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It’s hard to argue against the benefits of eating your vegetables. But drinking your vegetables is another story. Is juicing the antidote to bad health, as its proponents claim, or just another fad diet? Here’s what you need to know.

1. There’s room for debate.

Fans of green juicing, or juicing raw vegetables, say that you can drink more vegetables than you can eat, and that juicing allows your body to more easily absorb the vitamins and antioxidants extracted from fresh produce. Juicing has been credited with alleviating everything from skin diseases and immune disorders to cancer and high blood pressure.

But skeptics claim that the detox and cleansing benefits attributed to juicing may be more psychological than physical. There’s also a lack of scientific evidence that proves that juicing your vegetables is significantly healthier than just eating them. If you’re not eating enough vegetables, drinking them might be one way to up your intake. The bottom line is, juicing certainly can’t hurt.

2. Your digestive system will thank you.

Juicing proponents believe that your digestive system can function more efficiently when drinking raw vegetables. Although you lose the benefits of consuming fiber when drinking your produce, it takes less energy to digest food in liquid form. Heating and cooking vegetables also reduces or destroys some of their enzyme content, which some say can impede digestion. With juicing, it’s believed that these food enzymes are not only preserved, but your digestive system also gets a “rest.”

If you juice for enzymes, you might also believe that the right food combinations can help with digestion. Food combiners believe that eating a protein like meat or cheese, which requires one type of enzyme to be digested, with a carbohydrate, which requires another kind of digestive enzyme, can result in bloating and indigestion. When you juice, you only eat one type of food at a time, so digestion is speedier.

3. Moderation is key.

Despite what some raw foodists and “juicearians” might say, it’s probably not best to live on juice alone. A juice fast, in which one consumes only juice and no solid food for a day or more, can have healthy benefits, but it’s not entirely necessary. Drinking green juice can still have healing effects when combined with a regular, healthy diet.

For best results, drink green juice on an empty stomach, and make sure it’s as fresh as possible. More extreme measures, like the lemonade-and maple syrup-only Master Cleanse, or juice fasting as a quick-and-easy weight loss method, are not recommended.

4. Not all juices are created equal.

You can get your green juice at a juice bar, health food store or through a delivery service, but be wary of bottled and pasteurized juices. And read the labels carefully: Too much fruit or fruit concentrate can increase the sugar level, and heating and processing can lessen nutritional value.

Buying a home juicer and doing it yourself can pay off in the long run, although the juicer you buy might also make a difference. Centrifugal juicers, which grind and strain produce at high speeds, are the most affordable machines, but also less efficient – some say the high speed generates heat, and decreases the amount of enzymes in the resulting juice. Masticating juicers “chew” produce and can make more juice out of the same amount of vegetables, while triturating juicers, the most expensive and efficient option, “press” produce and retain more nutrients.

While juicers extract only juice from produce and remove the fiber, blenders retain all of the content by simply mashing everything together. Fiber aside, the blender versus juicer debate might come down to a matter of taste: drinking celery juice mixed with carrot juice will probably taste better than drinking a celery and carrot smoothie.

5. The possibilities are endless.

If you make your own juice, experiment with combining different kinds of fruits and vegetables for taste and nutrition. Popular combinations include mixing leafy vegetables like spinach or kale with celery or cucumber, and adding beet, carrot or apple for sweetness. See more recipes here and here.


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  • Vegas Computer Solutions

    I’m all for juicing as long as I get the juice and the fiber and everything else that comes with it.  (OK except the seeds….)

    Vegas Computer Solutions

  • Michelle

    I just started juicing at home and love it!  I still try to eat a healthy balanced diet, but love adding in healthy juices to my daily routine.

  • lemonade diet

    The Lemonade Diet uses lemon to help you drop those extra pounds. It contains only natural ingredients so there is no danger of ingesting any unnecessary chemicals. This diet uses lemon, cayenne pepper and maple syrup to help your body detox and lose weight. The benefits of lemon have been documented. The cayenne pepper is used to clear out the bowel. The maple syrup is a good source of nutrients and B vitamins. And to make the process more convenient, these ingredients have been formulated into a pill which, when used in conjunction with an exercise program and a meal plan, will make those extra pounds melt off

  • Ralph_onesti

    I don’t know…digestion begins in the mouth with saliva and it seems to me juicing circumvents this process.

  • Maribel

    This is great information. Even though I get it I still need to be reminded of all the endless possibilities. Cause when laziness starts setting in you need coaching to get you back on rack .. I agree 100% with the method of thinking in this write up. Thank you for your continued help… It always gets me back on track. Now let me go and make my self a carrot, ginger and celery juice. Yummmmeeee! :)

  • Nut Romney

    A Juice Extractor comparison study showed the Champion Juicer retains more nutrients then any Centrifugal Juicer for about $200. If you can afford it, the new Omega VRT at $379, has even a better quality juice.  However, using a Juice Press #385 in combination with this is the most optimum as the Champion and Mastigating juicers tend to make fiberous sauce, not just juice.  Organic foods have nearly twice the Enzymes of regular and with the toxins added to regular food, juicing it means you get hurtful chemicals shot into your blood stream.  The Gersen Institute only recommend 4 juices:
    green juice, orange juice or grapefruit, carrot juice, and apple juice.

  • Nut Romney

    just the juice, with no fiber, speeds the digestion process.  You are supposed to juice, in combination with a healthy diet containing other fiber, not in place of it.

