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Erica Jong on the pill, then and now

John Updike’s fictional suburban housewife in the 1968  classic “Couples” famously declared, “Welcome to the post-pill paradise.” But as feminist writer Erica Jong recalls, the introduction of the birth control pill in 1960 was much more complex and much more controversial. Jong spoke with Need to Know and shared her experiences with the pill, sex and motherhood.

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  • Ebates

    I think that “On The Pill, Then and Now” should be a video journal series that continues on each week. I wish companies and offices offered day care. I wish Insurance companies would offer discounts or coverage for daycare and or nanny services. Many highly educated and talented women are feeling this crunch. It looks like I will have to choose to either be a mom or use my degree.

  • AZunie

    The Water Then and Now ….
    With the nation and the world consuming medication at an ever greater rate, where do the chemicals we expend wind up ?

  • Jackie Pou, Multimedia Producer

    Two great story ideas! I am going to look into both.

  • Mrs Jess

    Erica Jong’s account of the introduction of the pill is very accurate. Indeed, there are two great story ideas here. As Ebates commented, choosing between utilizing the degree I have worked so hard for and being a mother is a definite reality today. It is quite ironic that my first job out of college was to sell ultrasound parts.

  • Kurt Matthew Pfeiffer

    I am a woman who has taken the pil for ten years and I have had some bad experiences myself.  Two months ago I became pregnant while taking the pill.  Needless to say this was not a planned pregnancy.  At first I completely freaked out as my career has been my focus since college.  But, I am now extremely excited and having my first Axess Ultrasound recently and seeing my soon to be little boy has filled my heart with joy.  I know it is going to be hard, but I am so excited and prepared for the challenges that lie ahead of me!