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Poll: Waiting for Superman

Who can fix our economic mess?

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    Main Street: Findlay, Ohio
    Need to Know travels to Ohio to assess how workers are faring after the loss of millions of manufacturing jobs over the past 35 years.
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    Following the money: Tax breaks
    New CBO report echoes the findings of Need to Know's "A tale or four tax returns."
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      Certifiably employable
    Rick Karr recently visited Seattle to look at a program designed to give the unemployed the skills they need to find jobs in one of the country’s fastest-growing industries.


  • Anonymous


  • Sookie

    I miss Bill!

  • Xestops

    I believe the “economy” is beyond any single politician’s control.

  • Conservative

    He has the experience we need. He has operated a business and has political experience in federal level political office. He knows history and therefore he knows what has worked in the past and what has failed in the past. He says what he means and strikes me as being honest. Ron Paul is honest but he is a poor speaker and will show poorly against most other world leaders. 

  • Anonymous

    It’s all tied to manufacturing.  If manufacturing was brought back to this great nation, main street would be booming again.  People would be able to pay their bills and have extra money spend.  However, that won’t happen because those in DC and big business already manufacturing in China don’t want it to happen.  Hell, its very sad when we can’t even manufacture something as simple as Play-Doh in America anymore!

  • Steve Bondorowsky

    Companies that are flushed with cash don’t need tax breaks to create jobs. They need demand for their products which will happen when people want to buy their products. Tax breaks to the wealthy will not result in increased demand for product. They haven’t deprived themselves of anything till now since thay are sitting on lotsa money. They will simply put the money in the bank. Everyone else, including recipients of unemployment insurance will spend every penny so as to survive, thereby increasing demand..for product and services. Yes tax the wealthy, they are not the job creators. Businesses create jobs whn they need to hire so as to produce what they want to sell.

  • Eddy4

    Fixing the Economy I think can and will only get fixed when all of the citizens stand up under one voice in agreement that we the people run this Great Country and not the Politcians greed.

  • Dddbuy

    Ron Paul is the only one that will give us real honest change that will make our economy soar . All the rest will give us status quo while they slowly take away our rights . Corporate cronyism and federal entitlism are destroying this country .

  • Brill Galt

    The greatest trick government ever pulled was persuading you that it is necessary. 

    Proof:  Your own reaction to the statement.  You automatically think “Well, what about the roads?” etc. Well, that is EXACTLY the same sort of thoughts for most people in 1840′s U.S. when a relatively tiny group of people wanted to abolish slavery (“Well, how will the cotton be picked?”) OR in someone standing in a long breadline in Soviet Russia (“Well, who will provide bread, if not the government?”).

    When government stops pointing guns at their own citizens to take the fruits of their labors (i.e. taxation), their property, or by taking the lives of its people for resisting arrest for non-violent acts such as smoking marijuana, copying a DVD, or possessing an illegal toilet THEN things will get better.

    Under government initiation of force, we are slaves.  Without it, we are free.

    The Story of Your Enslavement…

  • Kim Medlong

    NO one person, by themselves can repair the problems we face today.  It will take relearning a histroy lesson.  The true preamble to the documents that our goverment and our society have relied on for nearly 236 years was written by Thomas Paine.  I have taken to re-reading it frequently like a mantra or a passage from a holy book.  For only in common sense can we truly hope to find our way out of this mess that WE THE PEOPLE, have allowed to continue.  A revolution is needed, not to overthrow, but to reorganize.  How we elect, how long they serve, how the financial and business interests are overseen, how we secure the health and wellbeing of all and how we maintain the security of our nation and way of life.  Until that time, our Constitution will mearly be an old piece of paper, with so many words written with ink that fades with each passing day.

  • Cabanadave2000

    i’ve been looking at candidate Gov.Buddy Roemer …and wondering why he’s getting omitted from debates…….and no coverage

  • Navy62802

    Here here.

  • Vpsd

    There seems to be a lack of political courage to do what must be done to help the economy.  I am reminded of Lincoln’s admonition to disenthral ourselves so that we may save our nation.  Some of our founders feared political parties – their fears may being validated.

  • Guest

    Obama signed the NDAA which includes American citizens. Wake up and grow up. There won’t be a U S of A if the establishment candidates like Romney, Gingrich and Insanitarium get in. They will not RESTORE your rights. CNN did not report on it at all except to dismiss it. Obama keeps expanding the debt and govt and taking away what the founders gave and warned you that you should stand up for it.

  • owldog

    Anyone know how Paul feels about citizens united?  Are corporations people? How does Paul feel about Habeus Corpus?  Does it apply to all human rights or only citizens?

  • owldog

    Not allowing we the people to tax the super-rich thieves of corporate America CAUSES DEBT.
    Trying to balance a budget short of revenues resulting from the 2008 collapse is what caused most of Obama’s increase of the deficit.  This economic collapse was caused by the “Contract with America” trashing of the Glass-Stegall act circa 1999, and selling out the manufacturing sector under Bush, who borrowed 100% of the money to give the super-rich tax cuts. 

  • Normanbinai

    The key to reviving our economy is to think like a doctor at any hospital, anywhere. Think of it this way,, a patient ( our economy ) comes in need of life saving help, the patient has already infected others with his illness ( wall street & the world economy ),,, what any doctor would prescribe is to first Isolate the patient ( close all borders to imports & exports and people ) until the patient is able to respond to localised treatment ( bringing back our jobs & manufacturing base ) ,,, then with a broader treatment plan based on the patients improvement.


    The government of by and for the people is not necessary if you have the corporate business oligarchy running the country

  • NoMore

    People need to ignore the talking heads in media trying to convince us that a vote for Ron Paul would be worthless. He has more support than the controlled media polls would like us all to believe. Let’s really vote for change this time.


    In your guts, you know he’s nuts

  • Russ300

    This economy is the result of thirty years of Reganomics and the lessened influence of unions. Pay for the middle class has been stagnant, so the answer is to give big
    money more tax breaks and cut social services for the rest of us? In an ever more complex world, government needs to be more and more involved to maintain a stable society. The “Founders” never envisioned SEC, FAA and EPA to name a few. Does anyone not want to eat safe food, drink clean water and have their kids play with safe toys or fly in a safe airplane?  We need a country where someone can get sick or get an education and not owe $100K, or a lot more. There is a lot more value to the country with that than having big shots own three homesa garage full of Mercedes and a private jet.,

  • Normanbinai

    Want change ? April 15th. send the government an I O U

  • Rolliepd

    Obama is slowly putting the econmy together with no help from republicans. Their goal is to try and make him fail. If they helped we would be well on our way.

  • carla

    While I feel for the main street residents of NH, I question if any of them have give a thought to the public policies that have contributed to their plight. And have any of them done any research on how the Affordable Care Act will be to their benefit. I think not. Slam, bam destruction Faux and others have made this a non issue. 

    If the media in this country were not so cowed by slams of being labeled liberal there would be much more honest reporting. 

    Have any of Ron Paul supporters studied the essence of libertarianism? 

  • carla

    To finish my post. Libertarianism is no way to run a country. While the young may be attracted to his anti-military, anti-tax, -anti- big government, his economic policies support the lassiez faire unbridled agenda of international corporatism; these entities will not longer be checked by our government or any others, unless he can figure out a way to bring them all down together. Will not happen. 

    Obama gets our plight and eventually things will improve. The appointment of Cordory is a good sign. If you think not educate yourself about the role of Financial Consumer Protection Agency. 

    Sign me posting in the dark is this nation paying attention.

