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The leaves keep falling

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During the Vietnam War, the U.S. military sprayed some 12 million gallons of Agent Orange herbicide over Vietnam. This defoliant was used to destroy crops, clear vegetation and remove the dense forest that provided food and cover for Vietcong forces. At least 4.5 million Vietnamese and 2.5 million American veterans may have been exposed to the pesticide. Although the spraying ended 30 years ago, the dioxin from Agent Orange is still wreaking havoc on three generations of victims.

“The Leaves Keep Falling” is an intimate portrait of two Vietnamese families whose children are severely disabled due to exposure to the dioxin in Agent Orange. They are among millions of people who continue to suffer the devastating health and environmental consequences of the pesticide. The film takes place outside the city of Da Nang, a “hot spot” where dioxin levels are more than 385 times over the acceptable levels.

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  • Anonymous

    Why is Monsanto not held financially or morally respomsible

  • tarheelvet

    it’s taken the Veterans Administration & the Federal Gvt. over 40 years & many Vietnam veterans to die from Agent Orange poison to even admit, only a few years ago, that exposure to it was harmful to their health. Not only are the Vietnamese generations of people poisoned but also our own adults & kids for generations to come!!!!! It’s about time that our military Brass, Washington Politicians, & Monsanto step up to the plate & take responsibility for both the American & Vietnamese citizens affected by the poison toxin “AGENT ORANGE”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!