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Anchor babies

Illegal alien. Border hopper. Wetback. Now – “anchor baby.” Are these just words? Whether we call them descriptive phrases or racist slurs, we can all agree on one thing: the current language for undocumented people in this country allows us to think that immigration status defines a person’s basic humanity and right to dignity.

Following recent Pew Institute polling data showing that the majority of Arizonans, regardless of party affiliation, supported the state’s move to legalize racial profiling, Arizona Republicans last week suggested that they will introduce a new bill which would deny citizenship the children of undocumented immigrants, so-called “anchor babies” who anchor illegal people to life in the U.S.

Arizona’s recent legislation is currently under Department of Justice review for possibly violating the constitution, and has sparked massive outcry from civil rights groups, minority community leaders, and the president himself. So why do “we” support this bill and other efforts to criminalize immigrants? Because we think they don’t affect “us?”

In 1753, Benjamin Franklin wrote that immigrants who come to America are “generally of the most ignorant stupid sort of their own nation. Not being used to liberty, they know not how to make a modest use of it. They are not esteemed men till they have shown their manhood by beating their mothers. Now they come in droves. Few of their children in the country learn English.”

He was writing about Germans. We’ve been stereotyping immigrants in order to blame them for our problems since before we were even a country.

Many activists and writers have made the case for all minorities and immigrants to speak out against the Arizona law, but why shouldn’t all Americans, regardless of census category, care about racial profiling? After all, race is not a biological reality, but rather an inexact and unspoken social consensus. What does an illegal immigrant look like? I have personally met undocumented people of practically every ethnicity, nationality and, yes, every race in the world.

Legal scholars like David Cole have proven that every time we have some crisis of faith about the economy or national security, we restrict the rights of immigrant communities. Why do we do this? It’s easier to scapegoat immigrants than to come up with real solutions to the biggest challenges to our society. It’s easier to round up undocumented Muslims than to develop an efficient, thoughtful strategy for dealing with Islamist militancy in the world. It’s easier to crack down on undocumented immigrants than to honestly ask ourselves why our economy must rely on a permanent undocumented population.

Now the president seems to think that we will only swallow the bitter pill of immigration reform with a spoonful of more border security, announcing earlier this month a plan to send as many as 1,200 National Guard troops to the border in a move to calm border-control advocates. In the meantime, the immigration system becomes only more and more unwieldy, expensive and inefficient.

Border states like Arizona and California take in higher levels of undocumented immigrants than much of the country can imagine, and of course they should have a right to develop policies that help them maintain the economic health of their residents. But immigration policy that targets immigrants and focuses on the border favors political sickness over economic health. The American Immigration Lawyers Association released a policy manual in March clearly showing that unless we fix the immigration system, we will keep on losing billions of dollars in potential tax revenue and thousands of workers and experts.

We can argue until we’re red or blue in the face about the pros and cons of immigrants, but it’s high time that we, as the most diverse nation in the world, learn to love ourselves. As long as we keep on trying to solve our economic and national security problems through immigration policy, as long as we keep justifying the unjust treatment of immigrants, we all lose.


  • Julie

    “It’s easier to crack down on undocumented immigrants than to honestly ask ourselves why our economy must rely on a permanent undocumented population.”

    So perfectly worded. This is why I love PBS.

  • Colin

    This was great!

