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An ounce of prevention: Choking and food safety

Every year some 10,000 children end up in emergency rooms because of serious choking incidents, many of them involving hot dogs. And that’s only the number of cases reported. And while there is oversight of toys that pose a choking risk, when it comes to something that is actually supposed to go in a kid’s mouth, parents are pretty much on their own. The American Academy of Pediatrics has issued a policy statement asking the government to do more, but as it turns out, it took an inventor — a businessman — to come up with an ingenious solution.

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  • Marehr Rv

    How about not giving hot dogs to children. Just look at the ingredients.

  • Yalek Ho

    Label on food is useless.  We should put a warning label on those shows, such as hot dog eating contests, Man vs. Food.  People imitate those people in those shows and that is how we develop the chow eating culture.  Just watch those kids how do they eat their hot dogs in the video,  Ultimately, we shall educate our kids and adults to eat slowly.  Stuff the hot dog in the mouth is not eating.  If we think stuffing geese is inhumane, we shall not do it to human beings too.

  • Mitsya

    If her kids were “playing around” at the lunch table, how is the choking incident the hot dog’s fault?  My mom taught me to sit dow & eat instead of jacking around, in part, by saying: “If you don’t stop [insert ill-advised action], you’re going to choke!”  Her “ingenious solution” was to discipline me.

  • IchewchewchewsYou

    how about teaching your children to chew their food properly? anyone else taught that as a kid? chew 20 or however many times before swallowing..

  • housecats

    When in doubt, Blame The Mother.  

  • Udontknowmeman

    I literally stopped watching the show to get online and say WTF?  Seriously, a study showed that hot dogs are the leading food that kids choke on?  How many hot dogs are served every day in the U.S.?  What did you expect it would pull up?  I guess french fries and hamburgers are next.  Let’s not feed our kids at all, instead just feed them with an iv from now on to be safe.  This is ridiculous.  The doctor contacting the FDA to put restrictions on hot dogs is a waste of time.  If you can’t teach your kids how to eat properly you need to look in a mirror, not look to the government for your shortcomings. 

  • Wandaholston

    Adults have choked to death on hot dogs too. When my kids were little, they were never allowed to eat anything, away from the table. I always cut small foods into fourths.

  • Debph

    It is easy for you to make light of the situation. It happened to my son and he was in a high chair with me sitting next to him. Seeing him turn red, to purple, to blue was the worst thing I have ever seen. I still advise parents to cut hot dogs in half after they cut them into serving size pieces.

  • Thomas Atwood

    Not sure we need to create another government agency to tell us to cut up foods into little pieces when feeding young children.  But this news segment (minus the finger pointing) is a nice gentle reminder.

  • Jtl0960

    Babies are babies:pablum or crumbs. Regular people must CHEW THEIR FOOD! We are NOT lizards, or birds, or even meat gulping mammals (which are FOUR LEGGED)! We are upright beasts who feed VERTICLY, not HORIZONTALLY! Chewing food is not simply to help in digestion, it serves mainly to protect us from CHOKING on our FOOD!!! ———– Please!!!!!

    Class dismissed.

  • Spirulina

    Good point. Many hot dogs contain awful ingredients. There are healthier alternatives.

  • Davidlecompte

    Has the media really run out of stuff to report. When did parents stop taking responsibility for making sure there children were eating there food now we have to blame the food manufactures. And did i miss something or is it now that only kids can choke on food. Last time I knew adults choke on the same foods every day just as much as children. Maybe if we slowed down a little and took time to CHEW our food that would happen alot less and if we instilled that quality into the youth of this country we might be a little better off.

  • Jan Biddeford

    What I find incredulous is this constant banter from self-rightgeous individuals that would rather see innocent people get hurt through lack of preparedness………..this is what I do in this situation, and if you’re too stupid then just die – is that what you folks mean?

    Let’s all remember that while most can figure out w/o any instruction how to make babies – being a parent has no instruction manual and requires a high level of conscious effort.

    Stop being so self-rightgeous and crabby

  • Anna

    when i was seven i chocked on a donut then when i was nine i chocked on a carrot and when i was eleven i chocked on juice cuase i was drinking it too fast

  • Anna

    no they havnt