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Eugene Hütz, immigrant punk

Need to Know recently caught up with Eugene Hütz, the front man of gypsy-punk band Gogol Bordello, in New York City. Gogol Bordello is on a world tour to promote its fifth album, “Trans-Continental Hustle,” released on Rick Rubin’s American Recordings. Its summer tour, which includes most major American cities, will not be making any stops in Arizona. In June, the band signed on to “The Sound Strike,” a collective of bands boycotting performing live in Arizona this summer in reaction to the initial passing of SB 1070.

In this Web-exclusive video, Hütz talks about the band’s new album, his Ukrainian roots and the importance of safeguarding immigrants’ rights.

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  • Nazar Loun

    This man is a genius.. I hope he becomes more famous and i wish that Eugene is Blessed and is full of joy and Positive vibes. Eugene stay away from The Glamourous people they will ruin you. Please stay true to your roots sir and you make me proud to be a UKRAINIAN!!!

  • Tana

    Gogol Bordello, your message is being heard. It has made a difference in my life to know others out there feel the same as me. I love you guys!!!

  • Amy

    I second Nazar, Hutz is an absolute genius – I am simply honored that he shares his amazing music with all of us.
    Familia Indestructable!!

  • Carolina

    Oh Eugene, YOU ARE A GOD. Look at your crayons on your wristband!!! So authentic and unique!
    Thanks for so much happiness man!
    Carolina from Argentina.

  • Geraldine Brady

    Life would be much less interesting without Eugene and all the rest of Gogol. Immigrants have always brought so much to this country, and continue to do so today in many different ways. It’s important to remember that if you are not Native American, you come from immigrant stock too.

  • Mark

    One doubts whether Arizona will suffer.

  • Josh

    Good stuff, still think there are better ways to rail against the AZ law though. It comes off too convenient to just deny world music to those within the state. One could go so far as to compare that it’s like not helping the gypsies who are in these ghettos because of the nation they reside in.

  • Chris Will

    I understand why you chose not to come to Arizona, but I do wish you would change your mind and support the many people who oppose SB1070. I think the only people the I ran against sheriff Arpaio in ’08 and just getting on the ballot was a victory. I was amazed how many people were encouraged by a grandma standing up to the toughest lawman in America. Now the corruption and abuses are surfacing as the sheriff & former County Attorney are so secure in their space they believe they’ll never be unseated & actually seem to believe their own lies as they start to loose supporters & the federal investigations close in.

  • Spiralena

    Thank you, PBS! You are the most valuable programming in my opinion. Please stay human! Love!

  • John

    Hey Bros, like your music. Were you playing in Missouri in the early 90′s? I was working in Silver Dollar City and knew a group from Latvia that was a lot like your band.

  • Emily

    Thanks to PBS for shining the light on Gogol Bordello, the most talented band in the world. I saw them in New Jersey at the Starland Ballroom a couple of weeks ago, and they brought that mutha down! I can’t wait to see them again.

    The band’s decision to not play any shows in Arizona until SB 1070 is repealed is not a political stance, but a personal decision. The band members are immigrants or children of immigrants, and their raucous music and behavior will undoubtedly draw attention from The Man. And The Man is no GB fan! Gogol Bordello just wants to spread peace, good vibes, and amazing music. If Arizona is going to create laws that keep GB from doing that, then they get no GB. Arizona’s loss!

  • Emily

    P.S. I totally knew that was a Romani flag. *feels smart* :)

  • Gabriela

    oh what can i say about you but you are a genius? wow! your music is music of NOW and their message is really great. I only can be happy listen to your music. i love you gogol bordello.
    i really want you to be in mexico city soon!

  • Irene

    They should boycott France too.

  • Manda Payne

    This band is so fantastic and they are such wonderful people. As tragic as our world problems seem at times it’s great to know we have people like this to bring awareness, then actually do something to help. Use your current situation to do good!!!They inspire me to do great things in my future for as many people as possible. Thank you Gogol!!!!! Thank you PBS for putting this out there!!!!

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