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From allergies to deadly disease, feeling the effects of climate change

A rare but deadly fungal disease once occurring only in tropical climates has recently led to several deaths in the Pacific Northwest. Some researchers believe that climate change may be to blame for the disease’s emergence there.

When Trudy Rosler first got sick after a visit to Vancouver Island in British Columbia, doctors were stumped. Eventually they discovered that she had fungus growing in her brain stem — one that was previously only known to exist in the tropics. Researchers say that subtle changes in climate over the last 40 years may be the reason it’s infecting people much farther north. Here in the U.S., the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is already treating climate change as a serious health threat.

Need to Know’s medical correspondent Dr. Emily Senay examines how a warming climate is already affecting our health, from making allergies worse to affecting the spread of infectious diseases and pushing the extremes of killer weather.

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  • mindlessworld

    We are all going to turn into zombies thanks to the rich screwing uo the whole world , just for there own immediate gain. 

  • Freedom

     What a bunch of fear mongering bullshit! Oops , i farted, must of been “climate change”!!  What the scientist fail to mention, is that the earths climate has always been changing since its birth! Most of the time was not even inhabitable to humans. What you should notice is the sponsors of this program!! Winston,Rockefeller, etc! The same crooks that have funded the entire global warming scheme! These assholes cannot even predict the weather correctly for the next day! Changes need to be made in how we live. But this is just pure fear mongering propaganda. There are more frequent tornadoes, because we have better instrument to read the weather! Anybody who believes this crap for 1 sec should just commit suicide to save the rest of us from your breathing!  What we should do is have a scientist measure the carbon footprint of Obamas pledged billion dollar campaign and his jets! The audacity to tell us we are killing the earth and need to sacrifice, while he collects a full salary to fly around with his followers, wasting thousands of gallons of fuel and resources, just to get a job for $350,000! What a Joke!   By the way the birth cert was fake s hell, get the original from the gov web and open it with adobe illustrator!! Even just zooming in with adobe, its painfully obvious its a fake!! And a very poor fake. When your hiding a secret it limits your resources for forgers!!  PBS is a Propaganda tool for the elite!!!  Dont drink the kool-ade! To say our breathing is killing the earth is laughable!! At best!!

  • Mike

    Damn I couldn’t have said it any better. I’m glad that I’m not the only one who feels this way!! 

  • Swiftd

    Talk about not sticking to the subject.  How Obama got involved in your rant is beyond me.  No, the climate is not at risk regardless of how many flights a politician from either side takes.

  • Wowed

    Wow, talk about head in the sand!  The inability to comprehend scientific proof is astounding.

  • dckkelly

    when 90% of the earth scientists are 90% sure that climate change caused by man is here, I tend to believe them, not the polititions, who may be on the oil/coal payroll. 

  • dckkelly

    when 90% of the earth scientists are 90% sure that climate change caused by man is here, I tend to believe them, not the polititions, who may be on the oil/coal payroll. 

  • Anonymous

    Mindless!!  aptly named.

  • Guest

    Dear “Freedom”, I wouldn’t want to live in your world. Denial, fear and paranoia. I’d rather be proactive and risk being wrong about the science than do nothing and see the science was right and that we face mass catastrophe because of it. But then again, when 90% of the world’s scientists are in consensus – I trust their judgement. They’re the trained experts and I’m thankful that they chose to dedicate their lives to it, we need someone who understands what’s going on. And I trust them more than any politician, CEO, corporation, neighbor, or person who thinks they know better but doesn’t have the years of study in the field to back it up.

  • Mike

    Don’t have my head in the sand buddy!! Just don’t believe in the scare tactics that the so called science comes out with every couple years or so. Most 90% of them work for the government or off of grants so it is just a ploy from the government. I know that we have done damage to the earth, but the same science that you are trusting in will tell you that there is nothing we can do to stop the climate change that has and will continue to happen. With every earthquake the earth wobbles a little more. With every volcano that goes off the Ozone is damaged even more and the earth is shot off it’s path around the sun. I not going to let the things that I can not stop bother me or impact my life. That’s all I am saying.

  • Lena

    How old are you?? I would guess you are a little on the juvenile/immature side by the way you rant on and on without making any sense. Your rant reminds me of a tantrum a spoiled brat would have when he/she doesn’t get their way. By the way, if you don’t agree with how the President gets around the country in the private jet which I believe every president uses then how would you have him travel thousands of miles….coach with a discount airline or bus maybe?