  • Nut Romney

    Lemons don’t make you lose weight. There is only one thing that will make you lose weight: Less Calories.

  • Nut Romney

    Juicing is to provide immediate nutrition. Only the nectar, no pulp or fiber.  You should get fiber in your other meals. Fiber in the juice slows digestion and works against nutrient absorbtion.

    Not Recommended

  • wheatgrass juicer online

    What a great guide. The tips mentioned above are crucial for having the best juicing experience.

  • Ray Lee

    I made this little video on how to solve many of the juicing concerns –

  • René

    Consumer Reports’ best juicer:

    Hamilton Beach Big Mouth 67650. Just around 50$ on Amazon USA! CR gave it: 4/5 on juicing, 5/5 convenience but 2/5 for noise, and it IS loud.

    How do I know?

    I bought one :)

  • Josh

    Most of your digestion takes place in small intestine. Little absorption takes place in mouth. Juicing is a great way to meet your RDA for vitamins and minerals

  • Justin

    Masticating vs Centrifugal. Those are ugly words but thats how they classify them. I see someone recommended the Omega VRT which is an awesome masticating juicer but for less money you can get the Omega 8006 multipurpose juicer and it will even make pasta! Here is a break down these types

  • lion4liberty

    the “skeptics” that believe the health benefits may be psychological are genuine fools. I bet i could even tell you who these skeptics are and who they work for. FDA ring a bell?

  • juicefastingcouple

    Great article! My husband and I are about to start juicing. We are so excited!

  • Juice~i~er

    Yea, juicing is great! I’ve got an Omega 8003 and have been happily juicing for almost a year now. My juicing is getting more advanced… To day I made this mix… Carrots, green bell pepper, cucumber, one brown pear, lettuce, 1/4 red onion, cilantro, and inch of ginger, and one passon fruit. Don’t let the onion scare you, you can barely taste it and it just tastes spicy…. Google “testosterone and onion juice”

  • ancap

    That’s not entirely true. The distribution of macro nutrients (fats, carbohydrates, protein) has a huge impact on losing weight. See paleo diet and the book Eat Fat, Lose Fat.

  • AcumenEgo

    OK, I was diagnosed with Crohns 18 years ago, and studied it intensely for 18 years. I also studied chemistry, starvation, poisoning, agriculture, and the food industry. Point being, I have as much experience as a 700 year old hooker that still looks great. Fiber should not be discussed regarding this topic as it will only confuse. Fiber is the distance runner for minerals and an intestinal metabolic indicator. If you need fiber, you know it! If your just wondering, FORGET IT. Forget fiber. Juicing and raw-foods are like guns in that they can be used for good or bad. Consider me blending 50 bags of corn ONLY for the next 6 months threw my juicer. It would not make juicing bad. Trees are raw food, right? Should I start gnawing them down? There’s plenty of fiber :) My only advice I can give, in here, is to listen to no one, other then me. Because I !@#$^& actually know!

  • Deven Childs

    OK, dunno where my comment went but hey maybe it will surface. To be vary frank. Lets focus what actually matters. Humans have found they can put anything in their mouth. Now they are learning they should not.

  • Vettechick

    It still all has a lot to do with calories. Eat more calories than you burn = gain weight. Eat less calories than you burn = lose weight. Show me a diet that proves otherwise.

  • Mike Mathwig

    I eat food. I stay healthy. I work, you see. Try it!

  • 1lachula

    Atkins diet…

  • skinnygirl

    Dr. Poon diet

  • George

    U think FDA cares if people are drinking juice?

  • amberview

    I’m sorry, but you are basically going to raise your sugar and insulin levels if you don’t have the fiber. It’s better for you than a soda or juice from the shelf, but it would be better if you ate your vegetables with as much fiber as you can get.

  • amberview

    What about the fiber which helps with slowing the spiking of blood sugar and increases insulin production? Why not just save money and eat the vegetables.

  • amberview

    I know that I wouldn’t lose weight on a 3 cookie a day diet. You have been brain washed into believing that all food is created equal with the same calories. It’s not true unfortunately.

  • Carl H Swanberg


  • London

    I have tried all the diets for the past 5 year coming off the paleo diet trying to loose 25 lbs. I juiced for 3 days and felt amazing and decided to go on. If a scale of 1-10 ( 10 feeling awesome) was what I felt before, today I am a 20, remembering what a 10 was, and if I eat a cooked piece of fish, I am a 6. Today I drink 1 servings of juice for my 4 main meals, and a few small sips in between. I drink more water, I eat more bananas, avocados, and Medjool dates through out the day. So for 63 days, I juice Kale, parsley, cilantro, beet, pear, 8 apples, lettuce, collard green, red pepper, lemon, lime, and a slice of ginger. I got to my goal weight with an average of 3,200 calories ( use to restrict 700 to lose that last lb of fat). At the end of the day I may have a soup or a large salad. I may have soft boiled eggs. I don’t eat red meat or chicken regularly. They take my energy away. I will eat Sushi and Cherry Stone clams as they are raw. I have younger looking skin, lost 3% of fat weight while maintaining muscle, my hair is thicker, and my rashes went away. I never did one handed push ups before, but I can do 20 nice ones without stopping. Right and left. I do blood test just to be sure to let myself know that banana and date sugar at the same carbohydrate measure don’t spike my blood like 3 slices of pizza. I don’t have diabetes, but have sure avoided it from testing some time ago as much as 8 times a day. Now I don’t measure my blood since I know refined bread products or wheat in cookies spike my blood sugar. Hope this helps as I live it…Oh, and I can do 27 one legged sit ups on a 45 degree incline. Never before until juicing… I am 40 year old… Cheers.

