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Poll: A referendum on the economy

Have the Obama administration’s economic policies had a positive or negative impact?

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    Main Street: Findlay, Ohio
    Need to Know travels to Ohio to assess how workers are faring after the loss of millions of manufacturing jobs over the past 35 years.
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    Following the money: Tax breaks
    New CBO report echoes the findings of Need to Know's "A tale or four tax returns."
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    Rick Karr recently visited Seattle to look at a program designed to give the unemployed the skills they need to find jobs in one of the country’s fastest-growing industries.


  • Johndoe

    Big surprise that these people would vote for obama again – they have already lost their jobs, are they waiting to lose their homes? why do you think this economy is good?  get a grip people!

  • Mike

    Obama with the help of the democrats successfully raised the level of poverty and created a society that think they can vote themselves a pay raise. When 50% of the population pays ZERO taxes we are finished.

  • Javagrass

    Mr. Obama’s primary failure regarding the economy is the failure to address the ballooning deficits related to “entitlements,”  that is, Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.  He promised to bring us together and instead has divided us.  He ignored the results of his own commission related to these matters.  His overdone tendency to blame his predecessor is the surest sign that he is not the leader we need.

  • Hlcham

    I wish the economic picture was brighter today then it is, but  that being said, I believe that if the Obama administration hadn’t done what it had, we would be much worse off right now. It is hard for those dealing with such a slow recovery to think about how much worse it could have been and his critics to give him credit for what we do have to show as improvement. None the less we are better off and I am thankful for that.

  • Steve

    The America needs a third party.  Vote the Justice Party. 

  • Bigothunter

    Your poll quetion about Obama’s economics is completely out of context. Pres. Obama’s economic policies have been effectively sabbottaged by the very well organized and kamikase republican obstructionism. If the republican opposition had not been so viciously destructive then your question would have been appropiate.

    Edgar Mièles.

  • underemployed nurse

    The economic climate is controlled by the stock market. When I see the Dow approach 13000 I know that there are people, and organizations, making money. They control the businesses. The purpose of business is to make money. If a business becomes profitable by laying off 1/3 of the work force, they will do it regardless of the morality, or effect on the community. Business does not want or need to support government in order to make a profit, thus, they oppose taxes for schools, roads, and toerh things that make a community.  This paradigm needs to change. Obama is trying, but he must be re-elected first in order to challenge the politicians in Congress that represent big business. I get what Ron Paul says about the economy and his appeal to the young, who are so hopeless. However, he focuses on the wrong problem: government is the “problem” because it is controlled by business. His ideas, while well intended, will do nothing if Congress is still the mouthpiece of Wall Street.  The founders of a our nation must be turning in their graves!

  • Inq0

    The +30% corporate tax is killing business. The off-shoring of billions in profit (Apple Inc. and others) is killing tax revenue. We need to lower the high corporate tax, make keeping profits off-shore illegal, and use the massive tax revenue that will come when these two things are addressed to once and for all provide healthcare for all who want it.

    We also need to stop listening to the sales’ pitches that salesmen and politicians alike tell us that by maximizing our credit and investing in the stock market, we can achieve some warped, way over the top, sense of the ‘American Dream’.

    Thinking you NEED a McMansion, three quarter’s of a million dollar retirement funds, and buying new cars, home appliances, electronics, boats, motorcycles, etc. every couple of years is ridiculous!

    And absolutely NO ABLE BODY needs to retire in this day and age at the age any younger than 75.

  • lightly toasted

    the democrates in 2010 did not pass a budget. and the democrates in the senate along with president OBAMA have stopped everery effort unless the republicans cave Raised taxes on everybody. Remember people it is your money. The notion the are only talking about the rich in the biggest lie out there  Remember “ I am from the goverment and I am here to help you!” LOL

  • Dpr

    The greatest negative impact the President has had was his support for the $850B stimulus which was a significant move toward reaching critical mass. Also, the health care reform act has enough question about its constitutionality to create uncertainty for companies who hire. On the plus side, helping GM was probably better than letting it reorganize, though it’s not clear.  What bothers me most is the way in which he claims there is no longer anything like a business cycle, but that he saved the country from permanent depression. This is very dishonest. Sadly, people actually believe this! The irony is, the size of the national debt may very well have marked the end of healthy business cycles for our country and started us on a permanent slide toward default.

  • lightly toasted

    My fellow Americans who of you out there ever got a job from a poor person or borrowed money from a bank that had none? Answer those who work for unions and the goverment

  • Joanbeanidaho

    Come on folks–it took Bush and the Republican congress 8 looooong years to get us into the mess Obama inherited  when he took office and he is supposed to fix it all in three years?    GET REAL!

