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Next week’s news: Sarah Palin edition

This week we’re peering a little further into the future: to 2012.

If the presidential election were held today, Sarah Palin would defeat Barack Obama.

That’s according to a new poll published in Mayan Prophecy Weekly.

Here’s what you need to know about a Palin presidency. Her first official act will be to cancel the agreement between nouns and verbs. Next, she’ll replace the English language with Palinese: a language known only to her. Even her husband Todd doesn’t speak it -– although, to be fair, no one has ever heard him speak. We got a little taste of this strange new language last week on her twitter page when she used the word “refudiate.”

Now, when she uses a word like “refudiate,” she may seem incoherent. But in 2012, we’re all going to be talking like this, so we better start learning Palinese now. I figure if we learn three words a day, in two years we might have a shot at understanding her State of the Union address. So let’s begin our lesson in basic Palinese.

Word number one: “mitteracy.”

“Mitteracy” means the ability to read off one’s hand.

Word number two: “rignorance.”

“Rignorance” means advocating deep-water drilling in the aftermath of an ecological disaster that killed thousands of pelicans.

And finally, “mooseacre.”

“Mooseacre” means a really fun day in the great outdoors.

That’s our lesson in Palinese for today. Now, you may be wondering: Where does Sarah Palin find all these new words of hers? In a little book called the fictionary.

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  • Billie Nelson

    Well, Mr. (Ugly man) Borowitz,
    Palinese is a lot better language than anything you have to say…you won’t mess up Palin if she wants to run for the presidency…because she will do a lot better taking care of our people than barry has…and she’s a LOT smarter!

    You are the very reason I’m afraid to even watch your channel…destroy good things..that’s all you know how to do. Hope your channel goes down soon.

    Billie Nelson

  • Holly

    I found your little piece on Palin in poor taste , even if it was meant as tongue in cheek.
    I`ve also noticed PBS has been shifting more away from news reporting (unbiased) like
    what the big three networks have done long ago.
    Once long ago PBS was pretty decent in its reporting, not anymore.

  • L Kelley

    So far, your staff has been doing a terrific job in reporting and commenting on the week’s happenings and other reports of interest without bias. Allison and John are true pros and really credible. Andy Borowitz’ Palinese feature this evening demonstrates a trait that I thought was limited to women – the mean girls – syndrome. If Sarah Palin is such a joke, why bother? This type of humor at someone else’s expense only diminishes the professionalism of your program. And violates the trust for which PBS is so noted and revered. Would saying that President Obama looks like Alfred E. Newman be more intelligent of a criticism? Please refrain from sophomoric humor. It is not endearing or engaging but beneath the integrity of PBS and Need to Know.

  • Brian

    A couple of definitions you missed that I bet Sarah would have offered you,
    1. iglib – Ignorant liberal who misses his own point…Sarah Palin is currently better liked than Obama.
    2. boring o witz – a liberally biased, half witted commentator who likes to make fun of the majority of Americans while yucking at his own jokes.
    3. P (BS) – ultra liberal corporation that holds its hands out for donations while allowing its programming to insult many Americans

  • jim love

    I just had the misfortune to spend a few minutes on PBS waiting for another program to come on.And saw your lame attempt at being funny with the two morons giggling in the back ground,all the while this weird looking character made some lame attempt at being funny.
    I would not vote for Palin, but who is this clown to judge.This group looks like a bunch of Obama butt boys and girl.
    Maybe this is the reason they work for PBS and not a real network.
    Jim Love

  • scott

    I think your report was below the line. This was the first time I had seen your program and was excited to see the report next week on the small house movement. I’m not sure I want to watch if there will be more of this type of below line reports.

  • Rev. Paul Sobiechowski

    I can only say I’m disappointed. For the “journalists” of your network to have raised such an uproar over “The Journal” which had replaced Bill Moyers a few years back as having been over-the-top biased, I can’t see the non-biased nature of “Need to Know” and particularly this Palin attack. At least in cable whether it’s cnbc or fox, the network sinks or swims by its capital marketability. PBS runs on public funds and donations, but rarely expresses an other-than-progressive view. I long for the days of the McNeil-Lehrer News Hour and programs like”The History of English.” Shows like “Need to Know” do your quality of past programming a serious disservice. If you want to truly be non-biased, why not do a similar satire of our current Vice-President. There’s more than sufficient material there. Or perhaps an in-depth investigation of Charles Wrangal and his financial disgressions. After all, it is the PUBLIC Broadcasting System.

  • Rick

    Your sarcastic hit piece on Sarah Palin was not funny. You demeaned yourself by showing how truly uncreative you are. If this is all PBS has to offer then it’s time to turn off the TV.

  • Shelley Lewis

    Is a little joking about Ms Palin’s penchant for malaprops really such a big deal? Last week editorial cartoonist Steve Brodner was pretty tough on President Obama, and we heard plenty from Obama fans about how unfair we were, how rightwing we were, etc. We do try to have some fun at both sides’ expense. And Rev Sobiechowski, we may well report on Congressman Rangel’s ethics violation charges, and you’re right about the satire potential of Vice President Biden. Stay tuned.

  • Doug Yoder

    That was the most sophmoric piece of DRIVEL I have ever seen. I will NEVER donate to Public Television again!

  • @ Ernest White

    You spelled “cult” wrong.

  • scott rothe

    really bad humor and you might just take your own words and know that the reason we are deep water drilling is that the environmentalist stopped drilling in shallow water so it had to be moved out farther.. Do me a favor and stop your mouth from opening again….

  • pete

    WOW and here i thought i was the only one that cant stand this new SO CALL NEWS , it all probama which means i hope more people who donate to this crap doesnt anymore, i know i wont.

  • anna

    What a tremendous disappointment to see Need to Know present such juvenile ridicule of Sarah Palin accompanied by the same background laughter that accompanies morning radio dj’s. What a debasement of whatever journalistic mission you might have had.



  • Spill, Baby, Spill…

    Just saw “Need to Know” tonight for the first time and *really* liked the reporting. Thanks for addressing stories/issues that are normally not covered on other networks or news programs; I’m definitely going to tune in on a regular basis.

    As far as the Palin comments posted here….you people either have no sense of humor and/or are as ignorant/incompetent as Sarah Palin. Anyone who defends someone who (a) is not intelligent (if you can’t see that, then you are not intelligent yourself), (b) needs to reference notes written on the palms of her hands during a political speech, (c) is a sellout to the right-wing media circus, (d) makes up (and actually uses) words like ‘refudiate’, (e) lacks any relevant knowledge/solutions about the many difficult issues currently facing our country (except to drill our way out of everything), etc., should not tune in to intelligent reporting (i.e., that which is found on PBS). If you can’t handle a joke, then turn back to Fox News, Glenn Beck, or the local car race and get your daily dose of ‘unbiased’ reporting there.

  • Pam

    I just watched Need To Know for the first time and found the stories interesting and intriguing, but then I heard the “humorous” piece on Sarah Palin. I am appalled!! This blatant, highly partisan political attack is completely inappropriate for a news show. I am not interested in hearing complex issues discussed in a politcal and biased manner. That one piece leads me to question the validity of every other story I watched on the show– and I am a life long Democrat. I am a loyal PBS fan but for the first time I truly understand why Republicans want to cut its funding.

  • Ken

    It was disappointing to see Andy Borowitz making fun of Sarah Palin in such a juvenile way with the laughter in the background. Overall I viewed PBS broadcasting as an attempt to report and comment on news and people in the news without trying to polarize the audience or specificly appeal to the right or left,conservative or liberal. I think it’s evident where your program Need To Know falls on the spectrum. No morre financial support from my family for PBS. Hurrah ! for Sarah,she saw her opportunity to make money for herself and her family and she was smart enough to take it. Maybe she will give you some new material in the up coming weeks. You are the laughable ones.

  • Bob Greene

    The continuous attacks on Palin are old and tiresome. As we have seen from the Journolist scandal, it was and is nothing less than a concerted left-wing media attack on a political figure they fear. It wasn’t Palin who didn’t know, or learn, the correct pronunciation for medical “corpseman” or was so geographically and historically illiterate to know about the 57 states. Palin’s mispeaks, pale in comparison to Biden’s, yet she is the butt of PBS humor.

    I stopped watching anything that has to do with news or current events on PBS after Lerher admitted in response to an email question that he had purposefully misstated and misrepresented parts of a report “to better make a point.” Outside what passes for journalism at PBS, that’s called lying. I haven’t seen much improvement.

  • Jane

    Maybe “Need to Know” could do a segment on Barack Obama’s comment during the campaign that he visited 57 states. Yes, it happened during a stop in Oregon in 2008 and can be seen on You Tube. This could be really hilarious if handled right. These Palin attacks are so last year!!

  • Jim

    I had been enjoying watching Need to Know until this last episode. The segment on Kerry was way over the top politically and the routine about Palin was inappropriate. By the way; have any of you ever eaten moose meat? It is delicious and good for you. It is not pumped full of hormones and antibiotics or raised in a pen and stuffed full of grain. Moose is a renewable resource and when it is dispatched with a clean shot it suffers less than being hamstrung and disemboweled by a pack of wolves. Huh! It kind of sounds like what the liberals have done to Sarah.

  • Steph

    I think people need to get a sense of humor…and Sarah Palin puts herself out there in the public with her moronic statements, and is open game, just like the moose she likes to shoot from a helicopter.

  • William Kerry Skaggs

    Andy: thanks for exposing this ignorant poser, Sarah Palin. And to all the haters above, I “refudiate” you in the name of your clueless leader. :)

  • MarkT

    Your comments are very Grinworthy as usual! Keep up the good work. Andy, simply ignore the nutbags on here as they have no sense of humor, satire or, apparently, reality. Good day!

  • Nell

    So, let me get this straight. Governor Palin is allowed to make the harshest possible accusations and impugn the integrity and good intentions of others; she is allowed to be incurious and inaccurate and inconsistent, but a humorist is not allowed to poke fun at her mangling of the language? Yeah, how’s that world view workin’ out for ya?

    I thought this piece was good-spirited and in good fun — and very funny. Keep it up, Andy!

  • Danielle

    In case anyone is wondering where the negative comments on this piece are coming from, the right-wing website Newsbusters has been carrying out a campaign against Borowitz since week one of this show. They hit him again last night. Andy is a bright spot on PBS and this segment was hilarious.

  • ARS

    Borowitz once again points out the ridiculous with humor. Too bad there are so many out there who are intent on nothing more than the next round of manufacturing “poutrage”. They sure are thin skinned, that’s for sure. Good job Andy – keep on puncturing those inflated egos! We need 100 more of you.

  • BrianInNYC

    Andy spot on piece, thanks but I always thought moosiker was a greek dish much like lasagna.

  • Ivan Soto

    Dynamite Andy! He never disappoints.

  • Darlene

    Thank you for this insightful peek into the language of Palin. With your definitions I almost understand what she is saying! Hopeful, with study, she might one day make sense…

    Thank you again.

  • Epicman

    I laughed, I cried, it was better than Cats!

    Palin is an idiot. And people who support her are proxy idiots.

  • Laurie

    Sarah Palin is an example of what is wrong in this country. She’s an illiterate idiot being adored by like-minded illiterate idiots. Thank you for making me laugh over something I really want to cry about – the decline of literacy, intelligence, and free-thinking in America.

  • Michael

    The column is funny. The outraged comments that seek to refuiate—or maybe refluidate— him are even funnier. That so many people find Sarah Palin a sacrosanct idol who must never be mocked in public is remarkable. Borowitz is a national treasure. Keep publishing him.

  • Catherine Murray

    I am life long Republican and I have to say that I am truly enjoying Andy Borowitz and “Need to Know”. The Tea Party is making the Republican party a laughing stock – at least Borowitz sees and shares the humor in it!

  • Lord Kinbote

    The right would be taken far more seriously if they quit throwing moronic spokesmodels like Palin and Coulter out. WTF happened to you guys?! I used to enjoy the debate and now it’s just a bunch of fracktards! RIP Bill Buckley!

    You go Andy! Humor is best when weaponized!

  • Daniel Cecil

    I don’t understand why you folks think that Mrs. Palin is some sort of sacred moose. She’s been forcing herself down the throat of the country for a couple of years. You can only tempt the national gag reflex for so long before the regurgitation commences.

  • jane

    Thanks for the humor. I find it interesting that there is a right wing attack against Andy’s spot….I suppose it hits too close to home. Keep up the good work.

  • Why Oh Why

    Why do we continue to give this woman press. She is not well liked except for a minority of Republicans, Libertarians(or those who like to call themselves that *cough* pissed off Republicans) and some small minded Independents. The fact that people keep saying she is well liked more than Obama is absurd. Those of use that like to pay attention understand the falisies that continue to spew out of this womans mouth. It was a funny piece and was meant that way people get over yourselves.

  • Henry

    Amazing, when a conservative Palin Ox is being gored how self righteous and insulted they become. Get off your high horse and try to enjoy whatever it is you enjoy.

  • CD Kell

    Andy, keep speaking “truth to power,” as they say – in your own terrific way. Do only people center to left have a sense of humor, irony and satire? We don’t hesitate to take on “our” leaders – an excellent way to push them to do better. Guess the others haven’t learned that.

  • Tater

    Naysayers/Backlashers: get used to it – Sarah Palin is a great source of humor. Great job, Andy!

  • Judy

    Keep up the good work, Andy. Sarah Palin is an ignorant poseur as are her zombie-like followers (who I bet NEVER watch PBS since it’s way above their heads, as is Andy’s satire).

  • CJ

    Andy, right on. Stay cool!

    Brian, what’s your source for that little tidbit about Palin being better liked than Obama? Twelve percent of registered Republicans amounts to less than 5% of the population. I have troupble following your flavor of Palin-esque Logic.

    Scott, Riiiiiight. . . we want catastrophes like Deepwater Horizon to happen CLOSER to our shores. GREAT idea! The oil industry has advanced the technology of preventing oil disasters by exactly ZERO since the Gulf Oil Spill of 1979. . . in 200 feet of water.

    All you other defenders of Palin, we warned you about the ignorance of one George W. Bush long before he became the front-runner for the GOP nomination in 2000. You weren’t listening THEN, either. You got that insufferable, traitorous buffoon elected TWICE! We’re giving you plenty of fair warning about the moron that is Sarah Palin. She brings even more shame upon conservatism than George W. Bush.

  • Don’t Be A Hater

    I find Andy extremely witty and hilarious. If you don’t like his opinion, don’t read it. We have an entire network dedicated to blowing up the facts in honor of the righties. And I avoid it most of the time. It’s a choice, Folks. Can you please just let us have our Andy and you go back to Watching Glenny.

    Andy, I follow you on FB and love your commentaries. Keep ‘em coming. I think you are brilliant.

  • Ian Muir

    Hey Andy,

    I just wanted you to know that Moose is delicious. I suggest you add Moose-B-Q to your list as it is likely the most common event to follow a Mooseacre.

  • BMS

    Great work, Andy! I wonder how many of those attacking the “biased” nature of this piece think that Fox News Channel’s ultra-biased reporting is just fine. The big difference here is that Andy’s piece was obviously humorous. Fox presents 24 hours of opinion programming a day and calls it news.

  • Jane Gherardi

    Silly people, this is called political satire and I think Mr. Borowitz is very clever. This kind of satire is as old as politics itself. If Mrs. Palin wants to remain in the public eye, then she (and her fans) need to be prepared for this kind of thing.

  • Kathryn Morse

    I think this is a great piece! It combines humor and wisdom!

    Of course, I’m old enough to still be embarrassed and upset by Ronald Reagan’s misuse and mispronunciation of English words.

    I think the ability to speak and well, and spell those words, reveals a lot about a person’s character. Like, the misuse of words may mean that a person is not capable of understanding public policy and its consequences.

    I have always wondered why the Republican Party doesn’t have higher standards for its leaders???

  • Meg

    Andy – you are brilliant! Thank you for this bit of humor – we need some lightheartedness in this increasingly scary world we’re living in. For anyone to take Sarah Palin seriously is a farce! She has put herself out there in public and has made a fool of herself enough times that she is making your job as a comedian so easy!!! Hehe! How can anyone resist – you don’t even have to stray far from the truth – just report what she actually says and does and it’s so ridiculous – no one could make that up! Unfortunately – the rest of the world sees Americans as being basically stupid if we’re to support someone like Sarah Palin (and heaven forbid, vote her as President!!!???) – thank you for helping us retain some dignity….. I’d rather have you represent us, as an American.

  • Zenaphobe

    Is it o.k. to call Sarah retarded? Purely as satire of course.

    The woman is a gold mine for comedy, she picks up right where Bush left off. Except Bush didn’t put his gaffs on Facebook and Twitter for all to see.

  • Amused Independent

    Indignancy: n. the haughty response of minions to mocking of their clueless leader; specifically the reaction of Palinites to the truth, parody, or any other characterization of her

  • AVB

    Wow, from the comments, I never realized so many Republicans watched PUBLIC television. You guys must be Communists.

  • nabil

    I think it’s refreshing, I mean (apart from the jersey Shore casts and Lohan) you can hardly get any good laugh nowadays poking at the dumb *ish public figures say. One who aims at the leadership of a country should be able to comply to certain level of intelligence. it’s only natural that your audience will mock you if you stand on a podium without your pants.

  • lorax

    Some people need to get a sense of humor (and this was, indeed, a humorous piece). Poking fun at public figures’ malapropisms is a time honored American tradition.

    (and don’t feel bad, Sarah – I had to think twice about what the correct word was. Fortunately, I’m not a politician.)

  • Tobias

    Phattulence: n. Getting paid 100,000 to ramble incoherently spouting buzzwords written on your hand.

  • Cole

    I love your work! Always enlightening and right on target. We need more commentators like you to shed light on the dark areas of politics.

  • Gary

    Love it – keep up the great work, Andy. :)

  • Clark Harder

    Seems as though a lot of people want to refudiate you for this report Andy!

  • Melissa Metcalfe

    Brilliant! Thank you, Andy, your satire may keep us sane.

  • Sebby

    I love Andy Borowitz’s humor, and also have been enjoying ‘Need to Know’. I liked Bill Moyers’ Journal, but honestly didn’t take a look at it much, unlike NTK, which I find interesting and entertaining. The people who think ill of PBS for publishing satire just don’t have a sense of humor! I encourage NTK to keep thinking outside the box. Thanks!

  • Bobbi

    Again you are the best part of the show. Maybe you could figure out a word that would make sense to people who speak Palinese and let them know the meaning of the word satire.

  • Aimee Ross

    Sarah Pain’s intellectual inadequacies are fair game – and Andy makes them apparent and with a sense of humor. Bravo PBS!

  • cmolson

    Thanks, Mr. Borowitz, for your smart & clever humor! I love your brand of satire, and this piece on “Palinese” is spot-on!

  • Pamela

    C’mon people! It’s the last segment of a Friday night show. What’s wrong with a little humor? Too much serious news gets mind-numbing. There was nothing cruel about it. Palin has a low-average IQ & mixes up words when attempting to use a higher-than-fourth-grade vocabulary. Them’s the facts…

  • Kevin


  • Debbie Donushi

    Andy Borowitz is our modern day Will Rogers. Speaking the truth, but taking the sting out of it with much needed humor. Those in politics, or who place themselves in the public eye, must take the criticism as well as the money. Sarah can’t have it both ways…criticizing others…but, playing the “victim” when her foibles are pointed out.

  • Brian

    Henry, thanks for pointing out we have been gored and we need to get off our high horse. Wow, I think I need a corpse-man to stop the bleeding. I hope he doesn’t have to come from our 56 or 57th state…I could be a long time waiting.

    Talk about ignorant, to attack a person who misuses the English language would be to berate about 3/4 or more of all Americans. The fact that Obama did not know how to pronounce corpsman was not a show of his stupidity but of his ignorance of the word. Now the VP thinking we have 57 states not sure that wasn’t stupidity. Palin, like Obama did not misspell the word but mispronounced it. Here are several words that even among knowledgeable people are typically mispronounced. Try these 3 commonly used words; facade, potpourri or forte and if you think you’re right about half of you are likely wrong…Does that make you stupid or ignorant and do you understand that there is a difference?

    As I read through these blogs it is clear that if anyone is trying to start a campaign it is those directly above. I was just watching the show and responding to a satirical piece that was in bad taste. It would have been appropriate on Saturday Night Live but doesn’t play as well on a PBS station that gets its funding from the general population. I am not a part of a right wing group or attack campaign but I may change my mind! However reading the immediate replies above these clearly are an attempt to off-set the honest and angry responses at the top from a poorly thought out skit!

  • yellow dawg

    right on Andy! Yes, the Mayans were definitely trying to tell us something. It’s kind of amazing to me that some of the commentators above can even turn on a computer….obviously far to the left side of the ol’ bell curve, in the company of the Great Refudiatrix

  • American Doe

    Every time Sarah talks, a kitten dies. Or a wolf. Anyway, I thought Andy was funny. It seems that the concepty of satirey thingys are understandabley losty on a biggy portiony of Merkins. (hopey/changey talk) Especially the Team Sarah folks. If the woman didn’t say such ridiculous things then we wouldn’t be laughing at her. Sure, everyone makes an error or two, every once in a while, but this ex-governor is making a career of it, and making a whole lot of cash, too. It astounds me that people pay to hear her say nothing of any importance.

  • David Frazer

    I refuse to allow anyone in my presence to defend the Palinator without first acknowledging that she was elected governor of Alaska and then quit because she couldn’t handle it. I will not allow anyone to be defended who quit a position of high public trust and responsibility to prove that she’s not a quitter. Would she last five minutes in a tough conversation with Vladimir Putin, or any reporter from the BBC?

  • lisa henley

    how DARE you point out that precious little sarah palin is, in fact, all style and no substance? wait, come to think of it, she’s actually not very styley either. i will never understand why the masses have decided to hitch their horses to someone almost as smart as my malamute, but it is what it is. hey, people liked milli vanilli, vanilla ice, the macarena and miley cyrus’ dad, too.

  • SoTrue

    To Andy Borowitz: Thanks for taking the ridiculous, scary, and the seemingly darkest things in life and making us laugh at them. I love your sense of humor. Please don’t stop being you!

