talk Nation Radio

  • Dennis M. Beaty

    It appears that the Soviet Union won the Cold War in Texas. This Board should change its name to the Board of Indoctrination and be charged with Child Abuse. Extremists are still extremists by any other name. School Boards who still believe in freedom should boycott any company that publishes textbooks to Texas standards, and teachers who are not fortunate enough to work in such districts should use these books to show students how right wing extremists are bound and determined to destroy our human freedoms by imposing a state religion. Stop the Soviet Union of Texas now.

  • Steve Brudney

    Norm Farrar, in his comment posted May 14, 2010 has every right to ask whether it is liberals who are doing the rewriting of history. Of course, the best he can do is to raise the hypothetical: “Perhaps….” But the facts are that part of the glory of the creation of the U.S. is that our founders, in the midst of a predominantly Christian nation, nevertheless refused to give Christianity or any religion any government-supported power (a principle more and more violated these days) and kept it out of the Constitution. The far religious right is correct that the words “separation of church and state” do not appear in the Constitution but (1) one of our founders, Jefferson, said explicitly that that is what he took it to mean and (2) neither are the words God, Jesus, Christ, Bible or Ten Commandments in the Constitution.

    Why wasn’t the series called ‘ are liberals rewriting history?’ Perhaps Texas is preserving our conservative history and the liberals who are writing standards are forcing a change in history from the conservative interpretation of history to the liberal interpretation of history. Your presentation of the discussion as born out in the title of the discussion shows a bias in the program and does present a balanced view of facts.

  • Donald

    Texas Board of Education = Pooling of Ignorance.

  • Ed Hall

    As a Texan I have watched the process of this board move from ‘conservative’ to ridiculous. PLEASE, can’t someone put these embarrassing yahoo’s back with the other extremist from which they came – and away from our educational system? Any intelligent society to survive must protect itself from fundamentalists extremes… whether radical Muslim or radical Christian; they remind me somewhat of what could be called America’s version of the Taliban – ‘believe as I do or we will force it upon you.’ I and the majority in this wonderful country (and State) of ours don’t as the First Amendment provides both equally with the freedom to believe as we each choose without the philosophy and/or interpretation of one grouping being forced upon other – Left or Right….

    I say its time to get rid of the embarrassment – and this group with its extremist attempt to rewrite history to shine a more favorable light on its fundamentalist views.

  • Samuel Marein

    To be a conservative in this country presupposes Gothic behaviour.If you can call abortion, gay rigths and no taxes a political agenda, we eould do well to close shop. The most unusual part is the behaviour and tactics if “Conservatives” are inspired by the most radical of communist theoreticians. We not only have Dick Armey”s confession of being influenced by Saul Alinsky, but you have Republican behaviour in Congress is a chapter from the anarchist Nicolai Bukharin’s “The Poverty of Statism”.

    To fit politcal ends to educational and scientific ends is also a Soviet trait. We were given Lysenko and Lysenkoism’s environmentally acquired the Soviets: If you live in a communist society you will be a good communist. If you live in a conservative society you will be a good conservative is Don McElroy’s motto. Communists did not believe in Darwin either, despite notices to the contrary, I expect any day conservatives to pull a Lev Landau, the famed Russian physicist, who was given a ten year prison sentence for teaching a nondeterministic science – Quantum Mechanics – in a deterministic society, Communism.

    I really look back in nostalgia to the days.when being a conservative meant minding our own business, minimal government intervention, balanced budgets and a strong national defense. Those days are obviously gone forever.

  • R. E. Mitchell

    As I recall, you reported that Don McLeroy is active in his church. If this be true, how does he intend to deal with words like adultry and covet when teaching young people about the Ten Commandments? Is he planning to rewite the Bible? Of course hopely, he will get God’s permission.

  • camilla

    I am an ex-rightwing conservative. After I saw this video I was not surprised at what these
    people are trying to do to our childrens textbooks. They have been at it for years. Censoring
    kids books and presenting only the conservative viewpoint is to destroy our democracy as
    well as produce a generation of kids who are very biased in their worldviews. Does this sound
    familiar? It should… it was the goal of the communists to indoctrinate kids with only one
    viewpoint. This must be stopped. We must keep our diversity and democracy.