  • lightly toasted

    Joanbeanidaho. I challenge you to do your homework and get your facts staright! Going back 25 years the DEMOCRATES have controlled the house of representatives with the exception of last 2 years and once 25 years ago .  In the SENATE, the DEMOCRATES have had controll 19 of those same 25 years. here is a link to help you educate your self check itout if you dare.

  • Alcibiades42

    Virtually every comment you’ve made is either factually false, or based on a poor understanding of the economy and the causes of its problems. The assertion that Obama and the Democrats raised the level of poverty is false and to assert it is idiotic. The economy was in free fall when Obama took office and the steps taken avoided a crash into a really hard depression. That’s pretty much acknowledged by anyone with any knowledge of economics.

    The assertion about “voting yourself a pay raise” is so devoid of reality its nearly psychotic. It reflects a completely distorted view of society and the economic system we use. No such thing has happened. Nor is it relevant. 

    The proportion of people who pay taxes reflects the level of earnings, which has been falling relative to the economy for at least a decade, certainly since Bush II took office. 

    As to the completely irrelevant notion that poor people don’t hire (no one said they did)  its a deceptive rubric to confuse. 

    Do you ever read? Think. 

    The fact is that our economic difficulties arise from a number of problems and policies which have been going on for years. Among them are the rise of other segments of the world as competitors who have far poorer populations and much lower standards of living which depresses the demand for labor, the huge increase in automation in eliminating the need for labor, the failure of the U.S. to maintain its educational system, a economic system in which the medium of exchange replaces actual product and the failure to balance the positive affect of profit in improving efficiency with the need to maintain the market for goods produced. 

    It would be difficult to really go into this, but to allow this rampantly moronic series of statements to go unanswered seemed wrong. 

  • Alcibiades42

    I don’t suppose you have any intelligent support for this comment? Get a grip? From my point of of view this is typical thoughtless slogan based partisanship. No rational person would really think Obama is at fault as you describe. But then there are lots of people who aren’t rational. 

  • Roberta

    Well the facts are when Obama took office we were losing s jobs at a rate of 700,000 per month. Now we have been gaining jobs at over 100,000 a month for many months straight. So it is obvious his policies are having a positive impact. I may not like everything he has done, but he has been fought at every turn by Republicans in congress and so he cannot get his agenda through. I hate to think what shape our country would be in if McCain and Repubs had won.

  • Gustavo Corral

    It takes 1 year to :

     1) come up with a new (balanced) budget
     2) let gays in the military ( took O. 3 yrs. after the trend started in DoD ). Also no federal legislation prohibiting bias in the workplace – this is done at the state level and not all states cover it. Romney has supported gay rights in the workplace.

     3) run the lobbyists out of Washington. Pork only feeds them.

     4) Worry more about environmental damage of BP oil spill than about who gets sued. O. focused on making sure BP put together a $20B fund – mostly for income compensation and not for cleanup, research into better cleanup methods. O. was hanging back while the oil kept flowing. Norweigans offered to help with tech but all Coast Guard did was ward off journalists – I remember this happening to Anderson Cooper.

     5) Not suggest an 11% increase in federal salaries when everyone else was having to buckle down or take a pay cut.

     6) Focus the stimulus package on infrastructure improvements instead of aid to states – just delayed the day of reconning, not dodged it.

     Well, you get the picture.

  • Alcibiades42

    Well, I disagree with some of what you say, but at least you are thinking. 

    But where, pray, did Obama say “there is no longer anything like a business cycle,” And on the other hand, do you have any solid grip on why there is? Why its cyclical periodicity is so varied? 

    I very much doubt that uncertainty over the health care law has much to do with the resultant unemployment. It, like the regulations that the Republicans are constantly bellyaching about are, if anything, marginal issues. Business don’t hire when there isn’t a need for labor to meet demand. Part of the lower demand for labor comes from automation, but the biggest factor is the devastated earning power of the American middle class which has been losing ground every more rapidly since the right began complaining about competition while in the meantime pocketing increasingly large shares of the economic product.

    The right has in effect, blackmailed the middle class into accepting lower compensation on the fear that some income is better than none. The middle class then borrowed to keep up their standard of living, further enriching the wealthy (of course you borrow from the rich… with interest). When the balance between earning, interest service etc reached the tipping point we crashed. If the government hadn’t stepped in, we would, as you say, be in a deep depression. 

