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WikiLeaks and climate change

The U.S. embassy cables released by the whistleblower organization WikiLeaks have rattled diplomats across the globe, revealing an unvarnished look at U.S. foreign policy on a number of issues, from Iran’s nuclear program to relations with China.

But what about climate change?

Just as the United Nations conference on greenhouse gas emissions wraps up in Cancun, new cables have been released that suggest the U.S. may have strong-armed developing countries, such as the Maldives and Saudi Arabia, into signing last year’s climate change accord in Copenhagen. The memos also reveal an astonishing amount of pessimism on the part of some world leaders, such as European Union President Herman Van Rompuy, regarding the chances of success at Copenhagen and Cancun.

The WikiLeaks revelations have prompted charges of “bribery” and “secrecy” at the Cancun conference. To get a sense of how the cables may complicate the negotiations, guest host Sal Gentile spoke with Lisa Friedman, deputy editor of ClimateWire, an online energy publication that covers climate change issues. Friedman has written about the cables, and joined Need to Know by phone from Cancun, where she’s covering the U.N. conference.

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  • Guest 5

    As Wiki leaks moves away from the diplomatic area and the War area of leaks,it will become progressively less and less Interesting.
    If the leaks on climate change are purely confirming what we all knew from normal media sources that a good solution left us all in a pessimistic state of mind. That leak has less interest if that is the main thrust.
    That said the arrogance of Mr Assange infuriates me. He wants attention and gets it but when the attention turns to him and lawful charges against him, this is unacceptable as news or to be discussed.
    If he is not guilty go to Sweden and prove it.
    If wiki leaks is so dependent on one man for its meaningfulness, then it is doomed to fail anyway! It seems to me his behaviour is that its only what I wish to publish is news or worthy of discussion with Wiki leaks and himself.
    A good news service would prepare a coherent defence of his ( its) actions and policies.
    I accuse him of anarchy if he will not defend and state clearly the objective of his leaks.
    And I am not interested in anarchists!!
    Guest 5.
    Guest 5.
    Guest 5.