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Election 2012: What do you need to know?

In the run up to this year’s election, Need to Know has explored a range of issues that will impact the way Americans will vote this fall. From the future of nuclear power in the U.S. and the housing crisis in hard-hit areas like Nevada to addressing issues of fairness in our tax code, we’ve sought to cover the real issues that affect our viewers.

As NTK gears up to bring you more stories of how Election 2012 will affect communities all around the nation, tell us: What issues do you want to see covered? What stories are most important to you? Let us know on Facebook,Twitter, or in the comments below.



  • G Wayne Dutton

    We need to know Obama’s credentials; where is he coming from?  If he was born in Hawaii, why did he originally say he was born in Kenya?  Why are all of his personal life records hidden?  We need to know who this guy is.  Please investigate now.

  • Crestdad

    We need to ask g Wayne Dutton is it a common thing to hate folks that are different than you? Is there a conspiracy involved and negative motives whenever someone different than you is in your midst?

  • Honeyducote

    We need to know more about Agenda 21 efforts that are being debated right now in every state in the union. Government is attempting to usurp private property rights, rights to water, rights or even grow and use your own garden.

  • Honeyducote

    I’ve tried to ask President Obama what is a “negative liberty”, how can a persons liberty ever be negative. To date – no response.

  • Barb Godwin

    I would like to see an investigation into Romney buying voting machines in Ohio (or at the very least his connection), the possible consequences and ask why a conflict of interest does not pertain to the highest post in the land. I have heard no serious rhetoric from television media outlets (none that I am aware of)… also, I would like to hear a conversation with ambassadors from the UN and their upcoming roles as monitors…how are we as a nation in this current election being perceived by the world? And could their perception help us understand our problems any better?

  • janet Cruz

    I think the most important issue is climate change, but we are a loss at what to do about it. Put millions of people out of work by shutting down the carbon fuel industries? Where will we get the money to switch to other fuels? How do we cope with drought and fire and storms?