  • Arp Light

    Andy, thank you for ‘fictionary’. That sums it quite nicely. Keep up the great work.

  • Jorge Sosa

    An uproar caused over JOKES is the best indicator that a good satirist is at work… Congratulations Andy on rattling the bees nest of those without a sense of humor… Those of us in possession of one are laughing our derriere off.

  • FireVaney

    Mr. Borowitz, you rock.

  • DEO

    Very funny, Andy! We love you…$arah, not so much…….

  • Joselin

    I just want to be best friends with Willow Van Palin.

  • Susan

    Andy, I saw the show and laughed heartily. I really don’t understand why Sarah’s fans have no sense of humor. The late night peeps can do it, why can’t you? PBS can have a sense of humor, too. And Sarah put herself out there with her Palinese. Her fans should expect some flack. I think you are great at making us laugh at ourselves, and can even make the frightening seem harmless.

  • Ken Krauss

    Anyone want to bet that none of the haters commenting here ever even saw anything Andy has done? Keep up the good work, Andy. You make me laugh at things which would otherwise make Jesus weep . . . .

  • Sandra Harmon

    As usual, funny and on the mark. Thanks, Andy

  • Master Chief

    Oh please, Palin supporters, lighten up. It’s satire. A politician who can’t handle mockery does not belong in politics. Keep up the good work Andy!

  • Mike JC

    I like it when haters accuse others of being haters. Tickled me pink when Sherrod started spewing hate after she got ‘vindicated” on reverse discrimination. She couldn’t throw enough invective.

  • Amy

    Thank you! In times when those who lead and represent us to the world are a source of utter embarrassment, we need to laugh lest we cry. When I see ignorance embraced and anti-intellectualism celebrated, it is refreshing to find we haven’t all been dumbed down.

  • maria bittinger

    Your comments were not only amusing and on target but at the same time scary!!!

  • Cathy

    It’s satire people! Look it up. If you don’t like it, don’t read the work of a satirist. Duh.

  • James

    Andy was merely stating the obvious: Sarah Palin is an idiot. Beyond that, she’s a vile stain on this country. The sooner she’s thrown on the trash heap of history, the better.

  • Judy Phillips

    I loved your comments about Sarah Palin. She is stunningly illiterate, astonishingly confident with what appears to be very little brain functioning to support her confidence (maybe that’s her secret, she’s so stupid that she can’t understand how dumb she is). But, I am afraid of her, she is dangerous and vicious and it continues to astonish me that there are any (ANY) people who actually pay attention to her and think her worth listening to. It is a reflection of the overall dumbing down of America. Her followers have very little capacity for analysis or thought process. So, in that regard, she does (sigh) represent them.

  • N. Merritt

    Palinists, get a life. Humor must be unfettered, and satire always bites.

  • Emma

    OMG!! Almost destroyed my monitor when I got to “mooseacre” – thanks for the laugh! Altho I’d rather not have to depend on the “fictionary” in order to understand Palin – I already understand her. She’s a grifter, plain and simple.

  • Dennis

    Andy, keep up the great work! Sarah Palin’s fans need to get a sense of humor. Seriously, someone in this country needs to defend the proper use of language and spelling, and it looks like you are the man.

  • Barbara Kojo

    Andy is funny. Glenn Beck and the ditto-heads he stole from Rush Limbaugh aren’t. What’s also not funny is that our country has descended to such polarized dialogue.

  • Bob

    Wow, Andy, it’s as if you discovered the bat-signal for morons.

  • Leigh

    Ummm, Andy is a humorist and his job is to make fun of the news. He is not a journalist. Shake it off. It is a joke!
    Also, if Sarah Palin ever had anything substantial to say, maybe we could critique her. She has yet to offer a substantive solution or critique of any policy of the Obama administration. Maybe if she would like to be taken seriously, she should start to act seriously. Instead, she quit her job as governor to write a book and take a job at Fox. It is a sorry state of affairs when someone with her lack of authority or credibility is elevated to the level she has been.

  • KansasGirl

    Guess some folks do not recognize satire, even when it nibbles like a Moose in one of those foresty things.

  • Diana

    LOL – the people who are complaining are the ones who don’t get it! Maybe they should move up to Alaska with ‘outside the pale -in’.

    If ignorance is bliss, then some of the people who take exception to this satire are extremely happy!

  • Brian

    I guess we misunderestimated the extent to which Palin’s supporters would go nukular when confronted with her verbal gaffes. Bush will always be the “King” given his broader experience and continual combat with his “native” language. Who can ever forget such zingers as, “I am here to make an announcement that this Thursday, ticket counters and airplanes will fly out of Ronald Reagan Airport.” –Washington, D.C., Oct. 3, 2001. Those with umbilical hernias should avoid reading Bushisms.

  • Jim

    I found this to be a very funny piece. To all the complainers I am sure if the name were replaced by Barack Obama you would think it were hilarious. As usual it’s all funny until it’s about me.

  • Teressa Glazer

    Grow a funnybone, folks!

  • Richard

    Hilarious Andy. Keep is laughing!

  • Robert Hayes

    I see are two problems in this latest series: first is Sarah Palin’s hilariously inventive language. The second is that you’ve stopped being funny. Real humor looks at people’s foibles and weaknesses and laughs at them. You’ve descended to political attacks. Most of them are on the mark–but they seem to focus exclusively on one political party. Have you ever thought about laughing at Rahm Emmanuel, Nancy Pelosi, or even the man whose wife recently extolled the virtues of people visiting the Gulf coast in its hour of need and then immediately went on vacation to northern Maine (did he mistake which gulf he was visiting)? I think they’re funny, too, and desparately need someone to make fun of them.

  • Busterbobby

    I’m shocked… the criticism of Borowitz’s “juvenile” parody of Sarah Palin and Palinese. Criticism of Palin has to be juvenile; it must match its target, after all. How else can you parody a woman who got into a nationally-televised mud slinging spat with her then teenaged on-again, off-again, on-again son-in-law? Keep it up, Andy.

  • Laura Nason

    Ok, look, to the right, any education that comes without bullets and a target is LIBRUL and ELITIST.

  • Diane

    Sarah Palin is in the public eye and therefore subject to ridicule and comment. Andy, this was funny and exactly right at the same time. Thank you for the laughter and the snark. I love to laugh and you always make me laugh.

    *opens notebook and adds new Palinese words and prepares for the next lesson*


  • Bert

    I thought the comments were above the line (and belt) and that some people (ahem-conservatives) have lost their sense of humor along with their compassion and have replaced it with bitterness, envy, and thinly veiled hate. Lighten up.

  • Crystal

    Andy Borowitz is giving Sarah Palin WAY too much credit.

  • Cynthia

    I learned a long time ago that people are drawn to those with whom they have the most in common. The statistics on reading and writing ability in our country would suggest that many of our citizens are very much like Ms. Palin in their ability to read, write, and speak our language. Therefore I am not surprised that many people would vote for her. It is sad, but true.

  • Catherine

    How many of these upset people even knew about this show — or watched PBS for that matter — until they got their instructions to log on and complain?

  • Joe Scarborough

    I love satire. Palin is quirky and I think that makes her endearing. Anyone in the public eye is fair game for satire. Although I must admit that she represents an easy target. I trust she will continue to get paid for her many speaking engagements. If she publishes her fictionary, I might buy one…

  • Orracle

    So far the Palin fans have proved that a) they aren’t too smart and b) they have no sense of humor. Fortunately, most of the country can see her for what she is and understand that she clearly should not be allowed to govern anything.

  • UrWingGirl

    You’re taking cheap shots – come on. Let the people decide who they want to vote for and get over it. This is America. I think the worst part of this is the “humor” wasn’t really there. Get a better writer.

  • Diane

    Posted July 24, 2010 at 12:06 pm | Permalink

    Wow, Andy, it’s as if you discovered the bat-signal for morons.”

    I laughed so hard at this!

  • Ridge Runner

    Another fetid example of “let’s you and them fight”. I wouldn’t have even been aware of it if I hadn’t received this broadcast e-mail invitation to grab my gob of mud and join the slinging fest: “Please go to the link below and if you feel so inclined, fight the haters with your own comments. I promise you yours will be better spelled.” But it gets a bigger comment count for this “feature”, so I suppose this political mud-fight-promoter will be duly rewarded by his PBS keepers.

    PBS takes one step deeper into the political swamps. “Your tax dollars at work”. Too bad this is the kind of work they are doing, at a time of elevated “official unemployment” + dropouts from the labor force.

  • Rhonda Lea Kirk Fries

    Lovely. Just lovely. I laughed until I started reading the comments; then I cried. Some folks would benefit greatly from a sense of humor.

    Keep it coming. You’re the highlight of my week.

  • Bill Kintz

    I’m betting very few of the folks who objected to Andy’s piece on Sarah Palin ever listen to the “Need to Know” segment on PBS.


    Always great, Andy. Too bad some people have no sense of humour. They think you are actually reporting news! Ha!

  • Tim

    It’s hard to make fun of someone who is so poorly educated and dopey as Sarah Palin, but Andy does it well. That he attracts so much negative ranting just proves how well. Good job, AB.

  • grinnninglibber

    regressives defending twts – now funny.

  • Old Airborne Trooper

    I have followed Dave Borowitz for years. Some days he is a bit too crude, some days he is less funny, some days, I do not understand his point, but most days, I admire his humor, his wit, and his creativity. His piece on Sarah Palin was excellent!

  • Jeannette Harris

    I thank God regularly (and fervently) for Andy’s blessed wit helping us get through our dose of Insane Daily News without beating that cheerily chirping bird on the railing outside over its inane little empty head with the latest morning newspaper.

    He’s a gift to wilflife.

  • Chuck Lasker

    Y’all done been mean ta Miss Palin, Mr. Bore-owitz. Har har – see how I done made yer name have the word bore in it? That means I is as clevere as you is, Andy. We tea partyers is smarterest and you is just ridiculistic.

  • Nancy

    Love your humor, Andy! Keep up the great work!

  • Richard Schmidt

    Ahhh, the poor intellectually undernourished of the world–republicans–are upset at Andy. poor babies. Sarah is, admittedly, pathetic, but since she is the choice of the people’s artless right wing, surely she is fair game from that big-game hunter Andy Borowitz.

  • DocC

    The thought of Sarah Palin’s ignorant sloganeering in any leadership position really makes me cringe. And I offer up the right-wing comments above as evidence of the self-righteous, humorless, easy woundability of the Tea Party movement.

  • Connie Boyd

    First, I want to state on the record that Andy Borowitz is cute as a button. Also, hilarious.

    Next, after reading these comments as Andy suggested in an e-mail he sent me, I have been giving some thought to a question that has occurred to me many times before: Why are conservatives such terrible spellers?

    I think it’s because they like to make stuff up. That includes spellings, whole new words and dishonest justifications for war, otherwise known as LIES.

    Thank you.

  • PJ Johnson

    Keep up the good work, Andy! You hone into the heart of every matter with great humor. You are a natural predator of the FOX. Clone yourself.

  • Nina

    Irony and satire are covered by the First Amendment as part of the Free Speech granted to every American citizen. It is a constitutional right. If you can’t stand the heat, then you should have paid attention in your grammar and spelling classes in fifth grade. Nukular is not a word, neither is refudiate. Come on, Republicans- you used to be considered the party of class and education. Now it seems like you are the party that will defend illiteracy and ignorance to the very end. The fact that someone like Sarah Palin is so popular among a certain party base is really disturbing to me. I guess the Republicans are encouraging the “dumbing down” of American, because people who are too lazy or ignorant to question their leaders are easy to control.
    Or maybe I’m just wrong. Maybe not only can Sarah Palin SEE Russia from Alaska, she can also hear it, and “refudiate” is a Russian word. She may simply be showing off that she’s bilingual.

  • Fernanda

    Dear Andy,

    Once again, you have addressed an issue that should not be ignored !

    Exposing the ignorance of Sarah Palin is not only an example of the public service you provide,(considering that she may actually be a viable candidate for any political office, not to mention the US presidency) but a duty of all of us to counteract the lies and right-wing slant of the mainstream media.

    I only wish I could have your sense of humor.

    Andy, you are my hero.


  • Sheeler

    Two apropos Will Rogers quotes:
    “I have always noticed that people will never laugh at anything that is not based on truth.”
    “Everything is changing. People are taking the comedians seriously and the politicians as a joke.”

    Keep up the good work, Mr. Borowitz!

  • Tallsharon

    Im 59. Im absolutely horrified, along with most of the educated international community that anyone, ever considered SP to be remotely qualified or articulate enough or have the right skills to represent our country to the world. Thank god for humor. Oh i forgot about the gentle spirited peaceful soul meggie lol

  • David

    Go, Andy. Have at it. It’s fun to see the reactions of her supporters; such a laugh riot. She may not be very smart, but she is smart enough to ride this fantastic ego trip and milk it for all it’s worth. They can follow her all the way to the convention. Let’s hope she gets the nomination. But, you know, it is sad that so many people seem to believe in her; it doesn’t say much for the people of America. These fans are certainly among the 53% (I’m not sure of the number, but anything more than 3% is too many) of Americans who don’t believe in evolution. It’s pathetic that there is so little emphasis on reasoning and science in the schools, to say nothing of so many of the adults. Have a nice day, Sarah. Why not try to read a newspaper?

  • A. Journalist

    Oh please! It’s just fine when Sarah “Lie Baby Lie” Palin spouts her inaccuracies and untruths to the uninformed and misled right-wing conservatives on her Twitter and blogs. But let a little truthful humor creep in and it’s righteous outrage time. Wake up and smell the moose meat, people!! Your Saint Sarah is both illiterate and unqualified to be a janitor in any town hall in America.

  • Beth

    Thanks for the great show, both for it’s smart and in depth reporting of news, as well as Andy’s excellent sarcastic humor segment. Keep up the great work!

  • Steve Lanser

    Brilliant satire as usual!

  • Mr. Bush

    I absolutely demand you “refudiate” your comments! As Billy Shakespeare said, “Fool me once shame on you, “Fool me once, shame on – shame on you. Fool me – you can’t get fooled again.”

  • Elizabeth

    I have really enjoyed Right To Know, especially your segment. You segment last night on Sarah Palin was especially good and right on the mark. Keep up the good work, don’t be intimated by some commenters with obvious bias.

  • John

    Do you know what the best part is about the right wing attack on Borowtiz’ “Need to Know” Palinese segment? It raises the visibility of Andy and of “Need to Know.” I, for one, wasn’t aware of these and now, happily, am aware and will become a regular viewer.

    Way to go Andy! Way to right-wing website!

    You’re great, Andy!

  • paula jones

    If we can’t laugh at ourselves and our own leaders, we are in pretty sad shape. Borowitz’s brand of humor is a HUGE improvement over the vitriolic attacks that are so much more common these days. My mother-in-law constantly uses malaprops (once ordering ‘grilled lumber-jack’ in a seafood restaurant) and, when we point them out, she laughs right along with us. Funny is funny, knowing no political boundaries. Keep ‘em coming Andy. You’re the best!

  • garymiceli

    Sarah Palin is a jerk and Shrill Baby Shrill is not a Presidential platform, no matter how you spell it.

    Personally, I am infudiated by the mere fact that the 45.7% of this country are GOPignorant enough to have voted for McCain – Palin in the first place.

    Luckily for the rest of us, McCain was exposed as being idiotic enough, judgement-wise, to have chosen her as a running mate.

    Today, I only listen to what she says for the comedic value.

  • Jim

    Great job Andy! I’m sure your comments are very threatening to all of the Rush and Glenn followers that are posting here. Luckily they are being told what to think and say or their posts would mostly look like “ik404 tksdfo.” Imagine what a great country this could be if people only thought for themselves.

  • Meredith

    Great stuff, Andy! Satire is a great weapon against these folks.

  • kjlintner

    Oh you silly right-wingers! You are just mad because you missed the time slot for Sesame Street. That darn reading comprehension will get you every time!

  • Jim

    “she will cancel the agreement between nouns and verbs”. I predict that her first act would be to cancel the logical connection between any two consecutive sentences in the same paragraph. And that’s why the lame-stream media is what it is.

    Sara Palin is an American success story. She shows that a beautiful sexy woman who is mean spirited, ignorant, and illogical can be hugely successful if she speaks in a folksy and friendly manner. She shows that having good soundbites fully transcends understanding what is going on. She shows that a desire to speak truthfully just gets in the way of trashing the other side.

    She represents the American dream in political success stories, and deserves to be put on a pedestal with other greats such as Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. The three of them are all great representatives of the mean-stream media.

  • Zino Davidoff

    The rightists in this country have NO sense of humor. Sarah Palin has nobody to blame but herself for attracting satirists. Borowitz wasn’t that funny, frankly, but there’s nothing offensive about what he said. It’s time for the Republicans to stop wanting their own way ALL the time. I’m glad PBS allows small bits and pieces of humor to infect their otherwise serious and balanced news shows.

    In fact, my favorite news shows on the air are the Daily Show and Wait, wait… Don’t Tell Me on NPR.

    PBS: PLEASE don’t let the haters bring out the hall monitors. If I can laugh at Obama joikes, then the Republicans can learn to laugh at Palin jokes.

  • Scott Jones

    Irregardless of the ginormousness of her verbal mistakes, Sarah Pailin is neverthemore a political figure reserving of our respect and gladmiration. Therefore Mr. Borowitz’s commentations are inflamatious in the extreme and he should be dishamed of himself.

  • Patty

    Keep up the great work, Andy! We love it! There’s nothing wrong with having some good spirited fun when given such ample material to work with. The people taking offense at this just don’t understand satire, or at least, can’t take what they dish out.

  • Bill

    Andy, you are the absolute best political comedian. Sarah Palin appeared on SNL, and Tina Fay has done more satire on Sarah Palin, than anybody. Why would anyone complain about your piece? Keep up the great work, I hope you never lose your sense of humor.

  • Kevin Hanson

    i’ve been getting andy’s email reports for quite a while: funny is funny.

  • Lester M

    Your attack on Sarah is an attack on every common sense American who believes in talking snakes.

  • Laura

    Political satire kept me sane during eight disasterous years of the Bush administration. In this regard, Andy is a national treasure. However, as a journalism major, I think it’s important (particularly for some viewers) to clearly distinguish between the “straight” news and Andy’s form of humor – to reduce the possibility of confuserism.

  • kevin finegan

    Mr. Borowitz, you may make all the fun you wish of Sarah Palin’s usage of the English language (including your made-up words that you attribute to her) as soon as you inform Barack Obama that the letter “g” is still included in the alphabet and is very commonly found, and is to be pronounced, in words ending in the suffix “ing”, rather than “believin’, hopin’, and changin’”.

  • Mary

    Emma….Thanks for finally putting the correct title to Palin! A grifter!!!! Never would have thought of it but it is so dead on.

    Looks like Andy is on the money with this one to be getting such reviews….at least we know Palin fans are paying attention which means they’re worried. And should be.

  • Stan

    Oh, lighten up everyone, please. Ignorance on camera is fair game, or should be. When Joe Biden says something goofy, no one gets apoplectic about comedians poking fun at him. When W was murdering the English language, he joined in the fun himself, showing he was a good sport, or at least a canny politician. So do us all a favor, and laugh when something is funny, and vote based on a real evaluation of competence. We might disagree on what competence is, but that would be a refreshing debate, and a welcomed change from the knee-jerk anger and shallow divisiveness that dominates discourse today.

  • Elena

    Thank you, Andy, for bringing humor to otherwise vitriolic and crazy-making times. I wouldn’t expect Palin supporters to count themselves among your most ardent supporters; the mama grizzly wanna-be-s are merely growling to protect the pack … carry on. Truth inevitably evokes a reaction. I love your humor; and I howled at that piece! Keep them coming!

    As for the folks who challenge the use of PBS funding (viewers) for satire… well, I would say that it’s pretty equally balanced between conservative, moderate and liberal programming; and I believe that if the humorless right could surface a worthy satirist the station would consider an equal time, point/counterpoint balance. By the way, if they don’t like your humor, they don’t have to watch just as I don’t opt to watch the programs that perpetuate the glorification of the war machine or the tedious Lawrence Welk re-runs.

  • Mary

    I was going to post something snarky about the nasty comments from the right wing, but I think I’m going to go with my first instinct and give them what they deserve instead of what they want. I’m going to ignore them.

  • Larry

    I do not Need to Know that Borowitz is a self-promoting, not really that clever or funny jester. Both PBS as well as NPR have lost their once fine editorial oversight that set them apart from the sad commercial media outlets. Borowitz should stick to comedy clubs. No more of this, please, on your new “Need to Know” effort . . . we all already know Palin is an attractive, not very educated half-wit with whom others of her ilk can identify. We should not Have to Hear Borowitz and his lame pubescent cheap shots on your program.

  • Catherine

    So when Obama mispronounces a military term (which I can’t even remember) everyone on the Right freaks out and practically demands his impeachment. And yet Palin consistently proves her incompetence and inexperience by using incoherent run-on sentences and inventing new language. Clearly she doesn’t read, except her own press.

    Palin exhibits true narcissism: she is unable to accept responsibility for what she isn’t and she commands and engages her public’s attention through an expert ability to mirror their concerns and desires. Sadly, her fans are duped and misled. Palin is a modern day Eva Peron in every sense. She can’t even see that her running in 2012 would further divide an already divisive GOP. While the Democrats might applaud this move, it could prove to be far more destructive than we might envision now.

  • JB from MD

    Some of the funniest comments about the word salad that is Palin-ese. I think this is one of the best things I’ve posted on FB to share. Anyone who doesn’t think this is funny either doesn’t have a sense of humor or is a Fox news/Palin fan.

    Thank you Andy for some of your best work. Look forward to more episodes with Andy & Jallison.

  • Deb

    Hm. Her name spelled backwards is what people do when they really, really want to bother you (depending on how you pronounce it) Haras! Er, Huh-Rass. Um, Her-???

