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Edinburgh gets festive

Photo: Flickr/cláudia gabriela marques vieira

This week on our Karr on Culture podcast: An insider’s guide to the world’s largest collection of arts festival, which kicks off this week in Scotland’s capital

Edinburgh is a beautiful, if reserved city — it’s one of the birthplaces of the Enlightenment, after all. But it’s about to go crazy. This week marks the start of its prestigious music and performance festival, as well as festivals focused on jazz and blues, pop music, comedy, the written word and contemporary art. There’s even a popular festival for military drumming. And surrounding them all is the world’s largest arts festival, which gave birth to the whole idea of “fringe theater.” We talk with theater critic and journalist (and Edinburgh resident) Mark Fisher, who tries to explain how he survives a month that brings thousands of performances and nearly half a million visitors to his city.



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