  • Disgusted with our Government

    This article is somewhat disturbing in as much as it calls Arizona’s law racial profiling which is anything but the truth. Humanity and right to dignity has no place in this argument. If they had dignity, they wouldn’t come into a country illegally, demand unentitled rights, demonstrate, drain our education system, change our culture, drain our medical and social welfare system or take jobs away from American Citizens. Yes they do take jobs. Be a caucasian in Nevada and try to get a construction job. 99% of the workers are of Hispanic decent and most are illegal. They don’t speak English, they don’t know our buidling codes and they intimidate Americans who want to work with them. I have seen this first hand. They have no respect for our country, just what they can get from it. I was in a grocery store by the vegetable isle and saw a south american spit on the floor right next to the vegetables. Everyone that walked by unknowling stepped in it. I was so disgusted, I personally approached them and they couldn’t understand a word I said. You can call it what you like, but the law is against illegals committing a crime by entering this country illegally. It is about time someone takes charge and control of this situation. Forget amnisty, they do not deserve it. There are federal laws that our government has failed to enforce. It is about time someone looks at the laws allowing illegals to hope over the border to have children so they can be US citizen. No child that is not born to a US citizen should attain citizenship in that manner. They are under their parents jurisdiction and should maintain the citizenship of the country their parent are from. What do you think would happen if droves of Amercians started sneaking into Mexico or anyother country illegally. We would land in jail and maybe never get out. We have are entitled as American Citizens under our Contstitution says US citizens are entitle to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Ilegal immigrants are not entitled to anything under our consitiution. I hope every state in this country starts doing what is right and take a stand and we need to take back our country. Forget diplomacy, big business and everything else and give the country back to the people of the United States. Mexico is the 10 wealthiest country in the world, why aren’t they taking care of their own people?

  • Debra Rincon Lopez

    I am discusted that they have the nerve to deport anyone when everyone here comes from another Country? What makes one different or better than the other? Who can judge or say who is able to come legally, I am so tired of this racial issues making excuses to put other’s down. It’s being stirred up by the most ignorant of citizens too? I wished nobody was allowed to come here, cause I am a Native American lady, nobody asked us if we wanted thousands of IMMIGRANTS TO COME HERE EVER!!! We never had a choice to shut anyone out of our country now named the USA. THESE LANDS WERE TAKEN FROM THE NATIVE PEOPLE THAT LIVED HERE. Everyone here is ILLEGAL Except for Native Americans & Mexicans. WE are the only people from this Continent born & raised for many 100′s of Generations. Our ancestors were born here too!

  • Ivonne Camacho

    The racism and ignorance that exists in this country is absolutely striking and terrifying.

  • Sue

    Fabulous post. Thanks so much. The new proposed AZ legislation would clearly violate the Fourteenth Amendment, which states that everyone born in the U.S. is a citizen. And, the Constitution’s Bill of Rights applies to everyone who is in the United States. AZ lawmakers know these things, but they are simply pandering to their angry base to avoid looking at the honest problems in our economy and immigration laws and to pretend they’re doing something.

    The notion that people coming here forfeit their right to be treated with humanity and dignity is more than troublesome. Even if we could deny their humanity, why would we choose to forfeit our own?

  • Mark Fey

    People are *NOT* “illegal”. I closely identify with @Ivonne Camacho comments. The racism that exists and the willingness to not see the humanity in people is striking.

    Desperation is a condition in which there does not appear to be many choices as to the course of action. People need to be rescued from desperation. The other associated problems will than mostly resolve.

  • K. Liddell

    To “Disgusted”: You’re quoting, actually, from the Declaration of Independence. And, interestingly, it does not limit those rights to American citizens. It says, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”
    I’m very disturbed by your too-common sentiment that “they” have no dignity, that they do not “deserve” the most basic standards of living. “Unalienable” means no government can rightfully limit those rights; they belong to all humans simply because we are human.
    Also, this is just wikipedia research here, but based on GDP per capita, Mexico isn’t quite in the top 10. It’s somewhere between 45 and 65 – surrounded by countries in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. I’m interested in your sources. Also, you might not have considered this – but the U.S. sort of took some profitable land called Texas from Mexico a few hundred years ago, mainly because Mexico let American settlers immigrate during a time of political instability, and those settlers didn’t like Mexico’s prohibition against slavery, among other things. So what are we entitled to, and on what principles, again?
    Currently their government is fighting a pretty tough war against drug cartels, and a lot of ordinary people are desperately fleeing from the violence as well as the lack of economic opportunities. Furthermore, our government’s corn subsidies allow U.S. corn to be sold below the cost of production, and this, combined with NAFTA, makes life hard for a lot of corn farmers in Mexico. I know the illegal immigration problem is complex, but maybe we can enter the discussion with a little compassion and a deeper understanding, and less fear-based hostility.

  • Ally ATX

    Wow “Disgusted with our Government” I don’t think your confederate flag is higher than the United States flag. It’s people like you that make fixing this problem impossible. If Mexico is so great and wealthy, which is not true they didn’t make the top ten, then why are their people coming over here. Instead of raging at the US government and raging at poor Mexicans and most come here for a better life why don’t you be part of the solution.