  • Anonymous

    Until you people have a accurate understanding of how our credit based monetary system works you can never understand the politics of our time.  You think taxing the rich will fix this nations problem…think again.  Money CREATION is the intent of our elected politicians on both the left and right, and that only happen via new debt, whether via our government or private individuals.  Instead of changing this damned system they are intent on keeping it going at whatever cost until it fails miserably.  Ron Paul is the only viable candidate with a plan to restore a hope for a future in the country.  It will be painful, yes!  It will be painful no matter which way we go.  At least with Ron Paul we have a chance or preserving freedom on the other side.  Any other candidate is a joke.  I am a conservative and I am fed up with the same ridiculous conservative candidates that end up doing the exact same thing as their predecessors.  IT IS TIME FOR A REVOLUTION!  Ron Paul 2012.

    Learn more about our economy here:

  • Anonymous


  • AnchorageMikey

    Ron Paul cut 1 trillion: ! trillion dollars is 20 million (20,000,000)  $50,000 a year jobs. 

  • AnchorageMikey

    Ron Paul cut 1 trillion: ! trillion dollars is 20 million (20,000,000)  $50,000 a year jobs. 

  • Conan

    government is in bed with international corporatism.
    Much better to let people free and thrive so there’s a lot less incentive to do ‘wrong’ things.

  • foo

    Exactly.  That’s 20 million counter-productive government jobs (nonproductive people who do nothing but spend all day harassing productive people) gone, which is a plus all by itself.  But then add on top of that enough money staying in the private sector that we can create 20 million private sector jobs where actual useful stuff is produced.  More stuff + same number of total people = our society is richer.

    A lot of people have the mistaken idea that a job is a job is a job.  They’re not all the same.  Productive jobs make as ALL richer, while non-productive jobs make us slightly poorer (because we all have to chip-in to subsidize the non-productive workers), and counter-productive jobs make us a LOT poorer (they drain not only our money but our ability to produce).  The path to prosperity involves getting as many people as possible to be very productive — producing useful stuff — stuff you would actually pay money to buy.  (No body would pay money to get bossed around by federal bureaucrats.  “No body would pay for it” = “not useful stuff”.  Free markets work.  Now if only we had one.  Get rid of crony capitalism and get the government out of areas it doesn’t belong — those two actually overlap quite a bit because big government tempts lobbyists to control it and wield its power.  Then we can watch in awe at what a REAL free market can do.)

  • Anonymous

    Those entities are not checked by government they are aided and abetted by government. Obama has already sold you to Goldman Sachs and co. 

  • Anonymous

    Those entities are not checked by government they are aided and abetted by government. Obama has already sold you to Goldman Sachs and co. 

  • Anonymous

    Those entities are not checked by government they are aided and abetted by government. Obama has already sold you to Goldman Sachs and co. 

  • foo

    “these entities will not longer be checked by our government or any others”

    You are living in a fantasy land.  Our government is not keeping them in check now!  The corporations OWN our government, and wield it as a weapon against competition and consumers.  If you want to reduce the crony capitalism where corporations run amok, you have to REDUCE government, make government a much less juicy target for lobbyists.  Then the corporations will look at where they can get the most investment bang for their buck, and instead of sending lobbyists to DC it will be to design and provide a better products/services.

    “unless he can figure out a way to bring them all down together”

    If congress cooperates, he will take out the big banks pretty darn quick.  And he won’t do it by being mean or unfair to them, but just by making them live by the same rules we have to live by.  No more fraud.  And let the people use sound money (as the constitution requires).

    “Obama gets our plight and eventually things will improve.”

    It’s confirmed — you’re squarely in fantasy land.  Obama doesn’t care about you.  Neither does Romney or Newt or Santourm or McCain or Bush or Clinton.  None of them care about you at all.  They only care how they can use you to achieve their own ends.

    The “Financial Consumer Protection Agency” will protect consumers just the same way as the “Education Department” makes us smarter and the Patriot Act is patriotic and the NDAA defends us and our liberties.  I.e., it won’t.  It WILL do the opposite.  It’s called “double-speak”.  Go check out the book “1984″ by Orwell.  We’re living that damn book right now.

    And my plight, and the plight of millions and millions of others in this country who have woken up, is one of Life, Liberty and the Persuit of Happiness.  You may have heard about that somewhere before.  Obama is our enemy.  He is a traitor to this nation and the constitution (as is McCain, Bush, Levin, FDR, Wilson, Lincoln, and too many others to name).  They took away our sound money and gave us constantly devalued paper.  They took away our right to a trial.  And if they feel like it they take our very lives without even a nod to our constitutional rights.  Wake up!

  • AnchorageMikey

    So on the planet you choose to imagine, the masses are all educated beyond the need to eat, bathe, breath, travel, have medical care, or go to the bathroom. 

    On earth history proves a society requires rules enforced by those counter productive entities that control the greed, power, sex  motivated exploitation created by a system that shares the water, food, shelter, medical care, education, and needs toilet paper.I look forward to a reasonable, workable, politically viable proposal that does not destroy the United States that some of us remember before 50 years of greed, corruption, ignorance, apathy, and complacency. 

  • foo

    “Have any of Ron Paul supporters studied the essence of libertarianism?”

    That seems to be a silly question, at least from my perspective.  Many if not most Paul supporters know quite a bit about libertarianism (though there are many different flavors of it).  Paul has kicked off an education r3VOLution in the area of understanding the role of government.  Did you have a point?

    “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” aka “Obamacare” is a heinous piece of unconstitutional law.  It will drive the cost of medical care up and the quality of medical care down, while giving the federal government more and more control over your medical choices.  Government can’t do stuff better than a free market.  Government should provide the environment required by a true free market (e.g., very strict enforcement of anti-fraud laws — no letting corporations off with slaps on the wrist).  Government can’t be used to take the place of free markets, because for one thing, there’s nothing free about government — big government is OWNED by the corporations.  We need government that’s small enough that the corporations aren’t even interested in owning it because there’s just no profit in owning it anymore.

  • foo

    “what any doctor would prescribe is to first Isolate the patient ( close all borders to imports & exports and people )”

    No, what you are talking about is isolating the patient’s heart from his lungs.  We are too inter-dependent to go “cold turkey”.  For one thing, we would run out of oil in less than a week.  We would very quickly run out of rare-earth metals, and would then not be able to produce things like high-efficiency electric motors and natural gas generators.  Our farmers would be devastated as they currently export a large fraction of the food they produce — and people in China and some other countries would likely starve to death by the millions (likely leading to war and genocide).  Our high-tech industries (Microsoft, Google, etc.) would have to fire 85% of their employees because without a global market they simply can’t justify their current staffing levels.  Etc., etc.

    I gotta say, I’m glad you ain’t MY doctor!  :-)

  • AnchorageMikey

    Proposal: Stop voting for anyone attached to the Republican or Democratic party.

  • foo

    “Anyone know how Paul feels about citizens united?”

    Paul is for individual liberty.  So if individual members of a corporation wish to exercise their free speech rights (or any of their other individual liberties) they have just as much right to do so as anyone else.

    When it comes to corporations speaking as a unit, I don’t remember seeing him address this specific question, but I _suspect_ that he would not be in favor of limiting free speech.