  • Sasha

    Don McLeroy encapsulates the problem with his activist conservative agenda when he states that “Someone has to do something about these experts.”

    Well, if you’re taking up a position against experts really, what business do you have making decisions that affect so many students across the country.

  • GHowd

    Amazing we are having this conversation in 2010. “Conservative interpretation” seems to infer quite a bit more intellectual effort than was obviously expended by those that are basically mutilating text books.

  • Gene Garman, Baylor ’62

    As someone stated above, the words “church and state” are not in the Constitution, but the word “religion” is, and Art. 6 and the First Amendment both object to “religious” tests and “religion” being established by law or Congress. It was the “Father of the Constitution” who wrote “Strongly guarded as is the separation between Religion and Government in the Constitution of the United States, the danger of encroachment by Ecclesiastical Bodies may be illustrated by precedents already furnished in their short history,” James Madision, W&MQ 3:555, c. 1817. The Supreme Court has applied that same constitutional restriction to the states. The majority on the Texas SBOE has apparently not done its homework. Gene Garman, M.Div., author of The Religion Commandments in the Constitution: A Primer.

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  • OlympusMons

    Read 1984 George Orwell..

  • alfredo Gutierrez

    History is there, a documentation of what happened in the past, why not teach it.
    Texas history goes back way before 1836.There is a lot of very interesting history
    of how “Tejas” became Texas.

  • Jackie

    I’ve worked as a textbook editor and test development specialist for nearly 20 years and have seen first-hand how state boards of ed can wreak havoc on carefully created materials. Often, one vocal board member–through sheer persistence–can convince the rest to go along with what he or she wants. Typically, intentions are benign, but even so a board member will oftentimes reject a test item, state standard, etc without taking the time to consider why it had been included in the first place. Then, there are also the ideologically-driven members, such as the dentist in this story. I’ve seen liberal ideology run amok as well, such as when a test passage (a short story) was struck down because a main character in the story was an old man who used a cane. It was deemed “age-ist.” Being a member of the state board of ed is actually a very important position indeed, and voters should be careful when choosing amongst candidates. The best qualities in a candidate? Common sense and a willingness to listen and consider carefully before making decisions.

  • Mike

    Free Enterprise Pig. Still has the same connotations. My kids will be shipped out of Texas to stop brain washing from Texas. Textbooks have been wrong for a while now, why not just read The Lies Teachers Told Me, but to The Lies the State has told me.

    The comment that the men voted for the rights is pretty much how sexist much of Texas still lives in the past, because they are scared that they will no longer have the power.

  • Mike

    I like how they said the process is democratic, but yet when you look at the board, there are only White conservative members on that board. I do not see Asians, Native Americans, Indians, African Americans, Latinos, Hispanics, or Middle Eastern men or women. I see White Ultra Conservatives.

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  • Gordon S Fowkes

    The Left has been rewriting history for over half a century, why not let the Right have it’s turn? After a while maybe we wind up the the muddle.

  • S Peart

    SBOE = Stupendiously Biased and Oppressive Egotists

  • michiganruth

    yes, this is really scary, but not in the way you all are thinking.

    what’s scary to me is that a TAX-FUNDED ORGANIZATION like PBS can write such dreck about the country that so richly provides for it… and that the elite commenters on here can be so intolerant of people who are not exactly like them.

    all you sophisticates who laugh at religion: don’t you understand that this country was founded on rights given from a “creator”? I know it’s “hep” to say God doesn’t exist, but that is just as ideological a position as believing he DOES exist. so why don’t you recognize your ideology for what it is? oh, no…what you think is just the truth, what every smart person knows. the other side–those bitter clingers with their guns and their religion–they’re just idiots.

    and the sad thing is, you really do believe that.

  • DuaneBidoux

    I can’t help but wonder how McLeroy would feel if a social studies teacher started eliminating the “bias” in the last one hundred years of modern dentistry. Things like modern pain killers, crowns, braces, even toothpaste. Get rid of them, and ignore what professors of dentistry have discovered. Good God man.

    History is not liberal or conservative. It’s history. To not call and depend on the teachers and professors who have actually bothered to study this stuff is downright insane.

    We don’t expect someone not an engineer to do engineering. Or a nurse to do accounting. This is simply lunacy.

