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Armed in school

Should trained personnel be armed in schools?

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  • Tom

    Having a “Hired Gun” in school sends the wrong message, education is about sharing ideas and values and respecting differences. School should be a safe environment where students are free to lean and express themselves. Unfortunately some schools need the presence of an armed law enforcement professional. I personally would not want that responsibility, to protect an entire school.

  • Confused

    In our state, Idaho, we have had armed resource officers in most of our high schools for over a decade. In our local school district we have a dad’s on patrol program at the elementary schools, we spend most of the day walking the grounds. We have done this for years. They love having us ex-vets volunteer because we know how to handle these things and can teach others to do so. Are we the only state to do this?

  • Confused

    I challenge all the fathers out there, if you are concerned about your community, check this out, do it….

  • Anonymous

    Guns carried for “personal safety” are weak amd meaningless people.

  • Colorado gun owner

    Suggestion: All guns should be licensed, the fee proportional to the number of people who could be killed per minute with the weapon. The total revenue should be assessed sufficient to place two security guards in every school. This would promote employment as well as security.

  • concerned about psych meds

    I’ve only heard from 1 news organization the possibility that the shooter’s reaction could have been caused by side-effects of some psych meds. I have personal experience with these horrible experiences when my young middle-schooler son was started on a couple of different meds. First med given to him then he pulled a knife on me. Second med given to him and he used his Tae Kwon Do on me. There were never any violent behaviors before or since. They can also cause suicidal behaviors. I would like the press to investigate the meds. Talk to docs who prescribe them and the pharmaceutical companies who push them. The kids are sometimes used as guinea pigs and the doctors make up their own cocktails of various drugs taken together. Who knows what other side-effects they might have.

  • David L Campbell

    the USA has three times as many mentally ill people as Europe cause inequality and lack of care of children Dr Beruchka U of W inequality

  • robert baker

    There are too many guns,readily available for way to many people who are stressed,on medication,mental disorders and some who just want to hurt people for whatever reason.Being a vet,with no desire to pick up another weapon, it’s time for serious legislation with stricter guidelines for those wanting to own a weapon. The sellers,buyers and even the lobbyist.Enough of poor innocent children being killed,especially children.My god, this should definately be a wake up call. NRA, you’re response is crazy!

  • Gary

    The NRA is a constitutional support organization. The second amendment that they support does not mention hunting or target shooting. Its purpose is to keep our representative government from becoming a dictatorship. It also protects your first amendment right to speak your opinion. What happened was a horrific act but had zero to do with good people having guns. I can stand next to an armed police or serviceman and never get nervous. Believe it or not they are only people, no different than you and I. Good people are still good no mater what is in their hand.

  • Agnes

    The NRA is a lobbying group whose sole purpose is to promote the sale of firearms, and by so doing, generate profits for gun manufacturers, who they work for and answer to. Anyone who thinks they can thwart the government with their weapons – given that we have the largest, most expensive, most weaponized, most deadly and lethal military in the history of the world – is probably too delusional to own a gun.

  • Safegunowner

    Many people now want to change gun laws and think that will make things safer. It will not. Ask your self, what would Adam have done if he had smaller ammo clips? He would have reloaded more times and just as many would have died. What if AR-15s were outlawed years ago? He would have used a pump shotgun or pistols and just as many would have died. How long did it take before a policeman arrived to the school? Did Adam have time to reload, a weapon that has a slower rate of fire and still cause all this death? Before we start trampling on the constitution and take rights away from citizens, we have to ask will it work. Unfortunately, I don’t think that an assault weapons ban would have stopped the Newtown tragedy. I’ll be the first to admit I don’t have all the aswers, but if you think an assault weapons ban will solve this you are wrong!

  • linda

    When the entertainment industry of our nation is BUILT upon the thrill and challenge of killing… why do we react in shock when its played out in the market place? IF murder is unacceptable, then why do we glorify it through these “Black- Op” video games young adult males are addicted to? I went to PG rated movie last week and had to sit through 20 minutes of movie previews in which I was subjected to have to watch one killing after another flash before my eyes with all the sensationalism and audio affects to go with it…. We are living in a hypocritical world where we glorify killing, yet shake our heads in disbelief and our fists in anger when it happens in real life. Stop glorifying killing and death….stop being entertained by it. This is where we need to begin….. owning a gun is not the problem…. creating a society that devalues life is the problem.

  • Gary

    My delusion is supported by history not ever having dictators taking over armed countries. Your fear of a piece of machined steel is only exceeded by your ignorance of facts. Proof brainwashing works on the uninformed.

  • Da-Socratic-Nubian

    Two things…..yes continue to have armed police officers in the buildings as they do in most urban schools in America: why? ok….so…….most urban schools service at-risk, poor students who comes from disfunctional circumstances. Why you ask…..the history of America has demanded greed which causes, racisim & classism; afterwhich you have power and wealth built on the backs of poor and working class folk. Yeah I know you’ve heard this before, but its true! Back to my first point……when your are poor it can cause hopelessness which manifest into drug use, gangs, violence….and who will receive these acts of violence? kids in most urban schools in America. I know because I work in one of them! There’s always violence in American schools. The media only show minorities and gang violence. These are still kids though! Its a shame what happened to those precious babies, but America turns a blind eye to the underserved areas that experience violence weekly.
    Second…………..let those people try the reward programs for impoverished kids….hell we give breaks to corporations all the time! Some of which are white-collared thugs who try and “pimp” the government and “whore” out their workers. Those who complain are usually some racist politician who hate to see poor people evolve into greater beings. This would threaten their livelyhoods. Who will collect the trash if people are better equiped to do better? Peace…………….the unexamined life is not worth living.