  • Gustavo Corral

    O had 2 yrs. with a Democratic House + Senate in his pocket. No obstructionists then, yet he choose to focus on healthcare for uninsured ( let’s be clear and not use the word “reform” )

  • Jstc

    And has spent 5 trillion if got a dollar a second it would take you 34 years to make one trillion. Wake up”’

  • Jeansmith1015

    Everyone seems to forget that the President does not actually have anything to do with the way the economy works, we are not a socialistic society.  We, in this country have decided that we are going to let ourselves be at the mercy of any corporation or person who has some money to spread around which we call capitalism  So, Stop blaming the figure head and start looking at the back drop. In the last few years we have put into place, with the citizens united ruling a certain way of life. Basically, we have decided that anyone with enough money can make any law and do what ever they want.  We, as a true democratic society are very lame, and I use that word in place of many I could think of. We stand up for nothing. I am appalled that we have candidates for president who might have been good in 1750. I am very ashamed of what we have become in this country and I hope that those who are educated and understand the true urgency of what needs to be done will rise up and do what needs to be done.

  • yopblog

    First, wealthy people are not inherently bad and neither are poor people.  Let’s form opinions based on individual character, not on level of wealth.  That said, many corporations are sitting on massive sums of cash, yet they say they need tax breaks to hire workers.  Low taxes do not generate jobs–demand does.  No well-run business will hire people to simply produce products or services in excess, to be placed on a shelf for later.  Businesses hire employees when it makes economic sense and they can realize marginal profits from each new hire.  Demand for goods drives hiring.  Consumers are the job creators, not the wealthy and corporations, unless they are spending money–which they do not appear to be.

    Regarding the deficit, The Bush administration blew the budget surplus of Clinton’s final two years and drove the deficit ever higher to fund the unnecessary Iraq War and lower taxes on the wealthy.  They also ignored the questionable investment activity that took place during Bush’s term, allowing the economy to crash.  As you can see all over Europe, austerity does not bring a faltering economy back–it exacerbates the recession.  When stuck in a hole, digging further does not get you out.  You have to add dirt to climb out.  Therefore, the added deficit was necessary to bring the economy around, and it has worked as well as it could have.  For Republicans to rally against deficits now is simply disingenuous.  It is not a stretch to say that this is just an attempt by Republicans to reduce programs for the less fortunate by saying we cannot afford them.  I submit that we cannot afford government subsidies for corporations.

    Mr. Obama is not anti-business.  He simply wants businesses to operate ethically.  Ethics is not a black and white topic and warrants careful consideration and he understands this.

    Citizens are now so deeply intertwined in the ”system” now that another economic collapse is sure to occur, given the weak-hearted attempts to reign in the financial system.  I frankly, would have liked to see President Obama tackle that topic first when no one could have questioned financial system reform without committing political suicide.  Many of us have 401k or 403b retirement accounts, which tethers us to stock market performance.  So, while the market is soaring and our perceived wealth is skyrocketing, no one questions it or raises the red flag as they should.  This was the genius of the addition of section 401k of the tax code and it is no coincidence how it binds us all to the markets.

    I wish Occupy Wall Street would push the fringe elements out of their way and focus on the important issues such as campaign finance and financial industry reform.  Maybe, once those issues have been adequately addressed, they can focus on saving small mammals or whatever else some of their members argue for.

  • Cgjgeoman

     Perhaps you should do your homework in a less slipshod fashion. Republicans have controlled the House of Representatives for 14 of the last 20 years.  Six under Clinton, six under G.W. Bush and 2 under Obama. Furthermore Democrats is spelled with only one “e”.

  • John Kelsch

    I think he is trying to do the right thing by raising the capital gains tax which I believe was one of the leading contributers to the callapse of the economy and the main reason the economy is stagnant! From 1920-29 the Dow quadrupled, the cost of living skyrocketed callapsing the economy into the great depression! From 1995-07, the markets neerly quadrupled, the cost of living skyrocketed, collapsing the economy into the great recession! With the capital gains tax at 14%… it has encouraged people to invest their savings in the markets especially now that the interest rates are at zero. It should be common knowledge that when the markets go up so does the cost of living! The cost of living is eating away at the global economy! The price of oil follows the Dow tit for tat and is currently 25% of the average budget since everyone drives gas hogs and lives in oversized houses! Why would the government want to discourage investors from running up the markets, name one government employee who doesn’t have money in the markets and doesn’t get cost of living increases?

  • Hapuna22

    The financial collapse at the end of the Bush Admin. brought this country to its knees. Eight years of deregulation and Bush tax cuts which were designed to create jobs, stimulate the economy did the exact opposite and were disastrous for the country. Continuing the same Bush policies that the Republicans are selling is insanity, i.e., repeating the same policies but expecting a different result. Pres. Obama has reversed the staggering job loss Bush left him, the stock market has doubled, the Iraq War has ended, Afghanistan winding down, not to mention the capture/killing of terrorist #1 Osama Bin Laden. Pres. Obama’s record demonstrates he will work circles around any of the Republican presidential candidates in the Presidential election of 2012.

  • Edie

    Republicans put our economy in a ditch and Obama has gotten us out of  the hole. He deserves a second term and a majority Democratic Congress who supports the middle class and poor and not the rich. None of the Republicans who are millionaires and more care about the 99% of us so they shouldn’t be running the country.

