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Poll: The status quo?

Do you think you will be better off four years from now than you are today?

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  • Paul McElroy

    The status quo right now is decreasing unemployment. Sounds like a status quo to protect. Three cheers for gridlock!

  • bronzesnail

    We need term limits in congress,they should not have retirement,they should have to contribute to social security,and if they do not show up to work/vote their pay should be reduced each time.

  • Dgardner

    Obama care will cripple job creation and hiring. Unemployment will
    rise. The election changed nothing. Status quo. Country divided
    more so.

    America elected the wrong man to lead the country. Romney
    had the experience to work with Dem’s and create job’s.

    The Dem’s made social issues more important than the bad
    number of unemployed and those on food stamps.

    The mandate was heard in 2010, and Reid and Obama, did
    not want to do anything. Had the Dem’s concentrated on the bigger
    issue of unemployment, housing, and debt in 2008-2009, instead
    of ramming Obama care down out throats, they
    could have prevented the division we have now.

  • estella nicholson

    I’m optimistic that the next four years will be better and I believe the people are giving the leaders on capital hill another chance to get it right. It is time that the leaders in Washington figure out how to get along and stop making this be about them. It is also time that the people hold all of them accountable. Let’s send a message that says if they can’t put their egos aside and figure out how to do business differently then this will be their last term. Yes, this is will be the President last term but not the House and Senate. It’s time we send them this message

  • Christopher Sumpter

    The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.

  • Christopher Sumpter

    All members of the U.S. Congress pay Social Security taxes and have done so since 1984.

  • fedup

    The poll is invalid. The “yes” or “no” is all contingent upon Congress being able to work together and move forward. Without bipartisanship, we, as citizens, will be forced to revolt and boot everyone out of office and start with a clean slate.

  • Christopher Sumpter

    The poll just asks for your best guess; how is that invalid? Since Congress is essentially the same as it has been for the past two years, I think you can take a pretty good guess at how well they’re going to be able to work together.

  • fedup

    The recent election was our opportunity to send a message and we missed it. The American voters should have voted out as many incumbents as possible. Washington has never fixed itself from within.

