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This week’s financial news with Gillian Tett

What do the British think about the Gulf oil spill and American reaction to the company responsible? Why are Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac leaving the New York Stock Exchange? And what lies in store for the financial reform battle? In this First Look web video, Alison Stewart talks to Gillian Tett, managing editor of the Financial Times.

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    Main Street: Findlay, Ohio
    Need to Know travels to Ohio to assess how workers are faring after the loss of millions of manufacturing jobs over the past 35 years.
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    Following the money: Tax breaks
    New CBO report echoes the findings of Need to Know's "A tale or four tax returns."
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      Certifiably employable
    Rick Karr recently visited Seattle to look at a program designed to give the unemployed the skills they need to find jobs in one of the country’s fastest-growing industries.


  • Alan

    It is commendable to have chosen the articulate and highly credible Ms. Tett as a guest on your program. Please keep interviewing guests of this caliber in order to share their insights with a wider audience. Well done. As you know, she recently published a compelling book on the financial crisis, though one is left to wonder whether its title (rather than subject matter per se) was fitted to the topic under consideration. One hopes that the producers and editors at PBS actually take the time to read her work–well worth it.

  • arthur

    gillian tett is unqualified to talk about anything except from a political perspective. she is an anthropology major with no industry experience. part of the ‘british-israel’ disinformation cult of sir david rockefeller , sponsor of this show, and the rothschilds controlled financial times and economist. this is just garbage political disinformation. this appears it might have been a sabotage job by bp, to further the 3 trillion carbon/trade market in london the english royals and to destroy american drilling in the deep gulf with its 100 billion dollar potential and to raise the price of oil for the american people so the english crown and their real ‘best friends’ the Royals Sauds can continue to plunder america with outrageous prices for oil. there is no ‘special’ relationship with england, they engineers the wars and start them and americans die in them. PBS is just a whitewashed version of the BBC, or the crown governments propaganda organ. tett is one of the biggest liars in journalism and a shill for the english establishment having gone to the sordid cambridge university source of so many financial and war criminals, much like harvard. the internet is destroying the propaganda of gillian tett.

  • MarkW

    The Brits have Gillian Tett — we’ve got Sarah Palin — trade ya?

    I *LIKE* this woman — bright, articulate, direct. Why can’t there be more like her?