  • Tom

    I’m a Republican and I can’t wait to vote for whomever is running against Obama!

  • The messenger

    In the new world dictionary, the word politician = Elite statis, Snake Oil Salesperson. Someone who’s every waking moment is spent thinking of new ways to tax you, for anything they can, so that they can raise their own salaries without asking their employer’s permission and write themselves a full pay retirement package and health insurance package to cover everything they can think of until they actually die, to include life insurance benefits with a college fund,  so their family is set for life.    

    They must be the smartest people on earth.  And we pay for it !  We sent the brightest people in America to do our biding in every way.  We put people on the moon and yet they somehow want us to believe they can figure out how to fix the economy,  REALLY ?????  

    For the last 30 some years, thousands of factories have left the country looking for cheap labor and raw materials. How long did you think this could go on before economic collapse ?  Corporate America and their lobbyists have had a strangle hold on our congress,  it jobs, or profit.  Offshore banks or outsourcing.  Where has our national pride gone,  our morality. Feed your own first? 

    Borrow money from China, pave roads, build infrastructure in the Middle East?  

    Both sides have failed us,  Democrats and Republicans.   The question is, if we send the brightest people we have to congress,  how could this happen.  They are either dumber than a dirt shovel, or they have lied, cheated and stolen us blind while stuffing their pockets.  Which is it? 

    We elect them, but we have been asleep at the switch.  We can afford to send their kids to the most expensive colleges,  while we have student loans for ours?

    You want to fix Social Security?  Take Congress off they full pay retirement and put them on Social Security !     They have stolen our retirement money,  they answer that problem with,  ” it’s broken, you’ll have to retire later on and invest your money in a 40lK.”  

    Wait a minute, what happened to the money we gave you?  Sorry, we lost it on Wall Street.

    And if you think they have any sense of guilt about their failures,  you’re delusional.   Lets try this,
    walk into your bosses office and tell him, you’re giving yourself a raise,  but you’ll be out of the office for the next year looking for another congressional term,  but keep sending the checks?

    In the real world, we get rewarded when we do good stuff, we get fired when we do bad stuff, right?

    Congress has failed us in every way possible, yet they voted themselves a raise?  What did we do about it?   Nothing!  We put a fox in the henhouse to watch the chickens!    And we’re shocked
    to find and empty henhouse with a bunch of very fat foxes??

    The Bush’s, the Clinton’s, the Obama’s,  all the senators we know, have all gained enormously !
    Yes my little sheep,  the elite have done well, and they could care less about us.

    Our Congress has little regard for the economy,  or they would have fixed it by now.   Follow the money!    

    So,  ”A”, are they just not as smart as we thought they were?  They almost all have,  LAW DEGREES,  and they always seem to have the right answers?  

    Or, “B”,  Should we fire them for their incompetence and just assume that all lawyers know how to lie cheat and steal better than anyone?  

    Although I’m just the messenger,  it seems like their must be a solution.  If you look back,  to better times,  when things were going just fine, you’ll find that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

    I’m just saying,  we had tariffs on imports,  and people had jobs!  Who wanted free trade, cheap goods and no jobs ? 

    Gold backed the dollar,  no one wanted to outsource your job or take away your insurance? 

    But then, someone wanted to pay you less, and pay themselves more,  while offering you cheaper stuff.   Guess what, they shot the goose that laid the golden egg and now,  Cheap isn’t going to be cheap enough,  cause you don’t have a job.  

    The Messenger 



  • the messenger

    Old Chines saying,  Politician is only one who can talk out of both sides of mouth,  at the same time.

    Lawyer / politician, an afflection, or sickness,  same as electing fox to watch chicken.

    congressman= Junior Snake Oil Salesmen,   who runs for office,  become Senior partner / charlatan,  Sr. Snake Oil Salesperson,   Slickster who say one thing but do another.

    Sells you car without motor,  says, runs good,  hood won’t open, lost keys, not a problem.

    Attorney = only human alive who can lose case and always make money while taking off your pants and handing them to you,  saying with straight face,  I don’t know what happened,  meets opposing lawyer in bar who won and says, thanks,  you’re buying lunch and the Champaign chump, I let you win this one. 

  • Tpn4aor

    If the republicans in Congress would stop pandering to the 1% and focus on what is good for the country as a whole, we would not have gotten into the mess we’re in.  I am reminded of what happened in France when the proletariat had had enough of the inequality where 2% of the people had 99% of the power & wealth.  It was called the French revolution, a bloody mess where many of the elite were “shortened”.  If the inequality here continues as it has the last 30 years with 1% continuing to get ever more wealthy & powerful I fear the same could happen here.  Our country is suppose to be “of the people, by the people and for the people”, not “of the people, by the people and for the 1%)

  • Emanamana

    Dr. Ron Paul is our last chance, folks. He’s the ONLY ONE who fully adheres to/supports the founding principles of this country, and the ONLY ONE who speaks out against warmongering against Iran. (You do realize that the mere hint of attacking Iran for Israel has cost US billions in increased gas prices already, right?)