  • Eric Riback

    I find Andy funny. This piece was so-so. But to me the real issue isn’t making fun of her poor language (and the Bush years were great for that too), but what her message actually was: Telling a religious organization that because they are the same religion as the people who attacked the WTC, they shouldn’t build a community center and worship space a few blocks from that site because it would be too painful for the rest of us. It raises two questions for me: What does she consider the acceptable distance from Ground Zero for Mosques or Muslim community centers. Can they be in Manhattan at all? The Five Boroughs? Anywhere in the United States? And, would it be acceptable for a Christian church or community center to be built in downtown Oklahoma City, as it was Christians who attacked us there.

  • Tami Calliope

    Of course Sarah Palin is a legitimate target for black humor. Humor is the only possible alternative to despair when an illiterate, bigoted, murderous, mentally ill reactionary is being taken seriously – politically or any other way – by a large percentage of the population. It is kinder than shooting her, which someone should do, just to even the odds on all the endangered Wolves she has waged aerial genocide on, and the few poor Polar Bears she’s cackling about killing next.
    Of course, this is the nation that stood behind Bush, who couldn’t speak English either.
    All I can say, Andy, is THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for lightening the load of fear I bear for this country’s future by providing me with a few right-on-target laughs.

  • Mike Cavanaugh

    I think even the normally sharp as a tack Andy Borowitz made an error. “Rignorance” is really the rigid application of knowingly false “facts” to real situations. WMDs anyone?

  • Andy

    There are some people that really need to get a grip and stop taking things so seriously. It’s tongue-in-cheek humor. They did the same kind of stuff on SNL and even Palin got in the act…but it was okay then?

    Is it possible that the people who are funny enough to create such satire just don’t exist on the right? I think so.

  • LW

    We have to laugh at any politician who gets far too much into themselves vs. the people they act like they represent.

    And didn’t Palin leave the Governer-ship high and dry for her own intrests, aka $$$???; doesn’t she now share a walk-on part in the Office of Excessive Rhetoric with Beck?

    A bigger laugh are those that think Palin’s view of how the free world should be would work beyond the gated communities you wished you lived in, venturing out to kill something now and again … no one should be serious about that.

  • Hunrbunr

    Andy!! Great job!! <–which is made evident from all of the negative feedback. Keep up the good work!!


  • Kathleen

    Andy, the illiterati who mindlessly hang on Ms. Palin’s every word only wish she were one sixteenth as witty as you. Your satirical skewering of those in the public eye is the highlight of my week!

  • Andrea

    Satire is one of our oldest tools for hoisting public figures on their own petards. There’s nothing “liberal” or “below the line [belt?]” about it. She’s put herself out there, she’s a big girl, and if she can’t take it, she’s in the wrong business.

    It’s time for everyone on both poles of the political equation in this country to take a big step back and look at reality. If you’re getting all of your news from one source, be it PBS or Fox, you’re not giving yourself the opportunity to expand your beliefs past what they’re telling you. THINK, people. Turn your brains on and think! Do you ~really believe~ that George Bush is an idiot? Do you ~really believe~ that Obama was born in Kenya? Do you ~really believe~ that part of the health care bill included “death panels for grandma”? These blatant falsehoods all push buttons, but they don’t serve our country.

  • Pastor Jacob

    All of this is the inevitable consequence of breaking with the Word of God. None of this controversy would have happened if Sarah Palin had followed 1 Timothy 2:12 where Jehovah said that He doesn’t permit women to teach or have authority over man. All faithful should pray that Sarah submits to the will of Yahweh and seeks forgiveness.

  • JB from MD

    But soft, what light from yonder window breaks? It is the East, and I can see Russia from my front porch.

    To suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous liberals, or to quit half-term, and by opposing, rake in speaking fees and wealth.

    I need to be famous so I can make up words & join the celebration!

  • Valerina

    I’d love a “Fictionary”, maybe I’d finally be able to figure out what Bush was talking about all those years!

    That name has already been taken:

    But it is cute and clever rather than the uneducated and misguided list Palin and Bush have compiled.

  • George Bradt

    Wonderful stuff! If we can’t laugh at ourselves, others will be more than happy to fill the void. Important to make sure we’re listening to the truths behind the jokes and to the truths in the criticism of the jokes. We’re all trying to get to the same place. There’s real value in the diversity of views about how to get there. I do greatly enjoy the way Andy holds the mirror up to us.

  • Susanne Fogle

    New Rule:

    All posters on the internet must be able to write three grammatically correct sentences in a row. Each sentence must contain a minimum of ten words and all words must be spelled correctly. I think I just eliminated most Sarah Palin fans, leaving room for more thoughtful commentary.

    You’re welcome… :-)

  • Margery Goldstein

    A favorite tactic of the right wing is to cast doubt on the patriotism of anyone who uses words carefully and thoughtfully. We have to keep fighting back! I wish I had a zingy response (as Kermit the Frog said, “If I were a poet, I would write a sonnet.”), but as I don’t, I appoint you to be zingy for me. Keep up the good work, Andy!

  • Allison Zapata

    Seriously. I love you!
    Thank you for showing me that there are still many smart Americans around!

  • Dasugo

    I was outraged at the hack piece that mr Borowitz did to Sarah Palin.
    How could he malign her that way? Of course she meant repudiate!!! Not refudiate!! that isn;t a real word.

    One twitter mistake isn’t damning.

    Ok, I just saw that she used it while on air with Fox news. not a good look Sarah.

    Ok, saying Shakespeare used new words isn’t helping..

    I still think that Andy shouldn’t have made fun of her though. She is a woman and republican. U shouldn’t make fun of those people. Especially That one.

  • willy

    Andy writes funny material and pokes fun at anything that comes along. George Bush was a great source of material as is Sarah Palin. He’s a comedian practicing his craft. Fox news, Rush Limbaugh, and Glenn Beck are prophets of hate and half truths. It is sad that people actually tune into that trash. Keep up the good work, Andy!

  • Lara

    What worries me the most is there are many people who can’t tell the difference between a Comedian and a Journalist. I love Andy Borowitz and his satire, but I get my “news” elsewhere. I really don’t understand the uproar and how this could be considered “below the belt”. Continue the good work, Andy. Thank you, PBS, for giving us a laugh.

  • Carole

    C’mon haters… Andy’s job is to make us think and laugh! And he does it so well that I read him every day. Politically, I’m independent – which is great because I don’t care who he’s making fun of. If you can’t take the heat (or the satire), don’t read, don’t watch. Kind of like I do with Fox News, which I abstain from because they make me crazy. OK? So settle down now.

  • Sandy

    Political satire has been around as long as there has been politics. I’m supposing some of the naysayers posting on this topic also think that “Gulliver’s Travels” was written for children. I’d use a Shakespeare reference except some of them might think I’m quoting Palin. Keep up the good work, Andy.

  • Brian in Evans, Co.

    Andy Borrowitz is HiLarious! Comedians going back 100 yrs. have picked on stupid people saying stupid things. It makes for GREAT COMEDY. Not his fault she has the intellect of a goat and constantly says really stupid things.

  • Rosemary

    UrWinGirl says Andy is taking cheap shots. Cheap shots? Like continuing to insist that President Obama was born in Kenya, despite irrefutable evidence to the contrary? Like equating Nancy Pelosi and the President to Adolph Hitler?
    And Larry, you don’t have to subject yourself to Andy’s humor. There is something called an off button. Or even a station dial. If I have to be subjected to Fox news every time I go into a public establishment in my ultra right county, then at least I get to listen to Andy on my own radio.
    Get a grip.

  • Toofless

    This take-off on Sara Palin’s remarkes is just downwright saccareliggious if you ask me. Noewhare in the constution does it say OK to make fun of our leaders. Just bacause they mixup a word. We done got a commonist in the wHite House now wants to make us to have to pay for our own health insurince whather we want it or not. I’ve haealthy for over 15 years never been to a doctor don’t never nedd to and I smoke everday one and 1/2half a packsometimes two a day. Don’t need no oBUM acare.

  • Mark

    Does anyone find it slightly ironic that the party who regularly holds posters of President Obama in a witch doctor getup, or who regularly call him socialist, fascist, communist, nazi, un-American at their Tea Bagger “Parties”, are righteously indignant when one of their own is made fun of? Go Andy! “Mooseacre” made me spit out my coffee! :)

  • tony

    Ah, satire. Behold the cutting edge of cognitive power slicing to the core of stupidity and ignorance. Well done, sir, and keep your powder dry.

  • Michael Zanin

    Well, Andy did at least two good things this year. He gave us two valuable words: fictionary and Palinese.

  • Macklin

    Andy thanks for taking aim at a festering sore within the tea bag rightwing dingbat ranks…a blind disdain for anything that conflicts with their agenda…they play fast and loose with facts, create dangerous hyperbole and when that doesn’t get the desired effect, just plain make up sh*t to feed to their masses of ignorant followers…..even the English language is fodder.

  • Heard it before

    Andy’s repeating his own material:
    “Her first official act will be to cancel the agreement between nouns and verbs”

    Bush Repeals English Language 1/19/2009
    “The President followed up that declaration of war in 2003 when he signed an executive order cancelling the agreement between nouns and verbs.”

    What amazes me is that anyone would
    1) criticize a misspelled tweet
    2) someone would defend it

    Irregardless of that, keep up the good work Andy

  • blue review

    To be fair, I’m hearing a lot of this “oralgami” (to quote The Flying Karamozov Brothers) in advertisements. On the other hand, after listening to Bush-isms for eight years straight, I don’t think I can take any more. Please shoot me.

  • ThePeoplesCountry

    Good for you Andy. The conservatives are directly responsible for the financial meltdown and the Gulf oil spill. They are pro-corporation and anti-environment. They are ruining the country while making themselves rich. The tea party, like the religious right, put all their emphasis on a few hot button issues, but both groups are painfully unaware of what is really going on ‘behind the curtain.’ They do our country much harm by keeping the focus OFF of real issues. And that is exactly why the elite love them so much–they pick up the propaganda torch and run with it.

  • Viking

    I think I saw a Palinese dancer once, on the Ed Sullivan show.

  • Dianne

    Andy, your funnyful remarks about Sarah are unconsciousable, Her Trips and Tracks and igno-rants are orchestrated to prove that Sarah is NOT superior to anyone. She is correct.

  • Marsha

    I think it’s time for everyone to stand up and refudiate Sarah Palin, Fox News, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and the rest of the divisive haters who want to bring down our president and our country. Not a joke, but then again, I’m not as funny as Sarah Palin.

  • Mary R

    What a bunch of whiners. Andy is not attempting to present himself as a “reporter” or a news source. He uses political satire to make us laugh. I have seen him use that same sharp wit on folks from both sides. At least he does not call her “baby killer”, “death panel proponent”, “communist”, “atheist” “Nazi” or any of the other nice names that the Sarah gang of dunces thinks are acceptable to call the President of the United States. A President that, like him or not, was elected by over half of our countrymen who bothered to vote. I feel certain that he will not quit when the going gets tough to make money. (SHe couldn’t support her family on a Govenor’s salary?) Satire is fun and meant to entertain and political satire has been around since the founding of this country. Do you Sarahites listen to PBS only to find something to criticize? Will you be back here whinning when Andy does a piece on someone from the left? Satire is not the same as personal character attacks, something that you are accustomed to on your unbiased Fox News.

  • Karen Kinney

    Sarah Palin really doesn’t need your protection, folks. She’s earning about $75,000 per speaking engagement which works out to around $5,344.78 for each “You betcha!” The humor of Andy Borowitz is not going to hurt her. She’s a public figure. Being the subject of scorn and ridicule is in the job description. Her “Mama Bear wearing lipstick, while reading off her hand” schtick apparently has charmed a large portion of this nation. So be it. Please don’t demand that the rights of people to make fun of her nonsense be squashed. That would be so un-American and I love my country.

  • Dick

    It’s not quite fair. Making fun of Palin is like shooting fish in a barrel. But then, that may be one of her preferred pstimes,

  • oboe

    Oh, for heaven’s sake! We have enjoyed the fun poked at the speaking mannerisms and malapropisms of almost every President and presidential candidate for years. One guy made a complete career of a really accurate but spoofy imitation of President Kennedy. Another guy has in his repertoire an exaggerated imitation of President Johnson. The news reporters and commentators have been all over Bill Clinton, G. W. Bush, and Barack Obama. If Palin or any of her peeps can’t stand the heat, then get out of the kitchen. Crybabies!

  • Paula Hazelton

    Please continue shining the light on Ms. Palin and her cohorts with your satire. Why should Palin not be fair game? She puts herself out there and provides such great material every time she opens her mouth. I look forward to more segments on “Fictionary”. The right wingers would like to “kill baby kill” any commentary out of lock step with their ranting. At least it is clear that liberals smile, not snear. Thanks, Andy, for a kinder, gentler, funnier face on TV.

  • richard trombly

    Sympathy votes for dumb and/or ignorant politicians are now the ” in ” thing.
    Well it all started with George W. and his first “presidentiary”. Bush won so many votes from Gore after the debate where Al Gore made the mistake of 1) showing he was intelligent and then 2) not contain his amazement at how very dumb Bush was. (Bush demonstrated his effectiveness in international policy by proving he did not even know which CONTINENT held some of the countries in which American troops were stationed. and his effectiveness at economic issues by proving his inability to understand the most basic mathematical principles behind his proposed economic plan — that did eventually lead to a global economic collapse.)
    Bush went up 5 points in the polls after the debate that he so obviously lost because people felt bad for him and the conservatives whipped up a frenzy against him for “acting smart”
    So it is no surprise that Palin and her “differently literate” followers (we must not call them illiterate, that would not be Politically Correct these days) are planning to cast sympathy votes for her own ignorance, which is as vast as the state of Alaska.

  • P.F. Bruns

    Maybe if Mr. Borowitz had pulled a Breitbart–edited Sarah Palin’s words to invert her message in a libelous fashion and gotten her fired–the neoconservatives would have found his humor funnier.

    But noooooo, he had to go and use her actual words against her, and that’s Just Not Done.

  • owen

    I thought REFUDIATE all ready Was a word! It’s NOT?

  • B. Schur

    In past generations, it was generally expected that our elected officials, especially those at the national level would be both well-spoken and well-educated. I grew up with the impression that it was the more conservative representatives who were often the most particular in their speech, while the more liberal were often given some room for folksier constructions. Our leaders across the board were expected to be well-read and demonstrate broad knowledge about the world in which they served. Now my son has grown up reading collections of “Bushisms” like we used to quote Yogi Berra. Edwin Newman exemplified correctness in all his work, and called our attention to it in his book, “Strictly Speaking.” Andy Borowitz is right to call attention to Palin’s lack of attention to correctness, as are the reporters who note the gaps in her knowledge of the world. We would like our leaders to be models, not examples of our worst selves.

  • Betsy Busch-Le Ne’

    Your faux news is the highlight of my day. If you ever decide to run for political office I’ll be there to stuff envelopes and bake cookies. Don’t retire…ever…ever…EVER! P.S. It is very annoying when you take time off to go on vacation. Your wit is my controlled substance and I get cranky when I can’t get my fix.

  • Hal

    What’s wrong with this picture? These days it’s the comedians who tell the truth and the so-called “pundits” who are full of @#$%. Right wing trolls can’t tell the difference anyway so I guess it doesn’t matter. Maybe some kind of disclaimer is in order, along the lines of “This message is delivered by a professional comedian on a closed set. Please don’t try this at home”.

  • Rene Mandel

    Wow. And conservatives say liberals have no sense of humor. Maybe that’s Glenn Beck’s problem, too: he keeps telling us he’s a clown, but, obviously, conservative viewers don’t know a joke when they see it.

    Seriously, Palin is another who wants to have it both ways. She reads notes off her hand, makes vocabulary and grammar errors that would put little George Bush to shame, all to create her folksy, aw shucks persona, which her supporters seem to love. Until, of course, someone points out that being unable to speak one’s native English coherently makes one sound like an idiot. Particularly when you are blasting immigrants for being unable to speak English and don’t know enough of a foreign language to know whether they actually speak that perfectly, giving them one up on you.

  • Catherine (who posted above about Eva Peron)

    Dear Pastor Jacob, I’m glad you seem to be on our team but perhaps for the wrong reasons? Don’t you think that maybe, just maybe, Timothy and Jehovah might have been misquoted? I mean, after all, those Catholics got a hold of that Bible and really had fun with the editing — and we know what those carnal evil fornicators of the Devil had to say about women in the Church. Case in point: making Mary Magdalene into a harlot and all when she was clearly one of the Apostles herself.

    I’m just guessing but are you a Baptist preacher? I would have fun in your church.

  • Tfin

    What’s wrong with people. Political humor is an essential part of the American political process. I get it and I agree–we can’t make fun of her children, we can’t make fun of her sex, or her race, or her religion. But her intelligence? um, I think that’s fair game.

  • Elizabeth Schwartz

    OK, listen up, you don’t need to be mitterate to know that Andy Borowitz is a big, fat, fame-whorin’ opportunist – he only writes about seriously famous (and good-looking) gotcha-journalized world leaders – like President-elect Palin… or Heidi and Spencer. It’s time Borowitz was refudiated. The Libs must be super-scared, like they can feel real Americans gunning for them like we’re up in a helicopter or something. Get ready, America! Sarah and the rest of us true God-fearing, unwed daughter toting, mooseacring, malapropping patriots can read the writing on the wall… well, the walls we can see from our front porches, anyway.

  • Jeff

    It wasn’t that long ago that I was a moderate Republican because I felt there was a wing of the party that actually had a rational, intellectual basis for its platform, much of which I agreed with. Now that the party has evolved (devolved?) into a party that appears to be dominated by liars, racists, anti-semites and hillbillies with personality disorders, most of whom are not smarter than a 5th grader, I have moved firmly into the Democratic camp. Fortunately, I still appreciate satire, whether directed at the right or the left. Let’s face it, there are plenty of dumb-asses on both sides of the aisle to poke fun at. If we weren’t able to find some humor in the morass our political discourse has become, we would go crazy (maybe that’s what happened to all the haters posting comments here). Keep up the great work Andy.

  • Hypatia

    You de man, Andy! Interesting how some people are so frightened by the very idea of correct speech that they lash out at anyone even making fun of an Alaskan redneck like Palin. Hey, she’s the embodiment of the American dream: Ignorant, shrewd,
    greedy, amoral (or immoral?) dishonest to the max. Didja see where she’s trawling for $$ to pay her legal expenses? Hah! Hey, Sarah, when even the RNC gets upset wicha for “stealing” expensive clothing and plane rides and luxury hotels for you and family — you gotta know your antics are paying off, big-time.

  • David

    Has Sarah Palin proved she was born in the United States? As we know, birth certificates and birth announcements in the newspapers can be forged.

  • Buzz Fleischman

    The sweetest satire attracts the biggest right wing flies. Those that pick apart satire and try to define it have no idea what it is. It is what it is and no one is immune.
    Truth for authority, not authority for truth!

  • Jean D.

    I like the word you coined, “Palinese”. There is nothing Shakespearian about her use of language. Let the poor Bard rest in peace

  • Connell

    Setting out bait piles for the Palinese isn’t sport. It’s cruel. Amusing, but cruel. Well, maybe not cruel, but amusing.

  • Thomas

    1) Sarah Palin mightily deserves to be identified regularly as the ignorant, nasty, arrogant, foolish, incurious opportunist that she is–whether this happens satirically or not. She lost any right to escape mockery the night she gleefully slimed Obama for being a [chuckle] “community organizer” and continues to forfeit it every time she gloats over his political setbacks. Her mangling of the language is embarrassing, to be sure, but it’s just a hint of the pride she has in her own lack of knowledge. Learn to speak properly before you hit the national stage and opt for a ubiquitous media presence, or be prepared to suffer the opprobrium of comics.

    2) Andy Borowitz is a true American satirist, and he is reliably–sometimes uproariously–funny. Long may he prosper. I may tune into this PBS show from now on.

  • Steve Rosen

    I tritempted to thinkalate about what Presibabe Palin was talkumbling about. My head started to smoke and it started to leak out my listenholes.

  • Leslie

    Take pity on your sourpuss critics, Andy. After living through eight years of humiliation at the hands of our bumbling former president, it must be excruciatingly embarrassing to now be represented by yet another barely literate ignoramus/easy target. More than a decade later, the late night guys are still getting mileage out of Clinton zipper jokes. When a public figure makes a fool of him-or-herself, ridicule must be expected.

    Want to know what might make me respect Palin just a little? If she was classy enough to laugh at herself. A simple “oopsie” tweeted or posted on her Facebook page would have shown me she’s a grown up capable of admitting that human beings make mistakes, and she’s no exception. Or even if she’d said nothing about it and just waited for the laughter to die down, rather than making up bonehead comparisons to Shakespeare. But, noooooooo

  • Cindy

    Thank you for this, Mr. Borowitz! Laughter is truly the best medicine here. Some folks just need to be laughed off the political stage.

  • Lois Houston

    I wish I was smart like you people and that I could write something smart here.

  • DomainDiva

    Where would I be without the laughter that Andy inspires even on my craziest days?

    Refudiate Palin.

  • Dan Ogden

    Tell ya what — when Fox “News” stops jumping on out-of-context quotes by any moderate and decriminalizes the word “liberal”, maybe some of us will stop making fun of ignorant politicians from all sides of the political spectrum.

    That’s the thing here — Mrs. Palin has — REPEATEDLY and WITHOUT A DOUBT — demonstrated that she is ignorant. Which makes everything she does funny, because she refuses to acknowledge the possibility that she doesn’t know everything.

  • Barbara Kilpper

    Andy, I don’t know how I’d cope with life without you. Seriously, if you didn’t make me laugh at the right wing nut idiots, I might explode. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • HollyAnn

    This is all very funny, but Sara Palin is creepy, uninformed and is playing to a stratum of this society that makes reality shows look like MENSA meetings. Dumb, dumber, dumbest and dangerous. They are stuck in uninformed and fear-based belief systems that answer their questions as to why they live in trailer parks and shop only in WalMart.

  • Leslie Gildart

    So strange that the rw rabble gets so particularly threatened by any criticism of Sarah Palin. Why the intense identification with this hairpiece-wearin, barely literate grifter?

  • sie8els

    Keep posting what comes into your mind and you find funny, Andy. By and large, I find it funny, too.

