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Same-sex couples wed in New York

Hundreds of jubilant gay and lesbian couples exchanged wedding vows across the state on Sunday — some just after midnight — to mark the first day of legalized same-sex marriage in New York. Last month, the state Senate passed a historic marriage equality bill, making New York the sixth and most populous state in the country to legalize same-sex marriage.

In New York City, scores of matrimonially minded couples and well-wishers braved the blistering summer heat to celebrate this landmark day for gay rights.

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  • metacog


  • Justin Schroeder

    Its nice seeing so many happy people!

  • Arlh3111

    My partner and I have been together almost 19 years and when we visit NY next year, I am going to ask him to marry me!  What a thrill it will be to hear him say yes!

  • J7t14r

    The only reason the institution of marriage was created in the first place was to protect the children from abandonment, because every child needs both a father and a mother, not two fathers and no mother, not two mothers and no father. Don’t believe it? Ask them. Until now, in our modern, reformed culture, the needs of the children came first.

  • Vegas Computer

    Glad to see the social stigmatizm is finally turnign around.
    Hope more states will do the same.

    Guy Arbuthnot
    Vegas Computer Solutions
    Computer Repair
    Las Vegas Computer Repair

  • Er3teaches

    It is a sad time.  If you don’t believe God wanted a man and a women to be partners then look at science, only through sexual intercourse of a man and a women can a child be NATURALLY created.

  • Sarah Kittrell

    Needs of children have never been high on the list of priorities. Chimney sweep children of the 1800′s, Hammurabi’s Code entitled parents to remove fingers, eyes, etc of misbehaving children, in the Medievel period girls would regularly be married off as young as 12 years old for land contracts, and the list goes on. Historically, children have been possessions and objects and poison containers for parents and other adults. The needs of the children in “modern, reformed culture” are much the same: drugging active children as a medical “necessity,” children of divorced parents who spend their time largely overscheduled and emotionally malnourished, abuse, incest, pederasty, etc. Children as a defense against gay marriage? I have to disagree strongly against this stance as it is only the children of heterosexual couples that have suffered these atrocities. Biological science produces children; unfortunately, it does not produce good parents who put the needs of their children first. 

    Yes, please, let’s ask the children, and LISTEN to their answers.

  • Otha63

    thank you I so strongly feel the exact same way.  The power of GOD is more powerful than a Movement and this will destroy the human being.  Its a disgrace and I am totally against it and I dont care who doesnt like what i have to say. Man plus Woman equals LIFE.