  • Stephenie Serrano

    lml good luck with the rest of your life

  • raevan

    yes they care if you’re drinking juice! If you juice & no longer require prescriptions for an autoimmune disease(like me) then they lose money. FDA & Big pharma…. do your research!

  • Karl Krist

    If you want to know how much money juicing costs, take a look at this video:

  • Jeff N.

    For those a bit skeptical of juicing – it works. I know it works from experience. I think one problem regarding juicing is the greedy individuals that always, it seems, to show up looking for a quick buck.

    Juicing isn’t magical, it doesn’t make your ‘daddy parts’ grow, nor does it melt the fat away while you sit on the couch eating ice cream. One claim I see regularly is that it expels the toxins from your body. Huh? I expel some everyday, usually in the morning with a Nat. Geo.

    Seriously, I have found the greatest benefits by juicing green smoothies. You can get a ton of great nutrition, and you’re not cooking it until it loses half the nutrition, or adding butter, sour cream, cheese sauce or whatever else people put on their prepared dishes these days.

    I’m nearly 53 and I’ve never felt this good, not even close, not even when I was 20 years old and in excellent health. I have much more energy, sleep amazingly well, where I used to hardly sleep at all, and I’ve lost over 50 pounds. Also, what is just strange, I wake up in the morning and I’m
    wide awake, RIGHT NOW, no coffee, it’s just weird. I also do a moderate workout, so I’m sure that aided in the weight loss, my better mood, etc. I’m slightly disabled so I’m not doing some high-intensity strength training, or running a mini-marathon. One more thing, after much research, I’ve cut-out the dairy products. I can’t be totally sure what is working, and in what degree, but I feel like I’ve discovered the fountain of youth.

    Try juicing, if you aren’t doing it now. Give it a fair
    chance, and get a book like ‘Green for Life’ by Victoria Boutenko. It has some fantastic, unbelievably great-tasting recipes, but it also has some great information that was well researched. I have absolutely no affiliation with the book other than I bought it. Juicing, with the help of a smart diet and moderate exercise will help you to feel and look

    I won’t even suggest dropping the dairy because most people think I’m nuts when they find out that I don’t consume dairy.

    I know the juicing played a major role in my weight loss/general health, because after this weight loss I felt different, but I was also able to quit taking both my high blood pressure (juice beet tops) and
    high cholesterol pills!! That’s never happened when I’ve lost weight before.

    You can thank me later. :-D

  • Laura Bailey

    you know the human race is in trouble when we have to buy a machine to chew (masticate) our food! LOL Just kidding, I’m a big old juicehead!

  • Kc Mac

    You can get fiber many places, the problem is almost everyone is NOT getting enough greens in their diet, and this is an amazing way to get all you need from greens. Why not just eat the veggies? Because people don’t. How often do you eat a half or whole cucumber in one sitting? Juicing allows this, very easily.

  • AZTeach

    Read Why We Get Fat and What to Do About It by Gary Taubes for a different take that makes sense.

  • Anonymous

    Let’s be honest: 99% of people benefit from juicing because the standard American diet is unhealthy.

    Considering the fact that juicing provides the body with the best minerals, vitamins, cleansing elements and enzymes from vegetables and fruits, you will feel energy boosted almost immediately after trying some of the energy juice recipes.

    With drinking energy juices every day, your body will be provided with a high level of natural nutrients from vegetables and fruits that improve your health and also provide an anti-aging protection for both your body and skin. Juicing is addictive, but people really need some healthy addictions in life.

    Moreover, if “juice everyday” was your New Year’s resolution, then you have made the best decision. Just try some of the juicing recipes for energy for one week – and you will be hooked for life.

    Recipes –

    Best Juicers –

    Top juicing community –

    Juice Fasting for Beginners –

  • Anonymous

    Let’s be honest: 99% of people benefit from juicing because the Standard American diet is unhealthy.

    Considering the fact that juicing provides the body with the best minerals, vitamins, cleansing elements and enzymes from vegetables and fruits, you will feel energy boosted almost immediately after trying some of the energy juice recipes. With drinking energy juices every day, your body will be provided with a high level of natural nutrients from vegetables and fruits that improve your health and also provide an anti-aging protection for both your body and skin. Juicing is addictive, but people really need some healthy addictions in life. Moreover, if “juice everyday” was your New Year’s resolution, then you have made the best decision. Just try some of the juicing recipes for energy for one week – and you will be hooked for life.

    Recipes –

    Best Juicers –

    Top Juicing community –

    Juice Fasting for Beginners –

  • Chony Pere

    i use a blendec and drink all fiber and vit and i feel divine shonye

  • Future Juicer

    Extremely encouraging, thank you for sharing London

  • Future Juicer

    Bladk Unemployment Crisis, Josh, & Michelle, thank you for your comments, this has made my decision in juicing easier, as I was a skeptic like Ralph. Thanks again!! :)

  • Rebecca

    I have a blog on juicing. I have juiced for years and the benefits have been amazing. It shouldn’t replace vegetables but if you aren’t eating ANY then at least try to juice!

