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  End of the road for Grand Isle?

A documentary portrait of the community of Grand Isle, La., which is facing economic ruin from the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.


  This week’s financial news with Gillian Tett

Alison Stewart talks with Gillian Tett, U.S. managing editor of The Financial Times, about this week’s headlines, including BP’s escrow account and financial reform.


As Belgium goes, so goes the EU?

A separatist party’s recent victory in this tiny bilingual and divided country leave many wondering: will Belgium survive?


Dream big or go ‘home’

Immigrant students are risking deportation to support a controversial bill that would allow them to stay.


It’s the jobs, stupid

Encouraging signs about the rise of entrepreneurship in the U.S. surface, but the scarcity of jobs remains extreme.


  Online, the power of mom

Blogger Heather Armstrong writes about everything from national politics to her daughter’s bathroom habits, and has more Twitter followers than CNN.


While I was rehearsing in New York, my credit card was shopping in Arkansas

Last Friday I opened my credit card statement and there in a row were 20 charges made in one day, April 22, at Walmart in Arkansas. I live in New York. On April 22 I was at the first dress rehearsal for Need to Know in New York City. Someone hacked my credit card, went [...]


Senate takes swipe at interchange fees

When you use a debit card at a store, does it really matter how that money is transferred from your checking account to the merchant? Well, to the banks that issue debit cards and the merchants that accept them, it matters. A lot. A little noticed, but heavily lobbied amendment to the financial reform legislation will limit interchange fees.


  Getting dirty money clean

A Need to Know investigation reveals just how common it is for major U.S. banks to launder money from drug traffickers.


  Felix Salmon on Wall Street reform

Need to Know’s Jon Meacham talks to Felix Salmon of Reuters about efforts to reform Wall Street.

  Paddy Hirsch explains proprietary trading

Paddy Hirsch uses his super high-tech method to explain financial reform.

Scandals rock British government, threatening fragile coalition

The new British government of Prime Minister David Cameron, less than three weeks old, was rocked on Saturday by the resignation of one of its most senior members.