    My own personal opinion:  Corporations spending money on speech is not the problem.  The real problem there is that money/speech is so easily able to be converted into votes.  And that leads to the core problem, which is that too many voters are ignorant — ignorant about true liberty, ignorant about economics, ignorant about world history and our country’s history in particular, ignorant about the history (e.g., voting record) of candidates, and unable to focus on the issues that matter (instead allowing themelves to be divided and conquered by much less important wedge issues).  Their opinion is so unanchored in reality that it effortlessly sways this way and that like wheat in a shifting breeze.  (Just look at how Santorum “surged” from nearly last place to tied-for-first in just a few days during the Iowa 2012 primary for pretty glaring evidence of how wishy-washy voters are.)  That core problem remains even if corporations weren’t allowed to spend a dime on political speech.  One reason for that is that corporations OWN all of the main-stream media outlets, and this presidential election cycle they are proving themselves to be very biased FOR the status-quo and therefore very biased AGAINST Ron Paul.  But even if that were not the case and all media was some utopian-fair-media, lack of voter education would still be a massive problem leading to people doing as they often do already — voting for the best liar making the most promises (even when it would only take a tiny bit of research to know they are lying).  Looking at it from the flip-side:  With educated voters, no amount of corporate speech will buy an election.  Corporations wouldn’t even waste their money on it because any truths would already be known by the voters and any lies would be ignored (for purposes of voting, but perhaps remembered in terms of who to be mad at for lying to them).
    “Are corporations people?”

    Paul has definitely said flat-out “No” to this.  I’ve seen video of this — you can probably find it on youtube.

    Note that this falls straight out of his libertarian philosophy — he believes in INDIVIDUAL rights.  Being in a group does not cause an individual to have any more rights, nor any less rights.  It doesn’t matter whether the group in question is a race, a religion, or a corporation.  (The only exception I know to this rule would be states, as they are granted rights by the constitution.  Ron Paul is kind of a combination constitutionalist + libertarian.  His personal views tend conservative, but his libertarianism means he tends to not want to force his personal views on others.)
    “How does Paul feel about Habeus Corpus?  Does it apply to all human rights or only citizens?”

    Ron Paul has said: “The Bill of Rights has no exceptions for really bad people or terrorists or even non-citizens. It is a key check on government power against any person. That is not a weakness in our legal system, it is the very strength of our legal system.”

    This also fits his libertarian philosophy where all rights are “God given rights” (as per Ron Paul and other religious libertarians) or “natural rights” (for the less religiously-inclined libertarians).  Note that the Bill of Rights does not actually grant us any rights — it is simply an enumeration of SOME (not all) of our “God given”/natural rights.  The government is expected to protect and respect ALL of our rights, even those not specifically listed in the Bill of Rights.  (Well, it was originally expected to do so.  These days we “expect” even those rights explicitly enumerated to be violated all the time by government.)

  • foo


    “Not allowing we the people to tax the super-rich thieves of corporate America CAUSES DEBT.”

    We have a spending problem, not a revenue problem.  If we try to just raise taxes and not cut spending, then we would have to increase taxes by about 70%.  They are already around 25% of GDP, so they would then be around 42% of GDP.  Having nearly half of everything we produce go to the federal government is insanity.  (Especially when you consider that the GDP figure inclues government spending, so it would end up being more than 42% of actual production.  If you really want to get into it, you need to understand how we use money printing and debt creation combined with using our military to force third-world countries to accept our worthless dollars for oil, and understand the resulting inflation tax that places on our citizens, hitting middle and lower classes the hardest.)

    tax = theft

    We should tax the people as little as possible, because we ARE the people.  We should only collect as much tax as we need to fund the smallest government that can do what it’s supposed to do.  And the only valid role of government is to defend our liberties.  Everything else we can do ourselves, either individually or in voluntary groups.

    “Trying to balance a budget short of revenues resulting from the 2008 collapse is what caused most of Obama’s increase of the deficit.”

    Sorry, but no.  That pretty much no one was “trying to balance a budget” at all is what led to the increased deficit.  (They didn’t even pass a budget, right?  They just passed a resolution to “deem it passed” as a technical work-around previous budget laws, right?)

    “This economic collapse was caused by the “Contract with America” trashing of the Glass-Stegall act circa 1999″

    The bursting of every bubble has the prerequisite of the creation of the bubble.  The Great Bubble started with the ending of the gold standard.  When the Great Bubble crashes, well, let’s just say you ain’t seen NOTHING yet.  The housing bubble which is just a bubble on top of the Great Bubble had many causes.  Much more important and fundamental things than getting rid of Glass-Steagall include the creation of the Federal Reserve, the FDIC, and the continued government-support for the fradulent banking practice known as fraction reserve banking.  Also important were the creation of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  The CRA didn’t help either.  Banker hubris and fraud run amok were also major factors.  So was the greed of everyone and their brother thinking they could all get rich quick flipping houses.

    “selling out the manufacturing sector under Bush”

    The destruction of our manufacturing base is not primarily the fault of any president after Nixon (and I don’t know that I even want to blame Nixon because he inherited the problem, and it just came to a head under his watch and he delinked $ and gold).  It’s a direct result of monetary policy.  Our abilty to print dollars out of thin air and then use our military to force countries to accept them for real goods makes us a “consumer society”.  We literally consume more stuff than we produce.  Our country is a parasite on Planet Earth.  By definition, the more we do this the bigger mismatch we have between how much we consume and how much we produce, and therefore the bigger mismatch between how much we as individuals spend and how much we can earn at a (honest, productive, non-government) job.  If you really want us to get manufacturing back, we need honest money, not stuff we can print out of thin air.

  • sally

    Dr Paul is so far to the right that he’s left.
    That’s why I like him and the reason he’ll never be elected.

  • foo

    “In an ever more complex world, government needs to be more and more involved to maintain a stable society.”

    NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!

    Government, or more generally, centralization of control, leads to MAJOR “tail risk” instability.  (Just go to zerohedge (dot) com and search for articles containing key words such as: fat tail risk centralization)  To put it simply, things like central banks ensure that when it finally blows, the entire system/country collapses.  Centralization of economic decisions is DANGEROUS.

    “The “Founders” never envisioned SEC, FAA and EPA to name a few.”

    Those agencies are jokes.  The SEC ignored complaints about Bernie Madoff’s ponzi scheme for years.  And they still allow “flash trading” which basically steals from retail investors.  The still allow exchanges to back-out trades when some robo-trader goes crazy, basically bailing out these idiots everytime they unleash stupid software on the stock market, at the expense of other traders, generally real humans on the other end.  The FAA apparently couldn’t do a proper upgrade of its air-traffic control if given three decades and all the money in the world.  And the EPA wants to regulate CO2?  Yes, I’m sure the founders did NOT forsee a tax on the very gas we humans create and expel with every breath, nor would they have accepted such a tax.

    “Does anyone not want to eat safe food, drink clean water and have their kids play with safe toys or fly in a safe airplane?”

    Another person in fantasy land.  I don’t get clean water now.  I have to run it through a reverse-osmis filtration system to remove the strong acrid taste.

    Safe toys?  Like the ones with lead paint we buy from China?  (And damn it, I *liked* lawn darts — we played that when I was a kid — it was good because set-up time for the game was tiny, just throw a hoop down on the ground, back up a bit, and let ‘er rip.)

    Fly in a safe airplane?  Like the ones where the government didn’t allow pilots to carry guns and told them to do whatever hijackers said, so hijackers can then fly them into buildings?

    And they’ve tried to ban light-bulbs?  LIGHT-BULBS?  Give me a break.

    You may believe that big government is like some loving, caring father figure, but I don’t want your delusion messing up my life.

    “We need a country where someone can get sick or get an education and not owe $100K, or a lot more.”

    But you just called for MORE government interference.  Who do you think is pushing up the cost of medicine and education?  Hint:  Starts with ‘gov’, ends with ‘ernment’.