  • Levi

    Here’s some more Palin words for yous:

    “OhMyGOD-TODD!” This is what she says when one of the kids has done something again or when that writer dude moved in next door. Todd might not say much but he’s good in a crisis. [Bristol also mentioned that she has said it a lot in the past few weeks.]

    “Retardiate” She says this when she wants someone to validate one of her political points — or when she’s made dinner for the first time in months: “Todd, I’m just not feeling retardiated on the homefront any more.” Or, “I wish those crazy Liberals would retardiate me for once!”

    “RushBum” This is not only her pet name for Rush Limbaugh but it also serves as a verb as in when Palin “RushBummed” the state of Alaska by only serving a partial term as governor.

    “SwagAttack” No this is not some covert military operation but what happens when her entire busload on her book tour descended like a pack of Alaskan mosquiters on the Oscar swag tent.

    “Leviticated” You can only imagine: “I am so leviticated over this whole Bristol mess we’re in.”

    Well, that’s just for starters. Stay tuned for THE SARAH PALIN LEXICON by Levi Johnston.

  • kevin finnegan

    To Eric Riback: Islam has a centuries-old tradition of constructing mosques at the sites of their greatest conquests, to commororate their victory. Do you really want this at the WTC site?

  • Jaybird Mebane

    When realizating the polonation that the retrobilitanation we all centronibulize on a dilibratrabe basis- and I, for one, take full responsibilation for my part in the trinulatiation of this antipolitizationship, the sole questation remates… can’t we all jost get alung? Focks Gnus nor SeeInBeeKnne aren’t the prusblem. Wee Are!

  • lucayo

    Well, I came here to defend you, Andy. But I see it’s been done royally, so I’ll just agree with your supporters. Keep us laughing, please. If we can’t laugh, we’ll cry!

  • PhilD

    I think that people who support Palin must be even dumber than she is (if that’s possible).

  • George Swaney

    Isn’t her idiotic “new word” along the same lines as The Shrub’s “decider”? Thank heavens that hasn’t caught on. Or has it? Palin has never admitted she is wrong about anything, and she seems to be wrong about everything! First of all, that is not how the language evolves, making up words and simply saying, “Uh, this is a word because I say so. Oh, and I’m like Shakespeare.” If “rap” or “hip hop” are in the dictionary, and they are, it is because they were used by many people and grew into usage. Palin’s “word” was obviously misspoken, or mis-tweeted, and falls on the side of ignorance and illiteracy, as Andy Borowitz makes so clear. No teabagger has a sense of humor, which is why I AM referring to them now only as “douchebaggers.” I feel Shakespeare.

  • Graham

    To think that some of you Yanks could contemplate Palinese being spoken by your President?! Just imagine what that’d do for your street cred on an international stage!
    She’s got ‘gaffitis’ that makes Bush and Brown look like raw amateurs.
    Good on her for keeping her visibility up. It pays the bills. And keeps you all amused.

  • Tom Tito

    Please keep bringing more of Andy.

  • Jim Warner, Kill Devil Hills, NC

    I’m one of those fidiots who admires Palin for her unabashed patriotism. Although I find the criticisms of her mildly amusing, I must admit I’m somewhat puzzled by the unabated liberal (progressive, if you prefer) attacks on a woman who (if you believe the left) is barely above the moron level on the IQ scale. I’m betting that Sarah is chuckling all the way to the bank and praying that the attacks don’t let up. Keep up the sophomoric diatribes!

  • Nia Maxwell

    Andy, keep challenging the world to at least look at a different point of view, and take time out to laugh at least once a day. We would all be better for it if The Borowitz Report were required daily reading – we’d probably live longer and do cool things with that longer time on the planet.

  • wesmorgan1

    Seen on Twitter:

    “A ‘Sarah Palindrome’ is a sentence that reads forwards, whilst sounding backwards.”

  • Michael S

    Andy’s humor is refreshing. He helps us laugh at the silliness of our culture and politics. If the haters can’t learn to laugh at their own inept politicians instead of trying to deify them, that’s their problem. Republican cons embraced Palin like the cheapest date in the history of American electoral politics. Her wacko musing are hilariously inept and should be fodder for derision. As the mistress of faux cultural outrage, she is the prime example of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s quote: “There is nothing worse than aggressive stupidity.”

  • Bob Amsel

    Thanks, Andy. You seem to have distressed Palin’s worshipers by telling the truth about their goddess’s pig ignorance (as they’d call it down south). She reminds me of a kid caught lying and then refusing to admit it, no matter what. Instead, she piles on the excuses. She even justifies her creation of new words by claiming that Shakespeare, Sarah’s literary soul mate it seems, invented words, too. Palin is without doubt a walking advert for anti-intellectualism in America. But her creative words and mangled sentences don’t bother me half as much as her exceptionally hideous voice. Give me chalk scratching across a blackboard any time or several angry cats caught in a bag! You betcha!

  • Mitch Wilkins

    I understand what you are writing about ( excuse me, I mean GOTCHA )
    My advise to you is “spiel baby spiel”

  • aeshaw

    Palin supported removal of certain books from Wasilla library. I don’t think she was qualified for that job.

  • Genevieve

    It could be worse. Imagine what would happen if she bred with Bush??!!!

  • Tana Butler

    Sarah Palin hilariates me.

  • Dago T

    I’m no Sarah Palin (thank gawd) even though we were born on the same day … but I have a word I’ve coined:


    That’s a person who runs around espousing that they follow “that book” that was written 2,000 years ago by unemployed fishermen (no, not from New Orleans) and scream from the highest mountain tops of their faith — but who are more likely to be found in a clubhouse awaiting a tee time on Sunday morning than in church.

  • frazer

    The ignorance of the former half-term governor is matched only by her hubris, disregard for the truth, and self-serving calculations. Had a desperate McCain not picked her as his running mate, she would have been left in deserved obscurity. Kudos to Andy for pointing out some of her glaring flaws, with his usual flair.

  • Cathy

    Andy, you’re a national treasure.

  • Larry Cook

    Are you saying Andy wasn’t born in Kenya??

  • Marc

    I think this whole thing is blown way out of proportion. It was just an honest mistake. Remember when Dan Quayle spelled potato(e) wrong? Oh wait, maybe it wasn’t a mistake. Nevermind…

  • MKJ

    Andy, you’re so great even your commenters are good! Thank you!!!

  • chris willingham

    I find it frightening that anyone would LISTEN to anything Sarah Palin says. It would be laughable if it weren’t so frightening. Hearing her (and her supporters) is like choking back the cheapest tequila with no chaser. But then along comes Andy with his wit and keen intelligence and alas, a refreshing wedge of lime. Keep up the good work Andy!

  • Betty

    Keep up the good work, Andy. If Palin runs in 1012 and it looks like she will, God help us all. One
    thing we can look forward is to having a new dictionary printed. Some of the words I saved that were used by some of the Wright Wing posters: inflamatious, gladmiration, dishamed,
    saccareliggious, Noewhare, constution, bacause and commonist. I then quit reading and went off to cry.

  • Chris

    You’re trying to obtruscate the facts.

  • windemer

    Americans ! Lets’ hope Sarah Palin becomes President. Then we shall prevail. your friend Bin

  • Dan

    The massacre of English reminds me a lot of the appendix in Orwell’s “1984″. Poor George argued that the control of language amounted to the control of thought, and if you dumbed down English enough, the inarticulate rabble will serve your needs.

    So.. Thoughtcrime, Andy! Double-plus ungood. Piece refs un-geniuses.

  • Eric

    Three words: Norm Crosby lives.

  • Di Ro

    Had to check my station, I thought I was watching PBS but it appears I tuned into MSNBC. Disappointing. Have fun with it, certainly not the quality of programming of it’s predecessors.

  • Chris


    Your humor saves my sanity.

  • a. freeman

    Dear Andy:

    came here as per your “desperate plea” via The Borowitz Report. stayed for the hilarity.

    can not even begin to top the wonderful comments above by the likes of:

    >Jean D. – Posted July 24, 2010 at 12:51 pm
    >I like the word you coined, “Palinese”. There is nothing Shakespearian about her use of language. >Let the poor Bard rest in peace


    >Steve Rosen Posted July 24, 2010 at 12:52 pm
    >I tritempted to thinkalate about what Presibabe Palin was talkumbling about. My head started to >smoke and it started to leak out my listenholes.


    >wesmorgan1 Posted July 24, 2010 at 1:10 pm
    >Seen on Twitter:
    >“A ‘Sarah Palindrome’ is a sentence that reads forwards, whilst sounding backwards.”

    to quote only the first page.

    keep us laughing Andy. if anyone doesn’t already get it, check out the infrequent mailings of The Borowitz Report from (go there and you’ll find a subscription link somewhere).

    Regards, an amused listener/reader/viewer, -A. Freeman

  • TheLimey

    I believe Shakespeare made up words on purpose, rather than the result of a brain fart.

  • Frank Gannon

    It has gotten difficult to believe just HOW stupid the “Palinites”apparently are. In their universe noone has any sense of humor and “funny” things are all “approved” as friendly to the unfortunate ex-governor of Alaska. Jonathan Swift wouldn’t believe this shit.

  • Pnut

    Neurologists need to study Palin fans, I’ll bet that they won’t find much to work with and it’ll probably be painful to see such shriveled brains.
    Morans knead a Leaderator, and hoos a better Mama Grissly than Sarah “Da Brian” Palin ?

    The best thing that could happen would be for all of the dumb people to move to Arizona . The modern, civilized U.S. would gladly let them secede from the Union. I can just see them now, preparing for “The Crapture” weekly, and running their new “Country”, Moronica on prayer.

  • Bruce

    I don’t know what all the fuss is about. All Palin’s words are in the Shesaurus.

  • Ruth Femali

    By Palin, do you mean the Paris Hilton of Politics? Celebrity is her game and all the money she can sop up from the dopes that pay to see, hear, or read her illogical, defenseless rantings, with a wink and a nod for good measure.

  • American58

    Brilliant observations by members of the effete corps of impudent snobs who characterize themselves as intellectuals…Spiro T was right, you people are nausiating

  • ziibi qwa

    Sarah Palin is a figment of her own deranged imagination……

  • David G.

    The right-wing Palinistas got it all right about Andy Borowitz Almost right that is, except one crucial omission – he is the hard-core Kenyan socialist, as hard and Kenyan, as any socialist ever dreamed !

  • Marilyn B.

    Palin is her own worst enemy in that she is not the least interested in or curious about becoming an enlightened person. As a high school English/speeh/drama teacher for many years, I taught many students very similar to the arrogantly ignorant Palin who, when gently corrected by me in either their misuse of words or facts, would snobbishly and automatically respond, “Whatever!!” I then would automatically reply, “NOPE!! NOT whatever!!” Whereupon I would strive to explain either their misuse of facts or the misuse of their diction. I found, as the years passed, that my students were less and less interested in the ‘actual’ but rather MUCH more interested in avoiding at all cost the fact that they might be wrong…about anything. They seemed to believe, like Palin, “If I think it and it is my opinion, then I can’t (won’t?) be wrong.” After years of periodically watching Hannity, Rush, Beck, O’Reilly, et. al., in order to keep abreast of current political counterpoints, I came to the conclusion that with these dolts as my students daily TV mentors that mine was probably a lost cause for about half of my students. I never completely gave up, but I did lose heart.

  • Bill

    I used to hope she would be nominated in 2012 but then……… . Could it happen?

  • David Hirt

    Thank you, Andy, for finding something to laugh at!
    In a political climate where an illiterate right wing mouthpiece like Sarah actually has any support at all is ALMOST as disturbing as the support that expresident bush got. In addition to being illiterate, this spokesman for the free world was often unable to connect the parts of speech (nouns, verbs, etc.) in logical order when he tried to ‘splain why he attacked Iraq, gave tax breaks to the wealthy during war time and dismanteled, cut spending for care of the maimed and emotionally shattered men and women who fought and still fight for God knows what.
    Of course the right wing is critical! Their policies have killed and are killing thousands of innocent people. They can do nothing but try to find scapegoats for the incredible devastation they’ve brought about to the human race and the planet. They would support a short German wall-paper hanger with a mustache if he promised lower tyaxes!!!

  • Right Wing Attacks Borowitz; Please Refudiate « band annie’s Weblog

    [...] My latest PBS segment on Sarah Palin’s inventive language, Palinese, has inspired an avalanche of right-wing comments, orchestrated by a right-wing website. They accuse me of everything but being born in Kenya. [...]

  • Agnes Meo

    Andy hit it right and yes we all need to think like idiots for a Palin Presidency–NOT!!!! You go Andy!

  • motorcycle

    If I were a whale and had a website of my own I would not allow anyone to leave comments like the ones on Andy’s website because what if these comments only encourage Palin and she did become president and then what would happen to whales with websites? I wish you people would think before you post. Our future is waiting.

  • Biltil

    Hopefully there will be enough of the English speakers left to overcome the Palinese invasion. You have to admit, she does make Andy’s job pretty easy :)

  • Bob

    The real irony of negative comments on here is that no where in the piece does Andy ever mention Sarah Palin’s political views. I don’t see how this is “partisan,” he’s simply making fun of her for being an idiot, not for being a Republican. That being said, those two go hand in hand so often I can see why people would mistake them.

  • william sinclair

    She’s moosacurring the English slanguage. As Yogi Berra said “There are some people who, if they don’t already know, you can’t tell them.”

  • TRH

    Great piece. That Palin-Shakespeare comparison nearly killed me. Check out the official guide to Republican hatred:

  • Jeff Sawyer

    She wrote on her hand. She WROTE on her HAND!!! Even the dumbest kids in class recognize a palm proser as one of their own.

  • Don D.

    I enjoy your columns and your comments.

    I think you hit a nerve!

  • Larry McD


    I hate to go all academic on you but I think you need to make a distinction between Palinese, which appears to be a new language, and Palinalia, which is a state of political disambiguation, the linguistic equivalent of glossolalia in the religious realm. I can understand your confusion since one often hears/reads a generous mix of both Palinese and Palinalia in a single sentence and even more often if the statement includes two or more sentences, at least one of which includes a period.
    I’m sure that your confusion is compounded by the fact that it’s also increasingly difficult to distinguish between religion and politics in Palinerica.

  • Boden

    Palin has a powerful, broad appeal to morons. That is her political base. I’m not worried, and Andy shouldn’t be either.

  • billp

    I wonder what Teddy Roosevelt would have thought of Sarah Palin?

    “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood…who does actually strive to do the deed…if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly.” – T. Roosevelt

    When the going gets tough, the tough quit halfway through their 1st term. Go Palin!

  • Essay

    Would rather laugh WITH Andy any day than laugh AT Palin as our president – Had enough of that when Bush was president! Also, one wonders how many “crimes against humanity” SHE might commit and get away with. (I know, I know … ended a sentence with a preposition. But that’s okay, Palin will forgive. Yeah, right!)

  • Tami

    Andy, I love reading your pieces. Do right-wingers have some kind of gene that makes them unable to understand satire? Lighten up, Palin lovers.

  • Jerry

    Borowitz talks of the far right, but I suspect he thinks Lenin was a moderate.

  • Truly of the Yard

    Andy, you’re the best!

    Every time I hear Caribou Barbie vomit her nasty stupidity into the porcelain bowl of Fox Noise, I’m reminded of the Three Stooges episode where Moe spoofs a dictator with a Chaplin mustache. As alluded to by @Pnut, he plays the King of Moronica, and his slogan is “Moronica for Morons!”

    That pretty much describes the Half Governor’s drooling suppositors.

  • Rayenna

    Andy, when responding to “haters” that can’t spell (or think, for that matter), please remember the following:

    50% of the population has an IQ below 100. This is an important fact that has significant meaning. Think about it…

  • Mer

    Since it was a Twitter post which caught all the attention, one might think for a second that it was a a mere typo — even though “f” and “p” are no where near each other, but if you Google “refudiate” you will find a few video clips where she uses the word as though it really existificates.

  • rigel3

    Birthers and other Palin supporters are certifictitable.

  • spanishguy

    remember this is a woman who did not know the difference between north korea and south korea, this is a woman who says LETS TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY emphasis on our, someone who says drill baby drill, someone who just has no idea hot to keep a job and do well in it, she decided to quit because of her opportunistic ways, she needed more money so she quit to get her book deal and this is someone who thinks she may run for president? who says she wont quit after it gets too hard? she is ignorant PERIOD. lets just make sure the only thing she runs for is the best moose killer award holder in ALASKA. YOU ARE VERY FUNNY ANDY KEEP IT COMING

  • David Brown

    Andy is hilarious. Palin is not. Palin is frightening. How can anyone imagine four years of the Presidency under her control? She would be subject to Cheney-like manipulation by the religious extremists, for clearly, she has no capability to make cogent decisions, let alone express herself in a coherent, logical or knowledgable manner. Within a week of her Presidency we would become the laughing stock of the world. “Misunderestimating” would seem like a word from Shakespeare, by comparison–and we all know how amazingly dumb that recent President was!.

  • Margie Determan

    Bravo, Andy! Now that you’ve pulled back the curtain on “Palinese”, I look forward to your course on Palin-arithmatic. Or Pal-math… You know, where she shows us how adding $3.2 Trillion to the deficit by keeping Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthiest 2% of Americans is actually FREE! Do that next, Andy!
    Your efforts to help us understand each other on the left and right are greatly appreciated, but I, like some of your other commenters, find that too much at one time does make my brain smoke, so keep the lessons short.

  • MKnight

    I nominate Andy for the Mark Twain Prize for Comedy. He is a National Treasure !

  • Anne Ehrlich

    I fear that refudiate will come into standard usage thru repetition, cuz it does sound like a real nother word. The normalcy of American English is so flustrating.

  • l.l.payne


  • curryshake

    I love your sense of humor. Palinese is marginally worse than Bushese and somewhat better than Boomhauerese, as featured on King of the Hill, though all three languages evolved from the Moronite peoples.

    Seriously, it’s Idiocracy come true and if we can’t laugh at it it will begin to control us and turn us into mindless, ignorant right-wingers.

  • Pete

    So Jeff. Now that you’re a card carrying member of the Democrat party, how are you enjoying a party dominated by welfare cheats, liars, racists, anti-semites and people who can only hope to get to the 5th grade!!

    Let’s face it, Jeff. Both parties are filled with despicable people, and both parties have plenty of work they can do to clean up their own houses. Question for me is, which party is going to fix this complete economic disaster that is being hoisted on us? This is like Chinese water torture – drip, drip, drip, drip. And then we finally crack!!

    Frankly, both parties suck. Too bad. We let it happen. Now we need to fix it.

  • Dennis

    You can’t fix stupid.

  • kevin finnegan

    All of you Palin bashers should heed the words of Abe Lincoln: “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

    I’m not a Palin supporter, but the amount of hatred being spewed toward this woman only demeans the political discourse. I don’t think she would make a good president, but then again I didn’t think the Community Organizer-in Chief would either. So how’s that hopey-changey thing working out for you?

  • Joe Bob

    What’s all this Jibber Jabber ?

  • Don Murchie

    Just remember you are a master of satire and don’t lower yourself to the level of your critics.
    Nothing more need be said.
    Don Murchie

  • BenDover

    Did you all forget that McCain was not born in the U.S. but in the Panama Canal Zone? Well, maybe we were all in a way…But what I don’t get is this business of loving people who are “populist” and “regular” and “plain spoken.” I grew up with those morons and got called “a brain” because I could read at grade level. And if you prefer “plain spoken,” there are plenty of idiots to choose from. How about the cast of Jersey Shore for president? BTW: the Palestinian (Palastinian?) terroriists also prefer plain spoken. Andy is funny. I’ve never heard a good far-right Christian joke. The one about Mel’s Gibson’s movie being a spoiler for the bible wasn’t so hot.

  • joan Kofsky

    Out here in California we try very hard to be taken seriously. It’s gotten much easier with Sarah Palin coming on the scene. Takes a lot of pressure off. Seriously speaking though, how is it possible for such an idiot to be in the limelight? Just the thought of her running for the presidency, well must be a plot hatched by the enemies of the United States. I can see the members of the Taliban and others dancing around their tents with glee!

  • Rob

    Great job, Andy. Our system depends on making fun of our pols.

  • Doug

    Well, you finally made the big time. When the right-wingers make you a special target success has touched you with her golden wand. Next you will have the end segment on 60 Minutes while Andy goes on to that special home for ancient broadcasters. Then, a shot at the Veep spot in 2012. Congrats!

  • Jeffrey Stiffman

    Amazing that some people can be so vigilant in the defense of ignorance! Perhaps Palin’s next book should be “The Decline and Fall of the English Language.” Andy, keep up the good work!

  • glade52

    Time to update an old joke:
    How many tea partiers does it take to change a lightbulb?
    That’s not funny!

  • Charley James

    As Keith Olbermann reminds us on an almost nightly basis, “That woman is an idiot!”

    Sarah thinks she’s Shakespeare because she made up a word? She isn;t in any event but, uhm, sorry, you dufus, the bard did not make up words. You do, but he didn’t.

    When I was a kid, people joked that every few years someone gave the east coast of the US a good shake and all the loose nuts rolled to California. Now, it seems they go to Texas and Arizona with a few loose screws rolling around until they end up in Alaska.

    Andy, keep us laughing and keep the conservanuts pissed off. Maybe their hair will start to hurt and they’ll go away.

  • Gail

    Andy, you are hilarious. However, my all time favorite Palin story is when she took the call from the comedian posing as Sarkozy and never realized it was a prank despite all the obvious clues. It was one thing to read the article but to actually listen to the audio clip and hear her responses – wow. Maybe you can resurrect that audio clip for her fans who still do not understand how uninformed and educationally challenged she is. Keep up the good work. Gail (your St. Pete reading festival fan)

  • Danny Del Rossi

    What they all said…

  • cybercitizen

    Some random literal thoughts:

    Sarah Palin is the animate human reincarnation of the bridge to nowhere.
    Abstinence programs breed hypocrites.
    Drill baby drill…Why not trust your three-year-old to perform carpentry and dentistry?
    The word “palin” is Greek for running but it does not indicate a direction.

  • StewartIII

    NewsBusters: PBS’s Borowitz Jabs ‘Rignorant’ Palin’s Intelligence, Prez Palin to ‘Cancel Agreement Between Nouns & Verbs’

  • Chris

    I heard that famed Hollywood observer Buddy Schlantz thinks Palin can whip Borowitz’s ass.

