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Building the next America: Ed Rendell makes the case for spending on high-speed rail

Is Obamarail the new Obamacare?

Much like last year’s debate over health care reform, Republicans and President Obama once again find themselves at odds, this time over whether or not to build a nationwide high-speed rail system. Already, Republican governors from Wisconsin, Ohio and Florida have rejected over a combined $3 billion for building high-speed rail, stalling the Obama plan, at least for now.As the administration tries to get back on track, former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell, a Democrat and co-chair of Building America’s Future — a non-partisan advocacy group calling for infrastructure investment — is making the case for spending now on modernizing the national transportation system, even as an emboldened Republican Party tries to cut government spending and tighten the country’s belt.

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  • Lyona

    Fabianism at this level doesn’t work so well, does it, Obama-people? People within the states still have the right to say “no” to you. I say “no” to Obama “care.” I refuse to have anything to do with it. I pay cash for what I can afford in medical care, forgo medical care unless it is an emergency, and support the FREE market (freedom for me, freedom for the skilled experts in medicine). [ How is it that the former slaves in America do not recognize the New Slavery when it is forced on them? Oh, that's right, Mr. Obama is not a descendant of American he does not actually represent them in any way other than through color...sorry, I just had to point out this observation].

  • Edt

    You nutty!!!

  • Anonymous

    Why is it that right-wingers are so concerned about government tyranny but not corporate tyranny?

    Is it really “freedom” to have your choice of which corporate exploiter to toil for? What kind of “freedom” is it that allows profiteers to poison our bodies and environment with impunity, our only recourse being a pay-to-play justice system?

    Wake up, please.

  • Guest 5

    Hello Republican governors, does this idea not create needed Jobs? does it not contribute to the Economic recovery… all Railways are privately operated are they not. so why is a long term Tax issue ita an investment in progress. Come on Guys America has the best of everything!?
    On High speed rail you are currently 5 years behind the International community and at this rejection rate based on nonsense political ideology are going to end up because of decision timing to completion 10 Years behind PDQ.
    Ah we need aircraft, Yeh sure with sleeping Air traffic controllers and antiquated flight control systems that cause Multiple near misses every year
    Get real we have to bring our Once best in the world transport infrastructure into the 21st century now not start in 1, 2, 3 years time, but Now and make it maglev not shinkansens.
    Guest 5.

  • Randle

    It was the “Free Market” that took advantage of the American people by offering Liar Loans and destroying the US economy. If the Govt. had done its job and stopped the corruption we would not have been in this mess. Unfortunately, the conservative ideal is “deregulation” which contributed to this mess as well.

  • Steve Petix

    Good for you that you currently have the money–and the good health– to choose whether to obtain health care. The problem with our health system is that many folks do not have such financial resources, so by the time they enter the system they are so sick that they end up in the Emergency Room, where their care is multiple times more expensive–and they can’t pay for it. The hospitals then have to raise all their charges to the rest of us–so you and I end up paying for it eventually. The sound strategy adopted by Obamacare is to make routine health care measures affordable to all, to prevent the need for emergency and hospital admissions, and thus reduce the overall costs of healthcare which threaten to overwhelm our economy.

  • Guest 5

    What does health care and Slavery have to do with High speed rail??
    Perhaps I missed something!!
    Oh and by the way if you get gang raped and dont want the resulting child, or your husband says get rid of it, but you are both out of work and your much vaunted ” can afford medical care” does not cover it, and your Republican obviously beloved leaders and you say no help from anywhere because pro life I say ok to you live with your choices, and the food stamps and after birth care many republican politicians might want to deny to you. Let me ( my wife) live with ours.
    Before You explode, I am the husband of a wife who was raped. They were caught and convicted, but the very idea of a child not of our marriage and the abortion costs not supported somehow because of a stupid law made us both physically sick, until we found a doctor and clinic who did it pro bono at 13 weeks.
    That is not a priest, ministers (other religious heads) or politicians decision to write laws for or against. Me thinks!!
    Finally, what has Obama’s color or slavery got to do with High speed rail or abortion or not!!
    Cant wait for your reply.
    Guest 5.

  • Charles E. Campbell

    In 2009, I submitted a proposal the The White House and Dept. Of Transportation for an innovation is High Speed Rail Transportation that was ignored.  It could have turn the unemployment situation around.  When we have leadership that ignores innovation, yet includes it in his talking points, I wonders if President Obama is serious.  Leadership solves problems.  Too often their vision gets bogged down in bureaucracy and nothing gets done. That’s poor leadership.  Maybe Herman Caine can do better?