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Helping challenged kids during back-to-school time

Every child faces challenges when heading back to school. But back-to-school time can be exceptionally difficult for the 20 percent of children who suffer from a psychiatric or learning disorder.


Homemaking for the 21st century

How to be happy with less money, live a sustainable life, and center your world around your family and community? Jessa Crispin talks to author Shannon Hayes.


Terrorism in China?

Members of China’s Muslim Uighur minority have clashed, sometimes violently, with the authorities, and Beijing has used the threat of terror to crackdown on them.


E-mail obsessive disorder, or what I learned about myself from rats

Obsessively checking e-mail or Facebook has become a productivity killer for many of us. Behavioral economist Dan Ariely explains what rats can teach us about these annoying habits.


Migrating violence in the Caucasus

The Chechen insurgency has been pushed into neighboring republics.


Charitable donation or material support for terrorism?

Two of the Minnesota Somalians indicted on terrorism charges say they thought they were collecting money for the impoverished people of their war-torn country.


Getting seasick with Somerset Maugham

Reading W. Somerset Maugham novels, it almost seems a shame that we travel by planes, or locked away alone in our solitary cars, rather than boat or ship. I say that in the way that someone has nostalgia for the 1950s: I wouldn’t actually want to go back to those days. My friends may come […]


Awash in natural gas?

Full-page ads promising “clean, domestic and abundant energy” don’t tell the whole story about natural gas, writes Robert Fri. Promising, yes, but it won’t solve all our energy problems.


A Chicago cop gets a new beat

After three years of organizing and hosting the biweekly Bookslut reading series in Chicago, one night sticks out as particularly memorable. The series made its home in the cozy Hopleaf bar in Andersonville, a nice (but quickly becoming too nice) neighborhood on the north side. I myself used to live around the corner from the […]

An age of diminished expectations?

As the United States and European economies continue to struggle, there is rising concern that they face a Japanese-style “lost decade.”


Congratulations, Kagan. Now what?

What difference does it make if a justice is male or female, black or white, or gay or straight, for that matter?


‘The Vegetarian Option’

When I can afford the chicken, I still buy it. But now I’m spending much more time in the produce aisle.

Making sense of the climate impasse

All signs suggest that the planet is still hurtling headlong toward climatic disaster, yet still we fail to act. There are several reasons for this, and we should understand them in order to break today’s deadlock.


The other, other sultry spy

Could the gravest threat to national security be the intelligence community itself…and the male libido?

The border is a state of mind

The more we obsess about the legal status of immigrants the less we look at the very real, very deep flaws in our conception of immigration.


When bad things happen to good windmills

“Wind turbines spoil the view,” has long been an objection to building wind farms in the East. Now Robert Fri examines some surprising cultural resistance in the West.