  • taipan55

    I understand what Ralph-onesti is trying to say and he is correct in stating that digestion BEGINS in the mouth with saliva. In addition to that the tongue and it’s so-called taste buds play a significant part in digestion as well. The tongue serves as a sensory device and prepares the digestive track for what’s about to come. So taking a fish oil pill is not equivalent to eating fish. Drinking orange juice alone (sugar level spikes) is not the same as eating an orange (spikes controlled by the fiber). Juicing should be a part of your already healthy diet and not a replacement for it. I love juicing, but realize that because of the the way our bodies work juicing alone is not enough. Juicing is great and will let you make nutritious combos of ingredients and flavors that you otherwise could not.

  • taipan55

    The ability for your body to use energy from foods should take precedence over quick digestion times. Soluble fiber (as opposed to insoluble fiber) absorbs water from your digestive tract and forms into a gel that helps to slow the absorption of sugar into your bloodstream. That becomes important when drinking juices with a sugar content to help avoid sugar spikes. However, juicing is a great complement to an already healthy diet!

  • Mary Bortel

    When you say: “So for 63 days, I juice Kale, parsley, cilantro, beet, pear, 8 apples, lettuce, collard green, red pepper, lemon, lime, and a slice of ginger,” what time frame are you talking about? 1 day? I juiced for 3 days, and now have been juicing 2 meals a day, and eat one light meal. I’m living “The ME-gan Lifestyle,” which is vegan and gluten free, fresh whole and organic foods when possible. It’s been about 10 days now that I started juicing, and to tell you the truth, I feel a little run down, and sometimes I get a little brain fog. I wonder if I’m just not getting enough calories. Does juicing provide calories? Any thoughts on this? I like to juice fruits in the morning and then the other 1 or 2 juices I do for the day are usually veggies – just a combo. I juice it all, beets, tomatoes, carrots, ginger, parsley, and so on. I have not done potatoes or onions yet. Any advice would be great.

  • Michael Ng

    Hi Mary! Currently I am on my 80 plus day of a mixture on Please confirm if you looked at this free site… I came
    up with this mixture to be low glycemic because I wanted diabetics to also
    enjoy. I love fresh fruit juice too, but it can spike your glucose levels and
    you will feel very tired ( foggy). Your blood sugar may be hitting 145-155
    or more ( reg range is 80-130). I have a program that is 16 days and I
    do ask some questions before one begins. I do it for FREE because I hate to
    hear people suffering of the Standard American Diet. I replaced carrots with
    sweet potatoes because they break down slower (sugar) and have the same value
    as carrots but even more. When you have carrots and beets in the same juice,
    some folks might have Pre Diabetic conditions spiking blood to 140-150. When
    you eat any carbs or drink juice especially carrot/ fruits, I would get a
    glucose meter and test your blood. I feel if anybody feels tired after eating
    carbs should get a meter and run tests before and after meals… It’s very easy
    and I avoided Diabetes type 2 in 2009 because I am one of those people who just
    has to know everything about my blood and what I cook/ juice… After a few readings,
    you can understand how your body feels… Pizza was killing me and some vegan
    meals with 109 carbs per serving ( 20 refined is a lot)! My highest reading feeling exhausted was 170, but many people have no clue they hit that daily… Matter of fact, a
    buddy of mine on his 30 juice day using my mixture was testing his blood right
    after we both had a meeting over a simple salad. I was showing him how to use a
    glucose meter. He wanted to borrow my meter suspecting that maybe juicing might
    spike blood sugar (his wife was worried). I tested mine and it does not for
    me… But, 30 min later, he was 137 and I was 117 after the salad. (I blood
    test on purpose to test my juice so that this does not happen). Turns out the
    dressing had High Fructose corn syrup in it. I also think in a few days, he may
    find he has pre-diabetic conditions or may actually be eating too many vegan
    carbs from the meals he tells me he prepares… I will know in a week…He did not juice for 4 hrs so it was surely the dressing…

    If you want to send me what you eat throughout the day I can helpyou… email
    at I will help you for free 16 Day Juice Cycle… :)
    I love this stuff and love to share…I have many that gave me some
    testimonials on that website… Hope this helps…

  • Michael Ng

    Sorry, I am London and Michael Ng, I don’t know how to use my google profiles… :) Cheers.

  • Michael Ng

    Future Juicer, I would help you for free too and after 16 days, you can post how you feel on here… email me at… Some testimonials for you to see on…

  • Michael Ng

    Hello there, I wanted to share. For 5 years I was
    on every diet and many had calorie restrictions and point of weakness to loose 25lbs. My last
    diet before juicing was the Paleo Diet, but with 700 calories restrictions
    trying to loss 1 lb to get my goal weight. I yo-yoed for half a year and was so
    frustrated. Today with 1.5 liters of juice every day, and raw foods in between,
    I consume 3,200 calories and eat until I don’t feel hungry. For the past 80
    days doing this, I lost 7 lb but mostly fat. I have a scale that gives me a
    bench mark of muscle, water, bone density, and fat. My water percentage went up
    4% my bone density went up .2 %, my fat dropped 3% and my muscle went up 1%.
    Now, I do question the accuracy, but the great thing is that I have trained
    myself to look at my weight more intelligent and the way I look. Fat weighs
    less than protein, bone, and water, so it can be frustrating if you only have a
    scale with just weight. You may actually increase weight because of the other
    great increases and miss that you actually lost fat. Fat is what we want to
    shed and several others including myself on my formula have done this. I don’t
    claim to be the best, I just know I have never felt so free to eat and full of
    y… Summary, you body treats RAW calories ( that includes Sushi and cooked fish) very differently then cooked/ refined foods. I also do blood tests to confirm my finding in blood glucose spiking… Hope this helps. Peace.

