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American Indians make voices heard this election cycle

American Indians – long a forgotten and ignored constituency in U.S. politics – are increasingly getting themselves involved in the system, saying the stakes are too high this election season to sit on the sidelines waiting to be courted.

Denise Juneau, Montana State Superintendent of Public Instruction addresses the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., on Wednesday, Sept. 5, 2012. Photo: AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

The activism is everywhere, from large political donations to the presidential candidates to participation in the major American political parties, to grassroots advocacy for Native voter rights and the perennial push to get more politicos from both sides of the aisle ready to take action on tribal and Indian issues once elected.

Nowhere was the was involvement clearer than at this year’s Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., where a record 161 Native delegates cast their votes in support of President Barack Obama’s nomination. Throughout the three-day convention, many Indians canvassed the hall, making sure politicians were aware of their presence and their need for enhanced representation in Washington. They met with important Democratic political players, including U.S. Sen. James Inouye, D-Hawaii, Jill Biden, and top members of the Obama administration. Denise Juneau, a citizen of the Mandan and Hidatsa tribes, delivered an impassioned speech on the convention floor, focused on Indian education.

“I found it so empowering to see Native faces and signs in the crowd, tribal issues being presented and discussed, and tribes finally being addressed as governments,” said Theresa Sheldon, a Native get-out-the vote organizer and Tulalip tribal citizen from Washington state. A big push from Indians at the convention focused on forming a Native American Caucus that would be recognized in the greater structure of the organization, and thus have more sway in focusing the party’s attention on Indian issues. Indians are also advising the Republican Party and Mitt Romney’s campaign on tribal sovereignty, self-determination, and economic development.

In 2012, tribal citizens are making their presence known far beyond issue advocacy and get-out-the vote activities. They’re also contributing to the major federal and state candidates and parties in record numbers. Recent data indicates that tribes have donated at least $2.5 million to Obama’s reelection campaign through the end of July, and about $750,000 to Romney. Four tribes donated a total of $400,000 to the 2012 Democratic National Convention, and many more are contributing to state and local elections.

Gyasi Ross, a lawyer with the Crowell law firm and an organizer with the Obama campaign in 2008, said that Native Americans have a major reason to be engaged in American politics, since they are the citizens of sovereign nations with strong political interests, and, like it or not, they have a built-in relationship with the American government.

“On average, Native people are aware of the political process at a higher [rate] than any other ethnic group in the nation, with the exception of perhaps Jews,” said Ross, a citizen of the Blackfeet Nation. “The reason?  Similar to Jews in relationship to Israel, Native people understand that, as a result of our unique political relationship with the United States government, many of our basic needs are dependent upon the federal-tribal relationship.”

John Tahsuda, a lobbyist with the Navigators Global and an adviser to the Romney campaign on Indian issues, noted that Indians have a long history of some participation in the American political system, but he doubts that it ever truly impacted a presidential election until 2008, when Obama capitalized on Indian political support to maintain a momentum in the primary race against Hillary Clinton and later against John McCain. He believes that Indian turnout helped the president greatly in some key states—something that many candidates are depending on in some states this year—Montana, the Dakotas, Arizona and New Mexico among them. He’d like Indians to put Romney over the edge this time around.

On the flip side, Ross cautioned that Native political awareness does not always equal involvement, since many Indians choose not to participate, like many poor and historically overlooked groups, because of a feeling that their votes are not as meaningful as a wealthy or white person’s vote. Some Indians are taking on activist roles in that area, such as several tribal citizens from Montana, who are currently suing the state because they say not enough has been done this year to open satellite offices for early voting on some reservations. The National Congress of American Indians and some tribes are also working to get out the vote, saying that more votes translate to more clout on Capitol Hill.

Some Indians may also be disappointed that politicos don’t always seem to pay enough attention back in return. Obama, for instance, visited the Crow tribe to campaign in 2008, but this year has not travelled to any Indian reservations—a fact that disappoints many Native Americans. And many economic challenges remain on many poverty-stricken reservations, despite some movement by the Obama administration to make things better.

“I think it remains to be seen whether participation will reach the levels it reached in 2008,” said Tahsuda, a citizen of the Kiowa Tribe.  “Candidate Obama really reached out and created voter excitement among Native Americans that year.  I have a feeling that same level of enthusiasm is not being reached this year, but we won’t know until Election Day.”

