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Gaining control over Tourette’s syndrome

If you know anything about Tourette’s, you’re probably aware that people who suffer from it experience symptoms like vocal outbursts or sudden twitches and movements. In some cases, they may even involuntarily shout out words.

But there’s a lot about Tourette’s that most people don’t know, including the fact that people with Tourette’s can experience the kind of successes that the rest of us may only dream of. Case in point: 21-year-old “American Idol” finalist James Durbin.

And there’s something else you may not be aware of: With a new kind of drug-free therapy, some people with Tourette’s syndrome can learn to overcome some of their symptoms. It’s called CBIT, which stands for comprehensive behavior intervention for Tourette’s.

CBIT therapy is offered in several clinics across the country. To find where the nearest practitioner is near you contact the Tourette’s Syndrome Association.



  • Spinnmama

    He has to be one of the most eloquent, sensitive, well-spoken young men I’ve ever heard.  Wow!  If only people twice…three times his age… could be so self secure!  He will change his world for the better!  Great story!

  • Sue

    What a great story and I totally agree with you!