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Dispelling the myths surrounding cancer trials

There is no doubt that clinical trials are vital to making advancements in how we treat cancer. But many patients and their doctors are hesitant about whether participating in a research study is right for them.

Dr. Elly Cohen is program director of, a website that matches patients with appropriate clinical trials. She says that accurate information is what patients need most to make these shared decisions with their medical providers.

“You hear that, on one side, it’s difficult for researchers to enroll patients in trials in a timely manner,” Cohen said. “At the same time, you have patients who want to participate in trials, who aren’t able to participate. And it’s almost like two ships passing through the night.”

Need to Know sits down with Cohen to learn the truth behind common myths about research trials, and the impact these trials have had on cancer care.



  • farideh Davani

    I believe so is very good idea for the patients to find clinical research treatment. It gives the patient new hope when all the doors are closed.

  • Deb Boyce

    Thank you for accurately chronicling the benefits of clinical trials in developing new cancer care, cure and prevention treatments, and the need for greater clinical trial participation. The targeted, effective and better-tolerated standard of care cancer treatments available today are the direct result of clinical trial participation by cancer patients that came before them!

  • Deedee

    I was happy to see the progress of clinical trials can in helping to reveal hope for some interesting possibilities. Ablation procedure would be of interest to me if my cancer should return. Perhaps the trials need more publicity.