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‘Getting by’: Share your stories

By now, the story is familiar: In today’s difficult economic times, millions of Americans are seeing their benefits slashed, wages stagnate and paychecks stretched thinner to cover ever-rising costs. As policymakers wrangle over how best to restart the U.S. economic engine, “getting by” has become the new normal for many Americans.

We want to hear your stories of surviving in today’s struggling economy. How are you dealing with unemployment or underemployment? Are you part of the growing freelance nation, relying on contractual work that offers no benefits? How are you stretching your income to make ends meet? How has “getting by” affected your family life?

Share your experiences with us and we will feature them on our new Tumblr blog, which will focus on the human cost of America’s ongoing jobs crisis. You can participate by e-mailing us your stories at ntkonpbs (at) gmail (dot) com.

Our producers are also interested in showcasing some of your stories in upcoming broadcast segments. If you would like your story to be considered, please include your name and contact information with your submission.