    Just go to youtube and search for: peter schiff student loans(Video is called: “Why government guaranteed student loans are a terrible idea.”  He talks to a student who the goverment “helped” get $190K in debt.  She would have NEVER have gotten into that much debt without goverment’s “help”.  And you want them to help even more?)

  • foo

    You make foo sad.

    How is Obama “slowly putting the econmy [sic] together”?  By destroying it?  By bailing out failed businesses and therefore stifling otherwise successful competitors?  By dumping money into unions so they can then contribute to his next compaign?  By dumping half a billion of our dollars into an obviously troubled (and now bankrupt) solar company that had as one of its primary investors a major Obama supporter?  By trying to drive the last nail in the coffin of business in this country with Obamacare?

    If you want the economy to succeed you need to:1. keep government away from it, except for strictly enforcing anti-fraud/anti-theft laws2. allow for honest, constitutional money so the banks can’t keep stealing our wealth via inflation, money printing, and fractional reserve banking3. shrink government so corporations can’t use it as a tool to bludgeon their competitors

  • foo

    You make foo happy.

    foo love Dr. Paul.  Would give him big hug if foo ever sees him.  But might squish him too hard.  Plus secret service might not appreciate foo’s display of affection.

    The funny thing is, if Paul becomes president the dollar might collapse even faster than it otherwise would.  And that’s because Paul wouldn’t use our military to shove dollars down the throats of third-world countries and make them cough up resources.  Once America stops bullying the world, the world will feel much safer in rejecting dollars.  I was kind of surprised at the recent news of Japan and China trading in non-dollars.  China doesn’t surprise me, but that’s a bold move on Japan’s part.

    It would depend, though, on whether or not Congress lets Paul pass the budget he wants.  If he gets his $1 Trillion in cuts, then the dollar survives.  But if we keep going in debt and that is combined with no military support for the dollar, it could be a very quick game-over for the green back.

    Anyways (to all, I’m sure infinitiplus1 already knows this), make sure you own some real assets.  Dollars stuffed under a mattress (or even worse, in a bank) may suddenly go ‘poof’ a lot faster than some people are expecting it.  (And of course, most of America remains completely ignorant of this imminent threat, and instead live in fear of the completely fake threat of Iranian nuclear weapons, which was only manufactured in the first place to use as a fear tactic to get dumb Americans to go to war with Iran so we can prop up the dollar.)

  • foo

    If I may suggest one minor correction to an otherwise flawless post:  I think they have switched gears.  The old policy was to “slowly take away our rights”.  It sure seems to me they have now adopted a “very rapidly take away our rights” policy.

  • runi

    None of them will be able to fix the economic mess because they are all part of the political non-system.
    Successful campaigns are based primarily on how much money a candidate can pull–not on the needs of the country.

  • JP

    It’s Saturday morning, 1/7/12, and your Waiting for Superman Poll does not work.  I tried voting for Ron Paul.  All I got was a “loading” message response …. then nothing.   Hhmmm. 

    So just to be sure, I refreshed (F5) and tried voting for Ron Paul again.  Same thing.  “Loading” and then nothing.  Strange.

    I refreshed once again and this time I voted for Mr Flip-Flop, Mitt Romney.  To no Ron Paul supporter’s surprise, your Poll worked perfectly.  My vote registered for Wall Street’s favorite puppet candidate.  It is sad to see but it’s becoming more evident by the day that these shenanigans is how corporate-controlled mainstream media operates in its attempt to control public opinion and perceptions. 

    Like this recent example perpetrated by CNN. 
    “Technical Difficulties”? CNN’s Convenient Glitch Silences Active-Duty Soldier Who Voted for Ron Paul in Iowa

    If you’re interested in a more balanced comparison of candidates you might listen to these two short videos produced by NIA.

    The Romney Con:

    NIA Supports Ron Paul for GOP Nomination


  • foo

    What the heck are you talking about?  “educated beyond the need to eat”?  You’re talking about being so smart you never have to eat food?  That makes no sense.  You must be trying to say something else and just failing to express yourself correctly.

    “history proves a society requires rules enforced by those counter productive entities that control the greed, power, sex  motivated exploitation”

    History proves that when you give government too much power, people in government take part in, and eventually take a dominant role in, the exploitation.  They only control it (in others) when it serves their own interests — that control becomes part of the exploitation.

    Government should only defend our individual liberties.  It should punish those who commit murder, theft, fraud or force.  But it should stay the hell out of voluntary interactions that do not involve murder, theft, fraud  or force.

    A person who is greedy hurts no one else if they are prohibited from using murder, theft, fraud  or force to achieve their greedy ends.  They instead are left with options like producing goods and services people want so them can sell them for money and save up that money to satisfy their greed.

    A person who likes power hurts no one else if they are prohibited from using murder, theft, fraud  or force to obtain power.  The only power over others they can obtain in that case is that which is voluntarily given to them.

    A person who likes sex hurts no one else if they are prohibited from using murder, theft, fraud  or force to have sex.  The only sex they can have in that case is consensual.

    Q: How much government would we need if they just stuck to punishing murder, theft, fraud and force?
    A: A lot less than we have now.

    And how much nicer would it be if instead of conducting murder (Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Yemen, Afghanistan, Vietnam, etc.) our government actually stuck to just punishing murderers (and prevent murders when practical)?

    How much nicer would it be if instead of stealing from us nearly a quarter of our total income in the light (taxes), and then stealing a bunch more under the cover of darkness (inflation), the government only took from us the much smaller amount it would need if it stuck to just punishing murder, theft, fraud and force?

    How much nicer would it be if instead of constantly lying to Americans and totally undermining the democratic process (voting is not meaningful when the voters are deceived by their own government), the government punished those committing fraud (like the bankers)?

    Keep in mind that I never claimed EVERY federal government job was counter-productive.  We need a national defense — that is how government prevents external forces from conducting murder, theft and force against us.  And it also makes sense to have federal agents that deal with murder, theft, fraud and force in inter-state scenarios, and fraud originating from abroad.  (One example of that scenario is that the federal government, as required by our constituation, should mint gold and silver coins so that our money, which constantly crosses state boundaries, is non-fraudulent.)  Dealing with murder, theft, fraud and force in intra-state scenarios should be handled by the individual state governments.
    Most of our federal government is outside of the bounds I describe above.  Ron Paul has said that he votes ‘No’ on something like 80% of all laws simply on the basis that they are unconstitutional.  Many of those unconstitutional laws are passed.  Pretty much every federal law requires tax-payer money and workers for enforcement, and often requires private-sector money for compliance.  Spending money to enforce or comply with unconstitution laws that should not exist in the first place is counter-productive.

  • Marc Rosenwasser

    JP: I’m sorry you were somehow unable to vote for Ron Paul. I just tested the Paul option and it worked fine for me. I suggest you be careful not to impugn our integrity because of some technical problem on your end. You only need look at the vote totals to understand that your conspiracy theory is completely unfounded. To suggest that “Need to Know” is “corporate-controlled” is equally nonsensical. If you checked our funding credits before writing, you would have understood that. Please know: we value our reputation for fairness and strive for it each and every week. It should be a goal for you, as well.
    Marc Rosenwasser
    Executive Producer, Need to Know


    I check your integrity every night on your news hour….You give Ron Paul about 10 sec of coverage and he is the ONLY thing happening right now. Your just another “ELITE” bought news outlet and everybody knows it. I would never donate to PBS. 

