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Poll: The new normal?

Is a national unemployment rate that hovers around 8% here to stay?

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  • Kelley Stillwell

    I live in Las Vegas Nevada where the real unemployment is 20% that’s U-6 numbers, real numbers. I have not had a full time job in 3 years, and I am a 56 year old constuction safetyman. Las vegas has lost 100,000 constuction jobs here, 1/3 of our jobs and thats what the AGC says. Next week I start a 10.17 per hour -24 hous per week job. DID YOU SEE GOLDMAN SAKS ON CBS NEWS THE OTHER NIGHT/ LLOYD BLENIMEN SAID CUT SOCIAL SECURITY THATS ALSO WHAT MR. PETE PETERSON SAYS ALSO. Of course when you are a Billionaire thats ok. YA THE .05%ARE DOING OK ,BAILOUT WALL STREET, “SCREW MAIN STREET. Thats the American Way the BABYLONIAN WAY. Boy we Need the COMMIES today in 2012, they were right about Capitalism.


    Economist Robert Reich tells that the super-rich control so much wealth that there’s not enough money left in the system to buy the products of our enterprises.

  • Anonymous

    Those who actually acquired money can spend it however they wish….or do we now force people to spend their money on that which they do not want? Oops, yeah, that’s right Obamacare………………..never mind, proceed.