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Next Week’s News with Andy Borowitz

In this edition of Next Week’s News, Andy Borowitz reports from the Fabrication Room on new technology that will solve healthcare and airport security problems in one fell swoop, plus next week’s Tyler Perry films.

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    Memorial Day every day
    Beyond the backyard BBQ: Honor and aid those who have served.
  • Fast and too furious?
    Can accuracy and the demand for instant information coexist in the media?
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      Steinbeck's Salinas Valley
    John Steinbeck's hometown came to worldwide notice through the Grapes of Wrath. Not all city fathers were pleased by the portrait. Explore what has changed and what remains the same in Salinas.


  • Jackie Handel

    I am dying laughing at this. Great segment!

  • Karl

    Having a few technical issues trying to reach my friend J. Smith with this new-fangled Phone Book technology.

  • David

    Phonebook is classic… I’m going to be saying see you on Phonebook all day tomorrow. Can’t wait for next episode.

  • John

    Dear Andy,
    I was so excited for this when you posted it on the Report. Then I watched it, and it was just a multimedia presentation of things you have already posted. Disappointing! Except the Tyler Perry part, that was hilarious!

  • Jim


    too bad. But rest of America has not seen these Borowitz gems. So bear with him. There will be newbies after this I’m sure!

  • Julian

    Altho John’s statement is true, so is Jim’s ( I hope). Any alternate format that will increase Andy’s following is a force for “truth, justice & the American way”!!!

  • Luke

    I can’t say this segment is going to make me a newbie. Sorry, it just felt badly timed and the music that zinged every time there was a punchline took away from any humor that might have been. I’m sure there’s something there and I know this show is still finding it’s legs, but right now it feels clunky and pretty obvious to me, but from the postings i’m clearly in the minority.

  • RAD

    Can’t see it on my iPhone because it’s Flash :(

  • Marilyn K

    This was a delight. I had never seen Borowitz’s stuff before but this piece had me laughing out loud.

  • Gandalflion

    The Fabrication Room takes the wry view of the present held by the Daily Show and the Colbert Report one giant logical leap forward to prove beyond peradventure that the future is not what it used to be.

  • Fred G.

    Comedy on PBS? What a concept… Borowitz nails it here. Only criticism is that went by too fast.

  • Lilly Greenburg

    What a funny TV presence. He makes the leap from his blog to television quite well.

  • Zach

    Made me laugh – such a simple concept, great execution.

  • Chuck

    A tired retread of his columns. Bring back Bill Moyers

  • Janny

    Very, very funny!!

  • Georgette

    Love Andy! Funny guy.

  • Laura

    Super-smart and funny guy –

  • Patty

    Yes, these are retreads but new to the television audience for the most part. Hopefully there will be new material for those of us who are already fans. Also, I think Andy needs to break away from his liberal positions a bit and at least pretend to be a little more balanced. His harangues get tiresome.

  • David Breuer

    Andy Borowitz: the most trusted name in fabricated news.

  • Joerg

    Cool segment, more of it!

  • George DeBolt

    Great stuff. Too short. What a breath of fresh air for PBS!! Fills in the gap left by the absence of The Daily Show on Friday evening.

  • Alex Cauthen

    Andy’s report on ‘Palenese’ was so dumb it was insulting to HIM.