  • Chrissy Bengtson Carlson

    just add 1TBS of Chia seeds to your finished juice. This will slow the sugar absorption AND add plenty of omega 3 (more than flax seed!).

  • EnoughOfQuackery

    What about of high biologic value proteins, B12 vitami and fatty acids…? They are ONLY from foods of animal origin, and they are essential for our body.

  • nagman

    Great information here! I use the Breville Juice Fountain Elite and am very happy with the juicer. I wrote a blog reviewing it at There’s quite a few great juicers out there,

  • bonesman

    If god wanted you to live on juice, why do we have teeth.

  • Blazzzn Fenix

    Life in moderation is key (for all things on this Earth)… just like this article says… additionally…you can always take the fiber separated by the juicer and use it in a multitude of recipes for breads, muffins, soups, fritters etc. etc.

    Personally, I took out fast-food, canned foods, soda, coffee and energy drinks and replaced them with juicing. I feel a million times better, I have my regular energy level back, my skin looks and feels much better as well as my nails. The best part is I’m taking in far more fruits & veggies than ever before.

    I still eat healthy solid foods but always remember veggies lose most of their vitamins and health contributions once you cook it down.

    Fresh ingredients = much healthier life.

    Ps. Check your local Farmer’s Market for the best prices on fruits & veggies! Plus you are supporting local farmers in your area!

  • Justin from

    Or better yet signup with your local CSA, get organic produce set for the season and support local sustainable agriculture!

  • Juice Back To Health

    There’s a lot of way you can have your healthy juice. I usually start of with fruits juices for energy and wind down the day juicing vegetables. I for one have reverse my high blood pressure down to normal on my juice diet with no side effects, something my medical doctor couldn’t do in 7 years. Juicing is the way to go if you are wanting to get healthy and reverse many health issues.

  • Aware-_-

    God does not exsist…. did you feel that, yes, that is the feeling of the shackles falling away from your being. Go now, be free!

  • Christina Stainbrook

    That’s my juicer! Love it.

  • Anonymous

    get over yourself. so I guess because you and others have come to the conclusion that God doesn’t exist, he doesn’t? Wow, the human mind can be THAT powerful? NOT. (thank goodness)
    You think you have found the “truth” just because it makes you feel good and makes sense to YOU? And yes it goes both ways. Does anyone have irrefutable proof that God does or does not exist? NOPE. So, how about we let people believe what they want to believe even as it changes or stays the same. Once again get over yourself, your smugness is showing.

  • Anonymous

    how is it with leafy greens?

  • Alid

    The Breville is fine with leafy greens, you have to put the greens in first and push them through with another vegetable following it, I use my cucumber to push it through. Good machine for the money.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, never thought of that. I have a breville JE98XL and mostly juice greens but have been having a hard time getting juice out of them. I fold greens inside celery stalks or bell peppers but it’s not working so well. I get whole pieces of greens and now just juice the pulp 2-3 times to not waste produce. Will definitely try the method you mentioned. Thanks.

  • TrueGreen

    Amen. He does exist you have to have faith. Aware, I think you should consider other theories and try to pray on your own. Ill be praying for you too. With Him all things are possible. You’ll see in no time and you’ll be so thankful He saved you.

  • Garrett Friendly

    God gave us teeth so we can juice our food in our own mouths! Lol

  • Anonymous

    irrefutable proof is that he doesnt exist. I dont think you understand what irrefutable proof means. Just because 5 million people believe that superman exists doesnt make it so. The irrefutable proof is that he doesnt exist, he was made up, just like your ‘god’. Who created you? your parents. How do you grow? the cells in your body evolve. Are we actually human? debateable. 90% of your body is microbial, 10% is human. Where did we evolve from? microbes and cellular life….

  • Crystal Sparks

    Fatty acids are in some foods such as flax, and I get b12 from the almond milk that I put in certain juice recipes.

  • RosaMimosa

    Proof of The Creator: The Sun, The Sky, The Wind, The Air. The Beauty of a Newborn Child, Falling in Love. No matter what failures we are as human beings, no matter how despicable we become, we still fall in love. Many die for others. Mothers and fathers sacrifice for their children’s happiness. Daughters and Sons return home to care for their parents. Babies are born and the Sun still exists. That is good enough for many of us as a testament to the existence of God/Allah/Yahweh. Wars, Famine, Illness and the Horros of Mankind will never deny that God Exists.

  • Keith Jefferson Moss

    One should be VERY careful if he or she has diabetes. Juice too much fruit, and you can end up sending your blood-sugar way off into the outer stratusphere!!! No joke! I dont know why there’s so little “warning” about that online! (?) You can put your uninformed ass in the hospital via DIABETIC COMA, or worse, you can end up DEAD!! As a diabetic, I found that out “the hard way!” Yeah, “OOPS!!*** There should be “warnings” about juicing fruits online ( in regards to diabetes ), but I haven’t seen any. Friend, it needs to be made known that diabetes makes juicing a lot more DANGEROUS than it ordinarily would be! Beware and if you have diabetes, for cripe sake, BE CAREFUL! You dont want to make the mistake ” I ” did! …Ouch!