  • Sarah Palin

    I don’ get it. Is this ‘posed to be funny or sumptin’? Is this satired?

  • Bullfacedtoad

    So she’s a pistol packin’ pitbull with lipstick that loves to kill animals! Let’s send her to the middle east, maybe she can take out Bin Laden and all of the Taliban! Let’s send her anywhere except the White House. I wonder if she can see Russia from D.C.?

  • DEO

    : Islam has a centuries-old tradition of constructing mosques at the sites of their greatest conquests, to commororate their victory. Do you really want this at the WTC site?

    New York Muslims want to build a Mosque 2 blocks AWAY. NOT AT THE WTC SITE.
    I don’t know, should they build it 6 blocks away? 8 blocks okay with you??? What?

    The USA HAS mosques, because we don’t practice religious intolerance…. well, Palin DOES. Americans DON’T.

  • David

    CNN reports apparently reports in Palinese.We don’t have thunderstorms anymore, we have “rain events,” Tornados are now “Tornadic events” and, with any luck at all, tea parties will become “tea events” and particip[ants will be required to but tickets and park at some ACE parking facility for $18.00.

  • george

    Andy, you had better be careful about what you say and be less confrontuous re Mx Sarah’s languagistics otherwiseass, when she becomes U.S. Presidntess of America you could end up in a Federal Plenopotentiary.

  • rielmajr

    Hey Jim,

    You complained that people think Palin has the IQ of a moron. I think you should know that she has a variable IQ. It depends on where her indoor thermostat is set.

  • Brian

    Excellent (and very funny) report! Thank-you for having such a great segment on your show, PBS.

  • Sylvia

    Somehow that’s good news – though being German I loved the Bushisms books, got them all – perhaps there will be new ones coming up with Palinisms to make as laugh, but hopefully only related to a campaign. It’s wonderful having a President who speaks English after 8 years of …..
    Counting on you guys to make the right decision.

  • Ray Peabody

    Borowitz is hilarious. What does “refudiate” mean anyway? Can’t wait to get the latest edition of Funk and Websters latest erudition to get the true definition. Are the neo-conservationists breeding in vocational skills and those with the best sense of wordability promoted to run for President?

  • tressa herold

    keep going Andy – I love it– you are a refreshing antidote to my Republican friends who adore the divine Sarah

  • Stacy

    Andy, you are an excellent prophet. Next week, we should hold a fundraiser on your segment so we can buy right-wing naysayers a sense of humor. I figure that’s probably cheaper than a brain and would certainly improve the general atmosphere.

  • Mike

    Facts are facts. She is a coward who knows how to game the system for her own advantage. If she were so good and pure as her supporters claim, why did she resign? But that doesn’t matter in this circumstance. There is a pathologic, reflexive, vindictive reaction whenever somebody makes a satirical point about Palin and her malapropisms and idiosyncrasies. Andy Borowitz is a humorist and satirist on the same level as Will Rogers. The people who are “offended’ by his commentary, truly are myopic, self absorbed individuals without any clue as to what is happening in the world around them.

  • Carole

    Andy…no point in being a jackass if you can’t act like one.

  • Richard Jacobs

    I get so tired of all these Repiblican emails damning Obama.
    I think I would have to say there are three reasons for all this discord in the USA
    Item 1.) Bush started it!
    Item 2.) Bush started it and
    Item 3.) Bush started it!
    All Obama is trying to do is finish it you idiots..

  • Cindy

    I loved this! It was hilarious!! Sarah Palin is a satirist’s dream. BUT … is Need to Know supposed to be more or less impartial? If so, Andy, it’s now time to take aim at the excesses of the left. You could do a bang-up yuk-fest on, say, Rangel next week. He’s a target as big as the side of a barn and you could make even us leftists howl with outrage and laughter at some of the – uh – ‘stuff’ he’s pulled. Remember, both sides have their nut jobs – everyone should be fair game.

  • Sevalo

    A dialect of Palinese invented by her ghostwriters: Babbledybook.

  • Barack

    My name may be Muslim but at least I can say repudiate.

  • Steve

    The best way to deal with Palin is to continually laugh out loud at everything she says.

  • jayrayspicer

    To all the borowitless rightwingnuts posting here: Andy’s piece wasn’t even on the political spectrum of left vs right. It was on the intelligence spectrum. It is impossible for a serious person to take Palin seriously. She is an utter lightweight who thinks she has what it takes to run the country. When the right wing manages to rise above bumpkinism, they will deserve some respect. Until then, this is what unbiased reporting looks like.

  • Henry

    Isn’t it obvious? She’s pandering to the ‘pining for Bush’ vote.

  • Niki

    Loved your segment on Palin…but after listening to Bush for 8 years surely don’t think I can take another ‘speak easy’ in the White House! The thought that the American people would vote for someone who , when Gov, decided she didn’t want the job & walked out. What if she decides after a few months that this President gig isn’t fun anymore & decides to leave! The whole thing sends chills up me.

  • Mary from CT

    I heard today on an NPR program that Sarah Palin doesn’t use the Thesaurus because ahe thinks it is extinct.

    This LadyBird should be head of The Cuckoo Clock Club.

    Mary from CT

  • Gail

    Ah …. Andy … don’t fret. ‘Yah, cain’t win a pissing match wid a skunk.”

  • Ron Linn

    Was that susposed to be funny about Sarah Palin ? I didn`t think any of it was funny, no wonder I watch BBC all the time. Making fun of people is not my idea of funny. Americans have a sick sense of humor. I think you are the sick ones ………..

  • Michael Paul Goldenberg

    As I’ve said since early on in the fall ’08 campaign, Sarah Palin would finish third in a debate with Dan Quayle and a chimp. Not picking the winner at this juncture: there are some sharp chimps out there.

  • joel spencer

    Sometimes, in desperation, I watch Fox Not News, Opinion. I leave always asking myself the same thing: These people seem to believe in the idiocy that they are spewing. How did they grow up to be so selfish and stupid?

  • Jimmy H

    Remember that Palin and her ilk are the same geniuses who have been attacking PBS since the 1980s. Remember the “Burt and Ernie are gay and trying to influence our children” propaganda?
    It’s laughable and quite sad, but hey, this is America. No IQ test needed to offer an opinion – obviously.

  • meadowlark5

    I love it! What I don’t love is the practice of dumbing down Americans and it appearing to be the hip thing. Palin is the poster child of it’s hip to not have smarts real good. And these folks seem to think it’s a good idea to have those kind of people running our country. Well, sometimes you have to have someone smarter than you doing big things. If I need an operation I sure want someone smarter and more experienced than me performing it! I don’t want Joe the Plumber taking out my appendix and I don’t want an arrogant loud mouth, that mangles not only our language but the truth, running this country. She’s a menace to this country!

  • Richard Eaton

    Outstanding satire as always. The Mark Twain of the Digital Age. Borowitz is the funniest man on the planet.

  • Toby Fried

    Being attacked by right wingers (my 87 year old Mom calls them, “teabaggers”..and she knows what it means)? Consider that a great honor. As for Sarah Pain… friend in Australia thinks she is on the payroll of Comedy Central. If the money is right, I am sure she is.

  • rigel3

    Hey Ron, Maybe you should loosen your suspenders a bit. Remember, we’re the ones that have to live with Palin’s antics on a daily basis. Besides she craves the attention.

  • Dottie from Florida

    The right wingers sure can dish out, but just can’t take it.
    If they want to keep Saint Sarah in the media, she needs
    to learn the English language. They cannot continue to
    refudiate everything that comes out of her mouth. She
    needs to study the issues and re-take an English class at
    one of those community colleges over there that she
    previously attended.

  • Brian Wood

    Palin–Paris Hilton with a McCain sugar daddy.

  • cliff krager

    I personally refudiate everything Sarah Palin stands fore. However, if anyone thinks I’m not a big Sarah fan I will defly it. I admirate her facility with with the language and her seemingly infinite rebility to conjure up new and highly inmagitive imagines. She is a truly great aerater. She talks real good. I are also thinking of joining the Tree Party on account of she. She is a real doce of fetid air.

  • funnyguy

    Her IQ is 106. No joke. Yes, that means each and everyone of you is smarter than Sarah.

  • Lone Wolf

    So, like, how do we know your weren’t born in Kenya?

  • Alan

    I love the way the wingnuts translate making fun of the incredibly public face of their movement (and former vice presidential candidate) as an insult to all illspoken Americans. What rubbish. Palin is a beauty contest bullshitter and should not get any kind of break from anyone, especially her fellow idiots. Keep it up, perhaps enough right wingers will be embarrassed by her.

  • T.M. Scruggs

    Getting up to speed at the rate of only three “words” a day will be a challenge; but that’s what makes us great, surpassing our own abilities!

    I humbly suggest that some Blue Dog (nice way of way of saying corporate right-wing) Democrats feel the wrath of your sarcasm. Maybe also a few jabs at how we’re still waiting for the progressive “change you can believe in” “hope” B. Obama to take office and start kicking butt. Then President Obama can fire the Bush-Cheney appointment of pro-oil big wig Salazar and the Bush-Cheney Sec. of Defense. uh…those WERE both Bush-Cheney appointments, right? only half? they look and act the same…. help us get unconfused here.

  • Jeffrey Geez

    Palin speaks the same confusing language as professor Irwin Corey. The difference?
    The professor does it intentionally- Sarah’s financial advisor had told her that when her I.Q reaches 28, she should sell. Always good to double your whatever’s.

  • ray atkinson

    Sarah is a great salesperson with great appeal to the morons who are for the top 1% to continue turning america into mexico you betcha!!

  • The Obama Timeline’s author

    Well, at least she only got one letter incorrect in “refudiate.” Somehow the leftists manage to consistently misspell spell the word socialist: p r o g r e s s i v e.

    And when the media refers to Michelle as “thin” and “svelte” do they really mean “fat” and “thunder thighs?”

  • Tommy News

    In her campaign speeches, spoken in Palinese, the Pitbull in Lipstick will surely claim that we no longer live in a Democratic Democracy, but now in a Republican Republic, just like it sez in those new Texas Textbooks, you betcha, and you can’t “refudiate” that, can ya? Can ya? Now, who do Palinese students say was born in Kenya? Can Ya?

  • Tom

    Is it still satire or humor if its true?

  • Joe Sheehan

    Pailin is just trying to compost the intelligents. Will we have a translatent at her Inaugual dress?

  • Steve

    @Obama timeline: In case you hadn’t noticed (and I bet you haven’t), “p” and “f” are a long ways apart on a keyboard.

    And “socialist” = “progressive”? Please. And you say “socialist” like that’s a bad thing.

  • Joe Martin

    Have you ever noticed that dumb people don’t have a sense of humor?

  • Harriet Crosby

    Congratulations, Andy! You got some of the stoopidest (sic) people (Palinistas) on the planet to listen to you and hate you. Keep up the good work!

  • daryl

    The only way that women could be a bigger idiot is to spell idiot incorrectly

  • Michael

    I expect her to send me a message on Twatter and deliver it personally…

  • Tahoedem

    I love the guy who listens to the BBC because Americans insult each other too much – ever listened in on Question Time in Parliament, old chap?

  • Jesse Wallace

    For the record Borowitz your comments about Sarah Palin are fair and balance, so I don’t understand the problem with those FOX news advocates. They are rekeying fair and balance reporting. Guess from their point of view, it is not fair and balance when it pertains to one of their own.

  • clevelandeastside

    Right wing, leave my home boy alone or I’ll demortalize youse.

  • Paul Powell

    As usual Mr. Borowitz is spot on. As long as Ms. Palin continues to speak and write, there will be fodder for ridicule.

  • June Fredman

    There is a weird party called “Tea,”
    A Mad HATERS” strange potpourri.
    They damn us to hell
    In words they can’t spell
    And threaten the Land of the Free.

  • Jane Carlson

    Please, please, please let her run for president. The republican party just is not funny as they were with Bush. I think Palin in 12 will be fantastic!

  • John

    With all due respect to Andy, Palinese is only one example of parallel languages used by an increasingly ignorant public; we have also Pentagonese (collateral damage, we had to destroy the village to save it), Bushese (aka Bushisms): Africa is a big country, misunderestimated. Then we have the standard GOP language: up is down, black is white, rich is poor, smart is stupid–the kind of language George Orwell satirized. Distressing!

  • Janet

    Great humor, Andy. This is the first time I’ve scrolled down to the comments of ANY posting, no matter the content, and been entertained by clever people. What a breath of fresh air. I’ll be back!!

  • Albion

    With the recognition that we are all capable of mispronouncing a word, or using a word out of context, I’m not sure that there are many in the public spotlight who would do so as unapologetically as The Killa from Wasilla.

    Let’s just hope she runs in 2012 and by so doing, tears the Republican party apart. The party is in total disarray after the McCain-Palin epic fail, and will be reduced to ashes after Sarah and Mitt attempt to rally the troops to “take the country back”. Back to the Dark Ages.

    Keep up the excellent satirical work Andy. Love it!

  • Marcee

    Andy: Keep up the satire and good humor. Clearly, the Palin supporters have no sense of humor and navigate from one Tea Party event to another with furrowed brows and sad-sack attitudes. As British critic and writer George Saintsbury once said, ” Nothing is more curious than the almost savage hostility that humor excites in those who lack it.” Some laughter at our frail, human mistakes is a very good sign that one has a pretty good grasp of life.

  • Southwrk

    Some of your posts are funnier than others. Nevertheless, if you have massive spelling errors on something as small as a twitter post (Good Grief, it’s two sentences!), you are going to get clobbered. I will stand with Borowitz.

  • Alexandra

    Please, please, Andy, keep it coming. I can’t repeatiate often enough how important words are to true significatoriation and meaningfullness. We need you!!!!!

  • BearNecessity

    Funny and sad; your treatment of the information is VERY funny; the fact that people think that Palin is *remotely* fit to hold any elected office let alone the presidency is sad, not to mention delusional. Keep it coming!

  • Dan

    Right on Andy! I guess the truth hurts the Right. Swift Boating is OK for them, but poking a little fun at their goddess is not OK. Lord, I hope she runs in 2012

  • Witinitness

    Sarah would be perfect as English First’s spokesparsin, IMHO.

  • Shelley

    Go Andy Go!

  • paintpaintpaint

    Maybe Andy will run against Palin. Or Stephen Colbert! Let’s have some FUN people! As long as Palin doesn’t get within spitting distance of the White House…

  • Greg

    In 19th century America, there was the Know-Nothing Party. And now, in the 21st Century, there is the Know-Less-than-Nothing Party (aka the Tea Bag / Republican Party) whose next candidate will most likely be Sarah Palin. I look forward to seeing her run in 2012, not because I’m masochistic or a self-hating American (which I may very well be), but because: If she’s elected, we’ll see just how strong or weak our vaunted institutions really are; moreover, we’ll have a pretty accurate count of just how many people with defective brains (over age 18) there are in these United States. To paraphrase, George W. Bush, “Bring ‘er on!”

  • Denver Diane

    Watch out. The offended folks will be trying to ban Jonathon Swift and Mark Twain by elluminating awl satyre. Keep it up, Andy, you are the best.

  • Smoozella

    Why is it that those who most stridently insist that English should be our state language are those least able to speak or write it?

  • ProfessorDuh

    Mark Twain said the secret source of humor is not joy, but sorrow, and there’s nothing sorrier than Sarah Palin. Good going, Andy.

  • Karl Burke

    Andy, you ROCK! Keep up the terrific work! A million thanks, dude!

  • A Thinking Texan

    Stupid people have no sense of humor. That’s why the Teabaggers, who claim to hate socialism but can’t define it, are getting so upset about this.

  • Chas

    Don’t let the criticlism dispatate you!

  • luan issuffi

    Does it really matter what this stupid moosehunter thinks and do?
    If americans listen to it they realy deserve what B/S is comming to them.
    She is a stupid joke just like George W was,

  • Mark

    This whole colum is just refugnant. I’ll have you that, back when the farmer’s, the menfolk who was making the Konstutution, when they were writin’ the Konstitution, what they didn’t have time for was highsalutin’, fantsy pance verb-age. It’s not whats in the word’s, its whats in the heart. And the farmer’s of the Konstitution knew that. That’s why they made us One Nation Under A Groove. And theres guns in that groove. Right to arm’s? You betcha. I won’t be regurgitated until every body has nukes in there back yard. So just stop being such a lier because I have to make plans for the weddin’ of Bristol and that boy who posed butt-nekkid in Playgal. A mom’s gonna dew what a mom’s gonna dew. Okay, Andy? Because liers, they go the h.-e.-dubble-bubble hockey sticks. And you know how good that nekkid guy is at hockey. + he makes mom jeans that fit me. Okay?

  • formerlyford

    Thank you, Andy, for “telling it as it is.”

  • Kate E.

    S.P. is a bad person , a menace to herself and those around her . Pray that she doesn’t
    go back to school , she’d be an even scarier force . I can’t believe how dumb so many
    Americans must be to listen to her garbage views…Thanks , Andy for helping us laugh ,
    insead of crying . I avoid giving her my attention in any way , don’t follow links to stories
    about her , etcetera . Kate E.

  • Mr. Spam Chucker

    Don’t be mean to Sarah. She means well. When Sarah was born, the doctors had to perform a logicectomy which moved her brain to her elbows and her tongue to her ankles. She will, of course, refudiate what I am saying, but I have my own sorcerers for these facts. — Spammy, Age 74

  • Greg

    “Cindy” actually believes Charles Rangel is “on the left”? I guess that just means “not a Republican”. But otherwise I agree – Andy should be skewering “left” blowhards like Obama, Joe Biden, and the ever popular, totally out-of-place, Hilary Clinton – who all want only to “look forward” because if you look back, you see a trail of innocent blood running through the Iraqi sanctions, support for the international-criminal State of Israel (even many of their own people say that), the genesis of the policy of supporting radical Muslims (Thanks loads, Jimmy & Zbigniew!) (so as to harass the Soviet Union in Afghanistan), and abandoning everyday working people by signing the corporatist NAFTA and signing onto the WTO (Thanks, Bubba!)– not the pretty picture Democrats always want to paint of themselves…

  • Pattu

    Sarah quit being governor because of the “research slash reporters” who kept asking questions and digging up info on her and her family! Well, what does she think will happen if she were president? Someone will demand to see the list of members in Todd’s wingnut organization (that he says he doesn’t belong to.) Someone will dig up more info on the wacky church she belonged to in Wasilla. And, of course, they will deny that she is an American citizen and will have to dig up document after document because nobody will believe she is REALLY and American citizen. Why, she doesn’t even speak English!

  • Deb

    Hurry, quick, warn the polar bear and moose. Kate Gosselin plus her eight kids are coming to Alaska to go camping with Sarah Palin…..If that doesn’t destroy the vast beauty of the state, I don’t know what will.

  • Roger

    Sarah must do the spell checking for the sign-bearers of the Tea Party… least the quality of the spelling is about the same. I guess spelling is not her (nor their) forte.

  • NN

    more Palinspeak – freconomy – freedom+economy
    transgender = female transformative figure ( like Palin)
    education = something that you probably dont need to live in a Palinocracy – in fact the lesser the better
    abstinence = ahhh good one -something everyone should practice AFTER GETTING KNOCKED UP

  • JohnB

    The first time Sarah winked like that was the night she told the world she had started labor and flew from Dallas to Alaska, then drove home after the 8 hour trip to change clothes before going to the hospital in Wasilla. Even a Real Momma Grizzly couldn’t pull that off, Honey.

  • shellthebelle

    Great job, Andy! Keep up the good work. She doesn’t deserve the attention she gets from the media, but I’ll make one exception: You, Andy, may report on her. You are the best part of Need To Know. I miss Bill Moyers so much!

  • Frank

    Sarah’s newest Shakespearen play with language: “If you prick me, do I not breed?”

  • dwight shrute

    I will support your right to speak as long as you abuse all parties equally.
    Can you do a piece on Biden to show that you satirize everyone? No wait, he is a satire subject.
    Keep up the good work, from a republican no less

  • Cindy G

    You speak the truth Andy! Sarah doesn’t represent me or my beliefs. Keep her in line. Many thanks!

  • Mr. D

    Hey Palinista’s, lacking a sense of humor is not taken lightly by the death panels.

  • B.L. Ochman

    Great report andy! doze peopels who don’t like it ain’t got no sense of humid.
    hey! i just looked out the window and guess what is saw? RUSSIA!!!

  • mary ann schuldt

    That gigantic lump under her hair toward the back of her head is infested with leeches. Said
    leeches have sucked all the smart cells out of her brain, and she is now a wind-up doll that is
    plugged in every morning by Glen Beck and/or Rush Limbaugh.

  • Karen Braucher Tobin

    Thanks for your political satire, Andy Borowitz. In the face of so much ignorance and demagoguery, I think the best action plan is to make fun of it. Next Palin will be telling us that the earth is flat and that Bristol is a virgin.

  • lou winn

    it’s all just part of her strategery

  • Jack Kolinski

    Thanks Andy! Keep telling it like it is . . . . with humor . . . although in the case of Palin, everything she says is pretty darn funny even without your helpful interpretations.

  • Curt

    You guys are massecratin’ the vucaboolary. almost as worser as Dubya.

  • Peter

    Is she rally a Refublican?

  • Cheryl

    I think the language is Bush/Palinese, so that’s two speakers right there.

  • Rich (iphone) Clarken

    Don’t forget YouBetchanese

  • Spence

    Making fun of politicians is something we have always done in this country. The Palin people need to relax.

  • Les

    This would be a lot funnier if we didn’t have a complete idiot living in the White House.

  • pf

    DEO reports that Muslims have a tradition of erecting mosques at sites they have conquered. Well…. have they conquered the USA? And how do you explain the existence of Catholic churches, facilities, monuments, etc. throughout North & South America? Hey DEO, ever heard of the inquisitions?

  • Hailey

    @Les – Hmm… that complete idiot was President of Harvard Law School. I guess that makes him only one-sixth as smart as Sarah P., who attended six colleges in four years. @PBS – Thanks for bringing Andy Borowitz to TV. I will support PBS with a healthy donation this year. Satire is alive and well thanks to you – and Andy.

