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Incentive to save

Should economically underprivileged people be paid for saving money?

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  • k5r4

    If they stop spending money they have not earned to purchase merchandise they do not need to impress people they do not like, they would be able to save money without any problems. Stop going out to eat, going to the movies-rent videos, getting manicures, purchasing the latest clothes,shoes & gadgets and going on vacations.

  • WSBEviewer

    We live in a society where the poor are forced to pay more for things (both in normal and real terms) than the wealthy. Our entire commercial lending industry operates on this idea. “Risk” and “risk management” are terms used to absolve people from treating one another poorly, exacerbating the economic status quo. If the poor can recoup some of these losses/mistreatment through savings stipends, I say it helps balance the playing field, albeit marginally.

  • K5r4

    No one is forcing the poor to take out loans they can’t afford to pay back from these commercial lending institutions. No one is forcing the poor to sign loan documents from these commercial lending institutions. It’s called personal choice.

  • Daar Fisher

    There exists FairTax income-tax REPLACEMENT legislation (HR 25/S 122) that would END paycheck confiscation (every working hour), provide a cash rebate of FairTax that EVERY resident family would pay on spending to the poverty-level ceiling, EVERY MONTH, while ENDING payroll/income tax withholding from paychecks! Learn more at! The income tax PUNISHES work; the FAIRTAX REWARDS WORK & SAVING. Become a FairTax activist at “End Class Warfare (FairTaxers)” group on Facebook.

  • SharP

    1% of me says this is a kind thing for companies to do for employees, to get them away from the payday lenders when they have no credit standing with a bank. 99% of me wonders if this is the new “company store” – 17%! – what are the companies making on this program? When employees become savers, do THEY get paid any interest? (Why don’t Americans save? At local banks the interest rate is 0.25% and there’s a $12 monthly fee – so deposit $10K, receive interest of $25 per year and pay the bank $144 per year for the privilege of having an account. No thanks.)

  • @KaylaWildflower

    Are you sure there’s a fee on savings accounts? Or is it just on checking?

  • @KaylaWildflower

    If the funds are available $500/family is a small price to pay to get a family on their feet with $1500 in savings. Imagine how much heartache this will save when the car breaks down or the heater goes out; now it’s not a crisis, they have the money to solve the problem.

  • Anne

    just make sure if something ever happens to you economically, you will follow
    your own advice here! In these times we are in that is very likely–either through an unfortunate health problem, accident, etc.

  • me

    Should the government pay me for clipping my toenails?

  • me

    Shouldn’t home schooling families be given money, since they are saving the government thousands of dollars per year by not using public education?