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Forbidden fruit

Photo: Gizmodo

Three things you need to know about l’affaire iPhone

When the technology website Gizmodo paid $5,000 for a secret prototype of Apple’s next-generation iPhone, it attracted the interest of California prosecutors. But the authorities’ response may also be tainting Apple’s image — in part because the company has a representative on the board of the law-enforcement task force that’s pursuing the case. Need to Know cultural correspondent Rick Karr considers the bigger picture: First, he talks ethics with Bill Grueskin of Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. Second, he chats with Lucy Dalglish of the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press to compare the raid on the Gizmodo blogger’s home with federal prosecutors’ efforts to get Pulitzer prizewinning New York Times reporter and author James Risen to give up his sources. Finally, Rick talks with David Carr about his recent New York Times column, which explored Apple’s image in the wake of the incident.


  • rkmars

    Excellent presentation of info. Yo, Watch Out Apple, you dudes are starting to look entirely too much like the Evil Empire Revisited. Remember when you went after ‘soft back in the day hollering how they had become the IT version of Sauron, the Destroyer of Liberty and Personal Freedom of Choice to browse and access da web?? Well…ahem….time to start mowing your own damn grass Steve Jobs, your lawn is looking pretty nasty these days.