  • Fred Frawley

    Wonder if my old college friend Joe McGuinniss, now the Palin next door neighbor, ever gets to chat with that wordsmith Todd – hah! Is there a Wasilla local dialect that we don’t understand?

  • George

    It is hard to imagine that, after 8 years of the moron Bush, someone could call President Obama an idiot. Does anyone seriously want to go back to that? Palin would be worse — and real Americans know it. Let’s hope that the GOP nominates her. It will be entertaining, and Obama will get re-elected in a landslide.

  • Sarah Palin

    Just another case of Gotcha Jurnalism.

  • Lori L

    Thanks for the humor that helps ease the Palin pain!

  • Arizona Mildman

    I think the GOP has to be smart enough not to try to nominate the same wrong choice twice, but then, looking back at Nixon, I stand corrected. Palin? I am still trying to figure out why they nominated McCain, unless they were convinced that after GW, NO Republican would get elected and have the American people believe it wasn’t rigged. I live in a state where I can’t do anything about it since people here seem to keep wanting to elect someone from here. Not a smart choice, considering our narrow view of the world from this little corner of the U.S. where the illegal aliens roam and the skies are too sunny all day.

  • Tony IllitER-it

    Ah ====> I know that wingy tea bagger have difficulty perceiving humor unless it is something dolt-like — e.g., putting a swastika on Obama — but folks leave Borowitz alone — he’s actually doing something called satire……and that tradition is at the core of our western values — but if you think Sarah Palin should never be satirized — perhaps you should change your religion and move to Iran.

  • Barbara

    Bushisms and Palinese …. PUH-LEEZE! Enough! PRESIDENT Obama is just now repairing all the damage The Shrub did to our credibility… why would the GOP want the U.S. to look like a bunch of morons by paying ANY kind serious attention TO one?

  • Catherine O.

    I frequently write notes on my hand. It’s handier (!) than a sticky note, and you can’t lose the information until you wash your hands!

    So let’s not attack Ms. Palin for a habit espoused by intelligent, inventive people everywhere!

  • Jerry Smith

    It can all be said in one bumper sticker, Got Stupidity ?

  • Lefty

    I’m all for knocking Palin up or around or whatever, but this video is one of Andy’s weaker efforts.

  • Evan

    This was brilliant and hilarious. Am sharing it with everyone in my address book. Bravo, Andy Borowitz!

  • Andyfan

    Great job, Andy! Keep pointing out the absurdity of Sarah Palin and other politicans.

  • Perflexed

    I am totally perflexed that Andy would not recognize the language my Sarah uses when speaking to her faithul followers in the Tea Party Movement. Words like refudiate are frequently used in such circles. Signs for example that sat, GARD ARE BOARDERS. What may I ask could be any planer than ‘at? I also think that movement is a very appropriate word to describe that the group flushes out. Hammer on Andy. Did I speel this stuff rite?

  • Jeff

    I think the reason that those of us who see Sarah Palin for the right wing hype-machine creation that she is find satire based on her so cathartic is because she is woefully lacking any sense of irony and completely unaware of her self-satirization. She is a glaring mediocrity who makes Dubya look like a statesman in comparison.

    Obama is a product of the media age in the same way Palin is, but he has the depth, self-effacement, and knowledge-base to back it up. He could talk knowledgably about both Paris, France and Paris Hilton. Palin thinks Paris Hilton is a hotel in Texas.

  • Bob

    Thanks for the helpful insight. Any chance of compiling a complete glossary so we’ll always know what the heck she’s talking about?!?

  • Sara Tonin

    Andy is right on the money whether he’s predicting the future or just reporting his observations on life. But Andy, these folks have had a “secret” language for years now. Palinese would just be kind of like putting the bible into hipster, ultra-cool, modern language. Love you Andy.

  • Dick Wagner

    Andy…To begin, please allow me to say that I look forward to your postings with great happiness. Your humorous take on all things newsworthy or not, make me LOL, as Todd Palin is known to reply in answer to the suggestion that his little woman might be elected President of this country in the Mayan end game of 2012. As for the right wing, wolfkillin’,moose chasin’, Wallisa Point Guard, I can offer up the following observation: Sarah and the former first dude of Alaska, will be Obama bashing and Tea partying in some Barnes and Noble in your town, real soon, you betcha’. In Palinese they define this action as ” votesucking” and “Bulldroppings”. In Sarah’s personal favorite 11th commandment, “thou shalt not raise your children to cut a lot of cheese”.

  • steve

    If Palin runs it will a terrible loss to our country’s literary legacy. Who’ve we got Twain? F.Scott Fitzgerald? Big deal. We got nobody from the Elizabethan Era. So what if American didn’t exist.
    There’s still Science Fiction. That’s where Palin comes in (maybe with intelligent design fiction)
    We need an Elizabethan Heavy Hitter. Palin… only she can square up against Shakey baby.

  • Barb

    Where’s the video? Has PBS gone scared and taken it down?

  • Barb

    Nevermind! Glitch!

  • newyorkita

    It’s funny, but sad, too. That’s why I gave my Bush Stimulus check straight to the Obama campaign. Because I didn’t want fugnorance and discrepitude in the White House.

  • Chuclin Canuck

    Here I sit in the land that keeps Alaska separate from Washington State (thank us later), laughing my butt off at Sarah and the comments. Hilarious all. And Andy’s bit. He may well be the best. Anyway, somehow I don’t think that all the morons combined in the US of A could muster enough support to elect this dingbat (y’all have ten times the morons we have – thankfully y’all also have ten times the smart people). The specter of eight years of a world class dolt named Bush should keep the loony right at bay for a while. I consider myself a conservative, but Sarah re-defines the term just like she re-invents the language. She is entertaining, though!

  • Thomas

    I thought Mooseacre was the Greek dish with eggplant and ground beef.

  • wattnot

    She keeps her stock of nulogizms in a Palindrome.

  • Can’t we all just get along?

    Whether Palin is your cup of tea or not, there’s no getting around the fact that she – as many before her – has some trouble with the English language. “Misrembered” and “potatoe” have their place in the bad grammar hall of fame. What makes this country great is that we can laugh at our foibles and maybe even vow to do something about them. The time to be angry is when “refudiate” doesn’t get a laugh. Thanks, Andy, we needed that.

  • Liz1388

    Being GOP means NEVER, EVER, EVER admitting you’ve made even the slightest error – in language, judgement, behavior, you name it. Because admitting error to a conservative = weakness. And showing weakness is psychologically untenable for the type of people who tend to lean conservative (mostly men).
    For them it is better to destroy the country than to admit you’ve made a mistake.

    They also think so much of themselves that they believe people like them (generally ignorant, incoherent, closed minded, provincial, terminally stubborn, myopic, and usually white) would be better at running a country than any (“elite snob”) who graduated college with honors. Leaders who can’t string words together coherently make them feel more comfortable.

    The Dumbed Down of America is now rising to the top. Why are we surprised?

  • mary

    Love the idea of a “Palinese” glossary. However, you will find it only slightly helpful as there is a profound lack of commas and periods in actual Palin-speak. . Take a deep breath as you attempt to follow the yin and yang of Palinese. You’ll be tired, very tired by the end of the “sentence”? (I’m being very generous here.)

  • Craig Scherfenberg

    We’re all paying way too much attention to Palin, Beck et al. Let’s spend less time entertaining each other and more time getting down to work on the mid-terms: 100 days away, people!

  • Roberto Gemelli

    Clearly the tea party thinks that satire must be a medical device that republicans with hemorrhoids used to use to relieve the pressure on their brains. Of course, liberals and the other undeserving poor have no understanding of this because they have no medical insurance coverage for hemorrhoids and no retiremnt plan, by their employer’s volition.
    But I digress……………..
    Whatever anyone says, Sarah Palin was an utter embarrassment to John McCain and the sensible republican party. In fact, the new (unsensible) republican party has obviously decided not to participate in governance at all. This sets them all in direct opposition to the Constitution. President Obama has been doing his best to accommodate the radical right wing, but totally without any constructive compomise whatsoever. To the right wing republicans, compromise means to shift the base of legislation to the right without any accceptance or compromise at all on their part.
    Personally, I think Andy has been far too easy on Sarah Palin and the Tea Party.
    By the way, I’ll double my pledge to NPR to make up for the idiots (who probably don’t pledge anything anyway) who said they will cancel their pledges.
    I’d definitely appreciate it if NPR would give equal time to the liberal left wing that they give to the tea party. Perhaps we could all gain a more balanced view of the real state of our country by this.

  • carol from Minnesota

    wow. I knew that she spoke “funny” I think I will have a hard time learning the palinese language as most of the time I can’t understand her when she is talking. I hope you will write a book about her language so I can use it to interpret her speeches if she runs for POTUS. I hope they don’t make a law requiring one to be fluent in palinese before you can vote, as I believe I am too old to learn a new language and I like the old one, it is so clear and makes sense.

  • Norman Baker

    A word for next week:
    palindrome – “a statement which is bass ackwards no matter from which end she says it”

  • DoctorDude

    Thanks Andy. But can you point me to a Palinese-English dictionary–or is one even in the works? She deserves whatever satire that is cast her way. As long as fox puts her out there as a credible show host to get ratings at the expense of knowledge, and she continues to show her complete lack of ability, it’s going to come. News flash right wing: satire is not hatred. You will call it that because it’s all you know.

  • tom

    I think you give Palin too much credit. A failed half term governor of the most Socialist state in the country isn’t smart enough to create a language.

  • NM

    Aah good ol’ Palin. For news people, she is a gift from the heavens. For everyone else, she makes you (almost) love Dubya. Ok all right that was a bit of an exaggeration. But, when compared with her, Aunt Emma would make a better President.

    Thanks Andy for your good work.

  • Lalameda

    In order to improve clarity, one must also take Winkinese lessons.
    1 Wink = Never mind what I say, check out my cuteness
    2 Winks = Yes, I see you checking out my cuteness
    3 Winks = It’s time to get my bangs trimmed

  • Charles Decelles

    Andy, your recent piece was a masterpiece! Loved it! How can you refudiate a Mayan prophecy?

  • Mike Busman

    I believe she has an upper level degree in “Vocabulization”. I think W was the school’s department chairman and chief professor along with Norm Crosby as assistant professor.

  • From Ozland

    My Jewish ancestors honed satire to a fine art. Powerless against virulent anti-semitism, they used the only weapon G-d equipped them with – a peerless sense of the ridiculous and the ability to hit the target of ignorance spot on. Thanks to those who are keeping the tradition alive (whether they’re Jewish or not). We have a choice of being very afraid of Sarah Palinism …. no, I take that back. I don’t think we have a choice to fear or not to fear. She is just plain scary. What we do have a choice about is how we react to her. Satire is still a weapon of mass destruction but so is decent reporting.
    Anyway, Sarah, et al, is not the enemy of truth. Rupert Murdoch and his Fox empire is – Love to see some more arrows aimed at the source!

  • Bruce

    Posted July 24, 2010 at 5:28 pm | Permalink
    This would be a lot funnier if we didn’t have a complete idiot living in the White House.”

    No, W moved out in January, 2009. Now we have a guy with a brain who can speak English.

  • Corinne

    Palin is the gift that keeps on giving. You go girl. Try to have a mishap, family scandel, or right-wing endorsement every 3 or 4 weeks to stay in the headlines.

    You are so helpful to liberals; you’ve stunned the mainstream republicans into staying home on election day. Just keep it up. Don’t over play yourself in the media. A stale Palin, or an over exposed Palin just won’t be as effective.

    Can you try to get your family more involved too? That will definitely help the dems in 2012.

  • Bidenisagenius

    Joe “FDR went on TV during the Great Depression” Biden understands Palin. Just ask him what Palin means.

  • longboater
  • Ted

    Me no think this funnily. You leave Miss Palin analone. Me her English tutorizer and thinks me she goodific at languagating.

    George W. Bush

  • Chip Whittingham

    So how about some links to the right-wing outrage your email mentions.

  • PBen

    The same people who said Ebonics would destroy America gave us Dubya and Sarah Palin….

  • Rosanne O’Danadana

    Whaz dis I keep herin bout pail in. I like pails. Sometimes I use them to pour stuff out, but I don’t hear no fuss about pail in out.

    Interruption: “Rosanne, we are talking about Sarah Palin, potential President in 2012.”

    Well, dat’s difrent. She gets more confused than I.

  • Stephen Auslender

    Wonderful! Great humor. I want to see the next weeks installment of three new words so I can be ready in two years when we get another great intelletchuwal thinker like G.W. Bush in the White House.

  • Chip

    Hey, how about adding the ability to reply to comments. Here’s a reply to Ozland.
    Good post. It made me think of Mel Brooks commenting on “The Producers.” That one thing you can do with Hitler is to laugh at him.

  • Susan

    Robert Heinlin (God, Ihope I spelled that write..) wrote a book called “Stranger In A Strange Land” When Michael asked the earthlings why they laughed, the answer given was ‘ because it hurts too much to cry’….and so it is with the Palins and Bushs and Limbaughs and Colters, etc. etc. Ya gotta laugh cause taking any of these people seriously would just hurt too much. Keep up the good work, Andy!

  • Mike Strollo

    Andy, Keep up the great work…Satire is hard for the right wing to really comprehend. PBS is the only channel that actually gives us the news in stead of sound bites. Thanks. Mike

  • Bill S

    Why could I never be a right wing twit?
    Lack of humor.

    Honestly, if the silliness of Palin’s lack of litericay cant unite left & right, then what? You cant laugh at anyone with a R after their name? Idiots!

    I knew plenty of Republicans who freely aknowledged the endless idiocy of Bush and plenty of Dems who laughed/screamed over the hysterical libido of Clinton-

    America = HUMOR

    So, right wing puritan stick-up-the-butts- GET A LIFE & A CLUE!!!!- FUNNY IS FUNNY

    And Palin’s stupid comments are FUNNY

    Yea Andy!

  • Beetle Barbour

    Great column, Andy! You have the funniest insights. Thank you.

  • Uh, Clem

    Okay, so she merged a couple of words and everyone had a little fun with it. Game over. Let’s move on and argue about something important. Better yet, let’s have a civil discussion, forge a compromise and get something done.

    To my liberal friends, please admit that our ideals have price tags. We need to provide help to those who truly need it, but we also have to understand the full cost in economic and social terms.

    To my conservative friends, please understand that social responsibility does not equal socialism. If we are going to wipe out any form of “socialism” we’ll have to start with Social Security, then wipe out public education, and maybe dig up the interstate highway system.

    And to my wealthy friends, if you continue to build excessive wealth at the expense of the middle class, the middle class will cease to exist. It’s the middle class that makes this country great and provides a stable economic and social foundation. If that goes away, we are in serious trouble.

    My best wishes to Governor Palin and her new language, and to Mr. Borowitz, who would be nothing without such resources.

  • tom sendall

    O brave new world … and all the dingbats in it !

  • Burd

    Laughing because it’s so funny…crying because it’s so true. I’m waiting for Sarah to pull the latex mask off of her face and Dubya will be there smiling, “Gotcha! Chee hee!”

  • Barbara Palmee

    The best thing I like about Andy is that he attracts so many brilliantly funny comments! Birds of a feather…….

  • Cathy Miller

    I love the humor of Andy Borowitz! Thank you for bringing him to television! As for Sarah Palin…I’d be happy to never hear another word about her again…in the fictionary or anywhere else!

  • Mal Apropist

    Mal Apropist wrote:

    A.D. 2013 President Palin is now the newly elected Commander-in-Chiefess: President Palin is about to address the Nation in regards to the Chinese attacking us. The Marine Band strikes up “Hail to the Chief; The Marine Band again strikes up “Hail to the Chief”; now the VP of the US asks where is the Pres?
    The Sergeant at Arms hands the VP Palin’s resignation.” My fellow Americans, I am resigning, since I have been offered a better job by British Petroleum, and a very fashionable wardrobe which I will not have to give back to charity. Also, I don’t know who or where China is. I also feel that this job is taxing my thanking.” Love, Kisses and Winks.

  • George Sims

    I know Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin is a friend of mine. I voted for Sarah Palin. You, Mr. Borowitz, are no Sarah Palin. That being said, I LOVE Andy Borowitz.

  • Reechard

    Andy – Don’t you know that with this kind of story you risk p-alienating half your audience.

  • Lemoyen Apostle

    Love ya Andy, but didn’t understand the part about the right wing website attack. What right wing website? I am not familiar with any right wing website that has mentioned you at all (sorry :_( ). I guess I must be left wing and right wing. Maybe I have 2 wings?

  • gery pedersen

    that Palin is a gold digger she does not know how muxh she is hurting this country she needs all the help you can give her

  • Frank Y

    Joe Biden even thinks that Obammy speaks and talks like an educated white man so you can see where that got us.

    I will take a plain talking white woman who talks like a dumb black man any day of the week.

  • kathi gay

    Hey, don’t knock mooseacre til you’ve tried it. I’m learning Palinese by increasing my alcohol intake…dude

  • Anna Lemma Mucosa

    Brilliant as usual, Andy — keep it up. The buzzards are trying to take back the White House and Congress so they can finish the job of killing this country.

  • kat russell

    Sarah is a Palin Debutt. I think she is losing her shrarms.

  • Fled D. Schnitzyboy

    If I cud onlee see Moosecow from here…

    She is truly an idiot!

  • margo

    i wish i could find someone to read this article for me and summarize it so i’d know what my battlecry should be. until i can, i’m just gonna stand over with the sheeple and wait for someone to tell me what god wants me to do.

  • Alexandra

    Palin has inconclusivitis in her incoherencity. I do done wish she could finish a sentence, get to the point and use only words found in a common diction…..what, is that a wolf I see? Locked and loaded.

  • Chilly

    Catherine O.
    Intelligent, inventive people are actually able to remember what they were going to say. Writing notes on your hand is just plain silly.

  • Chilly

    Sarah Palin says that Shakespeare used to make up words too. She couldn’t wipe his butt.

  • Sylvia

    Too funny! Thanks!

  • Frank

    Obama is a better talker. His tongue is as slick as KY Jelly. He speaks gooder. But country now badder and why me poorer? Just askin….

  • Chris Whitehead

    Very funny, and if anyone in the Palin camp disagrees they should take a look at what Saturday Night Live used to do to Gerald Bush!

  • Esther

    I always love reading Andy and admire his wit and sense of irony. But what I am especially enjoying today are all of the well written and very funny comments. There are a few comments by the Fox watching, Limbaugh listening bigots, but they are greatly outnumbered. I frequently read comments elsewhere by outrageously uninformed and easily misled people. Usually their grammar and spelling are, being generous, on a fifth grade level at best. Why is it that Obama supporters appear by their posts to be well educated and well informed while Palin supporters can’t seem to put a coherent sentence together? Hmmmmm……

  • Elizabeth Dunn

    I love Andy’s witty takes on current events. He is nonpartisan in the sense that he pokes fun at this group or that depending on the circumstances. Those who can’t take the heat should stay out of the political kitchen! The far right wing just loves to cry victim, and Ms. Palin benefits from the publicity.

  • Larry

    There is a method to sarah’s madness. No one (including sarah) don’t quite know what it is yet, and probably never will. Her followers like the palinese because it sounds real uneducated, just like them. It’s a shame because when anyone else speaks intelligently, sarah and the palinites gets all confused and flummoxed, and turns real mean against the intellectuals.

    Keep up the good work calling that coo coo palin bird right on out of her hidy tree Andy. We’ve got your back!

  • Charles A.

    I think calling Palin illiterate is highly complimentary to her literacy.

  • Ray

    Keep up the good humor and don’t worry about what the dummy Palin has to say — Our country is really in sad shape when anyone even listens or read anything she says.
    She is the one person that can really dish it out but can’t take it.

  • Carol McCrite

    If Palin wants to be President, then she shouldn’t get mad…she should get an educashun.

  • Steve

    You go Andy! It’s hard not to have fun with Palin. The scary part is that people think she knows what she’s taling about. When she comes up with these new words I keep picturing Carroll O’Connor

  • towles roger

    You are soooo right on Andy, Thanks for being there for us.

  • Richard Eaton

    Palin’s vocabulary will be her legacy in a footnote of historyology.

  • tom Miller

    Thank you fro showing us how really brilliant this woman is. I mean to develop a whole new language is just so fantastigorical for words.

  • ThomasAF

    Clowns make us laugh, but, when they take themselves too seriously, they do serious damage. Look around! No oversight, no monitoring, no regulations. “Corporations have no conscience.” GOP Charity: Give to the rich till it hurts! Oh please, Master, we’re not worthy. Bushisms were unbelievable, but the damage done is real. I’m sorry, but, we have to get serious, like the 390 unrepaired safety violations on the Deep Water Horizon, let’s get to work, before we blow, too.

  • Philip

    Anybody see the movie “Idiocracy”? We’re well on the way! (current presidency excepted).

  • Pdx Bob

    This is all very funny, until you think of all the people that would vote for her. That scares the crap out of me and embarrasses me in the eyes of the world. Let’s face she’s just plain redunculous.

  • Gino

    Go, man,go with your comments. They hurt so much because the truth hurts! We need a million like you. Keep it up.

  • John McLane

    Great column, Andy. I know you’ve savaged Republicans and Democrats alike. That’s what great comics/comedians do. They make us laugh at everybody, because goodness knows, we need the laughter.

  • Ian

    The Reps have always had REPS which needed RIP inscribed on their Epitahs inspite of them being alive. Lady P is no different and I wish we could write that tmb stone while she is stil above ground. We don’t want to go back to that time of WH infected by GWB

  • Judy Vincent

    Andy, you are so funny! I loved this PBS piece. Palin is such a moron. She is the gift that keeps on giving. She gives you material every time she opens her mouth. Please continue to expose her for being a half-wit.

  • K Hill

    Sarah Palin just loves media attention . . . good or bad, so just leave Her alone and Maybe She will go away with all of the money Her lying has made Her . . . over 12 million dollars in 2009.
    The more attention You give Her, the more name recognition She gets.
    John McCain should have asked another true female conservative to be His vice presidential candidate, so I will blame Him Him for this situation.

