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Vampires, shootouts and sex scenes

As the third season of the critically acclaimed television show “True Blood” is about to wrap on HBO, we revisit our June interview with author Charlaine Harris, whose books inspired the series. The story imagines a small Louisiana town where humans and vampires coexist, and follows the fraught relationships that result.

Need to Know’s Alison Stewart sat down with Harris to discuss her writing habits and fascination with vampires. Harris also talked about her own personal experimentation with vampire teeth, and described what it was like to write her first sex scene.

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  • Eleanor Herman

    We were not at all impressed with your choice of Author- Charlaine Harris to interview. Vampires! Give me a break! It’s not even Halloween! There are so many excellent writers we’d love to hear from.
    Bill Moyers would have known better. It was just silly.

  • Deborah Blanchard

    I don’t agree that Charlaine Harris wasn’t a good author to interview. I have a master’s degree in English, with a concentration in creative writing and literature, so I’m not one of those people that don’t appreciate authors who have become established as “excellent” in the classical sense of the word. However, those of us who enjoy entertaining (at least to us) TV like HBO’s True Blood also can appreciate hearing from the author whose work inspired the series. Need I remind folks who scoff at vampires as a subject of literature – especially when the month is not October – that vampires (and other creatures that are considered to be fantastical) have long been at the center of works of fiction that are now on the classics lists. There are times that many of us like to hear from a popular author like Harris. People who don’t should just change the channel.

  • mv

    Thank you for the wonderful interview with Mrs. Harris. It was very entertaining and Charlaine Harris comes across as a very warm person. As for Eleanor’s comment, I have no idea who the “we” she is speaking of, but most people are not so pretentious as to not enjoy an interview with a bestselling author, whatever their genre of writing may be.

  • Dawn

    Who are WE Eleanor? Is that the Royal WE? Speak for yourself. If the books are even half as good as the series, I think it was an excellent choice.

  • Leann

    OMG PEOPLE!!!! Come on.. Get a Life… If you didn’t like this choice then dont read it and MOVE ON.

    dont be Rude and hatefull to the others that Enjoyed the article and Mrs.Harris’s work…

    I want thank you ever so much For the Lovely Interview… as Mrs Harris doesn’t get enough credit for her Writting..

  • Ellen Hyman

    Haven’t you heard the saying “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all!