  • concerned nurse

    I have to agree with you Keith. There are several vegetables and fruits that should be taken with caution. Some fruits, such as grapefruit, interact negatively with many medications…and some have potassium, which may not be a good idea for people with heart or kidney problems. People, please discuss with your doctors the idea of juicing and ask for guidelines on which vegetables/fruits to add or eliminate from your juicing plan.

  • Fat Albert

    Hey hey hey, I may still be fat, but now that I’m a’juicin’, I feel a whole LOT better. Yeah, I still eat pizza and tri-tip ( every weekend, we have a great big barbeque out near the train yard. Tri-tip, hot links, chicken, pork ribs, hey hey HEY hey hey!.. ) but one must still at least “try” to keep his or herself in adequate health. Juicing fruits and veggies has helped me. I also take a venus fly plant supplement calld “carnivora.” That stuff really works, man! I also take an oriental food-product called “natto.” Thanx to natto, my circulation is now good as the stuff clears out artery plaque! Get online and research those products.

  • George Romaka

    You are an idiot. This is your “reasoning:”

    I believe God made the sun.
    The sun exists.
    Therefore God exists.

    Same old tired circular thinking. Enjoy your prison; the refusal to use that thing in your skull.

  • Daniel

    Welcome to Obama’s America, where we drink “fruit juice” like third world communists. This country has lost its way. We need to elect a president with the right skin color, if you know what I mean.

  • fuck off

    you’re an idiot.

  • Bechowe

    Lol ..well said..

  • Bechowe

    What is your reduce you high bp recipe please? :)

  • Larry


    After juicing your veg, keep the pulp for your side salad. You can chop up an onion, tomato etc & you are getting all the fiber from the veg.

  • Larry






  • Larry




    I am 63 YEAR OLD Diabetic with Diabetic neuropathy!

    When I was diagnosed a few years ago, I was arguing with doctors in Casualty that my problem was the stone in my kidney, which had moved in the night & brought me to hospital. “You are very sick & the stone saved your life”!

    5.8 is the European normal figure for Blood Sugar, but my was 84 -EIGHTY FOUR – and I still wasn’t in a coma. After 1 week in hospital, the neuropathy kicked in. Most people have to wait years to get theirs. That is my biggest problem with Diabetes. I take 1 600mg ALPHA LIPOIC ACID capsule a day. I don’t use the antidepressant LYRICA, which was prescribed for the neuropathy. SIDE EFFECTS!


    Most people don’t eat enough veg & this is the way to get them into your body!

    I take between 30,000 to 40,000 iu Vitamin D3 a day!

    I have a bottle of red wine with my main meal – EVERYDAY! Half a leg of lamb & side salad or a steak.

    Oh yeah!

    We ALL have a SELL BY DATE!



  • Larry




    “WHAT DO YOU THINK I AM – F–king animal”?




  • Prince Buster

    Are you people really debating the existence of God on a article about juicing?

    All of you need to get a grip.

  • Jordan

    I am a doctor and am in good health. I eat a lot of chicken, fish, and red meat. Meats with BBQ or buffalo sauce are preferred. I do not own a juicer, I chew my fruits and veggies with my God-given mastication system. For people who would rather juice/blend, that is great too. There are obviously HUGE benefits to juicing for MANY people. I encourage my edentulous patients to juice, I believe they can particularly benefit. Maybe someday I will buy one, but I think I will purchase a smoker first. I would love to smoke fresh caught fish and venison…..

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the Word of the Day. I nearly spit out my green juice when I looked up the meaning of “edentulous!”

  • Anonymous

    I have a site with a video that shows how to clean a juicer in just a few minutes. I thought you might all enjoy seeing it.

  • Tanya Martin

    I just finished a book “Faces of Juicing” with over 50 visual juicing recipes. available for Kindle and print. Check out the website to find a watermelon juice recipe without any watermelon.

  • Barbara Sims

    I’m trying to live on juicing only because my stomach doesn’t empty fast enough. I have to be on special anti biotics if I eat food. I have found I don’t have to take the meds if I just consume juice only. I only buy organic vegetables and fruits. I make batches of juice and freeze right away in ice cube trays, I add these to my whey protein drink. Great site, thank you, Barbara Gene

  • Dumbass

    Silly silly fools

  • Ro

    Think fasting is a fad? Think again it goes back thousands of years and is still going strong. I have been hearing about fasting in one form or other since I was a child that was 50 years ago. Think Jesus Christ…one of the all time best fasters. I am not religious but it is a fact Jesus walked among us and he fasted regularly. We have evolved since he did not have an electric juicer but fasting is the same.
    Fasting is alive and well and will never be a fad nor will it ever die…

  • Jeremiah Haynes

    The 1st paragraph of the article asked the question as to whether JUICING was a fad, not fasting. It’s true juicing can be used as a type of fasting, but the article was referring to juicing. And the article never said it was a fad, it just posed the question.

  • Eric Davis

    Hey Jordan…glad you’re the doctor in the house. So you would only recommend juicing to your toothless (edentulous) patient? Either you’re a funny doctor or too arrogant to be humble. Have you ever watched “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead?” Take a look at it. Because Rx is not the answer and according to Hippocrates “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” But, of course, he didn’t live in the 21st century where our the foods that we’re eating are laden with chemicals and poisons. That’s great reason to go certified organic.