  • Bill Estep

    We will not be better off for several reasons; the same reasons that have been with us for some time now. Only now we are reaching milestones that deserve recognition. First, we now have murdered 60 million babies; I say murder, because the only way to keep a baby from being born is to kill it. Homosexuality has infiltrated every facet of our society, and it destroys the family, and spreads immorality in every respect. Homosexuality as it is portrayed, as seen through marches and known life styles, is depraved in appearance (blown up rubbers on sticks, and sexual devices on banners) and is riddled with promiscuity and public dispay of lascivious ostentatiousness, so-as-to thumb a nose at traditionalist/conservatives/Christians/descent people. The agenda of the liberal is to further the cause of homosexuality at any cost, primarily at the inclusion of our youth and also those fearfully minded latent experimentalist. I don’t even want to see heterosexuality pushed off on the young and naive. Even Rome started out idealistically, but fell after their society became depraved; considering the internet, satelite television, and cell phones that have the ability to communicate with the most obscure and isolated pockets of the world, I don’t see much hope in the self denial of society towards righteous behavior. God created languages at the tower of Babble, because people became full of themselves when they wallowed in their own conceit. We have made Rome look naive and simple minded in efforts to corrupt the innocent, and satisfy immoral predators. Oh well. Now the meat of the answer: we will continue to grow in debt with Obama, and energy will continue to be a problem; Obama has not done one thing to remedy the situation. Did anyone ask Obama why he was not implementing his new plans now, or why he didn’t do them before. Did he even subsidize gas stations so that every kind of fuel would be available so-as-to encourage manufacturers to build and consumerst orequest and buy hybrids. We need to become hybrids, so we can survive and adapt: not sexual hybrids though. Obama will continue to let our country support illegal immigrants, and it will only grow into a much bigger problem, with more people on welfare/free assistance. We are a nation of immigrants, but that is what established laws are for; if not, then lets change them, but to resort to anarchy by letting law breakers force us into acceptance will only bastardize the existent immigration system. Another associative problem is with the laws made for businesses that cannot make the grade; now Obama makes his own laws [Bankruptcy (that is its purpose) vs bailouts] that supercede established laws. If they don’t work, lets change them, or make new ones, but to supercede established laws is anarchy. China will only continue to grow aggressively, and Obama will cater to all other nations without responsibility, and accountability. Obama met with some terrorist nation leaders a while back and we never found out what they agreed upon, but then who cares, right?
    In an economy and technologically changing environment we need a business man at the helm, but Obama has proven not to fit the bill, so consequently the jobless problem will grow beyond manageability. Obama said that hiring more teachers and smaller classrooms would solve all our problems; does anyone believe that proposal as a short term remedy, or even a long term one considering the unrulliness of our godless youth, and an unadaptability of our work force. Children ore obese, and more inactive that any in the history of man, so ill health will continue to skyrocket. Their is an epidemic of kids killing their entire families, and a rash of them killing everyone they can fire a gun at. Our cup of Immorality is overflowing in every respect, and no one cares, because they are too concerned about having babies as single parents, going to bed in groups, engaging in homosexuality as as inalienable right, and pursuing every hedonic lifestyle possible. Gambling is being established in every state, with the proceeds going to just a few people, while the pockets of obsessive compulsive addicts are being emptied. Oooh that makes for a healthy, but satisfied community (right). Now “pot” is on the verge of becoming legal everywhere; no way will the hearts of Americans become colder, more calloused, or more depraved. I could go on for pages, but all of a sudden I realize like before I began, this will not do any good. In Job 15:16 God says this of humanity: “How much more abominable and filthy is man, which drinketh iniquity (sin) like water?” God fearing people of old knew these things so they governed society with fearful respect for our Father in heaven, and put on the cloak of responsibility to discipline our children and pray unto God in all circumstances. The only thing that will save this nation, and the world is the sacrifical blood that leads to the salvation of Christ. Wait and see the further degradation of our economy, and the destruction of the american family. When the world was less complicated, people had less, worked harder, and God blessed us because we founded this nation on Godly principles of righteousness; but now we are losing the grace (undeserved favor) of Almighty God, and have decided to follow the fleshly desires of Satan. I know, I am classified as a loon, liar, and fool; these are some of the same things that Christ was accused of, of which I am proud to follow in his footsteps, however imcompetent I am. God bless America, and those who follow Christ.

  • Anonymous

    That decreasing unemployment you site was cooked numbers that will be adjusted as time passes. This administration and this president have no clue what a real job is or how real jobs are created. I’ll give you a clue, most real jobs do not come from the federal government. Most real jobs are the result of economic activity when someone creates a product or service that someone else needs or desires.

  • Anna N.

    It’s actually not about people. It’s about the environment and the health of the planet. Romney promised to destroy environmental protections and eliminate regulations allowing polluters to freely pollute at will. Obama isn’t entirely on board with environmental health and protections but the planet is better off with Obama at the helm.

  • Larry

    Its sad to see the way a good man like Mitt Romney was sliced and diced just
    so the democrat’s could stay in power I don’t think we should stoop so low. It now seems to border on hate and not just a disagreement in policy. I don’t believe the republicans stand a chance with the media protecting everything the presidents does. I truly believe that now is the time for the republican party to get the hell out of the way and let the democrat’s get everything they want. IE California. I plan on not working so hard anymore and yes, since they plan on handing out goodies I want my “Obama phone” and anything else they want to hand out and I suggest you do the same . To my Republican brothers and sisters this is a “New America” and we are not included . BTW I’m not a “Tired ole white guy” I’m a tired ole Hispanic.

  • Concerned Citizen

    I sad day in America as we move towards socialism, redistribution of income, atack on individual rights, Presidential orders in violation of our Constitution and an attitude in Congress to be “politically right” although esch and everyone knows what they have done is wrong! “Pass it now, then we can read it later” is NOT what our founders invisioned for America!

  • kelly

    We can’t be any better in 4 years – Why because we gave the BANKESTERS a blank check!! 16 trillon and counting.. Oh look at MICHAEL HUDSON’S WEBSITE.

  • C. Freeman

    What we are witnessing is the demise of the Republican party. William Buckley predicted this several years ago. ..
    This is because of the unwillingness of this party to share power with the changing demographics of this country… White males have held all the power for the last 200 yrs and that time has ended… .. embrace the future!!