  • Delrod

    It seems to me that the underlying theme of your recent report from Nashua NH was the burden of student debt. This is not a problem caused by the recent economic crisis. It is a result of policies dating back to the 1980′s. The example I am most familiar with is my home state university. When I was a student at the University of Minnesota in the 1970′s, I was able to pay tuition, rent, and board out of part time wages. I would like to see a report on why this is no longer possible. Another thing that bothers me is the number of people in surveys who say that they voted for Obama in 2008, but don’t know if they will support him in 2012. I hate to cast the blame on my fellow voters, but how many of those who are disaffected Obama supporters failed to turn out in 2010 and made it possible for Tea party types to shift the balance of power in Congress? Do these people not understand that our government has branches that share power? Do they think that all you have to do is vote for president and then you can sit back and not pay attention to who gets elected to the congress? I want to know how many of those disaffected Obama supporters sat out the 2010 congressional elections or worse yet, voted for a Tea party knucklehead.


    This country couldn’t take another four years of Obama, and I voted for him. The media somehow thinks they are going to elect another president BUT…We were burned by Obama and a whole lot of folks are saying “never again” The more the “Elite bought Media” ignores Ron Paul, the more popular he gets. It’s backfiring on them.


    This country is the pure definition of insanity…Doing the same thing over and over and each time expecting a different result.

    The only sane choice is to vote Ron Paul and stop the madness and constant fear of wars.

    At this point he’s our only hope. NO MORE WARS


    This country is the pure definition of insanity…Doing the same thing over and over and each time expecting a different result.

    The only sane choice is to vote Ron Paul and stop the madness and constant fear of wars.

    At this point he’s our only hope. NO MORE WARS

  • jdm33

    I only caught the last few minutes of the MAIN STREET show, but I was compelled to take the survey and make a comment.  I think a lot of good points were made, but when it comes to people blaming the government and the two parties for not compromising, I think a lot is being overlooked.  This is a country FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE.  At the very least, politicians don’t get elected by promising things that nobody wants, so the accusation that this is somehow caused by parties not listening to voters is a bit ill-informed.  If anything, the parties have catered TOO MUCH to what their voters want, which goes to the reason why America is NOT a pure Democracy – i.e., not EVERY decision the government makes is voted on by the general public.  We put people in office to make dicisions that we’re not qualified to make, but at the same time, we don’t want them to use THEIR judgment – we want them to use OURS, regardless of how much or how little we actually know about things such as how the American conomy works outside of our own, micorcosmic realities.  This applies to both parties and there are clear examples of the public wanting things from the politicians, getting them, then blaming the politicians when what we wanted turns out not to have been what was best for us. 

    We want Al Quaeda and parts of the Middle East punished for what happened on 9/11, but when the realities of what it takes to do so – such as the lives lost and the money spent – become less palatable to us, we resort to accusing the government and our military of being overzealous and warmongering.  We want lower healthcare costs and insurance premiums, but we don’t want to acknowledge that healthcare IS A BUSINESS, with HUMANS that must be paid because they have the same needs as we do – therefore, the laws of supply and demand apply and when we refuse to take care of ourselves and run to the emergency room or the doctor every time we feel bad, we’re putting more strain on the services being rendered, which combines with other factors to raise the costs, which then become too much for some health insurers to pay the way we want them to.  But, instead of looking at our own habits and how we might affect what is otherwise a pretty fair and equitable system - compared to the one in, say, Cuba, a Communist country that recently had to privatize 5% of its economy to avoid revolt and which frequently suffers from supply shortages and poor healthcare facilities in spite of having to serve a population that is a fraction of the size of ours - we’d rather run to the politicians and say, “Punish my insurance company for being too greedy and give us an alternative that covers everyone.”  Okay… Medicare and Medicaid is already struggling, and yet, somehow, we’re going to be able to eventually have single-payer, federal health insurance that covers everyone and has absolutely no effect upon the services paid for?  OR, we’re going to have something close, but it’s not going to be single-payer because we still don’t entirely trust the government – BUT – it’s going to force insurance companies to be less greedy and doctors and hospitals to charge less…  It’s the same thing with the economy.  When Bush suggested that people have more savings to help stave off the collapse of systems such as Social Security, Medicare, etc., he and his administration was basically laughed-at as being unrealistic, at best, and downright cruel, at worst.  NOW, though, part of the reason the retail sector of our economy, in particular, isn’t recovering as fast as predicted is because the Americans that CAN save HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO SAVE, which means they’re spending less, which slows down the economy. What’s more, after years of falling for too-good-to-be-true credit card, mortgage and other deals, we want the companies and financial institutions that offered them to us to be puished because WE made the wrong decisions and didn’t bother to plan ahead.  Yet, at the end of the day, despite them having to pay higher taxes and still give us all the employment perks and privileges we want, we also want the basic jobs to still be there. 

    For too long, we’ve wanted to have our proverbial cake and eat it, too, and politicians from BOTH sides have promised us just that – until now.  Now, when we finally realize that they can’t deliver, it’s time to… re-evaluate our own expectations?  No… It’s time to find any way we can to blame them and accuse them of not listening to us when, in fact, it’s been both parties’ (as well as the financial sector’s) overzealousness in promising and giving us what we want in exchange for money and power that has crippled us to where nobody sees hope for real recovery.  As a Republican, I’m personally disgusted at how fragmented and naively idealistic and uncompromising my party has become, yet I cringe when I see that the Democrats’ – whose role model, JFK, advised that we ask not what government can do for us but what we can do for our society – base most or all of their agenda on government taking more and more responsibility for people’s lives away from them so that they don’t have to worry about it or pay the consequences for their choices.  As long as this trend keeps up, then the people on that show are absolutely right: Nothing is going to change – not so long as we expect government to solve, FOR THE PEOPLE, the problems facing a country that is supposed to have been built and controlled BY THE PEOPLE. 


    The Obama we got now is not the Obama that campaigned ad nauseam for the rights of the little guy, getting most of his campaign donations from the little guy….remember? He was going to fix ALL the ills of mankind. Yep.

    What Obama has turned into is pretty disgusting. I can’t believe I voted for this betrayal.

  • JP

    I would echo Phoenix’s remarks.  It is clear to many viewers that Mainstream Media has ignored, marginalized, ridiculed, and maligned Ron Paul and his campaign with ever increasing fervor as his honesty and integrity penetrates through the MSM Bubble Head’s “Noise and Chatter” to resonate with more and more people.  Common folk realize many existing systems in the United States – financial, political, journalism/mass media, even judiciary — are corrupt and function to perpetuate and strengthen the strangle-hold corporate/banking elites have over American citizens, their finances, and their lives.  Ron Paul’s message is the message of our nation’s Founding Fathers.  His concerns are the same concerns express by Thomas Jefferson and Samuel Adams.  We can only hope and pray the truthfulness and wisdom of Ron Paul words will generate a popular force which will propel him to the Whitehouse.  He may be our last Best Hope to save the country from those cunning venal special interests who would prefer to see our country, which was founded as a democratic republic, supplanted by a elite-controlled fascist totalitarian regime.  That’s crazy, you say? 
    Just looks at what’s going on in Europe today.  Greece – taken over by an unelected bankster.  Italy – taken over by another unelected Goldman Sachs operative.   Look at the amendment McCain, Levin, and Graham inserted into the National Defense Appropriation Act (NDAA) that allows the government to pickup and detain indefinitely any American citizen, on American soil, and incarcerate him in some facility/prison/concentration camp on the mere suspicion of somehow being involved in “terrorist activity” (whatever that is), with no due process or checks/balances afforded the accused.  Replace the word “terrorist” with “Jew” and you have an federal government not unlike the Nazi Party that clamped down on German citizens in the 1930’s.  
    “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”    – George Orwell
    (RT) Mainstream media’s blackout on Ron Paul
    (RT) Mainstream media starts smear campaign against Ron Paul
    (blog) Main Stream Media Conspiracy Against Ron Paul
    (BBC) Iowa caucuses: Why does Ron Paul inspire such devotion?