    I have met illegal aliens and they are nothing but people given a bad hand, they come here because this was once the land of the free. Give me your tired your poor, but I guess that only includes White European Immigrants. I am sick and tired of people being scared of the brown and black population.

    Finally, in your rant you mentioned something about construction workers can’t get a job from an illegal, well of course they can’t an illegal immigrant on a work site doesn’t have the power to higher anyone. Perhaps your complaint should be with the bosses who are most likely white and don’t mind cutting corners to cut costs and will higher an undocumented worker.

    There is a solution to this problem and it is not racial profling hidden in a law or denying children the right to be American citizens. The fix is in documentation, taxation and people working together. I say let them through on a three month visa, finger print them and record any law breaking and if they break the law then they can never come back or they can be sent to jail. Tax their paychecks just like any other American if a company is known to pay under the table then they should be penalized. There are ways to fix this problem, but far to many people want to blame the illegals instead of fixing the problem.

  • Disgusted by your comment

    @ Disgusted with our Government:

    What is the group you are referring to as “they.” Who are “they” anyway? As this article mentions, there are illegal immigrants here from all over the world, not just Mexico.

    But, since you seem to think that every illegal immigrant is Mexican, let’s talk about Mexicans.

    “If they had dignity, they wouldn’t come into a country illegally.”

    I’m not sure how you figure that. Have you ever thought about why people might be forced to come to the United States illegally? In most cases, it’s nearly impossible to get a legal visa to come, especially for Mexicans. Even if it is successful, it can take years and years to process. Meanwhile, their families are barely scraping by on wages that are a fraction of what they would earn here, EVEN while being taken advantage of by bosses that pay them less than minimum wage.

    They “change our culture.”

    The US is made up of hundreds of different cultures that all influence one another and is one of the features that makes our melting pot of a country so wonderful. So yes, culture changes. Always has, always will.

    They “take jobs away from American Citizens.”

    Maybe so, but I don’t think it would be an issue if there were American citizens who were willing to work even half as hard as a Mexican immigrant does, and for half the amount of money. The immigrant in this case is not to blame. If you want to go after someone, than go after the companies that are hiring these people, treating them horribly, overworking them, and underpaying them.

    With all your negative feelings towards immigrants who don’t speak English, maybe you should try actually getting to know some. I’m sure it would be harder for you to hate them if you actually sat down and had a conversation. And it certainly is not true that all of them don’t speak English. And maybe, if you really cared that you can’t communicate with them, you should learn Spanish. The variety of languages in the US is just another beauty of the melting pot.

    And actually, the declaration of Independence is the document from which you are taking the famous quote about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, which as you may or may not know, was a modified version of what John Locke said, that man is NATURALLY entitled to life, liberty, and property. So if you want to go about touting famous quotes, than you should know the origin of their basis, and that in this case, it goes directly against your argument.

  • Sara JB

    I think a valid point that needs to be remembered here is that the law allows for legal immigration. If legal immigration is followed, every immigrant should have full and equal rights as a regular citizen (with minor exceptions that are already in place, such as inability to run for the presidency). All legal immigrants should and do have the right to have children, and to have those children be citizens. This is what our constitution and laws allow for.

    That being said… If we allow immigrants to come over illegally, have children who become legal citizens automatically (currently), and earn wages from jobs (which we may or may not see the proper taxes from), then why do we waste money on a “proper” way to immigrate, and spend money on attempting to verify that social benefits go to people who are here through some manner of legal process? A decision has to be made. We are spending money on both ends of the spectrum here, and are losing out on opportunities to save and earn money as a country, regardless of which way we would decide to go.

    My personal belief: if someone were to show true patriotism and a love for America, they would take the high road, and go through the legal processes that are in place to allow the opportunity to happen. There are many people who have legally come from countries such as Mexico who have shown their aptitude for making positive contributions, and I think that’s great. Many people from many nations have taken this road, and they should be applauded for being models of what good citizenship should be.

    The people who choose to ignore the law, regardless of what law they choose to ignore, are criminals. Once you have broken a law, you give up some of your rights. Should it not be the same for those who come to America against the law? A criminal who commits an offense is denied liberties.

