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The best in broadcast journalism

“Keys to the Castle”

NBC’s Denver affiliate 9News/KUSA-TV uncovered the audacious details of an intricate crime, and the identity of the crime’s elusive perpetrator, before the police did. The man, who went by the false name Greg Castle, was taking advantage of both homeowners facing foreclosure and renters looking for a place to live.

The scoop: Castle would search bankruptcy records and then would call those facing foreclosure and pretend to represent their bank. He would coerce individuals to move out of their homes months before the actual bank required them too. He would then post the homes as unoccupied on craigslist and rent them for his own profit. When the police eventually showed up and informed the duped renters that they were trespassing, Castle vanished.

It was “a very clever plan to get people to pay him money for something that he doesn’t have the right to sell,” an attorney told 9News.

Watch the full report:

“The English Surgeon”

PBS’s POV broadcast this independently-produced documentary, which focuses on a British neurosurgeon who, for 15 years, has traveled to Ukraine to operate on individuals who the nation’s health care system let down and were, essentially, left to die. The film documents the surgeon’s friendship with his Ukrainian protege and his more complicated relationship with himself. “What is it like to have power over life and death, and yet to struggle with your own humanity?” the film asks.

Watch a preview:

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    Awesome, this is my dream job: To do some sort of broadcast Journalism for a major news agency like CBS, ABC, or NBC. Kind of like a radio/tv journalist personality. Communications is necessary to have, especially in the field of broadcast journalism, because people need to know what’s going on in the world today.