    Semper Fi Marines & Corpsmen.

  • Morgan

    Palin and Dubbya must have attended the same language academy … in Waco, Texas.

  • Susan Fitzpatrick

    @Frank Y: “a plain talking white woman who talks like a dumb black man”? Totally inappropriate.
    @Ester: You need to take care. By characterizing all right-wing, Fox News watching people as bigots and idiots, you dismiss the fact that there are, in fact, LOTS of educated, sly, and calculating people who watch Fox News and are hoping to take advantage of the assumption of a lot of those on the left you just laugh at them and consider them no threat since they don’t have enough combined I.Q. to fill out the forms to run for office. These people are sneaking up on us and we need to get out there and WORK (not just talk) towards insuring that our midterm elections will not be won by candidates who back the Tea Party and have Sarah at their rallies while refusing to talk to the press because they are afraid that someone might find out that they don’t have the good sense to come in out of the rain. Very, very funny Andy. I watch you every week and receive your articles in my email. Please encourage people to get off their butts and get to work electing competent individuals who will uphold and work towards what they want for their country. Name calling isn’t going to keep the congress from being overrun by idiots.

  • Jesse

    Every time I hear that screechy voice from the north woods, my ears suffer further damage.

  • Sam

    Honesly can’t believe there has been any debate at all in here about Palin’s ability, or lack thereof, to lead the country. I love America, but it’s shameful where this country’s politics have gone. I miss sane republicans. It baffles me completely that programs like Faux News are even aired, let alone trash like Beck, and the Tea Party people… Dear God. The only consolation prize here is that it splits their party between the nuts and the normal ones, and a lot of the sane republicans won’t vote for a nut (though most will stay loyal, every bit helps.)

  • Francine

    1. Reopen gulf gusher
    2. Catch Palin with her mouth open (most of the time)
    3. Cap well with Palin’s open mouth.

  • Katherine

    Another good one from Andy Borowitz. I found nothing to refudiate in your piece – it was funny! Keep them coming.

  • Dr. Herbert

    Borowitz’s latest email desperately asks us to visit this site because he claims he’s getting an “avalanche of right-wing comments.”

    Jeez, I don’t know what to do! He’s a funny guy whose politics are utterly predictable. Are we supposed to take up a collection or something?

    I suppose we could congratulate him for his bravery and originality in criticizing Sarah Palin.

  • Rudi blom

    Mrs. Palin’s inventive use of English only shows the adaptability of the language. The palm of her hand may not be big enough to EMPHASIZE letters or words, but using new words in a speech has a similar effect. Macbeth already spoke the famous words “a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing”

  • Stuart

    Sarah suffers from confignorance:
    absolute certainty in the absence of knowledge

  • Tammy Fellows

    Andy…bravo to you for making us laugh while pointing out the sad, simple truth…and God help us all if Sarah Palin ever gets anywhere near the White House! What an idiot.

  • fergus7762

    The best part about all of this is the avalanche of hilarious made-up words. Thank you, Sarah, for once again making a weary nation laugh.

  • Mary Lou

    Is anybody really shocked that Sarah Palin makes up words? People, she makes up everything. Facts are not an issue for her. She doesn’t even read a newspaper – yet. If not for her looks and crazy talk, does anybody think the nutters would give her any time? She’s a carnival sideshow riding the money until she doesn’t become president. You go, Andy!

  • Maurice B Thomas

    Sarah Palin is the huge distraction she is for the same reason that any magician practices indirection.

    Let’s face it. Major fraud is afoot and this woman is the silly little woman at the entrance who gets your attention so that the pickpocket can do his work. She is a tool, and was never intended as any other player in any other role. McCain needed someone to take the spotlight off of him, while he nodded out from fatigue, and now, with the absence of serious leadership in the Geriatric Opinionated Party we have Sarah, the mindless bimbo without a clue to do some stunts for you.

    It doesn’t matter what she thinks as long as she makes it impossible for the rest of us to engage in anything like critical thinking as she emotionalizes every issue and double-thinks every word into confabulated ones like “refudiate” which shows her ambivalent thinking as if we were viewing her EEG through a transparent piece of plexiglass surrounding her cerebrum.

    Andy Borowitz is an excellent instructor in demystifying the process of the dumbing down of America as he illustrated in this piece.

    Now, it is up to all of us to show that we are not stupid enough to fall for barker at the side show’s spiel.

  • lastro



  • B. Forhman

    Sarah is the “queen of twitter”.

  • shofet

    Fascinating. We can’t blame this one on Sarah, but I recently attended a meeting to celebrate an event the speaker described as “monumentous”–thus conflating monumental and momentous into one neat word. At the end of the meeting we were urged to attend a reception in the “Congretional Room”; I’m not certain whether they meant Congressional or Congregational. However, I went anyway, as there was an open bar.

  • Dan in VA

    Back when government was the will of the King, Court Jesters were needed to remind them of their folly. Today, with Kings replaced by voters and their representatives, the role is filled by satirical columnists and political cartoonists. But it is still true that they are most reviled when what they are saying what most needs to be said!

  • mrj

    ..hey, i was born in Kenya; the right can accuse me of that ;)

  • Ann

    I love your comments re Sarah’s “new” words. She really embarasses me, even though I’m a liberal yellow dog democrat. I heard that she was selected as a candidate for vp to make women happy. Some of us women even know how to spell!

  • a voting American

    Palin represents the thinking of the Europeans who came to these shores and claimed it was god who sent them to do gods work. Then they began the most destructive, bigoted reign of any people in the history of humans on this earth. Anyone who was not a white European male was considered nothing more than a slave or a serf or a lesser human being.,

    Sarah, has modernized the thinking but still in a narrow minded bigoted destructive manner. More concerned to all of America is her ability to appeal to the most base human emotions while displaying the same type of public hype that made PT Barnum a very rich person.

    This she is trying to parlay into “stealing” the presidency and all its power. Gutteral feelings about race, religion, ideology is always a recipe for disaster for it prevents the human recognition that majority rule does not trump minority rights.

    Each of these have to be measured very carefully for the destructive nature they each can foster.

  • ostrich

    This was removed- so I’ll re-post
    Mental Disorders practice censorship

    I want Iran to have a nuke
    I like it that O pledged 400 Million to the Palestinians with nothing in return
    I can see the Transparency of this Government
    I find the Constitution archaic- Our Fore Fathers were such trouble makers
    I want to pay for others medical problems
    I want to pay the rent of others
    I want to have Free Speech and will not defend having this minor luxury
    I want to live in a country that is run by something like the Department of Motor Vehicles
    I don’t want the USA to produce Oil
    I want to pay $10 a gallon for Non American gas
    I like it that my gas money to go trusting people who are our friends
    I want NASA to be shut down- so our friends can now control outer space
    I like it that the Military is directed not to shoot
    I am happy there are 2 devout M-ms (appointed to very high positions) at Homeland Security
    I want to be accosted when I vote
    I want the USA open all its borders with no passport inspection
    etc… etc…

  • cambridge02140

    Sarah certainly is smart.

    She is smart like a vacuum cleaner.

    She’s got vacuumtelligence.

    Vacuumtelligence is where she sucks little bits of words, phrases, dust and cat hair up and mixes it all together in her intelligence bag and then coughs up a combination.

    Everything Sarah says is a giant mixture of words all stuck together like a dust bunny.

  • Scared in America

    The woman is a master of morilliance: a moron who can pull the wool over the eyes of other morons who come to think of her as brilliant. The thought of her coming close to holding any key federal government position is the main reason I am keeping my passport current. It will surely be time to run anywhere, as fast as you can if she is elected! What an embarrassment.

  • Rene

    Very funny little segment. Good work Andy

  • Tags

    Leave her alone.

    Let her freak flak fly until the White House is safely in our grasp in 2012.

  • Mark

    Keep in mind what Sarah Palin has done for Tina Fey. Give the woman the appreciation she has earned for being the most impersonatable politician since . . George W. Bush? (Is impersonatable a word? Let’s ask Sarah!)

  • helena

    As always, thanks for the laughs! Bet Ms Palin would have done well on Last Comic Standing.

  • English observer.

    Please be careful when handling the Palin. She is a real treasure, representing as she does a commonly held belief on this side of the pond that “the Colonies” are populated by vast numbers of close relatives of the Beverley Hillbillies. Are there any plans to re-run the series with Palin playing the part of Granny? She is so much more entertaining than our dull mostly-literate production-line politician.
    Be thankful that you have such colourful (please note correct spelling of coloUrful) folk to ridicule. Best wishes from bland Britain.

  • Menna

    One of your best Andy!!

  • Margie

    Well we all know the republicans are now so dumbed down they have to run stupids like Palin for president. Hey do you think she knows what a president is, or does. But then she thinks she is intelligent. I guess you must have drank the tea bag instead of the tea.

  • Tems64

    Im an independant. And Im tired of the split in politics. Then when I watched your line of crap, I woundered why you had it waste time where more important issues could have been addressed. You could have used your time to build this country up. Insted you follow the same path and tear it down. Im tired of the Left bashing the Right and back again. This is why i wont claim a party because as soon as you do your expected to pull the party line, no matter how wacked out the line is.

    Please stop and build America and stop tearing it down.

  • Clayton

    Thank you, Andy Borowitz and PBS, for keeping political satire alive. Not to mention the English language.

  • Elizabeth Ferrari

    Goodness! Is Moosalini spamming the comments section?

    Stop casting asparagus at Andy, Palinites. You should be chipping in to buy her a predicate.

  • Ted Williams

    I wish people would stop mocking poor Sarah for creating new language. “Refudiate,” combining “refute” with “repudiate” and thereby doubling the impact of each is absolutely brilliant! I think we have misunderestimated her.

  • Jim H.

    Thanks for treating Ms. Palin the same way you would any other dim-witted, self-absorbed, mean-spirited attention whore.
    Many of the comments above were doubtless inspired by one of the wingnut discussion boards where these folks check in daily to get there talking points and the target of the day. No THINKING person believes Palin was even marginally qualified to be mayor of Wasilla, let alone Vice-President or—-or—-snrrf!—-BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  • Doug In Colorado

    Very funny, enjoy your work, keep ‘em coming!

  • Stuart Kessler

    When Judge Haynsworth (sp) of South Carolina was nominated to the Supreme Court by Pesident Nixon, the Bar Association found him to be “at best” mediocre. Judge Haynsworth’s reply was: “Mediocre people need representation too.”

    Following that logic, and with respect to Sarah Palin’s political aspirations, it would seem that “stupid people need representation too.” Stay Tuned!

  • Jeff Putterman

    Sarah Palin is one of the smartest people in this country. After all, her IQ can’t reach triple digits, yet she mints money every day. Don’t get me wrong, I despise her. But she has tapped into the moronic segment of our population, and they continue to give her the bucks she so greedily desires.

    I pity my country, that someone like her can be so successful at duping dopes.

  • Jim Williams

    “Palinese, has inspired an avalanche of right-wing comments, orchestrated by a right-wing website. They accuse me of everything but being born in Kenya,” says Andy’s e-mail. So I looked here and found nothing but gushing at-a-boys and right-ons. What gives?

    Then I realized his e-mail was a bait-and-switch to let conservatives enjoy a bit of Andy bashing. After all, liberals are good at bait-and-switch. Look at what they have in the White House.

    I love your humor and hate your politics. So please, leave the misrepresentations to the politicians and stick to something you know about.

  • Edward Dunaj

    Andy your article about Sarah Palin is funny!
    Just remagine she could have been vice

  • Jester

    It can’t happen here, but just remember, Hitler was viewed as a clown when he started you. He was a clown, but he was a dangerous clown. If have read Shirer’s books or even seen a Hitler speech, you will see so many things that are similar to today’s right wing. The deep sense of aggrievement in statements like we’ve been patient but our patience has limits. The deep-seated sense of fear of the other, in fact fear-based politics. If it’s not blacks, then it’s Hispanics. When it isn’t Hispanics, it’s Muslims. When it’s not Muslims, it’s the US government that is going to take away our guns and make us sign up for healthcare. With Hitler it was degenerates, commies, and Jews. Same rhetoric. Watch Beck or listen to Rush or Sarah or Bachman, and for all their ignorance, there is a passionate intensity and a desire to make a changes even if they have to break the laws, because after all, God is guiding them. They are clowns but they are dangerous clowns.

  • NickCaveFan

    See, you comics were worried that you’d have nothing funny to talk about with Obama as President and the GOP has come through with the dumbest bench of morons yet. I mean Bush couldn’t keep a job but at least he usually waited until he was fired to quit. Not Sarah. Why are Faux News and GOPs always so angry? Because they’re always losing and are thereby losers. Andy is always a winner.

  • Pat

    Andy is right. Sarah speaks Palinese. It’s amazing that a bunch of people who insist this is an English speaking country and people should learn to speak English don’t insist that Sarah learn to speak it. I guess they think what Sarah is speaking is English. A 2008 attempt to diagram her utterances was a disaster ( Some of her recent tweets have better grammar, but I suspect she has a ghost-tweeter. She’s the poster child for what a poor education looks like, and not just in English (it doesn’t matter where she went to college, she obviously missed the benefits). Mistakes like that in a job interview (or on a resume) will lose you the job. Unless, of course, you’re in the Tea Party, where ignorance truly is bliss.

  • Lynne in Michigan

    Sarah Palin would win the election because she is a True American who has The United States best interest in mind instead of enemy countries and destroying this USA. I used to watch this station and I will not any longer and I will advise everyone to do the same. You won’t make fun of your president for obvious excuses but you feel you can of anyone else. Sad this station pays you for being disgusting instead of doing an honest days work. Maybe you should get a life, get a nose job….

  • David Frevola

    David in Canada
    I know what you’re all thinking;” This guy is from Canada, our neighbour to the south. Let’s have a look at what he has to say”. Well, I have to say “Lynne in Michigan” seems to be on the right track. I particularly liked her suggestion for Andy to “get a life and a nose job”. Sure we’re talking about Sarah Palin’s run for office in 2012 but that doesn’t mean we can’t squeeze in personal insults and and racist remarks. Heck, that’s what makes your country the greatest one on earth. Freedom! Fredom to say the stupidest, ignorant illogical, cruelest thing you care too. And when Ms. Palin becomes President no doubt she will insure that the freedom to express these ideas will continue. Granted those expressions will be mispronounced and misspelled. But still, it’ll be great.

  • nancy wiener in California

    Sarah owes you a debt of gratitude! You give a rational explanation for “Sarahspeak” to remediate the confusion we might otherwise feel as we see our language and thought processes changing right before our very eyes. Thank you, Andy! Another brilliant and funny explanation for one of life’s stranger circumstances.

  • Mary in Kentucky

    Look, Palin makes you either laugh or cry ~ laugh if you feel like a chuckle, cry if you think she has the slightest chance—even so much as tampax for an ant—of being elected to any position of responsibility in that affects intelligent people. I choose to laugh. Thanks, Borowitz!

  • Jaylah

    I would like to refudiate Andy’s preposterous idea that he wasn’t born in Kenya. I mean, has anybody ever seen his long-form birth certificate? (I’m not even sure I have one or ever did.) But, of course, anybody that can’t produce one was obviously born in Kenya.

  • Mary from Kentucky

    David in Canada, with all due respect, I must point out Palin’s actions when she objected to Katy Couric’s questions on what she read and what she knew about security. She told the McCain campaign that she expected to be protected from such treatment by the media. Freedom is indeed what this nation is all about—and ‘protection from the media’ is not part of the deal for an elected official, even though I sympathize with many who might want it. As Truman said, ‘If you can’t stand the heat, don’t go in the kitchen.’ First she needs to learn what democracy is all about—and part of that is granting respect to the opinion of people who don’t agree with you (as well as defending their freedoms along with your own)—and then she can be taken seriously as a candidate.

  • Steve & Julie

    Like most Americans (and maybe most everyone), we have daily struggles with health, finances and various other things. That’s why we always can use a good laugh and Andy, you know how to provide them. We get a lift whenever we see The Borowitz Report in our email inbox. We so much enjoy your column, and appreciate you, The Daily Show, and The Colbert Report as our staples of humorous refuge (and insight). Glad you’re on TV now and if we ever make it to New York we’ll catch your act.

  • jim

    I notice one guy bitched about not enough right wingers bitching at andy, just liberals high-fiving andy for his observations…..the typical liberal bait and switch, i think he called it. i wonder if he ever though that a lot of the right wing tea bagging comments might have included at least a few misspelled obscenities and/or death threats and were therefore deemed unsuitable? as far as the preponderance of liberal attaboys and right ons, you are aware you are posting on the PBS website, right? how many Tea Baggers can even spell PBS, much less find the website?

  • Pat

    You are doing just fine Borrowitz Man. If the right wing didn’t attack you you would be doing wrong.

  • F L Meade

    Bro don’t refudiate me Bro!!!!

  • Kyle

    Please Andy, don’t go poking the Republican elephants regarding Palin. They really don’t have a clue that her nomination would assure Obama of another term, Other than Tina Fey, I doubt if any other Democrat would vote for her

  • Penny Palmer

    If you think Sarah is unelectable, keep 2000 and 2004 in mind. Then, the troublesome question is, who would be the Dick Cheney who runs HER presidency?

  • Greggers

    Fhalin is just hipper than the rest of us. in twenty-ten it’s cool to reflace all “p’s” with “f’s” and vice versa. They are interchangeable now. get with the frogram my pellow frimate’s! The excitement generated by making others conpused as to what you are saying is falfable. Use the fower!

    P.S., it is humor that protects sanity during difficult times (dippicult times). Thank you Andy for helping some of us remain sane.

  • JaneB

    Andy, keep ‘em coming guy!!! You are the best!! Thank goodness someone in the media doesn’t give her credibility!! Or is that dredibility????

  • Milos

    Palin is living proof that G. W. Bush has not disappeared from the political landscape. Many Americans don’t care that their “leaders” can’t speak English properly and make up words on the spot; in fact, they see a lack of education as a badge of honor. You know how untrustworthy and socialist those college-reared intellectuals can be.

    Make fun of Palin all you like, in fact, please make fun of her constantly, because she deserves it, but be aware that many Americans take her laziness, greed, egotism and lack of basic reading and writing skills as proof that she’d make a great next president. Bush morphs into Palin. Who said the Republicans are anti-transgender?

  • Marc

    I agree 100% –
    In order to refudiate something it has to be fudiated in the first place.

  • Eric

    If the right wing was attacking me I’d know I’d finally done something right in my life! I’m just curious why it’s always the right wing that are always attacking and the democrats who are always busy defending themselves. Why is it that so few democrats speak up? Maybe if they spoke up then they could finally drown out Palin, Beck, Gingrich, Cheney, etc……….

  • JP

    Your piece is brilliant, but you may just be scratching the tip of the iceberg.

  • Ron Hawk

    Palintology Lesson 12 (copyright Ron Hawk, Palintologist, all rights reserved)

    She once quit her job just to quit another job.
    She has been known to cure narcolopsy in people who didn’t have it to begin with.
    She once slapped her imaginary friend. You heard me.
    She demands answers for her rhetorical questions.
    When pulled over, the patrol asks HER to give him a ticket.
    She once married a shotgun just to experience a shotgun wedding.
    Her organ donation card also lists her wink.
    Even her dumb questions make you ponder.
    She once wrote a book in a language she did not speak. She then read it and unerstood it.
    Lie detector tests don’t believe her but enjoy her girlish attempts to appear in the know.

    She is the most interesting woman in the GOP world.

    “I don’t always read a book, but when I do I have a ghost reader.”

    Stay stupid my friends.

  • Steveo

    Wink, Andy, you have to wink! What’s wrong with you? If you want to speak Palinese, you need to wink when you speak!

  • John D

    We can only hope that Sarah Palin keeps talking. She is the gift to the Democratic Party that will just keep on giving. It’s no coincidence that she and the other “leading lights” of her crowd eshew interviews with all but a hand-picked few. The alleged “hatchet job” by Katy Couric was nothing but a few simple questions.

    Please, God, let them nominate Sarah in 2012.

  • Terry S.


    Keep it up! What this country sorely needs these days is the sort of biting political satire at which you excel!

  • Sizemorpheus

    Caribou Barbie strikes again! When will she learn to just stop talking? Andy keep up the good work. If people aren’t hating on you, you’re not working hard enough.

  • Frank

    Good Point Milo! Stupid people should not be allowed to live. We Ivy Leaguers should make important decisions for them. We know better. They should just bow down and obey us. After all, if they could even get into Yale…..

  • Ginger

    When I read that she had created another new word, I thought of Andy. I knew it would be a gold mine for ya. :) She’s a complete and total idiot. Not sure why or how she continues to get any attention for being stupid.

  • Nancy Hulit

    You have to give her credit though. I thought William Shatner did a masterful job reciting her inspiring poetry, even though her muse was “Quitter” — freed from the day to day tasks of governing, her mind was able to soar to through the verbal landscape. And she might want to consult President George W. Bush about developing “Palinese.” As a President, I believe that history will find that George was the dim-witted, proverbial bull in the china shop — BUT, his addition to the English language of the word, “misunderestimate” was incredibly worthy.

  • Nandini

    This is good fun! We missed George W and all your hilarious comments. Now that you have Sarah to chew on – life is normal again. Of course, I am selfish – I am not American and so don’t have to vote her in or out.

  • Mike

    “Refudiate”?!? Evidently making up her own facts wasn’t enough, now Palin’s making up her own words. But they’re just as preposterous!

  • Eastern Shore Guy

    As always, great insight cloaked in humor. Sarah Palin would be funnier if she didn’t attract so many empty headed goobers. I would love to see her refudiate herself back to Alaska and resume watching the Russians from her back porch.

  • Nancy P

    Oh Andy. Even my one Libertarian friend laughs at your stuff. Humor never killed anyone so just keep being funny. And why would you want to do anything to Sarah P? She is the gift that keeps on giving.

  • Mike Duggan

    Andy, Jah Rule!

  • Glenn

    Great job Andy and all I can say is the grandest response from the Palinese lexicon . . . “You Betcha”

  • Luna

    We would be wise not to misunderestimate the appeal of Palin. Our enemies never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do the Republicans. Unlike that famous saying, “fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again”, the Republicans CAN fool the country again. Obama needs better PR.