    If people who come here illegally have children, those children are the rightful citizens of the parents’ country of citizenship. After all, if the people having the children were to have been found and returned to their original country before the birth of the children, would the children have not been born there?

    In summary, there needs to be a change. We need to decide on one specific direction to take as a country and fully stand behind it. We either need to keep immigration law as it is currently, including the deportation of citizens of other countries who have not pursued rightful citizenship here, or we need to drop the whole thing and allow free inflow of any person who wishes to come (barring obvious exceptions for established criminals, such as those involved with illegal trafficking). Either way is going to upset someone. That’s life. However, things cannot reasonably continue as they are now.

  • Maire Siobhan O’Toole

    We should be more concerned with the desperation of the people in Mexico—a country that shares the North American with us—than other places where we are draining our national resources in “nation building.” If we don’t partner with the Mexican people and their government to befriend and cooperate and proper TOGETHER, China will be over here in short order doing it, the same way they are silently lifting many African nations out of poverty (building infrastructure.) We the People never seen to appreciate that almost all of us are here because our own ancestors were “interlopers” at one time. Are you so sure all of your own “poor, tired, hungry” immigrant ancestors were here legally? I’m not! My Irish ancestors were literally starving when they fled Ireland—I’m sure they would have stowed away or done anything they could to get to the land of opportunity here.

    Bottom line for me is even if you (YOU) don’t have any sense of compassion for these people who come here illegally from Mexico, at least have the good sense to see that it’s in your (YOUR) and our (OUR) BEST INTEREST to figure out a better solution than building a wall we hope they can’t climb.

    How about more “work passes” that allow Mexican citizens to come for a specified amount of time (renewable, with continued proof of work in the US), and register them as workers, so they pay taxes. I bet the landscapers here in my state would STILL go back home in the winter months to be w/ their families. Don’t you think they’d rather stay with their own extended families, their culture, their homes? I can tell you they would. Give them a legitimate way to add to their betterment and our economy and eliminate the need for them to sneak in here and disappear.

    And when we talk “immigrants,” remember that the line between Mexico & the USA is a human political invention. A whole lot more of their people “owned” this North American continent before any of ours arrived.

  • Mona O.

    “Disgusted with our Government” says “If they had dignity, they wouldn’t come into a country illegally…”
    Actually it’s because they DO have dignity that they come here with the goal of bettering their lives and that of their children. Do you not know how the rest of the world lives?? Do you really think that they would put themselves through this hardship if they had opportunities in their own countries? We in the US have an inappropriate, outdated, and extremely biased immigration system that does not allow hard-working, qualified people to come here legally and earn a living. Do you know anything about our immigration system? Being “illegal” doesn’t take much when the laws are inadequate. In the meantime, our economy is dependent on these “illegal” people. Ask any farmer in California whether they would hire an American to pick lettuce. When they do, productivity is low and costs are high.
    Sara JB, our laws allow for legal immigration only for certain categories of people.

  • Rena

    The existing immigration laws are being broken by anyone with the will or money to enter the USA and stay. I think birth citizenship should be determined by having one legal US parent. The financial toll on local governments is enormous from anchor babies/and their families.

  • Thomas Bockhorn

    No amount of law enforcement is going to stop illegals from coming to the U.S. The economic disparity and current social upheaval from the drug wars (which the U.S. approves) is creating a huge demand for jobs and safety among Mexicans. For those who think that somehow tens of thousands should go through a legal process to get into the U.S.: how can they? The U.S. has limits on the number of immigrants coming to the U.S, and the process is full of time delays and money requirements that most Mexicans could not simply pay. So what are they suppose to do?
    The only way to stop this immigration problem is for the U.S. to spend tremendous amounts of money to bring Mexico’s infrastructure and economy up to our standard. Nothing short of that will stop the flow.

