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Bollywood meets ‘Brokeback’

India’s first mainstream film to feature a gay kiss hits theaters this week.


The blogger-business gender gap

Women are social media leaders. But what about behind the scenes?


Policing fashion in France and Saudi Arabia

An American who grew up in Saudi Arabia questions France’s plan to ban the burqa.

How do gun owners really feel about gun control?

Republican pollster Frank Luntz got surprising results when surveying NRA members.


Hoping for a hung parliament

The British electoral system could allow the party with the fewest votes to win the most seats in parliament. Some voters are clamoring for reform.


The ‘Babies’ are coming: Film follows four newborns from birth to first steps

A new documentary observes four infants across the globe, while carefully avoiding questions about dramatic disparities in wealth, health and opportunity.

Erica Jong on the pill, then and now

The birth control pill turns 50 on May 9. Need to Know spoke to Erica Jong about the pill, sex and motherhood.’s Heather Armstrong on social media

Mommy blogger Heather Armstrong talks about the power of social media.


Why do we need to know about the British elections?

Bank bailouts. Deficit spending. The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The issues that have come to define the American political landscape in recent months are now playing out across the Atlantic, as voters in the U.K. prepare to choose their next government.


The Whitney heads downtown

Public installations herald the museum’s controversial expansion.


Meet the candidates for prime minister

One was a rowdy college student. Another played rugby. And a third drunkenly burned down a cactus farm. Each of the leaders of Britain’s three major parties has his fair share of quirks. And observers say the personalities of the leaders matter than ever before.