  • Sue Barnhart

    The facts are this president took office in the midst of the economy in collapse. The facts are when he took office we were bleeding jobs losing 800,000 per month (more than ANY month in 60 years) GDP was -9% that is NEGATIVE NINE. (MORE than double the recession of the 80s) The financial system was collapsing in a way we haven’t seen since the great depression. The average household had just lost $100,000 in wealth in housing collapse in fall of 2008 & this in an economy that is 70% driven by consumer spending which was driven by easy credit based on rising home values. Warren Buffet described it as a giant on/OFF switching off in the economy. As President Obama took the oath of office the national debt was already $10.6 Trillion & we were in 2 wars. NO PRESIDENT EVER has faced this big of a mess
    Considering this I think he has done an AMAZINGLY good job.
    In his 1st 6 months he put in place a giant stimulus program that almost all economists agree helped stop the fall & saved many many jobs I don’t think there are any economists who believe it didn’t help many think it wasn’t big enough to fill the $10 Trillion hole. He saved the American auto industry & 100′s of 1000′s of good jobs associated w it. AND its now making profits for the 1st time in years. Secr. TReasury Tim Geithner w stress tests & capital requirements has managed TARP so well that the banking system stabilized & that money has been paid back w interest & it even made us money, something NO ONE expected could happen back in 2008. We actually made a $10 billion profit on TARP. Now that’s just plain good management. Oh and for the 1st time in 62 years the US is a net EXPORTER of petroleum products. (Wallstreet journal article just the other day) The housing market and construction remain crippled but when we’d been over building by millions of houses for 10 years their just is no easy fix to that. People are deleveraging, the attorney generals are working thru the evidence. But housing values had to fall. Long run that will help people. It will just will take time.
    The democrats and President Obama put in place a Wallstreet reform package that reregulated the big banks & for the 1st time ever will protect consumers from NONbank entities like mortgage originators, payday loans, debt collecting agencies & the other shadow banking industry. I STRONGLY support this. Our current economic mess was caused mainly by these unregulated non-bank mortgage lenders.
    To top this all off this President, even knowing it would be a tough stand in this economic mess after doing what he thought was needed to stabilize the economy still had the guts to tackle HC reform and put in place Obamacares which FOR THE 1st time EVER provides a safety net for people like me who have worked our entire lives & paid insurance premiums!! I LOVE OBAMACARES!!!
    So, I’ll be voting alright & sending whatever I can in $$ & going door to door for this President.

  • Angel de Jesus

    Because you are a stupid racist retardican

  • Kendonaldson18

    Amazing to me that 41% think obama is doing a good job. I suppose if you count food stamp receipients at 20% of our population and union members, well I think you get my point.

  • Angel de Jesus

    Repiblicans are stupid. They vote against their own interests because they are too mentally deficient to understand the issues. Or, perhaps they are driven by their insane religious beliefs and racism. Bunch of bible banging bigots with nothing but hate fear in their hearts.

  • Angel de Jesus

    On average people living in “red-states” have significantly lower IQ’s than their “blue-state” counterparts. Retardicans want to keep you ignorant and uneducated unable to think for are being played and you are too stupid to see this.

  • Angel de Jesus

    Cut salaries in both houses and remove benefits.
    Congress and senate should earn a median average american salary. Their benefits should come out of their own pockets until we all have universal healthcare.

  • Angel de Jesus

    Capitolism is failing. It is a flawed system. Strict regulations are needed.

  • Michael Smith

     You must be a part of the recipient class.

  • Michael Smith

    Ignore Angel,  He is a libtard.

  • BLH

    Slight Positive effect-
    However-the economy was dragged down so low that anythging would have helped
    Unbelivable-last nights-segment -cutting back on Good Teachers-
    Education is the key-very short sighted in Ohio-
    Similiar article-in NY Times this week-lack of technical training-i.e nurses-where the jobs are-
    Tremdous mismatch of resources-

  • lighttly toasted

    When you do not get the treatment you desperately need because it has been deemed not cost effective , you will cry.  And again say it is not fair. I bet you have a cell phone, color TV, eat out on a regular basis have cable TV and are you live beyond your means!  Just because you want to have it.

  • Anonymous

    As I look back at the last 3 years, the President (a Man, not a Super Man) has done a pretty good job. Saying that, the Congress with a 13% approval rate has done a Lousy Job. An example of the September 2010 vote by all Republicans to defeat a law that would have removed the tax gift to the 800 Mulitnational Corporations like IBM and GE to fire in the USA and hire offshore.