  • David McCoy

    The Texas School Board should consist of actual Teachers, Scientists and Historians and not by Dentists who want to push thier religious views and agendas.

  • Mike Fatah

    Most people don’t even realize that these so called “conservatives” are anything but. This is clearly a debate between the poorly educated group of self-righteous dimwits who would like nothing else but to make an already inferior education system into a complete joke!

    I’m leaving Texas soon!

  • Lila

    So you think the liberals have done a better job presenting the nation’s history?

    How many of you think there were 13 British colonies in 1776?

    There were 15. West Florida and East Florida were held by the British but were never included in our history books because it was inconvenient for liberal-based textbooks coming out of New York City.

    Come on, now! We couldn’t afford to tell the truth–that Louisiana, Alabama, and Florida were battle sites during the American Revolution. We couldn’t honor the people who fought at Baton Rouge, Mobile, and Pensacola.

    Why, that would mean that Southerners had a role in the American Revolution. We had to make sure we punished them for the Civil War by REWRITING history and excluding their role in the founding of this country.

  • Neil

    Ah – the social fascism of the left on open display, replying to their tax funded state run media, presenting the point of view they enjoy!

    A little bit of freedom, and suddenly – the lovers of “diversity” and “tolerance” spew like little school girls. “Oooh – mommy – make the Texans do what I want them to do!”

    What an educational look at the weak minds of the modern left.

  • Emilio Decker Jr

    I have been a Texan for 75 years and I agree fully with what Ms Camilla said in her comments Above.(Posted on May 16, 2010, 2:14PM) She admits to being “an ex-rightwing conservative” who has seen Texans of European Descent, for many years, tried to indoctrinate Texan children, of all ethnicities or Race, to read books in classrooms favorable to them and not Americans of Mexican Descent or other minorities. Ms Camilla says “this must be stopped. We must keep our diversity and democracy.” AND I FULLY AGREE WITH HER. Texans must, in my opinion, GO FORWARD in the 21St Century, not backwards.

  • owldog

    Can’t you get anybody better than Susan Jacoby. She’s a phone liberal. I mean she’s claims to be liberal but kicked me off her Washington Post blog discussion because I had some strong data and compelling personal anecdotes about the dangers of the current vaccine regimen. Apparently, she is brainwashed pro-vaccine person.

    In the 1950′s. when the mother of all vaccines, the polio vaccine, was our “godsend,” the medical profession was leaving millions of children unprotected against infectious disease, because they were telling women not to breastfeed, but to use formula. Was that a contributing cause of the polio epidemic?

    The pro-vaccine loonies never mention this.

  • owldog

    What’s interesting about the brain-dead anti-evolution movement, is that those who promote it most, these Palinites, is the same culture that say “drill baby drill” – don’t they know evolution and paleontology are the foundation of oil exploration and discovery. They should talk their local oil exploration companies and ask them if they could do what they do without a comprehensive study of geologic and biologic evolution.

  • william Bowen

    During your program you repeatedly referred to Dr Dan MCLeroy as a dentist implying that he was some what unqualified to express his views because he is a dentist. Is a dentist any less qualified espouse their opinions on the school curriculum that say a lawyer or a physician or even a teacher ?. Personally I find Dr McLeroy’s views obnoxious and repugnant on their own “merits” The fact that they are emanating from a dentist is irrelevant
    Dr ,McLeroy graduated from a 4 year college (dont know what he majored) and further 4 years in dental school and perhaps some years in residency.His profession is not relevant to this debate and his views should not be disparaged because he is a dentist

  • Charles Mann

    The Need To Know program reported that Texas is the largest buyer of textbooks but AP reported in their articles that Texas is the 2nd largest buyer of textbooks with California being the largest. Who is correct?

  • Larry Clack

    This is what happens when we allow people other than educators to choose textbooks. This is Dover all over again.

  • Rob

    America is not imperialistic; that is when you are going to take over by force. Expansionism is a much, much better and more accurate word.