  • Kenneth K

    haha – love ur stuff Andy. As a Kenyan citizen, I may be accused of being biased in favor of Obama but the fact is, there is really no reasonable form of republican competition that can steer the US in the progressive path, or atleast keep it running with no major mishaps. Palin is a joke that nobody with atleast “above-embryonic” intelligence should ever support – all republicates should “refudiate” themselves from this woman. In her defense though – atleast she did one thing right – quitting her job and going on speech-rampages seems to be making her tons of money – which is really sad because it means someone is actually paying to listen to her crap.

  • WorldTradeCenter survivor

    Thank you, Andy, for keeping us sane during troubled times, and for always managing to find humor in even the worst of situations! I am so glad that this woman is not living in the White House – I’m sure that by now she would have started a third war, probably against Iran (which really does have WMD’s) on the justification that ‘God/Jesus told her it was the right thing to do’. (Perhaps a fourth war with North Korea would be brewing as well). The Palin family is such white trash. This is the inherent weakness in our ‘democratic’ system – that half of the people have below-average intelligence, and that the media is so effective in brainwashing ‘the public’ into believing all sorts of incredible lies and BS. Palin and her supporters are very dangerous. She is an incredible manipulator. She is very much like Evita Peron in personality and background, but the USA does not need to have her as their dictator. She has never mentioned anything that she would actually do to help the American people, and she is only concerned with greedily stuffing her pockets with the maximum $$$ while she has the spotlight. The people of the United States deserve to be represented by far more qualified government officials who have a basic understanding of the issues and their resolutions, and who can deploy realistic long-range plans that maintain and improve domestic and international affairs.

  • Emily

    Refudiate is SO in the fictionary. Why are you so mean to sweet Sarah Palin? She’s not as dumb as you think, she went to like 5 colleges. And she reads ALL the magazines. She said so to that mean Katie Couric. I can’t decide who is meaner, you or Katie Couric. And like she can see Russia from her house. Are you meaner than Katie or is Katie meaner than you? Your column sometimes makes me snort Dr. Pepper through my nose. In a good way. Thank you for always being cohecent.

  • Cindy

    Thanks Andy — You’re the best!

  • Captain James E. Ray

    Americas comedians rejoice—-Sarah Baby is the best thing that has happened to them since the unforgetable George- Charlie MacArthy- and Dick- Edgar Bergan- Cheney. amen brother. With this material Beck could go back to sit down funny man.Cause he sure could not stand – up. Andy keep up the great work. We in southern California need all the help we can get.

  • Jeff Englevich

    Hilarious article!

    The scary thing, however, is that we know from W that we are capable of electing a leader whose IQ is below room temperature. At this point I honestly wouldn’t put it past the public to vote her in.

  • John

    No doubt neologisms enrich our language, such as “palindrone”, “a word, phrase, or sequence that reads the same backward as forward, but makes no sense either way”. We should consider ourselves enriched.

  • stretcho64

    The word ‘ignoranus’ was created specifically for Princess Palin.

  • Fred from Akron

    Andy keep the quips coming. Even as a conservative I enjoy the shots you take at all of the politicians. While Palin’s softballs are lobbed up high and slow enough for you to hit them easily out of the park, she deserves the criticism, as do about 80% of the characters running our country today.

  • SFW in cleveland

    “Constitutionate”: I made it up in seventh grade at Peterson School in Chicago. Donald Wahle (the late great super teacher) had me explain what it meant, and I never made up a word again. Since there is no Mr Wahle to chastise Palin, I fear she will soon claim my bon mot as her own. But you heard it here, folks, Constitutionate is MY word.

    Andy, you are too, too funny. And the people that support Palin scare the heck out of me.

  • Mike

    Palin is a clown. No thinking person takes her seriously. Don’t worry about the flack from right wing lunitics. It’s a sacred duty to keep the spotlight on these kooks.

  • Dan W

    Re: Susn F’s comments – “@Ester: You need to take care. By characterizing all right-wing, Fox News watching people as bigots and idiots, you dismiss the fact that there are, in fact, LOTS of educated, sly, and calculating people” – Just because you are educated doesn’t mean you’re not still an idiot. And yes I’m sure there are a lot of sly & calculating people who watch Fox – That doesn’t make them right. Wait, I guess it does make them right, just not correct. You go Andy, I’ll start practicing my Palinese now.

  • Borowitz Report – Borowitz under attack « carapace – Not your father's america
  • Dan Burke

    It’s amazing how thin skinned Palin followers are. My wife and I lost dear friends of over 10 years for simply stating what we thought of Palin when they asked. This after years of putting up with their comments about Gore, Kerry, and Obama.

  • Bob Conway

    Dan is right, an education does not automatically erase idiocy. The only U.S. President we’ve ever had who held degrees (other than honorary) from both Yale and Harvard was (drum-roll please) George Dubya Bush.

    But all else being equal, yes, being educated is better than being ignorant. Well-educated people tend to know the difference between North and South Korea, and that’s probably a good thing for a U.S. lawmaker or President to know if we want competent leaders. An education is no guarantee of competency (see aforementioned Yale/Harvard graduate), but it does have real advantages over ignorance.

  • Robert Turner

    “Me fail English? That’s umpossible!”
    -Sarah Palin
    (citing Ralph Wiggums)

  • lilwoodenboy

    I think it’s important to remember that there is appeal to thinking “the president is just like me.” It may be unfortunate but is nonetheless true that more people picture themselves to be like Sarah Palin or George W (even with his degrees) than Barack Obama. The “folksy” persona, put on to some extent by “W’, unfortunately all too real in Palin, goes a long way. That they don’t understand that their beer-buddy would not necessarily be fit to be the President of the United States is only a small part of the problem.

  • C. C. Rider

    Failin Pailin!!!!…LMAO.. this is all the proof I need to know the Repuli’con’ party of “no reasoning” has no leaders for them…..if this is the best they have..”Bring it on!” Trig will help her write on her hands…”lost again”…I have no idea how her kids have not been taken off her….the last one thought for sure getting knocked up would get out threw marriage…it took it while but the plan may still work…now if only we could rid of her…oh wait….2012 looks good on getting rid of her again…maybe this time it will stick…

  • NumberA1Patriot

    Palin stands for US leadership: decisive, with lots of unwavering conviction and without any regrets ever. English is a living language. She takes charge and shapes the evostruction of English. What is wrong with that?

  • nic rossouw

    i appreciate the comics like andy borowitz in our society, because they simply speak the truth and make sense of the illogic of having twits like palin as celebrities. this is not a matter of the right needing to have a sense of humor, we all need to. and i do not mean simply laughing at people we disagree with. if we cannot laugh at ourselves then we have no business making fun of others. i am sick and tired of all the angry emails to NPR every time they run a story that is not ‘hard news’, heaven forbid we take a minute out of our days to laugh and enjoy anything.

  • Bettina

    You’re brilliant! Don’t know what I’d do without you. This is such a perfect piece–I love it. I always call $arah: Dubya in a Dress.
    Keep ‘em coming Andy!!

  • Suzanne

    Andy, You are awesome, always a bright spot in my day. Guess this column hit a little too close to home. Keep up the great work.

  • Ben

    Thank you for the sanity you infuse in today’s USA, where we have an alarmingly large number of individuals with low- to mid-double-digit IQ (how could we not, we began the millennium with a tree-stump for a president). I think Fred Dalton Thompson said it best about Sarah Palin, at the 2008 Republican Convention, “She dresses in the field like a moose”. As for “refudiate”, I think it means “refuse” + “odiate” (Palinese for emitting odor) = smelly crap.

  • Dave

    U da man, Andy! One person’s garbled language is another’s hysterical laughter. Thanks!

  • Bob from Utah

    Thank you Andy!

    This was one of your best posts. I love the way you can speak truth to power and, at the same time, leave us rolling on the floor with laughter.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Jean

    Andy, please keep up the wake-up calls! We need them as much as the laughs you give us so generously.

  • Miaconcerto

    If Palin wasn’t attractive & built like a brick you-know-what, would anyone pay attention to the crap that comes out of her mouth? Andy: I love your sense of humor. My brother sends me his rightwing crap; I send him your column…:)

  • Darla

    Thankfully, a useful plan on how to try to understand the failed illiteracy of Palin (yes, she cannot even demonstrate illiteracy correctly).

  • Ross Blanchard

    Andy: I see right-wing mobs are after you these days. Congrats on achieving this new level of success and influence.

  • Will Tony from Tampa Bay

    There was almost no X-Mas this past December. When Santa Claus flew over AlaSKa/ Sarah Palin shot Rudolph… she thought he was a Russian reindeer! Being a crack shot, she winged him, but luckily only nicked him/so Santa got through & X-Mas was saved@#$% Your’e the man AndY !!!

  • Bill

    When we speak of the country being “dumbed down”, all we have to do is look to Sarah Palin as the prime recipient of the prevalent “HUH?” gene.

  • Helen

    I can’t even imagine why we are still hearing from her. When you quit a job, don’t you normally leave the scene? She is not a governor. Her husband was a separatist. Who cares what they say.

    She came across as a complete idiot during the 2008 elections and I don’t see any improvement. She and Michelle Bachman have only one goal: to bring a form of McCarthism and fascism to America. If they ever win control, we can say hello to the witch hunts all over again.

  • Diana Townsend

    I say Refudiate the Refudiaters.

    Keep up the great work, Andy. I love it.

  • Kevin Lately

    To Play with the English Language you have to understand Basic Grammar Spelling and the meaning of any given word or Phrase. Sarah Palin reminds me of Carrie Prejeans; Both are Pretty, Uneducated and Just Below Average Intelligence. IM sure They would make someone a great Hockey Mom or Trophy wife.
    Palin could not Handle the Job of Governor of Alaska; and Quit. Carrie PreJeans could not show up for her required Pageant appearances; and was fired.
    Its Sexist to say this ; but I think True: Some guys are born to do Manual Labor; Some Women are Just pretty & Fertile. I don’t want a Ditch digger being President; and I don’t want a Beauty Queen Telling me how God interprets the Constitution.
    I have dug ditches and read the Bible; Im still not an Expert in either one. Sarah Palin & Carrie Prejeans should pick up a Shovel and become an expert in something they are Qualified.

  • Not for Prophet

    In a related story, the Alaska Department of Education & Early Development continues the investigation into the rise of alleged donations to various Plastic Surgery associations.
    You’re fantastic, Andy!!!! Keep up the great work!!!!

  • Seth Lefkow

    Hey, don’t knock the Tea Party-ers, the spittle-spewing Rabid Right, the Cretin Conservatives.
    By being what they are I get to feel so damn superior.

  • Ashley

    My husband and I love you, Andy. Keep up the great work. Sometimes your take on the world is the only thing that can make me smile after hearing the day’s news. If the right wing is after you, you know you’re doing something right.

  • Armin Miewes

    To be on Sarah Palin’s “enemies list” is high honor indeed.

    The late Daniel Schorr was the first to obtain Nixon’s enemies list, released during the Watergate hearings in 1973, of 20 people the president hoped to “screw” through tax audits. He read the list on air, gasping when he reached No. 17: himself. He later said it was one of his proudest moments.

    You rock Andy!

    You rock Andy!

  • George H. Thom III

    Some people cannot take a joke. I am both a conservative Republican AND a huge fan of Andy Borowitz. Keep up the great work, Andy!!!

  • VO

    Sarah Palin has an active remagination — she can recall things that never happened.

  • Liz

    Thanks Andy and thank you PBS for such a great segment. My family and I look forward to Andy’s segment every week!

  • Jeff Rudell

    Andy: Mark Twain said best when he wrote, “The difference between the almost-right word & the right word is really a large matter — it’s the difference between the lightning-bug & the lightning.” Thank you for zapping this particular lighting-bug with such an effective bolt of lighting!

  • Sophie

    We need Sarah, she’s my comic relief and fodder for your brillance! And my vocabulary has really expanded since she’s been on the scene!

    Would love to hear you chatting with Leonard Lopate on WNYC again!

  • Betty Leete

    The GOP should be out lookng for humorists instead of candidates – they hav plenty of the latter and all too few of the former!

  • mistercrispy

    Going back and reading all the feigned outrage and indignant drivel of the rightwing droolers that flash-trolled this site was priceless entertainment! Keep it up, Andy!

  • not_THAT_Cartman

    Why are we still talking about this fruitcake? And for a presidential run at that? She’s even worse than Brawndo … at least Brawndo has electrolytes! Mrs. Palin, your 15 minutes are up. In the words of the immortal philosopher, Eric Cartman, get your b****@$$ back in the kitchen and bake us some pie!

    Kudos to you, Andy for calling a hoe a hoe (or however that saying goes!)

  • Faranak

    When Sarah Palin is so good about dishing it out to everyone else, she (and her blind followers) should also have the capacity to take it. Thanks Andy for having the courage and the great sense of humor to give the rest of us a reason to laugh.

  • Texas Landowner

    The correct use of one’s native tongue is an absolute prerequisite to a free republic. An elected representative (indeed, anyone who has power to affect the fortunes of others) should be held to a rigid standard. Poor spelling, grammar, syntax, vocabulary and non-farcical neologisms lead to ambiguity at best, and conflict at worst. It matters not whether you’re personally deficient in this regard; you cannot allow the same in the leaders you elect to serve you. Ms. Palin seems to be following the utter-lack-of-eloquence paradigm set by Mssrs Quayle and Bush II. They were hardly statesmen, and this country is in dire need of such if it is to retain any leadership role in this turbulent world. Whether you like Mr. Obama’s policies or not, at least he knows how to use the English language.
    Andy, thank you for your perpetual de-skewing of our flawed world..

  • Sarah Richards

    Palin 2012 Slogan: Truthiness will set us free* Go Andy!

    *from intelligibility

  • Bob

    You Betcha.

  • JGsez

    Palin has a valid excuse. She has a degree in Journalism. With that kind of degree, what do expect? She would fit right in on Need to Know!

  • Mic

    And the rest of the world sees this lady as an example of us

  • tmb in IL

    Forgive me. I saw the name “Sarah Palin” on the website for my favorite TV station, and I was about to scream, until I dared to read the story. Good job, PBS. You told it like it is. That’s why I like ya. You betcha!!!!

  • Jim

    I thought PBS was about fair and impartial reporting. Why did all the negative comments about Andy Borowitz’s piece on Sarah Palin disappear? Just the fact that the routine made it on the show proves that PBS is lopsided.You tried to make John Kerry out to be a hero and Palin out to be an idiot. Is that not being biased? I think I will put my money towards a program that has a little more integrity in how it attempts to portray people. Also, I just noticed the note below that says your staff has the right to not post comments that it deems inappropriate and/or malicious in nature. Was not Andy’s segment on Sarah Palin not inappropriate or malicious? Was it not unfair?

  • Swheat

    As the great philosopher Bugs the Bunny would say “scary, ain’t it?’

  • Spencer, Ia Tea Party Patriots Blog » Just where ARE the Republicans?

    [...] are too high to ever get elected. Largely because the media painted him so badly, which is why Sarah Palin still has so much negative press. They tried it with Reagan but it didn’t work and he swept [...]

  • High CSQ » Blog Archive » Just where ARE the Republicans?

    [...] are too high to ever get elected. Largely because the media painted him so badly, which is why Sarah Palin still has so much negative press. They tried it with Reagan but it didn’t work and he swept [...]

  • Cajun

    While Palin is funny, there’s one thing funnier: We have a “unifying healer” African-American president who spent half his life as a devoted member of a bizarre racist, anti-Semitic, pro-terrorist hate cult.

    There’s material there for at least 20 Borowitz comedy routines. After all, PBS represents us all.

  • Lisa D.

    I heart Andy Borowitz! This was his funniest segment yet.

  • Sandy Johnakin


  • Spyndoc

    Whether it’s a lack of intelligence or simply the anti-intellectual attitude pervading the right wing that makes ignorance something to aspire to, I’m all in favor of seeing the humor in this wholesale slaughter of the English language. Nobody does it like Borowitz!

  • Andrew N.

    Very funny, as always, Andy! Your satirical targets are spread out over both extremes of the parties–and everyone inbetween. We need humor–pointed, smart humor–more than ever. Thanks!

  • Eric H

    For heaven’s sake, isn’t there a single person in the so called GOP with a sense of humor anymore?

  • A Mac

    Yawn…PBS “News” making fun of conservatives? I can’t believe how shocked I am, shocked really. I mean, I might actually care what the typical elitist, self-loathing leftist thought of my wealth and values if I didn’t spend all my time improving the lives of my family, friends, and those around me with hands-on work, self-discipline, and financial mad skillz that allow me to donate the usual (for conservatives) 200% more to charity and community programs than the average lefty d-bag. Anytime lefty ideas go against conservative ones in the free (unsubsidized) market…they lose. So, keep at your straw target, Andy, (and PBS and NPR) continue to alienate half of the voting public and then see how many of the real producers in society call in for the fundraising drive at the local PBS station. RDRR, Sarah Palin and Conservatives are sooooo stooopid. Ha Ha Ha…can we please have some public money?

  • Frank

    Andy, I think you are being attacked not by right wing, but right humor. Could you do a piece on how asians mix up their “r”s and “l”s? Hilarious! Like The Onion, You are in danger of becoming a one trick pony! You can do better. You have done better.

  • Norton’s Mom

    Loved the segment! Keep up the good work!

  • Letha Chandy

    Loved the understated and elegant use of humor !
    Deeply appreciative of the nuanced reporting.

  • PBS Mocks Palin | Everything Pop Kulture

    [...] go to the link below and if you feel so inclined, fight the haters with your own comments.  I promise you yours will be [...]

  • derk

    The only people dumber than Sarah Palin … well, there really aren’t many now that I think about it.

  • Harry Lime


    You’ve got the “Sarah Palin will win in 2012″ part right, the rest is “libnorance” (liberal ignorance). I will raise millions for her campaign and already have $300K in committments. Watching your heads explode in November 2012 will be sweet!!

  • Dan Alexander

    I guess I should expect this elitest crap from NPR and Andy – time to change the name to LPR (Liberal Public Radio).

    She is powerful, smart, attractive and influential and will destroy Obama (a serious dissapointment that even a liberal would agree) in 2012. Face it, you hate her because she doesn’t see the world the way YOU want her to.

    I feel sorry for your sad existence but look forward to making it worse when I hear “President Palin”.

    Women have wanted a woman to be president and here’s your chance.

  • Jane

    This is the crap on PBS my taxes are paying for? Sarah Palin wouldn’t go overseas and apologize for this country. She wouldn’t be alienating our allies and cozying up to our enemies. She wouldn’t be shredding the constitution and reducing individual liberties or promulgating economic policies that extend the recession. She wouldn’t demonize businesses and other entities that contribute to the growth of the economy. She wouldn’t usurp almost 70% control or ownership of the U.S. economy (now with Obamacare, the financial regulation bill, banks, the stimulus bill, Freddie and Fannie mortgages, AIG, government motors, student loans, etc.) to the federal government. She wouldn’t be spending our country into bankruptcy. She wouldn’t be leading us toward a European style social democracy that’s failing in Greece, Spain, Italy, etc. She wouldn’t sign executive orders and have Czars create regulations to make an end run around the enumerated powers of congress.

    Just keep up the ridicule liberals; it only makes her stronger.

  • Joe The Plumer

    Lefties are so smart. They know a thousand ways to say “So-and-so is a big, fat idiot!” and then laugh and snicker about how smart they are.

    That takes a lot of intelligence. Seriously

  • steve b

    PBS has been taken over by the hard left radical progressives…… they have leftest news out shows and talk forum shows on the taxpayer dime….. this is not the same PBS. ever sence OBAMA took office this program has changed to drive his message……. this agenda is wide spread and was planed out years ago….. this is clearly a power grab and big money is behind it.
    this is not about america it’s about global governance of big money and big power greed.

  • laurie

    Awesome! That winking nitwit Palin is the biggest joke on earth.

  • Amelia

    Dan-If I wanted a woman president,I sure wouldn’t pick this winking airhead.And to choose this simpleton,,just because she might be the only woman running,would be the stupidist thing on earth to do.The girl is a moron.

  • Robin Holm

    When we travel to Europe we would just say we were from Alaska and people would say, “Oh, part of Canada”. Because of Mr. Bush we would just nod and move on. NOW, Sarah has put us on the map and not in a good way. She doesn’t seem to have any better grasp of the English language than Bush does. Don’t the republicans who run for office go to their English classes???

  • emmie kern

    I used to give PBS the benefit of the doubt, recognizing that a small portion of your programming was worthwhile and worth watching. After reading this piece of garbage I realize how wrong I was. You’ll never receive another contribution from me. And BTW: if this had been written about Obama, the “racist” charges would be flying!!! Not funny…

  • Philip

    You are sooo funny!!! I look forward to your attempts at mitteracy at your NYC Y show in October.

  • dnals

    VERY FUNNY, as always!

  • penny

    Every see the movie, Idiocracy ( Besides being hysterical, talk about Mayan prophecies coming to fruition! Sarah Palin is the reigning leader of our idiocracy.

  • majordude


    You wrote “If Palin wasn’t attractive & built like a brick you-know-what…”

    I don’t get this: I don’t find her attractive at all. My wife is probably right when she tells me that I’m in the minority amongst heterosexual males, but I really don’t get it.

  • Andy Borowitz – Next week’s news: Sarah Palin edition « carapace – Not your father's america
  • NoTeaParty4Me

    Andy, as always you are spot on. Good satire always has a grain of truth to it, and it is apparent that the truth is hurting the Palinites out there!

    Conservatives are showing their hypocracy — it is okay for some of them to call President Obama a socialist/fascist/communist/Marxist/Kenyan out to control everything and to have death panels for the elderly, but to have a little fun at Sarah’s expense — no way!

  • Maureen

    I got to see this segment a bit late, but wanted to say:
    This proves three things: Palin is an idiot, Borowitz is brilliant, and I need to watch “Need to Know” so as not to miss anything this good!

  • Vicki

    You are so brilliant and creative and funny.
    Great job.

  • Johnny Depp

    IT DOES take a lot of intelligence.

    Thanks for noticing. :)

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