    The Republicans have “filibustered” hundreds of bills requiring a 60 vote to pass anything to create jobs and get our economy moving in exchange for keeping the economy in the dumper for the 2012 election to take over Congress and the White House to return to the continuation of Middle Class being shoved into poverty like other 3rd world countries with a Rich 1% wanting more and more.

    The “Tea Party” nuts in Congress (Koch Brothers John Birchers) are doing everything possible to keep the economy in the toilet, blocking the Dodd Frank Law to return to predatory practices of Banks and the removal of any government (think we the people) to prevent our assets and savings from being stolen by Wall Street and the Banks.

    They want all those Chairmanships if they take control of Congress and the Whitehouse to Privatize (borrow taxpayer money at 1% and lend to kids at 14%), Privatize Social Security, invoke an $8000 voucher to Seniors, to raise co-pays to Seniors to get their savings, to sell off public land, millions of acres at $125 an acre to the Rich who put up barb wired and label it a “Conservatory” for their Rich Friends, lowering or eliminating Capital Gains taxes so guys like Romney(make his millions from raiding defined benefit Pensions) and help the Rich get Richer and Richer while everyone else are shifted into Poverty, like other 3rd world countries.

    The Federal Courts, who are stacked with “Corporate friendly Lawyers” that judge in favor of Corporations like Citizens United, need to be kicked out.

    I hope the Repubican Thugs go the way of the “Bull Moose Party” and disappear from the face to the earth.

    We need to give our President a Congress that will solve our problems for the majority of the Americans and not make the same mistake we made in 2010 by letting the “Disgruntled Billionaires Tea Party take over the House of Representatives.

  • Anonymous

    Mike Smith, you must be a Norquist fan, put the government in a bathtub so the Rich 1% Corporate thieves can run the country and take our money.

  • Anonymous

    My 50 years of 15% annual Contribution to Social Security it NOT an Entitlement as is my years of Contribution to Medicare.

    Entitlement should be defined as “I am Rich, I deserve to be Rich, the rest of you stay poor and give me your money. I am Entitled to Keep as much money from your labor than pay any of you suckers a living wage and have you send your kids to war while I send my kids to Wall Streetto learn new ways like Derivatives to fleece your retirement and I am “Entitled” to pay NO TAXES and you, the suckers, need to pay taxes and go into debt to keep my Assets around the world paid for with the blood of your kids”.

  • Jdmartinjax

     This poll also includes douche bags like you, so if you can’t still see why the poll looks stupid, look in the mirror.

    This economy is what 8 years of george bush got us. It will take 50 years to get out of what he, and you, did to us.

  • lightly toasted

    With this being PBS and their poll showing 54% of responders are of the opinion that Obama is having a negative impact on the economy and only 39% in favor of a positive impact.   It will go un-reported by the main street media, and it will get flushed down the preverbal toilet along with the economy by the man in the white house, after all this is government media.

  • Anonymous

    When the liberals can’t win a poll on PBS you know their taking it in the shorts.

  • Anonymous

    LOL thats as funny as it gets.

  • Anonymous

    The last two years of the Bush admin the D’s had the majority in both the Senate and the House. So your team has had five years.

  • mumfort

    America needs multiple parties or none at all.  The system is broken by partisanship.

    People actually believe they have a choice when election time rolls around. In fact, they are only getting more of the same from both sides.

  • Pickes

    Everybody needs to buy American, buy local, or don’t complain.  Be willing to pay a premium for your job. I do not hesitate to pay a 20% premium and more for American made goods.  Everybody wants something for nothing but it does not work that way.

    If you own stock in Apple, tell them to bring production back to America.  Products will be more expensive and profits will fall, but………BILLIONS will still be made.  This corporation is just one of many that put excessive profits above the economic well being of the country. 

    When a corporation has millions of shareholders social responsibility goes out the window.  The bottom line is the only line.

    We are at a point now in Capitalism where a free-market does not promote competition but rather stifles it. Seriously, how would one compete with wal-mart? Or how many could?  Has the new Wal-mart in your town promoted healthy competion? or shuttered dozens of businesses?

  • Bkairis

    President Obama’s policy had little chance of having much affect as they have been continuously obstructed by Republican politicians who value self interest above any desire to benefit the country.
    On the other hand Obama has shown little leadership and certainly has had no ability to convince the American people of the value of his policies. 

