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Are things getting better?

Has your economic situation improved over the last year?

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  • ric

    this was a good show- and it only covers one city. things are worse than most people know. I see examples of this all around me. Our country is a mess.

  • Boganis

    Recently spoke with a Walmart employee upon checking out and she informed me that 7 out of every 10 checkouts were payed via food stamps, and not in some anonymous landscape but in Jim Lehrer’s backyard…and our economy is recovering? I think the only recovery occurring within the U.S. is being fostered by the Federal Reserve and they are only benefiting the few not the many.

  • Moniqua Christensen

    Our President needs to take less vacations and spend some time with small business owners, which are the majority of Americans. He will then learn what it takes to run a small business, something he never did. This will give him a clue on how to run a country!

  • jennyw

    These “government reported numbers” always seem to get adjusted for the worse down the road. Work is so bleak in my area that I’m moving across the country for a job.

  • Hopeful

    This poll needs a third choice to more accurately indicate the economic situation. ‘Improving but not near healthy yet!” There’s definitely much more employment, but not in jobs that can support a family without needing to work in more than one job. The service sector hardly provides a living wage for most workers. The upper classes in our society have had to make very few adjustments throughout the recession. Not so for most!

  • Fred Ingram

    Evidently they did not want a truly negative response (shows how PBS stacks the deck on thier polls)

  • andre

    you tell him girl