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Europe and the euro

Christine Lagarde on why the euro is vital to Europe and, indeed, to the world economy.


Frank Rizzo and Pennsylvania’s 56-year legacy of police spying

Wrongful surveillance and later apologies continue decades after scandal


Sexism dressed up as science

Jessa Crispin talks to Cordelia Fine about why it’s easier for us to believe that women are just bad at math.


Red court, blue court, old court, new court

Old court, new court. A new session of the Supreme Court opened yesterday with a new justice. But some things haven’t changed.


Erika Lopez on the importance of ‘patience, faith and insanity’

“There’s no such thing as failure.” This is what my adviser (or whatever you want to call a therapist you only actually see once a year) was trying to tell me a few years back. I believe my response was to cross my arms and scowl. Of course there is. I, at the time, believed […]


In Pakistan and Afghanistan, what does 30 dead really mean?

In Afghanistan and Pakistan, militants are killed or arrested in groups of 30 with bizarre frequency. Joshua Foust suspects it’s just shorthand for “we think we got a few bad guys.”


Cramping our style: Why copyright protection will hurt fashion

If a new bill passes, the fashion industry could at long last get some copyright protection. But Johanna Blakley explains why the industry is better off without it.


How many energy efficiency experts does it take to change a light bulb?

A recent study shows that homeowners, through their energy decisions, can determine almost 40 percent of the nation’s carbon dioxide emissions. Robert Fri asks: but why is it so hard to buy a simple light bulb that does what you need it to?


Delightful dishes for fireside gorging

The message from Jane Lawson’s cookbook of winter food is clear: Baby, it’s cold outside. Let’s stay in and … gorge ourselves.


Half the violence, twice the fraud: The Afghan elections

Afghanistan voted for its representatives in Parliament on Saturday. And what’s remarkable is, it’s not nearly as bad as everyone hoped.


The economics of the boring first date

When going on a first date, we try to achieve a delicate balance between expressing ourselves, learning about the other person and not offending anyone, favoring friendly over controversial even at the risk of sounding dull. This approach might be best exemplified by an amusing quote from the film “Best in Show”: “We have so […]


Hot Coco

The Chanel bio is suddenly en vogue.


How can the U.S. help Somalia?

Give them a chance to help themselves, as they’ve shown they can in two relatively stable regions


Google Street View angers advocates, but can it see inside your car?

Airports aren’t the only place to find companies selling X-ray scanners


The ‘new austerity’ reading list

Jessa Crispin revisits some timeless books about the first round of austerity to help us understand the new one.

On the roads again in Afghanistan

The U.S. military continues to insist that better roads are the key to securing Afghanistan, writes Joshua Foust. All evidence to the contrary.