  • Bitdoger

    it costs US 1 million $ per soldier per year for the war in Afgan…that Bush got us into…
    Iraq and Afgan both were wars financed by debt sold to china . The corp tax code encourages outsourcing
    and the political system encourages Super PAC to campaign for years so that they have exclusive
    access for their ‘rich’ 1%…We should borrow the European model of campaign reform ie only two weeks before the election and have the election during the weekend and borrow the German
    unemployment model the actually paid companies half the employee wages during the downturn
    and the upper mgmt actually thinks keep employees on for the long term make business sense…
    then remember Athens democracy only last 150 years before they too succumbed to bickering between the rich athen’s citizens

  • Sfceb

    Obama had two years of both houses of the government and they have come up with more mega programs to suck the life out of this economy and this country. Now they they whine that they weren’t successful because of opposition. They are now killing the rest of our industrial base by trying to drive our energy cost sky high, this is adding billions of dollars to our costs of doing business and living. They even argue as if the law of supply and demand have been repealed and don’t matter in our cost of becoming energy independence.

  • Kitty Kent

    Here’s what I need to know: who thought it was a good idea to dumb down this show?  For example: you present a teacher, a manufacturing worker and two small business owners.  They are all experiencing financial woes which are listed as a doctor would list symptoms of a disease.  Only the disease is never named or really discussed.  Those featured seem to react as if what has happened/is happening to them is random, bad luck, something in which man has no plan or direction, like the weather.  Why/how is it that a tenured teacher could be treated in this disgraceful manner?  Banks sitting on the largest cash cache ever refusing to lend to the African-American small business and the poor guy who thinks Mitt Romney will save American manufacturing.  Did anyone ask him to explain his opinion?

  • Sfceb

     Don’t whine, they had the congress for two years and got what they wanted, the mega health care plan that is and will continue to kill our nation. If they had anything that would have helped this country where is it? Following the road the Europeans and the Greeks have followed? This is a disaster playing out before your very eyes.

  • Michael Garcia

     I believe the Obama presidency stepped into an economic something most could not wrap their minds around.Even today the word trillion is used with air of fear.I heard P Volker say he never thought  he would be using  the word trillion as often as he has in his life time.What the financial world  did to the working class/common folk for me began about 30 years ago.The many accolades the Reagan presidency gets is the beginning of the great recession with the relaxing of regulation for the financial industry.So for the mess that took 30 years to create it take than 4 years to correct.

  • Lois Lane

    It’s called the Great Recession, based on the Great Depression.  It was many years, then a Great War, to bring employment back from the depths.  We’ve had only four years, and no help from the divided congress, to recover from this mess.  Misguided wars, terrible tax cuts, irresponsible deregulation; it’s has been a long time comin.

  • Fhethcock

         What I detest and hate about “Obamaism” is the fact the gentleman is a political dog chasing his own tail. No matter how flowery and made-up his public speaking may be he is still rhetoric and politics and nothing else. Kissing babies and shaking hands and waving for the cameras is as old politics as any poser can get. Still the American public hangs on to anything kinder than the previous Republican party. He walked into office promising healthcare reform and has succeeded in bringing the health of this nation to its knees. With a Republican sure to be elected to the Presidency next election due to poor democratic voters and strong republican voters, stay tuned for four to eight years of being systematically raped and learning to say: “thank-you!” Obama led us around by the nose as he was led around by the nose. After being put so many trillion in the national debt this country needs a Democratic leader with reform primary to his policy, not Obama and his useless never ending political rhetoric. Get rid of the whiner and get a leader (at least in a national health care reform— which he failed at miserably)F.E.H. 

  • Fhethcock

    No doubt! But, the “ignorant” red states are the ones who show up at the polls to elect people as the Bushes.

  • John

    Obama and Bernake are the biggest confiscators of wealth using fiscal and monetary policy. Together they both want people to be in debt and be dependent on government completely. Ultra low interest rates free money for consumers pitting them  against progress of America  the savers and small and medium business owners. Good luck America!

  • Sam2012

    Your right because socialism and debt caused by too much spending by government and consumers can never bring prosperity. you can’t spend your  way to prosperity. Equality by the left is not everyone being well off but everyone being all  poor.

  • Maria Page

    I cannot blame the people who are jobless to be impatient but it took 30 years to plunder the economy and there is no magic to its repair.  It will take time and a lot of conscience on the part of employers to quit firing emplyees “to save money”.  Actually what they want is more money in their pocket.  That is why we have to tax the rich more.  They will not be rich without workers.  More taxes from the rich means more taechers, policeman, firefighters, etc.  Some economists say it will not help.  If you have more money in your pocket it will definitely help.  Same with the government.  The next step is to make sure the money is spent wisely. 

    Romney will not increase his tax.  He has $250M.  Obama refused to work for Wall Street.  He earned his money ($4-5M) because he wrote a book.  He did not invest in oil unlike Bush,  Cheney, a lot of Republicans and Democrats.  That is why I trust him.  Oil was not a part of Wall Street in the past.  It should be taken out of it.  Everytime change is introduced, politics get in the way. Vote for those who will do what is best for the country.  Keep an open mind.  