    –Don McLeroy, Texas School Board)

    I was living in Japan in 2002 when some culturally conservative/nationalist Japanese bureaucrats decided to rewrite history by cleansing their history textbooks of terms they deemed offensive. They engaged in the same type of historical revisionism that these ignorant fundamentalist Christians in Texas are trying to perpetrate in upon American children. Some Japanese nationalists decided that the term “invaded” did not accurately describe the what the Japanese did in Southeast Asia when they colonized (another term that would be expunged) Korea and Manchuria. They too some earlier textbooks that in reference to Japan’s invasion of Southeast Asia said “Japan invaded China,” and changed them to read “Japan advanced into China,” as though Japan was merely executing a routine military maneuver while engaging in war. Of course, this hides the fact that the entire pretext for war that led to the invasion of Japan into Southeast Asia was orchestrated by Japan to justify an already planned invasion to that Japan could carry out its colonialist policies in Korea, China, Southeast Asia.

    I suspect if McLeroy was asked what Japan did when it invaded Korea, China, and Southeast Asia he would describe their acts as “imperialism” no doubt. Of course, this is exactly what American did in Cuba and the Philippians too. Based upon trumped up pretext invaded to take control of valuable resources, i.e., engaged in imperialism and colonialism, which was the typical behavior of Western nations under the ideology of “manifest destiny.” Of course, McLeroy won’t be explicit that he still things America has a “manifest destiny,” but that is the dirty little secret the lies behind his maneuvers to rewrite history according to his religious ideology when he replaces “imperialism” with “expansionism.” Expansionism can be justified in his mind, for America was only fulfilling her “manifest destiny” in bringing civilization to those poor uncivilized peoples which she invaded and conquered by force.

  • Bette S Baysinger

    Why don’t we go with what actually happened historically with all its moles (Manifest Destiny, The Alamo, etc.), and let what it is seen as fall where it may. Truth, an interesting concept.

  • Alice

    I attended the rally in Austin yesterday. Basically what we wanted is for the Truth to be told. “The Truth as it was. Not the conservative FOX Cable News Spin of what happened. History is events and people. Not the viewpoint of people. The Truth. Whats wrong with the truth being told and letting people form “their own” opinion. I thought it was ridiculous.

  • Eddy

    Anything the ACLU is against I am for! May God Bless Us All

  • Radical Patriot

    “Eddy” writes that he is against anything the ACLU is for. This is the sort of blind, knee-jerk, Palinesque ignorance that is a leading cause of why we can’t get intelligent education reform in Texas. Two members of The Board, for example, have stated that “someone needs to stand up to experts!” Right–we don’t want no freakin’ people who actually know something about the subject telling us anything about the subject. Right, Eddy? As the Marxist [Groucho, that is] song goes, “Whatever it is, I’m against it!” The ACLU, for instance, was fully behind the Civil Rights movement. We don’t want no freakin’ non-WASPs to have any of our God-given rights now, do we, Eddy? God gave this land to me–but I’m not so sure about you. I’ll ask Him next time we have a beer together.

  • rick the vet

    ignorant fundamentalist Christians in Texas.

  • Neil Grepke

    Norm Farrar’s post was right on. My question is, does the writer of this article honestly believe that there are any educational standards that are NOT rooted in ideology? Don’t kid yourself. These just happen to rattle your liberal point of view. Kudos to Texas!

  • Ginger

    So much hysteria and name calling. How can people have so much fear of conservatives, of Christians, who are called to be peacemakers in the world? Jesus said, “They hated me and they will hate you.” Jesus was right, again.

  • Bill Channon

    Larry Flack:

    RE: “This is what happens when we allow people other than educators to choose textbooks. This is Dover all over again.”

    After a teaching career of over thirty years, I can tell you that the vast majority of teachers, in both public and private schools, are liberal. Does this mean that they are the ones who should choose textbooks? Absolutely not. History is the unbiased and accurate telling of past events, past thinking and the recounting of the development of ideas and thought, and never, ever the purview of interpretation by those in any current culture -the culture of the 1950s, the 2010s or the 2100s. New information about any fact (events, thoughts, etc) in the past may be discovered and reported as such but history, by definition, cannot be changed.

    Liberal thinking has dominated social studies for many decades now and has brought new, imperfect and biased interpretations of history. Conservative thinking has often done the same.
    To criticize the current decisions of the Texas SBOE as made by fundamental extremists is a sweeping and in demonstrates in itself a sweeping bias against anything but a liberal position.