  • just saying…

     to foo, it’s not that simple.  as was shown here on PBS, the greedy can stomp out the competition.  for example, there were soy bean farmers who were systematically taken to court over the rights to grow and sell soy bean.  the greedy would have lost but the farmers could not hold out in the drawn out court cases.  the greedy wanted to be the only soy bean source in USA.  also on another note, i’ve also seen on tv how companies can, without restrictions, poison the water, soil and air. in this case the soil and the locals were getting sick and some deaths occurred also.  there are branches of government that says u can’t do that.  some businesses will liquidate the world for the almighty dollar if not restricted.  they get rich but everyone suffers.

  • CountZero

         The actual problem is that we don’t have an honest currency.  The dollar is supported only by “full faith and credit” of the government.  Which means the dollar is totally abstract and can be spun or redefined by any politician wandering down the street.
           Going back to the gold standard has its own problems.  But the great thing about gold is that it handcuffs the politicians. 
           Nothing good comes from the government.  We need to get it out of our lives and keep it as small and as starved of resources as possible.

  • Mcantor

    The system is broken.The people smart enough to
    help fix it are smart enough to stay out of it.It’s a system that can’t work
    without a middle class. So,if it’s not working now and trends continue…Mike
    from Utah


    AMEN, very well written.

    Take Iran for example, We no longer get the trucks out of Iraq and they are already provoking another nation to war….WTH

    It’s MADNESS. Obama is about to ask for another 1.2 TRILLION from Congress and he’s provoking another war?

    Enough is enough.


  • MC

    Great Points JP.  I hear you and the whole world is watching the MSM manipulation of Ron Paul (I’m in Ausralia) see here for how YouTube is now censoring Ron Paul:

    But we must be careful to accuse organisations of bias and only point it out when there is ample evidence.  MSM’s will jump on any mistake and scream and shout about it – kinda like a Ron Paul newsletter. 

    Also the NIA is a scam looking to fleece Ron Paul supporters by pretending to be one of them: they make pro Ron Paul videos, get you to like their channel, signup for their newsletter and then try to sell pump & dump stock scams. Don’t spread their videos.  Here is a clean version of their vid without any reference to the NIA:

  • foo

    @just saying…

    “there were soy bean farmers who were systematically taken to court over the rights to grow and sell soy bean.  the greedy would have lost but the farmers could not hold out in the drawn out court cases.”

    I absolutely agree that our court system heavily discriminates against the little guy, and I believe we need to address that.  I have said in other posts that large corporations use our government as a tool to bludgeon the rest of us, and the court system is sadly no exception to that rule.

    What I think we need, instead of bureaucrats writing arbitrary rules, is judgements that have a clearly documented and LOGICAL derivation from a small set of simple rules (where the base rules basically prohibit murder, theft, fraud and force — pollution is a type of property damage which is a form of theft).  If we can write these in a formal (computer understandable) derivation language, that would be the best because then the little guy can pay 10 cents or less to run a query through a database that will tell him all of the relevant case law.  And inconsistencies can be rooted out in an automated fashion.  (Right now there are so many inconsistencies in our laws that I suspect that a lot of things we do are simultaneously legal and illegal.)

    I’ve actually been thinking about this issue for years.  We have too many laws, and they are way too complex, there’s no requirement that they are logical or consistent with each other (or even internally consistent), and they are not structured in any meaningful way.  Our legal system is a massive disaster.  I really haven’t noticed other people talking along the lines of my previous paragraph though.  And of course none of the candidates are talking about the fact that we need to majorly reduce and simplify our laws — it’s not only the issue of justice, but also the issue of societal cost due to the inefficiency (and having to pay lawyers fortunes to try to get justice).  As it is now, most of what lawyers do falls into the non-productive category, and often times into the counter-productive (and injust) category.

    “companies can, without restrictions, poison the water, soil and air. in this case the soil and the locals were getting sick and some deaths occurred also.  there are branches of government that says u can’t do that”

    Multiple things contribute to this problem.  The inefficiency of our legal system and its bias against the little guy (as discussed above) is certainly a major contributor to this.  However, our legislators are ALSO a major part of the problem.  That is because they currently deny us our property rights.  You paid for some property and you think you own that piece of land?  Not exactly.  The government keeps the mineral rights for itself, and will sell/lease them off to 3rd parties without even consulting you.  Don’t want the nat gas frackers to be rooting around right under you and using high pressure fracturing to release nat gas (and all kinds of other crap)?  Too bad.  You have no legal recourse — and that’s the government’s doing.  You think the EPA will save you?  Nope — the government has excluded the nat gas frackers from the clean air/water act.

    “some businesses will liquidate the world for the almighty dollar if not restricted”

    And our current system won’t stop that.  Right now these people stand behind limited liability laws, and their companies get fines that can only be described as “wrist slaps”.  If a person damages people’s property or conspires to do so, that person should be held legally responsible.  And if they can’t make good on every last penny of damage, then they should be thrown in jail.  (And if the damage was intentional or clearly reckless, throw them in jail even if they cough up the money.)  We need REAL justice.

    Big government and arbitrary rules written by bureaucrats (e.g., EPA) is just ASKING for the problem I have mentioned in several other posts — they are big fat juicy targets for corporate control.  So the corporations send in their army of lobbyists and take over the government.  (How else does one explain the nat gas frackers getting a complete waiver on the clean air/water act?  It’s corporate control of government.)  Having a simple set of base rules, and a requirement that everything else be logically derived from that (hard computer-type logic, not wishy-washy pretend logic) would nearly stamp out every bit of wiggle room in law making, making it nearly impossible for the corporations to buy laws.

  • Jvlesko

    Great show on Nashua’s Main Street.  I used to live very near Main Street in Nashua and your point about the unemployment statistics masking the real story is quite true.  Indeed, I will paraphrase the late Tip O’Neal on NH:   ‘People from Massachusetts move to NH to avoid taxes and people from NH move to MA to survive when NH turns their back on them.’

     Our current economic troubles started with Ronal Reagan’s revival of the scientifically discredited”supply-side” interpretation of Adam Smith’s theory of Market Capitalism!  Our society currently pays the lowest taxes of all of the developed countries except Australia and our corporations pay almost the lowest taxes of corporations in all of the developed countries.  As a result, we have not been able to invest in education, energy policy, infrastructure, job retraining, and health care as has the most successful economy, Germany, has been doing all along.  Those people in Nashua are the products of the “Reagan Revolution” as carried forward for he past 30 years, which should be called the Reagan/Bush failures!

  • Compmom

    President Obama has reversed the steep downward slide of our nation’s economy caused by the Bush administration’s reckless policies of putting two wars on our country’s credit card, continuing and increasing the failed economic policy of trickle-down and putting in place tax cuts which were never balanced by spending decreases.  Grover Norquist’s idea of a government small enough to be drowned in a bathtub should bring to mind other countries with small, ineffective governments.  Yemen and Somalia come to mind.  Should these be America’s role models?

    President Obama has to have another term in office, preferably with a Democratic Senate and House, and be allowed to begin to undue more than 30 years of policies, beginning with President Reagan, which have destroyed the middle class.  Why do the corporations think they don’t need the middle class?  Who will buy their widgets if all we have are 10% wealthy and 90% struggling and impoverished?  