  • Disgusted with our Government

    I understand the plight of our American Indian friend and certainly sympathize with her. I feel the American Indians were very undjustly treated, but 200+ years later things have certainly changed. I personally have Indian blood in my family. Again, most of you miss the point I am trying to make. It has nothing to do with racisim. My grandparents were immigrants and had to go through an ardious process to get here. They too were looking for a better life, but they did it in accordance with our laws of our land at the time. Most Americans do not have an issue with anyone coming into this country legally, hispanic, muslim, european, asian or otherwise if they learn our language, pay taxes, repect our laws and our way of life. But, we do not appreciate having to pay for undocumented persons medical, educational or welfare expenses or changing our culture, not to mention respecting our way of life. Considering only about 47% of the people in the US pay taxes, it is an extreme burden on those of use footing the bill. The working poor in this country are paying taxes and cannot get near the assistance as those flopping over our borders. I personally get very discouraged over the lack of respect we show to those who come to our country legally and are descriminated against because of race or religion. I personally respect all people and have defended them, but do not like what is happening to our country and seeing people who are not citizens of this country coming over protesting our laws and obtaining illegal documentation and steeling social security numbers, driving vehicles with no insurance, etc. This is tearing down our nation. There is no country you can go to without a visa or immigration process. We have always had laws in place regarding undocumented “illegal” immigration in this country. I have always had to show proof of my citizenship with every job I ever applied for, so it amazes me how undocumented foreigners get jobs. We have to control the immigration in this country just as every nation does. Mexico has it’s immigration policy. This is only one of the many issues this nation faces. Anyway, until there is reform, we must enforce our laws, or our judicial system is for naught. This is a debate that divides many of us, but I guess that is our right to express our opinion.

  • GJStark

    Can we please stop with the race baiting accusations of this supposed rising new right, it’s pathetic. The author is clearly clues or co-opted as far as her insight on how geopolitics work.
    13 million illegal immigrants, yes, I’d be an illegal if I was violating Mexico’s laws as well, but this isn’t about race which it is so feebly attempted to be used as a political ideology.
    There are elitist Anglo Saxon oligarchical ideologies that wish to use poverty stricken populations as pawns to create a North American Union.
    I am sure the writer of this piece beats her fist in frustration of all the racist hatred in this country that prevents equality, but she is obviously completely un-educated about the New World Order’s existence and how it works and what its goals are.
    She is what V.I. Lenin referred to as a, “Useful Idiot.”

  • GJStark

    PBS=Ford Foundation.
    The writer should really spend some time into researching the history of the extremely racist and eugenics philosophies of the people signing her checks.

  • anna

    they should be deported. anyone who is not here legally has to go. my parents were immigrants and they had to be here legally, everyone should no matter what ethnic background they are. anchor babies and this law is just wrong!

  • Ana

    Many use the term American Citizen or US Citizen…but does anyone actually know what the definition of citizen really is?

    “We have learned to be citizens of the world, members of the human community” (Franklin D. Roosevelt).

  • Brian Moloney

    Great piece.

  • JBBW

    So many view points. Please respect each other.
    Yes, people from many countries came here. But my ancestors followed the laws and imigrated legally. Doesn’t that count for something? I could say more but that is my primary question.

  • NLF

    This always happens when the dominant Race demands and get what it wants, whether it is right or wrong. Minorities never protest much, they don’t join or become members in public policy and thereby don’t have a voice. The dominant culture, votes and does things to keep themselves in charge. If the minorities do not band together or get into politics and demand their rights, nothing will change.

  • Nlf

    GJ stark,
    Find out, why the illegals were brought here in the first place, to do the work that “High Class” white Americans did not want.
    Now they complain, but it will be sometime for these white americans to learn to do that kind of work. Soon the almighty whites will have to come down on their hands and knees. Wouldn’t it be a laugh!!.

  • Citizen

    Sara JB is so correct. It is not about race, it is about legality. Come one, come all. The gates are open, but just as my grandfather had to become a citizen to come from Italy, so too should anyone who wants the freedoms we have go through the legal channels to have them. It makes no difference what country they come from. It makes all the difference to become a citizen of this country they want to come to.

    By the way, has anybody looked up Mexican citizenship requirements? Have you looked into what Mexico does with illegal immigrants into their country? Should they not receive as good as they give?

  • GJStark

    Mexico will throw you in jail for a mandatory sentence of two years if you are there illegally, but that’s because they’re racist too! Hell, any government with immigration laws must be racist. Is America really that racist for keeping the borders wide open? But the American Federal Government says, “Leave the borders open, yeah, sure, it is our responsibility to secure them, but if you do anything about the Mexican drug gangs coming into Arizona and killing people, we will sue you.” Which is total violation of the 10th amendment, but those are only laws, and laws hurt people’s feelings and that just isn’t fair.