    There are likely to be elements of the curriculum as has been passed by the Texas SBOE which which I, as a conservative, disagree. I haven’t read the curriculum but will comment on one frequently stated criticism about which I have read. That is the rewriting of the slave trade as the ‘triangular trade’, which is a correct statement. But to minimize or eradicate the most important aspect of that ‘trade’ which was the slave trade is a huge and insupportable and, I believe, a mistake.

    To minimize and dismiss the importance of Christianity as a factual element of the thinking and practice of those who settled in and developed the United States is equally wrong and yet that is has been the practice of those who want to dismiss and minimize (and might want to eradicate) its impact and important also do a huge disservice to history.

    As a retired physics and chemistry teacher and a lifelong avid student of the history of as many cultures as I can handle, I am very much looking forward to reading the new curriculum with (despite being a conservative Christian -but not a rabid, extremist unforgivably, ultra, beyond the pale conservative Christian as some liberals would love to paint me) as clear and unbiased approach as I can muster!

    Bill Channon

  • Bill Channon

    Larry Clack, I do beg your pardon for the misspelling of your last name. Put it down to carelessness, not a bias. :)

  • joe

    Yeah, lets rename the slave trade to the ” Atlantic Triangular trade”. Let’s just rename everything horrible in history to something that sounds more pleasing! I suggest we change the name of the holocaust to the ” European program for compulsory accelerated weight loss”. What a bunch of D bags….

  • jim Mauch

    The board feels the need to teach “the controversy” to the children of Texas and America. Thank you for the offer but my daughter does not need to be taught ignorance. What absurdity that this board feels they have the qualifications to rewrite human knowledge. The Texas Board of Education needs to listen to the experts.

  • Jeff Eyges

    The few conservatives who have commented here have demonstrated precisely why they are to be feared. At best, they minimize the dangers of rewriting history and at worst, they laud the changes sought (and subsequently achieved) by the Texas SBOE. They also attempt (as they invariably do) to frame the conflict in terms of a war between good and evil – e.g., Ginger’s statement, “How can people have so much fear of conservatives, of Christians, who are called to be peacemakers in the world? Jesus said, “They hated me and they will hate you.” Jesus was right, again.” It is precisely because these people are operating at such a primitive and childish level of cognition that they ought not to be in a position to make these decisions.

    Bill Channon – your remarks demonstrate an obtuseness that would be laughable if they weren’t so tragic.

    I understand there is a secessionist movement in Texas. I encourage this strongly. Give yourselves back to Mexico, and take several of the developmentally challenged surrounding states with you. You are neither needed nor wanted here.

  • KJ

    I can’t believe people on here support the CHANGING in history. McCarthy WAS WRONG, but these people REWROTE it as if he WAS THE VICTIM; cannot figure out the problem with this?

    Neil: I’m in shock of your statements. If you want your children to learn that slavery was an “Alantic triangluar system” and distract students from recongizing it was a form of FORCED LABOR let them go to a racist private school, not a public education system.

    Bill: You’ve been teaching on Mars. The South rewrote history from 1776 to 1970 (remember that segeration thing?). They lowered the importance of minorities, such as the Buffalo Riders (group of black soldiers) who saved and help Teddy Roosevelt in the Spanish-American War, their successes were discarded in white teachings, sounds very liberal right? You should be elected to censoring and editing our children’s books.

    Norm: Way to go on that whole “label your enemy” statement. That’s one of the common traits that someone is an EXTREMIST (read Laird Wilcox’s on Extremist Traits ). Your the kind of man who should control and teach our kid’s.

    Eddy: It’s scary that your against Civil Rights, civil liberties stated in the Bill of Rights and Universal Suffrage for ALL (that means more than white Protestant males) Americans. You should be elected President of United States.

    Lila: History books talk about important battles such as Yorktown, Guilford Courthouse, King’s Mountain, Hannah’s Cowpens and Camden which are ALL TAUGHT in educational books. Do you know what they all have in common? THEY WERE ALL FOUGHT IN THE SOUTH, matter of fact, Yorktown was the FINAL BATTLE THAT GAVE US INDEPENDENCE. You should become a School Board President.