  • Jeri Barnett

    Negative impact- When so many people have to choose between gas in the vehicle to make it to work or groceries on the table there is a major strain on the economy. And with President Obama basically inciting people to the point of class warfare over the economy is a new low.  Before you assume I make a great deal of money the truth is before taxes I earn right at 25k per year after taxes so I am by no means well off. People need to wake up and realize we are headed in the wrong direction.

    Do I have a solution? No. Both parties are to blame but so are the American people for not paying attention and being led around like sheep. Even illegal immigration has its effects on the pockets of every day working class citiens but it seems no one is willing to address that issue in Washington DC.

    As a side note I had to laugh at one point when watching the Ohio piece with the couple was talking about the President Obama being a Christian. Guess they never saw the news item where he first stated his Muslim faith and then only corrected it to Christian after the correspondent prompted him to correct himself.  If you are a Muslim be honest about it and quit lying.

  • Jeri Barnett

    Negative impact- When so many people have to choose between gas in the vehicle to make it to work or groceries on the table there is a major strain on the economy. And with President Obama basically inciting people to the point of class warfare over the economy is a new low.  Before you assume I make a great deal of money the truth is before taxes I earn right at 25k per year after taxes so I am by no means well off. People need to wake up and realize we are headed in the wrong direction.

    Do I have a solution? No. Both parties are to blame but so are the American people for not paying attention and being led around like sheep. Even illegal immigration has its effects on the pockets of every day working class citiens but it seems no one is willing to address that issue in Washington DC.

    As a side note I had to laugh at one point when watching the Ohio piece with the couple was talking about the President Obama being a Christian. Guess they never saw the news item where he first stated his Muslim faith and then only corrected it to Christian after the correspondent prompted him to correct himself.  If you are a Muslim be honest about it and quit lying.

  • LSkodak

    Please quit fooling yourself.  Obama made a fortune for his own personal gain with oil trade to Brazil, He hasn’t one clue about creating jobs, he is anti america, anti American and has increased our National deficit to keep you in bondage.

  • LSkodak

    It’s the strict regulations that the Democrats voted on over the past 50 plus years that have killed capitalism and manufacturing jobs and jobs in general,  get a clue.

  • LSkodak

    Obviously you are the retard because American History that is recorded already shows that the Democrats are the ones who voted themselves those big fat checks/salaries, and set all the regulations in place that have killed american jobs, and have put our country in the mess that it is in now since they controlled both the house and the senate for well over the majority of the time over the past 70 years. 

  • Rick

    We can not sustain the spending that is currently happening not to mention that there are much better options and cheaper.  The unemployment is far greater than it was when Obama took office, overall confidence among friends and family are low and they are not improving.  I am also a business owner and speaking with other business owners they will not hire until Obama is out of office for fear of could happen.


  • Anonymous

    The backstabbing foreigner has sabotaged us-and yet diehard liberals will vote for this traitor again-which means they are traitors for not caring enough to check this mombasa born foreigner out-whether he is even a basic citizen of this USA-let me be perfectly clear-to vote for more of this blatant communism from an illegal terrorist is being a traitor and immoral

  • Anonymous

     being a traitor does not excuse obama’s blatant communism and gay loving immorality-he is our enemy-if not yours-then you must be clouded with fairy tale dreams-we have people suffering now and you want 4 more years of chaos?

  • Chrismeninno

    The president’s policies have stabilized the economy from going into a full blown recession.  The so-called fiscal conservatives who brought this country to the brink of a depression are nothing but racist, tea bagging, neanderthals.  

  • Joe

    1.5 trillion dollars of government over spending per year, 16 trillion dollar total deficit. No energy policy, our tax system is put together with spit and bubble gum. George Bush was bad but Obama is worst.

  • ruprecht

    Being a fiscal conservative does not, in fact, make one a racist.

    If you ran your family budget like our government runs theirs, your family could likely have you institutionalized on the grounds that you had lost your mind.

    Fiscal conservative means, at the very least, spending no more than you make. See how racist that is?

  • Kenv

    Conservative policies of the Bush administration brought $6 trillion debt and collapse of the financial system. While the economy cannot turn around quickly from that mismanagement, Obama’s policies inclulding the stimulus have stopped the hemorage. Electing conservatives again will bring a repeat of the past disaster. After all, conservative Republicans did it before, in the 1920s. Remember, too, thlat Clinton puledl us out of the Reagan recession.

  • Bill_88

    The Congressional Budget Office, Moody’s Analytics, among other private sector economists have all said the Stimulus has has a positive effect on the economy.  THe Republican all effort to kill any recovery has succeeded (in particular throught cutting funds to states leading to massive lay-offs of teachers, firemen, policemen and other public sector workers) has helped to significantly weaken the effects of the stimulus.