Referee Howard Webb of England, center, speaks with Spain's Sergio Ramos, left, and Netherlands' Robin van Persie, right, during the World Cup final soccer match. (Photo: AP Photo/Luca Bruno)

This week on our Karr on Culture podcast: A followup on the World Cup’s lousy officiating — and what could be done about it

A few of you wrote in after our World Cup setup podcast asking why soccer doesn’t allow instant replay — especially after officials denied apparent goals scored by the USA and England. This week, we have an answer: Sports economist Stefan Szymanski of London’s Cass Business School says video reviews would slow down the game. He has some alternative suggestions to improve officiating. And change may be coming: soccer’s international organizing body will be experimenting with additional officials at some European games starting in a few weeks.



  • Cary

    The game is already slowed down by the diving that goes on…

  • Larry

    Without disrupting the rythm of the game officials could review the controvercial goals at half time and make a ruling.
    End of story!