    End the policies of low taxes on those who can afford to pay more.  Banks who were bailed out should renegotiate mortgages so homeowners can afford to stay in their homes.  Remove the cap on FICA earnings and stop raiding the Medicare and Social Security trustfunds.  

  • Fred

    It is impossible to fix a broken system made up by rich people. They look up for their own interest, not the nation’s. it needs that presidential candidates be real poor people who cannot pay their bills and  the congressmen also should be unemployed people so they would be really interested on fixing up this country.  In other  words  is never  going to happen and we have been chosen to live the collapse of this country. Only after that we all will be back to be faithful Christians.

  • Ana

    It is obvious that only Ron Paul with his constitutionalism could fix this country, but we are not going to elect him because we deserve to be destroyed.

  • Ana

    It is obvious that only Ron Paul with his constitutionalism could fix this country, but we are not going to elect him because we deserve to be destroyed.

  • J1

    I hate to say I was just thinking that. P.T. Barnum would have loved most Americans…  :)

  • foo

    If you want to live in a socialist country, then move to one.  There are plenty to pick from.

    Those of us who wish to live in a society that values real Liberty are not blessed with such choices — our only real choice is to make a stand and fight for it right here.

  • Gead

    Actually, none of the candidates can ‘fix’ the economic mess. Rather, we need to vote for a person who will let the American citizen do the work of it. The biggest problem we face as a nation faces out at us from our own mirrors. The first hurdle to be leapt is the one of facing facts, accepting the responsibility for our own lives and actions; moreover, to stop expecting someone else to give, do, be for us. 

  • Garibaldiguard

    your poll is rigged

  • Roys

    No one is in touch with the real middle class. The main street episode on need to know was close. But still very far away from the real reality. The generation of today have few benefits that our parents had. We work side by side with the baby boomers who have enjoyed high salaries and multiple benefits. We see them at the company I work for retire at age 58 with a pension, social security, retirement health insurance, medicare, and a 401 k plan to boot. Today companies do not offer a pension plan. We watch jobs go overseas, Not because of high wages, but because of all the E.P.A regulations and labor laws that companies have to deal with here in the U.S.
    I read an article in the Houston chronicle this past week about how much money illegal immigrants paid into taxes, Braging about how this is good for our government because they cant claim those taxes. Well let us Americans claim married and 10, and we wont claim that money either. Both politicle parties need to put us on a level playing field. Put a stop to our jobs going over seas. I could end unemployment tomorrow. Just pass a law that says any imports coming into the U.S. must be made with the same E.P.A regulations and labor laws that are in place for U.S. companies. And then put a stop to companies hiring illegals workers. Even our government is giving jobs to illegals for cheaper labor. They just hire contract companies now. Look at NASA. They have not stoped or downsized. If you count the amount of contract labor workers they have at Jacobs, boening, and other contract companies you would find they have the same or even more employees today than a  year ago. But they are lining these rich companies pockets by paying contractors. 

    Need to Know, You did good. But get in touch with the real middle class of today. Come to Houston where things are strong because of weak unions and cheap illegal labor. Why do you think Toyota opened their manufacture plant in San Antonio? Cheap labor and non union state.  It will be a long time before this country is fixed. I dont think I will be around to see it.

    But Thanks for Trying Need To Know

  • Jeff

    The system is rigged by the constraints of a two party system. Bearing that in mind, the Republicans are not willing to compromise on anything that might make Obama look good. That isn’t governing, that’s obstructionism. If this were any other country, for that action, the party would be marginalized and forgotten in a year. Our system is broken. A majority can’t pass legislation in the Senate, the Congress won’t pass anything of meaning to the economy just to spite the President. This is a broken system. Obama and Democrats have made every attempt to compromise and get things done. Until the system is fixed the only realistic option is to vote out all Republicans. A third party won’t have enough power to accomplish anything until they reach majority. As independent as I am, until the system is fixed, a majority government with the Democratic party fully in charge is our only realistic option to get the country going again.

  • Commiissioner

    Any organization that depends on superhumans has already charted the path toward failure.  I’ve been elected to a public office seven or eight times, and understand that leadership only gives direction, organization really only defines the potential, but the employees determine success. 

  • K.

    In my opinion I do not believe any politician can help. In this country you must be from a wealthy family,privledged background and have rich friends,supporters etc to run for elections.So many politicians  have no Idea how the rest of us live so are less likley to be of any help. I really hate it when the house and senate spend all their time arguing with each other blame each other and still DO NOTHING. I believe they do it so they do not have to make any decisions that will affect their  future re-election. I feel bad for the president because he tries to get the government to do something and they keep arguing based on political parties. I wish we could  vote all of them out and elect people who have some Idea of what is going on and can see beyond their next election vote.

  • Lizpar

    The first step in fixing our economy is to deport ALL illegal aliens.  No matter here 50 years, 5 yrs or 5 mins. Also, void all citizenship granted to children born to illegal aliens. Just watch our economy recover when all these freeloaders go back to their homelands.  Secure our borders. We cannot enter other countries without legal repercussions, why are these aliens allowed to invade our homeland?

  • Raymond Tilly

    There will not be a sliver bullet to fix everything!  Anyone who has been a productive member of society (Without expecting others to bail them quickly learns that life is not perfect but when you run into an obstacle you must make course corrections and move on!  Mitt Romney understands that the answer will take persistence! 

  • CEEJ


    Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

    Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

    The only Truth is Reality

    Freedom is the Right to be Wrong, not the Right to DO Wrong

    The New Normal

    Let Them Eat Cake

    The Die is Cast

    Mission Accomplished   (for sure)

    Black Swan Event         (Absolutely, 2012)

    and last but Not least:  It’s the Ecomony Stupid ! 

  • OP

    Ron Paul.

  • J Robertson

    Ron Paul isn’t going to fix everything. And I don’t even like many of his policy statements.
    But he is the ONLY candidate today who is talking about some of the actual problems we have. A crazy out-of-control MIC, bankrupting the USA with open ended military adventures, for example.

  • 9783999233

    The word ‘change’ is bigger than any one president can handle.  The next 20 presidential terms need to be held by people who are serious and highly knowledgeable about the sciences.  We have only just begun to feel the effects of climate change, but ‘we’ started the warnings in the 1960′s.   It still seems like a figment.  Our grandchildren will learn of our efforts and wonder what we were thinking.  We certainly do need a superman.  The political ads are sad to see; bothersome. 
    It has been highly enlightening to watch PBS over the past few years;  I feel I can see the future of our Earth and am waiting for the politicians to catch up. 

  • Russ300

    You watch too much FOX.  Where are all the farm workers in Alabama?  The crops are rotting in the fields due to increased scrutiny of foreign workers. People who are born here are citizens. There is no way to rescind that retroactively.  ” why are these aliens allowed to invade our homeland?”   I think that’s what the Indians said!

  • James Hammond

    Everyone on the list, except for Ron Paul, is just more of the same, and Ron Paul is just BARELY acceptable.