    Owldog: Sorry you were fired, I used to be a Cowboy Spaceman before I got on this blog (see the joke?). If the evidence is so compelling why not show it to other news sites or atleast POST THE PROOF ON HERE. You should President of PBS.

    These fine gentlemen and ladies above should be running our country, they just want to push intolerance, lies and stupidity upon our children.

  • Allen D

    “Distorted Market” needs to replace “Free Market”
    The replacement of “Capitalism” with “free market” is mistaken and needs reform. In my elementary understanding, Adam Smith defined a free market as a system of monetary exchange for goods and services where everyone has equal access to information and capital. I think we all agree that these conditions are not satisfied, so I propose a more appropriate term, “distorted market”. This market still exhibits all the ingenious innovations corporations have to minimize costs and maximize short term value given their knowledge and capital. This term also removes some of the sacredness in making long-term plans for community, health and family values based on their impulses.
    I’m pleased there is some level headed discussion here as well as reactionary name calling. Where-ever you come from, hold yourself to the same communication standards you expect from others.

  • Kate’s grandma

    Are you sure about that first statement?
    May we all bless God.

  • Kate’s grandma

    Do you have references to back that up?

    Is it possible the Founding Fathers were unaware of the other two colonies?!

    I have been looking at many original source documents from the 1st and 2nd Constitutional Congresses and they make no mention of “15″ colonies, but instead repeatedly refer to “13″ colonies. Could this be because there were only 13 colonies who rebelled against Britain while the other colonies to the north (Quebec, Nova Scotia, etc) and south (Florida) remained loyal to Britain? (Do a web-search of Richard Oswald to see who was given grants to Florida territory and why they would remain loyal to Britain.)

    According to the Treaty of Peace in 1763, Florida belonged to Spain but was ceded to Britain in 1763 in exchange for Cuba. The Spanish in Louisiana, Alabama and Florida, led by Bernardo de Gálvez, did aid the the French and the 13 colonies against the British. Spain had hopes that they could regain the Florida territory, which they did when the British were defeated.

    Everyone knows Southerners in the colonies of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, & Georgia had a role in the American Revolution.

    What has been re-written or excluded from the history books is the role of speculators who made a fortune buying up state debt certificates before the federal government took them over. Among the speculators were Northern members of congress with insider information who exploited the debt of many of the Southern states. To get an idea who these speculators were see the Journal of William Maclay, April 12th, 1789, when the House bill for the “assumption” of the state debt was voted against.
    American Memory-library of Congress “Maclay’s Journal –CHAPTER VI. THE ASSUMPTION AND NATURALIZATION BILLS”.
    Or: “Northern Speculators and Southern State Debts: 1790″ by Whitney K. Bates (published in The William and Mary Quarterly, Third Series, Vol. 19, No. 1 (Jan., 1962), pp. 30-48

    The rewriting of history was and is done by people who hope to gain something-usually money or power. But truth and facts are real and are out there if you really look for them.
    “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own facts.” Daniel Patrick Moynihan

    The media split between liberal and conservative is just a diversion to keep us from noticing what is really going on.

  • Kerry Riney

    WHAT THE—?   Please watch this if you value truth and education.

  • Kerry Riney

    WHAT THE—?   Please watch this if you value truth and education.

  • jerabaub

    McLeroy says people have to stand up to the experts.  He disagrees with the experts. Wonder if that means next time his kids have to see a dentist for teeth care, instead of seeing a dentist(expert on care of teeth), maybe he should send his kids to a plumber for dental work.

  • john bickerstaff

    God Bless Don McLeroy good luck in your future endeavors.

  • Tyler Asus

    “Don Mc. Leroy” He is probably a child Molester or at least a Pedophile. He has no life and to much interest on what to teach kids. It’s like teaching kids Priest are good people you can trust them on everything and not explaining good people can go bad. And this is coming from a Catholic.

  • Anonymous

    Why is the Texas school board having very particularly evangelical Christian prayers as part of their meetings? Texas is made up of a wide variety of religious faiths and those who question the existence of deities. I know this well. I went to high school there with kids who were Hindu, Buddhist, and other, as well as the Christians of all types. It’s completely disregarding the rights of and respect toward people of other faiths. Such disrespect is very low class.