    If you do not understand the geopolitical spectrum of the Anglo Saxon mission, i.e.: The New World Order, you will be hopelessly lost in the Hegelian Dialectic of: race, left, right, pro-gay, antigay, neocon, liberal…ect, ect, ect.
    This site make me ill. Look at the bottom of the page:
    Do a little research into the Rockefeller family and their eugenics policies.
    “Some even believe we are a part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure – one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty and I am proud of it.” – David Rockefeller from his book, David Rockefeller: Memoirs.

  • NLF

    GJ Stark,
    Your NEW WORLD ORDER was created by the God Almighty Reagen Philosophy Right!!.
    There are lot of countries that will throw you in jail if they catch you. But that is because they had those regulations long long time ago. They don’t need anymore foreigneers in their country. They can’t feed anymore with Free Medical Insurance.
    That being said, Most of the Western Part of USA was under the Spanish rule until some jerk sold out to the Americans. People of Mexican descent were caught in-between. And the Wonderful United States stole their property and demanded that they together with the Uncivilised Indians have ID cards. That is how abusive America was in the old days.

    Rockerfella or anybody else does’nt matter. only the truth matters if you can handle the truth!!.

  • Citizen

    NLF, did you read what you wrote? America all belonged to someone else until it was won with the blood and guts of people who were kicked out of their country for their inablility to pay taxes, were not allowed to worship as they believed, and were considered useless in their land. They fought and died for what we now take for granted.

    Stolen lands? Seriously, those stolen lands were won or purchased fair and square. No one was even asked to move out. The original residents were considered citizens of America. The only problems they encountered were from being disloyal to their new government.

    Ummm, I think that our country also has regulations from “long long time ago” which require “foreigneers” to become citizens so they can be legally fed and work and pay taxes and use real drivers’ licenses and follow the same laws as are required of all U.S. citizens. Hmmm, maybe that is the truth?

  • NLF

    My dearest Citizen,

    You can deny the abuse by your people. But the truth still stands, as your people used and abused the people that were in this land.

    I leave it up to any input by others to deny or accept the truth.

  • Disgusted with our Government

    Just reading all your responses it gives way to why we have wars. From the beginning of time lands were fought for and conquered and it still goes on today. Laws were made and enforced. No different than when the Romans tried to conquer Europe. The Spanish came into South American. The French and English took over many terriorties in 1800s. All nations were at some time or another invaded and conquered by another nation or group of people. Even the Native Americans migrated at some point from other lands. Islands through out the world were inhabited by migrants. We are a migrating people. The United States is still trying to dominate other countries against their will all under the ospuses of protecting us from the enemy. You need to study world history a little more closley to understand were we come from. We think the resolve to all our problems is conquering other people trying to make them think like we do. Until people can learn to accept each other universally, we will continue to have discord. Granted regardless of what people think, we are not all the same. We are different in our faith, our political views, culture, our morals, education, our upbringing, etc. There will always be a divide amoung those who have the advantages that our way of life has to offer and those that don’t. It has always been that way probably will continue to be that way until the end of time. You can make all the laws you want, but until you change the hearts of all peoples, rid our lives of greed, drugs, dishonesty beginning with our highest powers, we will never resovle these issues. Every country whether right or wrong has it’s immigration policy. My philosphy has always been that if a person does not like a country for a particular reason, they should be able to go anywhere they would like to go if they agree with the politics can adapt to the culture, contriute financially and thrive. I don’t believe there is one form of government that serves all people. I am sure some societys are suited for Communism, Socialism, a Republic, etc. There is no true democracy. We shouldn’t push our political views on other countries nor should they do it to us. We should learn to respect other lands and peoples and their way of life. As a US citizen I may not always agree with what our government does or what other countries do, but I respect their laws and their way of life. As an American paying taxes, I resent persons from another country coming here illegaly. My grandparents came here legally through Ellis Island in 1904. They worked and contributed to our society in a positive way. They didn’t seek public assistance and blame anyone else for their lot in life. It angers me to have to pay taxes to support those who are here illegally under current law. I would do the same in their country. I personally have no problem with anyone coming to this country if they follow the laws of the land, learn to speak our language and respect our way of life and don’t take advantage of our social services. My husband and I have personally looked into moving to another country, but the cost and requirements are too extensive. There is no country that is as lax with their immigration as our federal Government. Again, this is not a racist issue as many of you would like to make it. It is what it is. Come here in good stead and you will be treated with respect. Work, learn our language before you get here, pay taxes and contribute to our society. Don’t come here and be a burden on our already over burdened tax system.