  • Zhou

    JP – well written, simple, obvious truths.  Anyone denying your main points either hasnt spent much time considering this stuff or is not intelligent.  Basics of society, basics of humanity and civilization.  Human decency.  I am a genius.  Let me tell everyone something.  The greatness of Ron Paul is that 2, 10, 20 years from now there will be hundreds of thousands of Ron Pauls.  He is clearly not an “ideal” executive.  He doesnt have the lion’s voice for command—- and so when he starts stammering as they try to cut out his mic, prostitutes like romney and perry and etc kind of look over at him with a smirk on their faces…. O Tempora O Mores– that such as these are our leaders…  he is not an “ideal” executive– and hes quite old but THIS FACT NOTWITHSTANDING, he is 1000x better than political whores.  America Why is the word “politician” in such DISREPUTE now?  why?  ”A politician”, people say with disgust.  How low has a people sunk when the word which equates to their leaders is essentially synonymous in their lexicon with “whore”?

    There has been no president in this country in a long time…. only bought whores….

    Ron Paul 2012…. stop the madness people… raise yourselves up

  • A Cormier

    Only Dr. Ron Paul understands the truth of the quote: “Allow me to control the money supply of a country, and I care not who writes the laws!” A. Mayer Rothschild.  If we do not make our monetary operations transparent, i.e. expose the power of the U.S. Central Bank – euphemistically called a ”federal reserve” – to transfer wealth by creating dollars out of nothing, then nothing will change.  As M. Rothschild aptly observed, whoever controls the printing of the money will also control the 2 parties.  The rest of the candidates or complicit or unwitting pawns.  But for Dr. Paul’s presence, the whole GOP debate would revolve around which Republican would be first to start another war, this time in Iran.  Pres. Obama signed the National Defense Authorit…Act, which gutted our Bill of Rights in the Constitution.  The problems our nation faces will take time to correct, but only Dr. Paul is correctly identifying the problems.  Dr. Ron Paul for President!

  • Alex

    True, no ‘one man’ can fix everything.  However, I truly believe that Dr. Ron Paul is addressing the RIGHT problems in enough areas of society that will eventually and inevitably cascade into better solutions on a global basis, not just in America.  Cause and effect.  Small changes can make a huge difference.  Just look at how much TV alone has changed the way the world operates since it’s been around.  Or the Internet!  Ron Paul – 2012!

  • Jvkfai

    Ron Paul lives in a fantisy world!

  • Emmett Allen

    So, here’s the test: What is Ron Paul’s position on corporate personhood?

  • Realist (at risk)

    Why is it we never see such overwraught discussion / worry about the national debt DURING Republican administrations?  It’s only AFTER them – once they’ve lowered taxes yet continued to SPEND more &/or start a war or two – and when a Democrat is in the White House that people ONLY THEN start harping on how high the debt is.

    After 12 years of Reagan & then Bush 1 the debt was at record highs. It took Clinton to raise some revenues AND cut some spending in order to get in wiped out & into SURPLUS! (Note: the Perot-ists at the time said the same things as the Tea Baggers & Ron Paul are now about the debt & how it could ever be paid off).

    Now, AFTER another 8 years of a Republican administration (Bush 2) CUT taxes, RAISED spending & started a few unnecessary wars (the costliest & worst foreign policy blunder in U.S. history) wiped out the SURPLUS & yet again created a NEW record high national debt – we are now told Obama should’ve undone & fixed this entire fiasco in 2 or 3 years. (Acknowledging Obama’s additions to the debt).

    And worse, the stupid American public may be tricked / fooled into electing yet another Republican who will likely lower taxes, continue spending & probably drag us into another war or two before it we know it.

    Given the historic loss of manufacturing that has been occurring over the last 20 to 30 years I don’t think whomever’s in the White House will have much ability to cause / precipitate another 90′s boom time scenario. American companies can’t even do very much given there is such lack of DEMAND due to the middle class shrinking & not having money to SPEND!

    I don’t have any answers but the idea that we need a Republican to somehow “clean up” the mess another Republican created is absurd. Yet that Rick Perry is / was so monumentally stupid I thought he’d get the nomination for sure. Another useful idiot conservative voters tend to love.

  • Leomills1972

    it took 8 years for crooked banks, dirty politics and a full out attack on working people to get us in this mess how about give the president the time to get us out! and how about Ron Paul and some more of the hypacrits in congress take a pay cut like every body else has! and get rid of senator’s capability to filabuster i bet Pres. Obama could get something done!

  • Christopher D. Sims

    FANTASTIC question. Deserves to be answered. That’s one of the main things wrong with our country as whole!

  • Christopher D. Sims

    With some positive evidence the economy is getting better, i.e. companies are returning to America from China and automobile sells growing, this proves there is some hope and change coming. With the man who helped push all of this maintaining his seat as president, things can only get better. We can look back at Bill Clinton as a great example of this.

  • Alcibiades42

    Ron Paul is, perhaps, honest. But his ideas about the economy and government are way off. His notion about abolishing the Fed is simply laughable. He wants to return to a 19th century economy which won’t work. The notion of letting everything self adjust is simply childish. The reason we created government structures was because the society and the market weren’t working. We may well have made errors in the way some measures were implemented, but just making believe it would all fix itself is sheer folly.

  • Alcibiades42

    I think not. Yes money has a great deal of power, but its the indifference and ignorance of the electorate, which has the real power, which allows its influence to go unchecked. 

    I’m not too crazy about the NDAA either. But your reaction excessive. 

    Ron Paul wouldn’t have a clue how to run the country. He’s tied up in his own little fantasy world and doesn’t bother grappling with real issues. 

    I think many of his followers are well meaning, but craving simple solutions to complex problems and haven’t really thought them through. 

  • Javagrass

    No one person can solve our economic mess.  It will take a leader able to work with both Republicans and Democrats to get the job done.  The only electable Republican is Mitt Romney.  President Obama has already proven that he cannot get the job done.  

  • Deaf Wolf

    It’s not only about Ron Paul. It is about our country and our future.
    We will not give up until Ron Paul wins!

  • Billmarlin2009

    No politician can solve the economic mess. But the citizens of this country can.
    I am not optomistic since almost 30% of our citizenry are minorities looking for a handout and our current president is looking for additional ways to “spread the wealth around,” we cannot overcome this “stacked deck!.” When we have as many people “pulling the wagon” as are presently “riding the wagon,” we have a chance……which means we are doomed. Not going to happen as long as we have a minority president. The “inmates are running the asylum now!”

  • swede

    no job ,no economy,no gas,less food,no more vacations,no homes ……is there anybody out there that cares any more?….Divided States of America! What happened to ONE GOD ?The Gov’t has turned its back on this, country ,Janet Nepalitano(national security) failed United State citizensby not securing our borders and yes our President believes in the DREAMER Act,when 88% of true people of the United States disagree!Our borders are open to everyone ,except our own citizens ,Our founding fathers are probably turning in thier graves!We all know that as many countries as we have helped,they have taken our money and then hated us ,but we open the doors with our blindfolds on and wait to get hit blind sided.  I have built houses for about 25 years andI still haven’t figuired out how to buy a house but I have seen that our immigration  policy  will give you money to come in our country and give you a job plus food stamps. The CLUE is don’t speak ENGLISH !Now if you look at immigration .As I grew up ,it was supposed to be if your life was endangered by thier own countryThey could ask for asylum..Those coming over supposedly legally(thanks to our open city doors)Wahington D.C.,They have gotten an education,so  if they protest the way things are,they should go back to there own country of birth and fight for thier country and for thier rights .Then they can Speak thier own language (United Staes “speak English ” not Spanish ,French or Mexican. English  the language of the UNITED STATES of America.  I don’ know who I support for this election 2012 ,but I will VOTE ! There are issues I like and dis-like on both sides , if I could take the good of both I would be an Independant Party-for the real people of the United States (bring back MORALs,GOALS and IDEAS )Put the power back to the People ,not Special Interest groups.