Added Ross: “President Obama has shown an unprecedented interest and commitment to tribes— he’s been the best president, in his first four years, that Native people have ever seen. Yet, Native people have discovered that even Obama’s interest and commitment is no panacea for the poverty and many social ills within our community.  There is no quick fix.”

Another concern that comes with the increased Indian attention to American politics is whether Indians are paying enough attention to strengthening their own systems of government back home on the reservations. Tribes are sovereign governments, after all, and they need strong leaders and policies in place to be able to strengthen their communities and to foster relationships beyond the tribes with local, state and federal governments.

Tahsuda said that a lot of Native Americans still do not take the interest they should in their own political processes.  “Traditionally, we often express disapproval by not participating, which translates into low voter turnout,” he said.

Ross, meanwhile, doesn’t think that Indian participation in state and federal elections takes away from tribal elections.  “Tribal elections have an energy all their own—it’s 100 percent an indigenous phenomenon that has a small-town, ‘Americana’ vibrancy mixed with Native aggression and tribalism,” he said. “It’s fun.  On the other hand, our increasing participation in mainstream elections is also a signal of how globalism has affected our own insular Native communities—we understand that we’re not insulated anymore and have no choice but to try to best affect those outside elections because those outside elections affect us powerfully.”

Rob Capriccioso is the Washington, D.C. Bureau Chief for Indian Country Today Media Network. He is a citizen of the Sault Tribe of Chippewa Indians.


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    Health Care only and that the revenue cannot be used for any other programs
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    Ninth: All current Immigration Laws
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    for adjudication of their status if illegal or unverified they will be given 60
    days to leave the country from January 15 of 2014.

    Tenth: All borders will be closed with
    the exception to import and export activities for a period of five years.
    Congress will unanimous pass a bill that states if products can be made or
    produced in the United States then cannot be imported.

    Eleventh: That congress passes a
    unanimous bill that the first duty of every Citizen of the United States is to
    vote. That they may vote for, against or abstain but none the less every
    Citizen must cast a ballot at least once in a two year period in order to
    receive any federal entitlements. That congress defines the question of what
    are a Natural Citizen, Native Citizen, and a Naturalized Citizen. Finally that
    Congress defines campaign laws by solidifying candidates’ platforms, mudsling,
    morals, recall rules, and person conduct that is open to scrutiny during a

    Twelfth: That all treaties be suspended
    until “We the People” and the Nation in Question” have met to comprehend and
    deliberate its reasoning and purpose and to revise and renegotiate to that of
    American values and for the purpose of a just case for all and endorsement.

    To be amended as required


    To all who have received or read this
    document, it is now time for you to decide what type of country you wish to
    live in and answer for yourselves three questions.

    Do you
    wish to live in a country where there are established rules of governing and
    laws for all the people or no rules of governing and only laws for the chosen

    Do you
    wish to live in a country where there is freedom, choice, and free speech or as
    slaves to a government and tax payers for world affairs and quiet comical
    remarks of support for our constitution and bill of rights?

    “We the People” of the “United States of America” a “Constitutional Republic”
    as stated by the US Constitution, the rules of governing or are we a
    represented democracy of which we the people have no say after we elect our officials
    with no right to challenge their authority, no right to impeach or correct
    their wrong doing, no right to question their irresponsible spending, and just
    be slaves of the tax burden set upon us?

    That the recipients of this document
    must respond to this document by their undisputable approval or by their avowed
    changes comments and action, or their public deniability and condemnation of
    the four corners of the document. Let it be said, that no man or woman have a right not to choose, that each
    must decide here and now to approve, disapprove or speak their peace now and

    That the agreed persons state “We the
    People” are the “Constitutional Republic of the United States of America” and are
    free people and whole heartedly in support of the Founding Fathers and the documents
    they have written and that we have approved for over 230 years. That we are not
    slaves to an overbearing government and world affairs. That we agree that we
    are rebellious and in good company of other men such as Paul the Apostle,
    Patrick Henry, Our founding Fathers (Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, Paul Revere,
    Samuel Adams, John Adams, George Washington, Ruben James, John Hancock and so
    many others who have fought and died) who have given the lives in the name of
    the freedoms we possess and have come a custom too.

    Finally that the President of “We the People” be given
    the right to chastise the current Bureaucrats (Enemies as describe above) for
    their deplorable actions for these past 80 years and that the resolutions
    provided here on be debated as written. And if denied let this be the first
    shot of the Revolution of 2014 with the understanding that “We the People” will
    retaliate with that force of the same but 100 times the magnitude.