  • NLF

    Disgusted with our Government,

    Firstly you have no signature, unless the phrase Depicts you.
    Knowbody knows who you are or from where you came. This means a lot to all that see your comments. Like being a Jew, Muslim, Asian, European(What kind), Scandinavian, South Pacific Islander or other. Everytime you(and I don’t mean you personally) call yourself American and make fun of all other people, just know this – All you americans came from somewhere and all the people that you make fun of and who are now residents of this country, – get mad at your stupidity!!. This happens on the Radio/TV, and I have seen and heard it most of my 27 years in this Country.
    Does anybody do anything about it? You think that we will all roll-over. You are the one calling this the “The land of the Free and the Home of the Brave”, think again!!. This land has carried over the slave laws of the 17th and 18 th centuries – like the “Work at-will” law or whatever you call it. An employee can be bullied and made to work like a slave, with no legal protection. (I can go on if I had time).

    You are a very learned person, not like me. I only have my years of experience of meeting peoples of different countries, and being ruled by the British. Reading your article, you have lumped all points into one whole She-Bang. You have said some interesting comments, but then again I think you contradict yourself. I have yet to comprehend all of it, as I just glanced through it. I do not like too much of explanations like a Politicial advisor, just blabbering on. Like my opposition Lawyer. He does that to confuse me. Anyway!!.

    The person that wrote those one-sided comments like MR. CITIZEN about his people being driven from their countries, to come to another country and rob and rape another country, Just Because….!!

    Imagine!!. You could say – what was he thinking?.
    The other comments too were ridiculous. Imagine that coming from any person that knows how to write and read English – Mexicans, being told to Speak English – to Pick up Lettuce for the White man.. I am sorry, I could go on and on…

    Now coming back to the intelligent lady. We all know about history, and if no-body stops and thinks, we will never learn. Like what we did in Korea, Vietnam, now Iraq and Afganistan.
    My simple point was to inform some readers, that America committed atrocities, and yet some people think that they are the gift to others.

  • NLF

    Disgusted with our Government,

    I wrote my reply but noticed nothing was published.

    This is my second reply. I wrote a lot but somehow this “Land of the Free and Home of the Brave” seems not be so.

    Mr. Citizen, thinks that what he says is the Truth and Nothing but the Truth. Well, Just because his people were abused, this same people has the right to come to another country and Rob and Rape the land. He must be a Christian.

    Now, the intelligent lady that wrote that long Article with some facts was a little confusing. I only glanced through it. But Some of your facts were not too accurate.

    We all know about some of the History and facts that happened. But don’t, like Mr Rightous, think that what he believes is what other people believe too. What Mr. Right is trying to say is that America is a Gift to other people in spite of the Abusive Slavery that transpired in the old days.
    Now the Slavery laws have transpired into the NEW days. What I mean is, laws like the “Work at-Will” law that makes Employees, slaves of the Modern times. Hopefully you will understand this when you are admitted in a Hospital and wonder why no-body came when you switched on the “Call Light”, Hopefully you are not having an emergency!!.
    Not realizing that the reason was that there is only One CNA to answer to Countless patients.
    This has gone on for a long long time. You think the Government cares?. Think Again.

  • Citizen

    Dear NLF,
    Interesting how offended people get when someone disagrees with them. Notice that I did not call anyone names, make disparaging remarks about any race, creed, or color. I made no mention of robbing or raping the land or any people at all.

