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Financial education

Should schools do more to teach children about money?

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  • d rolnz

    parent household’s parents and uneducated parents most often can not objectively provide adequate guidance, schools can. It is likely more important to know basic commercial finance than many other subjects. Self esteem development as real life reveals the value of the knowledge is the real winner,(as opposed to e.g.,algebra).

  • k5r4

    Especially in Mississippi, the poorest state in the country with the most uneducated citizens especially in the Mississippi delta region.

  • David

    Life teaches kids. We have taken that away with child labor laws. I had my first job and went to school at 14. Now that is not allowed. My children are having problems now because they could not get jobs when young, not until they were out of school. To get a job when young they dropped out, then they could get hired. I tried to teach them but, like me and like most, school cannot replace life when it comes to learning.

  • jan

    When my kids started agitating for a job I told them that school WAS their job till they were at least juniors in high school. If their grades had gone down after they got the job I would have made them quit. Dropping out of school was not an option in my house. My dad quit school in the 9th grade to work full time to help support his siblings after his dad died. He was never able to go back to school and get the education and as smart as he was and as well as he did in his places of employment I have absolutely no doubt he would have made even more money if he’d been able to get a complete education. He also might have lived longer if he’d been seen as qualified for a job that was less strenuous during his working life. He was very proud of his kids who graduated college.

    As long as kids are in school, school is far more important to their long term welfare than a job. Child labor laws need to remain intact and in place.

  • Derek

    I believe that is the job of the parents not the teachers.