    And, by the way, why is the medical profession full of obese and unhealthy providers/care givers? I used to believe that those who worked in the health profession should display the model of exemplary health. After all, who wouldn’t want to join a gym and be trained by someone who looks like a couch potato, would you? Not me!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jo

    Jesus is a fact? He walked amoung us? Where is the proof of that? The bible is just a horror story which is not fact…so you shot yourself in the foot with your argument.

  • Sean Tangco

    Jo- There is in fact archaeological and literary evidence that Jesus was a Jewish preacher who walked across Galilee.

    Proof that he existed does not confirm all of the ideas and events presented in the Bible, however, Jesus did exist as a physical being in our history.

    Check out Reza Aslan’s new book, it’s a NY Times Best Seller.

    Anyways, back to juicing! Juice and eat vegetables in conjunction!

    Ro- You point out that we have evolved technologically, but still maintain the argument that fasting is still the same. I disagree. There is a certain ideology that one supports when he or she decides to fast and I do believe the ideologies that we uphold today have become more diverse than those in the past.

  • Zeke

    Thought for sure this was going to be about Steroids, due to the title…

  • unearthly

    You shot yourself in the foot by being ignorant.

  • unearthly

    He never said the article said juicing was a fad . He just posed a question for discussion.

  • Jeremiah Haynes

    In his response to an article about juicing, Ro wrote the first sentence rebutting fasting being a fad. But no one had said fasting was a fad. Why would he write a rebuttal to something no one had talked about? My guess is he got fasting and juicing mixed up, because the article does ask weather juicing is a fad.

  • Duh

    Ya’all is gay

  • D.Patel

    Saying fictitious jesus walked among us and fasted, is like saying the Jolly Green Giant walked among us and fasted. Please keep your delusions to yourself, and comment on the subject of juicing.
    Which is IMO, the best way to get the benefits of produce, sans the fiber one needs to digest.

  • D.Patel

    It’s not that we care if people want to believe in an invisible man in the sky nonsense, they can believe whatever fairy tale they wish. The problem is that they pass laws based upon their delusions, and want to instill their insanity upon the rest of the world.

  • LDub

    you are all very interesting. I don’t usually take the time to read entire blogs, thanks for the entertaining read. I do enjoy the debating more than the berating :-)

  • Anonymous

    There is no archaeological or literary evidence that he existed…. Please stop spreading these non truths…

  • elBruce

    Jesus’ name appears in one Roman historian’s record. Some dude named Jesus existed, and may or may not have been a badass, but if a fraction of the biblical accounts were accurate, he’d appear in all sorts of historical documents and records from writers and historians of the times.

  • elBruce

    I’ve completed a 7 day juice fast before, when I was 300 lbs.

    I only experienced beneficial effects – primarily digestive. It really tuned up my digestion. I lost 10 pounds as a bonus, and gained only a few back when I ended it. The key is not going back to stuffing your maw with processed, unnatural foods. Whole foods, vegetables, grains, meats. Find what works for you.

    I’m at 220 lbs and starting another juice fast. I like using the Vitamix (blender) for the fiber as well as some straight juice. This time I’m doing it to prime for an elimination diet to find out what foods I am sensitive to, due to some immune system disfunction (ezcema, inflammation, polyps, allergies).

    We Americans tend to take things to the extreme – juice fasting is not extreme if you do it correctly. That means not going burger and fries – juice – burger and fries. Your body will freak out and then the toxic food and sugar (a refined drug), chemical and hormone ridden meats, and lack of real nutrition will fritz out your systems and, being in ‘starvation mode’ your body will try to protect itself by prioritizing the storage of fat for the next ‘hungry winter’ it thinks is coming.

    Bottom line – don’t do a juice fast unless you do it right.

    If you really want to lose weight and get healthy, look at your diet and incorporate small choices, ratcheting them up just outside your current habit, craving, and palate’s comfort zone. Incorporate more nutritious and whole foods. It will work.

  • elBruce

    Hippocrates! OG.

  • elBruce

    Amen. Our dollar is the only vote we really have now.

    If you want to change something, focus your personal economy there.

  • elBruce

    I don’t have proof God is a Pink Unicorn, circling the Earth in high orbit, invisibly. Knowing him makes me happy.

    Nobody can prove me wrong.

    That is why science doesn’t get involved in trying to prove God does or does not exist.

    Humans make their own deductions based on the evidence we do have.

    God may exist, may be in all of us, I don’t know.

    But I can say there is quite a bit of irrefutable evidence the biblical ‘God’ does not exist.

    The earth is not 6000 years old. Humans evolved. Religion is smug – it makes outrageous claims it cannot prove and expects them to be taking seriously. The burden of proof should lie with the person making outrageous claims, such as a magical being sent his son down to be born as a human in an immaculate conception, and then later raised people from the dead and walked on water, and then was knowingly sacrifced and resurrected.

    We should be striving to improve the quality of life for the human race instead of fighting about superstitious myths or whose God is the most powerful. We can learn from our historical legends, but nothing productive comes from taking them literally.

  • elBruce

    Jesus was resurrected as an evolved primate, right? He still kept his primate form, or does can he shape-change at will?

    Study the ancient history of other cultures’ and empires’ gods of Jesus’ time. You’ll find his followers copied other gods and legends from his time. There is nothing really original about Jesus – except his teachings, or what is prescribed to him, which are Eastern philosophically. If he existed and really taught what the bible says, he was an amazingly conscious human.