    I do, however, resent being accused of being ridiculous, being ridiculed because I am Christian, or being considered less than intelligent. I suppose all those years of schooling, college, and degrees mean nothing. Probably teaching thousands of children to read and write over the past 25 years as an inner-city Jr. High teacher, including many Mexicans, Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian, Korean, Native American, Alaskan Indian, Cuban, Nigerian, Argentinian, Chilean, Brazilian, Australian, as well as many of mixed race, gives me no basis in reality or any credibility at all.

    I also resent paying taxes and higher insurance rates and so on to support those who are here illegally, involved in illegal activities, and do not respect or follow the laws of our land.

    I also hope that we have moved past name-calling and lack of respect for others and their opinions. Because we disagree does not require conflict or anger.

  • NLF

    Mr. citizen,

    Name calling comes in so many different forms.
    You might not use name calling but you imply it.You say”Offended People” aren’t you expressing a name calling expression. It is not whether you agree with me or not. What I wrote about is the History of this so-called blessed country.
    I mentioned I have been in this country for 27 years. I was also from another British colony for 38 years. I know both sides of the coin. And believe me Americans talk just like the ever so Patronizing Russians, chinese or any communist country that believe that they are doing the right thing.
    I think I have given enough examples of how America deals with its peoples, about Medical Care, Work-at-will laws, Immigration. and many others. Only the Rich have everything going for them. Let me give you one more example:
    “I used to work in a Hospital, and there was this paraplegic person that I had to clean, He was not only rich but he was very intelligent. One day, he was given some medication to clear his bowels- Needless to say, I was kept busy for half the time in my 8 hour shift. While I was cleaning him and he watching the TV – He said, look at what those people are claiming for- They were talking about the Minimum Wage increase. This patient said that if they wanted more wages they should go to college or the University. Whereupon I mentioned to him, Who do you think will clean you up if all of us went to college or the U. This is a minimum wage job. This patient, although intelligent, had NO ANSWER!!.
    I, after saying that, felt pity for him and said, “Never mind, Don’t worry, I will strike the lottery”.

  • NLF

    to add to my comment about,

    I do hope you watched the President on TV today, 1st, July 10 on Immigration.

  • NLF

    Mr. Citizen,
    After reading my comment, I mentioned “Offended People” in the wrong context. Maybe if you had a comma after offended it would be ok for me to mention “Offended People” as a name calling expression. Other than that my comments stands.

  • Social Witness at General Assembly « nagoonberry

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  • Marilyn

    All illegals no matter the country of origin should leave our country. Come back when you have the correct papers. And take the children with you. Please.

  • NLF


    That includes you, Don’t you know that the Indians wanted you out, but they still didn’t see you go hungry. That is why you have “Thanksgiving”.

  • Marilyn

    I am Indian.

  • NLF


    I am shocked. I can’t understand why would you say the things you say about immigration. Have you seen the programs on channel 8, concerning the trail of tears.
    Dont you and your people have regrets, that your people were not mordernised as the Spanish, French, English, who robbed and pillaged your people, when they came to this country.
    Could your people have done anything?, You all were considered “Savages”. Why would you join the forces that Pillaged your country.

    I just dont understand!!.

  • Fnoel54

    Good For You!.

  • NLF

    So then, why all the fuss?.

  • Rockett Singh

    what we need is proper reform in out nation, across all levels of society. There needs to be better tolerance of all peoples and easier paths to citizen ship. Your average immigration lawyer shouldn’t have to milk the system any way they can just so someone doesn’t have to wait 5 years for a green card.

  • Confessions Of A Hispanic Racist | TheCollegeConservative

    [...] the Liberal Left’s personification of immigrants, saying that Americans just need to realize “it’s high time that we, as the most diverse nation in the world, learn to love ourselves.” Give me a break. Anchor babies are the illegal immigrant’s saving graving grace.  Of course [...]



  • Anonymous

    The anchor babies are certainly citizens of Mexico. Don’t see much point to also burden them with an additional citizenship in addition to their natural one as proud citizens of Mexico.

  • Betsy

    ya come one, come all, To The Good Ol’ USA,
    Our people will pay for Everyone,
    We have been for a ” l o n g” time so why stop now…
    You figure that one..

  • Anonymous

    Brought here??
    They weren’t ‘brought’ here. They came of their own volition.
    “almighty whites”…?
    Whose the racist? I think it’s you.