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David Biello on the future of solar

So what does Uni-Solar’s bankruptcy mean for the promise of a future filled with solar energy? For answers, we turn to David Biello, an associate editor of Scientific American. He’s been reporting on energy and the environment for more than a decade and has been following developments within the solar industry.

  • Differing views on fracking's impact
    Studies conducted on the counties above the Marcellus and Barnett Shale for example — where extensive drilling has already taken place — present mixed economic results.
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    Too much solar energy?
    The proliferation of privately owned solar has large power companies in Germany worried.
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    Nominee has industry ties
    Energy secretary nominee had deep connections to industry, including as a paid adviser to BP until 2011.


  • David Stead

    What a dumbass question. “What does the failure of Company X have to do with ANYTHING at all?” When my dad failed to find a buyer for his revolutionary new car powered by water, the automobile industry did not go tits-up. Duh.

  • mbee1

    What this sad story really tells you is that government is corrupt, run by corrupt politians who want that campaign cash to ensure reelection.  Why not try a different approach, get the government out of micromanaging everything and stop using tax dollars to fund the elite?

  • bubba

    The micromanaging elite made the invention of your likely gas guzzling pickup truck possible

  • mbee1

    bubba, show me one suit in Washington and in the 55th floor of the car company who know how to build anything accept their salary and postition. The engineers made my truck possible along with all the improvemnts that have occured over the years, selling those trucks made it possible to keep the trucks coming and improving. All the micro managing does is make somebody in government rich and somebody in private industry rich from government tax money.