  • Peter Marks

    There are and will be more veterans coming home and many will need to find a job. They are good candidates for a job to patrol schools all over the country after they leave the military and many would volunteer to do so and some would also be good substitute teachers, teachers assistants or custodians in the schools as well as provide safety in the schools. They won’t need to carry weapons with them but they will have access to weapons placed in secure locations at the school where they can go and get the weapon if the need arises. The schools also have a responsibility to make entry into the school buildings more secure where everyone who enters will have to have a pass card to enter and there has to be more security on the buildings themselves to prevent someone from entering by breaking a window as did the shooter in Newtown, Connecticut. This problem is being addressed by almost all schools across the country but they don’t have the money to pay for increased security. I propose a solution to the problem of the schools not having the money to increase security. The schools can ask all local construction companies to donate time and materials to make the changes and thus not cost the taxpayers any more money by the cities, counties and/or state having to raise taxes to secure the money as there will be raised taxes anyway when the country falls over the fiscal cliff. Volunteerism is the answer to many problems this country is facing and the more people who volunteer both time and money to help their communities the easier it will be to get the job done without having to raise taxes. I volunteer both time and money to our schools and I ask others to do the same. We are a village and we can all help our village prosper and be safe for our children. Will you step up to the plate and help in your community?

  • Mamma Three

    No. Violence begets violence.

    Stop the madness.

    Teach your children patience, tolerance. Spend time with them. Get them away from the violence on the television via news, games, etc. Love them and take the less traveled route to what ails them and not the easiest pill for them to swallow.

    Best question to ask.. what pharmaceuticals was this young adult taking? How did such a small community live in darkness about a troubled soul? Break down of family structure and community is serious. Isolation is serious. Why is the family unit breaking down? Work, work, work, spend, spend spend that dollar…

  • A T Sisia

    Yes, great point, all of it is a bit of the whole puzzle.
    Power corrupts, just pick any area of american mega corporations, there goal is transform the USA into a new China, where they dictate how you are born , live and die.

    Power corrupts; take a look at Venezuela one of many example, rich in oil , but with a government that thinks about me, myself and I. God help them, because the government has other agenda.

    Power corrupts; Mexico next door , it is pitiful , another oil rich country, the corruption there is in a scale of ten, nine point five. and what is the consequence of a long history of corruption, you create two groups , the super rich , the outcast, also known as the poor.

    those are a few samples of where America is heading,

    1. Politic;

    Politic is so corrupt in America , that you only hear what they want you to hear, and that goes on with the whole political system in america, one less than the other.

    Point one ,who writes the laws in America?

    1-We,the people

    2- The lesgislators

    3-The huge USA corporations

    4-The lobbyists

    You are right the last two, 3 and 4.

    America will become the New China , where people work for peanuts and the big executives takes it all.

    when a Walmart big executing makes 1,700 times more than his lower paid employee , something wrong with this picture, maybe he forgot that his lowest salary person has to live too. This is one example only, and it is a huge problem in corporate America.

    The have and the have not.

    Part of the decline of the so called middle class started with President Reagan, in the 1980s with the smahed down of the air controllers for striking.

    that created an anti-union sentiment to breakdown the unions , since it was affecting the bottom line of the big corporations, they could not get super rich quick enough.

    i am not saying that unions are panacea, but they are the only one trying to promote for better salaries and working conditions.

    This is only the tip of the iceberg, if we continue to allow the big corporations to continue this insaciable greed, we are seeing America becoming the New China.

    This greed has a domino effect for everyone in America,for the worse, and must be controlled, so America does become The New China, where we all can enjoy properity, not some.

    This is a huge process and it will not be easy ,but it must be done.

    if America is to continue to be #! all around.

    We are just saying, LIVE AND LET LIVE, STOP THE GREED!!!


  • lgfromillinois

    Creating armed camps in our schools or in any public places gives me no sense of security. The NRA suggests regulating people and not guns. We are to give up our freedoms to protect gun ownership, a bad bargain.

  • David West

    Because the Constitution says in it’s opening sentence “in order to form a more perfect union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare,… “, we must protect the children.
    Why this is a new thing is the question.

    In most of the most resent cases a better mental health system would have prevented every case. If we had a medical insurance system that covered all aspects of medicine and medical conditions, like mental health the whole situation would be quite different. Hatred is deadly.

    Violence is the new drug that has taken over the streets, tv, movies, video games, and the minds of the people who involve themselves in them. The rating system is a joke!

    The twenty-four hour news cycle in an effort to be first with the bad news tends to make numerous mistakes. From telling unsubstantiated stories to making famous misguided individuals to whom no fame is due day, after day, after day.

  • Dotty

    It is a sad situation but I do think we should have armed personnel in our schools. Perhaps it would not have stopped Adam who blasted his way thrugh a door but it may have. As for automatic weapons, no way should they be allowed on our streets. Hand guns for registered and qualified persons, definately a yes. There are too many people with access to these automatic weapons now. A lot has to do with the thrill of the killings in the media (per Linda’s comment).. There should also be a censorship on video games for kids. I see my grandson playing and it is all blood, hitting, falling. This is entertainment? Movies also have too much, explosions, murders, and sex.