    Too bad very few modern Christians follow the bible.

    You seem like a really good-hearted person. I respect that.

    I am sure you stand up like Jesus would against the rich for the sake of the poor, against the death penalty, against war, etc.

    I applaud you if you do.

  • Anonymous

    And that one Roman historian wasn’t born till 48ad….

    Pretty convincing book by noted historian, Joseph Atwill, Caesar’s Messiah.

  • Larry


    I know a bloke who had a Blood Sugar level of 83, the European standard is 5.8 & the only reason he went to casualty dept, was because a stone in his kidney moved & blocked his ureter & he couldn’t pee.

    He had been binging on Rum & Coke for weeks & his system was “shot”, but he was still walking around.



  • JB

    I bet you say that evolution is fact though. Don’t you Einstein?

  • Nicholas Askew

    You’re telling me Fruit has sugar in it! that’s crazy talk.

  • jl

    So, what are you all afraid of? Reading the Bible and realizing that it is true?

  • Tachyonpulses

    I can not speak of the science behind juicing, but I can speak of the physical benefits. I was pretty much a hamburger and beer guy, which I haven’t given up, by the way. But juicing a green (kale/spinach/pineapple/parsley/celery/jalapeno) or a red (carrot/beet/apple/ginger) juice for a meal per day or even only juicing all day has had significant and pleasant benefits. I no longer feel bloated, as if your insides are pressing up against your organs. I’m also much more clear heading and quicker to respond, as if my brain is working better/faster. I don’t get the overwhelming feeling to nap around 2pm as much as before. I’ve been “juicing” for about 2 months and just bought a Breville which we ALL love in our family. So we’re all kicking it up a notch. I’m 46, and felt 70 before juicing, but feeling life come back into me. I LOVE to juice! The sense that goes through me is almost spiritual…if I may use that word. Ergo, I don’t care too much about “issues” and “concerns” that main stream news mentions. Remember, they’re not going to make money off advertising juicing! My body and mind is telling me juicing is the best thing for them, that’s all that matters to me anyway. Best wishes to all and hope you have similar experiences!

  • Justin from

    Truly believe that it is a great way to kickoff healthy eating lifestyle. When you eat heathy you make numerous healthy lifestyle decisions. If you want to try juicing at home you can load up on fruits and vegetables and use them for juicing as well as various dishes. The best cure for being healthy is surrounding yourself with healthy foods so you cant make a bad decision.

    Our favorite juicier is the Omega 8006 – Theres nothing this puppy cant do.

  • My clo

    I have been making and drinking@ min. Of a pint of raw juice daily for three months. Raw beets cucumbers, kale, carrots apples and ginger. My blood pressure has dropped 30 points. Think it’s the beets. It tastes delicious cold. Through a straw.

  • Bepoliteevenifyoudisagree

    Where is the proof that he didn’t?

    EIther way, all the major world religions carry with it some version of fasting as a means for spiritual renewal. Regardless of whether or not you personally subscribe to a particular religion, or believe in the existence of certain religious figures, fasting has been a part of human culture for thousands of years.

  • Misty

    I was really excited and enjoyed reading your blogs about juicing and your personal experiences…UNTIL … I got to the religion / and lack of bashing … what a shame from both sides of the fence.

  • J. Speakman

    So funny I was thinking the same thing. I think I’d rather watch the video on cleaning the juicer!

  • GuessWho

    Same here….won’t ever quit the juice. Down 12lbs – feel awesome!

  • michelle

    Literature from many cultures and religions documented his existence on earth. The only thing debatable is whether or not he performed miracles.

  • k

    Love juicing…some years ago, we used a juicer which separated the pulp from the juice. We have begun using the Magic Bullet which does not separate juice & pulp. Carrots, berries, coupld of tablespoons vanila yogurt, 1/2 c Knudsens’s cranberry juice, 1/2 apple. Are there as many vitamins in the finished product as there when we drank only the juice without the pulp?

  • Mareshah

    Hello Everyone!

    My mother and I are embarking on a 2 week juice fast starting today!

    If you want to give us some support or see how our juice fast goes come check us out on my blog

    Our motivations are the following:

    I would like to clear my skin, increase energy, and cleanse my liver after years of medication.

    My mother would like to get off cholesterol medication, improve her decreased kidney function, and reduce pain and inflammation from osteoarthritis.


  • howtojuice

    Knowing the right fruits and vegetables to include in your recipe is the main task, since different plants contain different types of nutrients.

    Combining the wrong types of plants can leave you many health complications, and so it is also important to know the right recipes for each health goal.

    Though fresh juices are usually natural, they can generate some unbearable effects and thus it is also important to know how a specific juice works, the recommended daily allowance and possible reactions.

  • Silvia

    Your a jackass. Leave people’s beleifs alone.

  • Timothy Stern

    Is it bad to juice all kinds of vegetables together. I juice celery, carrots, green pepper, cucumber, kale, spinach, tomato, jalapeno, collard greens, ginger, onion, garlic, beets, green apple, broccoli, sprouts, a potato, cabbage, radishes together. Then I put an avocado, flax seed, some almonds and banana in a nutri bullet, then mix it in with the veggie juice and pound it down, it taste horrible. But I don’t care about taste. But it says to not mix certain vegetables with each other. Does anyone know if that’s bad, because I sure don’t feel bad.