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Poll: A path to citizenship

Should there be a path to citizenship for people who are in the U.S. illegally?

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  • Anonymous

    These illegal aliens have known for years & some for decades that they are here in violation of US immigration laws. They must be deported immediately without appeals or hearings. They need to go to their home country & apply to immigrate to this country legally & wait their turn like everyone else.

  • Anonymous

    If Mexican government officials are so concerned about their citizens attempting to enter the US illegally dying or getting hurt, the Mexican government needs to discourage & stop its citizens from violating US laws

  • Dewey Cheetham

    There is little difference between the invasion of the United States by Mexicans and Hitler’s invasion of Europe except that Mexicans are too cowardly to put on a uniform and fight like men.

  • TheCommonPeople

    If those people go back to Mexico they will get killed. You don’t know what it is like to live in such a horrible place. Unlike you ignorant people, I have had to see friends and family move over here with tears, some coming whether they want to or not. It is too dangerous for them to live over them. Yes, Mexico has its problems, but that’s because their police force and government are corrupted. The United States is the land of opportunity, and getting paid a quarter of minimum wage here is better than getting paid five dollars a week in Mexico.

  • em

    It sure is easy to talk about obtaining citizenship without knowing what is involved. It’s easy to say they should not come here when they face little education, government corruption and poor housing and food availability. If you are an elder, you would mostly die before your application would be approved. It takes a huge amount of time and money to apply, not necessarily obtain citizenship. If we want agriculture to survive in this country, we NEED these workers. If our government won’t fix this system, private companies will continue to hire and there will always be those who wish to work for below minimum wages. Hitler never invaded the US and he had no intention to have his followers work for our companies. Mexico could care less if their people flee to the US. Why would anyone think the Mexican government cares about anyone violating our laws??? Go out and work 14 hour days, 6 days a week for these wages, move every couple of months before you complain. Oh, and don’t talk with your mouth full of food harvested by these workers.

  • Mari

    Only someone ignorant like you would say something like that. Mexicans are not here to take anyone’s job or education. It’s white people who don’t want to work for minimum wage or get educated. Their education consists of standing outside Walmart holding signs and asking for money. Latinos clean houses or even sell corn and ice cream before begging for easy cash. Don’t post stupid comments if you don’t know what your talking about. I would like to see you get up at 5 am and work all day at the field. It’s Latinos that make these economy so strong. So think about who cleans your bathroom and who picks your fruit and vegetables next time you seat down for dinner, because its not you of course.

  • Charley

    Kool it kkk oh I mean k5R4 u sound like your bitter buddy Jeff. Just take it ease and go back to Europe there is no Mexican there to ruined your superior days. However I have a feeling your going to find something else to focus all your rage on. How I wish there were an island for folks like yourself

  • SH

    Those here illegally should not be placed ahead of those on the legal track. The message should be “Go home and legally enter our country”.

  • Jeremy Deville

    Learn better English before trying to attack someone. If latinos make the economy so strong there why aren’t any latin amarican countries doing great?

  • Jeremy Deville

    But the all are so proud of Mexico which gave them no education and a dangerous place to live. Yay! Amnesty= WAR!

  • Anonymous

    What about those desperately trying to do it the correct way? Why should illegal behavior come before legal entrance – stupid and encourages bad behavior. No way.

  • dd4flattax

    YES Play by the rules thats all. The Gov’t should obey the rights of legal citizens; not give more rights to illegal citizens. If illegal is illegal – enforce the law. Simple – no name-calling or judgement. Deal with the consequences don’t produce more entitlements! You could save so much more $ by bringing back the English language and stop all those recordings in Spanish. English as a second language is costing time loss of education and is costly beyond belief.

  • k5r4

    Cry me a river. If life is so horrible in Mexico & they want to immigrate to this country, they need to go to the US consulate or embassy & apply to immigrate to this country legally and wait their turn like others are doing

  • k5r4

    Correct, that’s what I’ve been saying

  • k5r4

    You are just like every other bleeding heart liberals in this country who think that it’s ok for these illegal aliens to break US laws by entering this country illegally & knowingly staying in this country illegally. I hope you are prepared to pay higher taxes to support all these illegal aliens when they utilize the emergency room for medical care, pay for their illegal alien children’s education,etc.

  • k5r4

    Cry me a river, if life is so horrible in Mexico, they need to apply to immigrate this country legally. It’s not our problem that the Mexican government does not care about its people.

  • lgfromillinois

    I feel too much rage and fear in the arguments againest immigration reform. These are people seeking a better life and wishing to fulfill their dreams through hard, often physical, work. Ex 22, 21 “Do not mistreat of oppress a foreigner, for you were once foreigners in (a foreigh land).”


    USA should know, in hows land are they living? Think before you do something because of you someone is going to die. What are these poor immigrants wants from you? Only a shelter where they can sleep peacefully. I’m an immigrant living in country more safe and supportive then USA. I’m going to contribute to the economy of this country and repay what ever they have giving me and are going to give me. You american should be ashamed of what you animals have done to this world. So lets think this as a gift of your sins.

  • Barbara Brandt

    We are a country of laws and yet we have excluded millions from accountability. of the law because of their numbers. In California as a kid I saw these folks in the fields and I knew they were here because they were invited — many stayed and they were not just Hispanics. They had a skill we wanted and they would do the work for less. So like our Constitution, we have a moral imperative to consider here. When are we accountable for the growth of undocumented people doing the jobs we want them to do? When they bring families here and have kids and want a better life, then it becomes a problem for Americans. It is our moral imperative to understand our role here, to understand how we can now change what we now see as a problem into a new opportunity. The law has to find legal solutions. It is our responsibility as Americans.

  • Beel

    I guess “We are a country of laws” is seen as a good thing when discussing a single law that doesn’t affect you.

  • gooze

    I mostly agree with you. The US is suppose to be a melting pot for all to share our nations wealth and fruits of the fields but yet we’ve become self serving hypocrites on many levels. I don’t know what country you’re in now but glad you are safe and happy.