  • Dave Lynch

    With each step I see a parallel with a book I read: Statements and documents about the need for global economic dominance through military force to secure prosperity, a catyclismic and catalyzing event: 9/11 similar to the Reichstag fire, the removal of civil rights, as in the Patriot Act and NDAA, the invasion of Poland similar to Iraq and perhaps the next target Iran.

    The Promise of socialized medicine , even though we already pay for it, but with an even higher price tag and no cost control verbage in the text of the bill is misleading. Just use medicare, and find the lost money from the FED

    No legislation to make USA manufacturing easier or more affordable. So where are these magical jobs?

    As it has been established: Rumsfeld had anounced the Pentagon lost $2.4 billion on Sept. 10th, 2001, and the Federal Reserve just recently can’t account for $9 trillion, we have already fallen off the fiscal cliff – no air bag on the vehicle, no parachute.

    If we are to survive the impact, reducing our fallign weight would help is to tuck and roll:

    1) Legalize marajuana, tax the product, empty the jails of the users so they can join the tax creating base and let law enforcement concentrate on real crime like gangs.

    2) Give 50% tax breaks to all small business owners – who are the sales tax collectors working for their state unpaid and unrewarded, often penalized with slef employment tax. I guarentee you they would reinvest it and hre people. Make it easer for them to discharge employees who fail to perform their duties forcing thos employees to actually work.

    3) Create an easy step by step 1 day seminar through SBA on how to open a retail business and the permits required for each area allowing the path to small business ownership to be streamlined.

    4) Provide .5% interest loans to open that business, with a pathway for easy export lanes for the service or product.

    .5) Stop bombing the customers abroad. It’s bad for business.

  • Pauline Breton

    I believe we will be better off.

    Cleaning up the mess after the Bush administration has been
    a slow process.

    Mortgages were given to people that were not financially stable.

    The cap on interest rates was lifted causing mortgage rate
    to increase beyond affordability.

    This caused foreclosure on homes and banks to fail.

    Many businesses were moved out of the country including the computer
    industry causing a lot of job losses.

    The war has cost us a lot.

    Oil prices went up due to the war.

  • United Kingdom of Glory #25

    If the people remain stupid enough to let the government keep leaving us blinded by a TOTAL lack of education on our constitution by never using mass media to educate it to us, then politics will never be able to compete with the arrogance of entertainment bombarding us with messages of disrespect, hate and prejudice, seeing only what’s in a deal for ones self and never to see this nation as a united effort. We are a dying nation from there….

  • lgfromillinois

    I am an optimist. The next years will have difficulties. I expect economic conditions will improve.

  • MarkJ

    Reading through Dgardner and Bill Esteps negative rants reminds me of the insanity that transpires on a daily basis. Opinionated people substitute their biased observations (as if they were facts) and do nothing more than emulate our polarized and non communicative congress. When will people show some respect for others?

    When will they stop blaming “the other side”? When will people try to step back from media induced brainwashing that goes on, on a daily basis? Here’s my list of goals for America.

    1. Reduce our military budget by 5% each year for the next 5 years. America does not need to spend more money on war making machines than the next 20 advanced nations of the world. Given that we spent $500 billion on defense in 2012, we could save $25 billion in year 1!

    2. Put in place an aggressive national program to reduce our dependency on oil and gas for electrical energy and replace it with solar, wind, hydro based methods to supply our electrical energy. I would ask each home owner and business owner to put solar panels on their roofs. I would ask each public and private electrical utility to replace their coal or gas fired power plants with solar thermal technology. I would ask each coal and oil based industry providers to transition their energy mix to include solar, wind technology products. I would ask the transportation industries transition to hybrid and solar engine configurations. If, as a nation, we could replace 5% of our fossil fuel based energy with renewable energy each year for the next 20 years, we would have achieved energy independence. If we followed this path, we would eliminate the CO2 emissions that are heating our planet and causing climate change and causing more frequent and extreme weather events. Imagine all the new jobs, new industries, reduced unemployment, increased tax revenues that this type of investment could generate. Imagine how this strategy could reduce our strategic interests in the middle east and further reduce our need to be involved war related activities!

    3. Improve our national healthcare systems further. The Affordable Healthcare System (Obamacare) is a start. But it was crippled by the intransigence of the healthcare insurance industry and the politicians they support. Do you know that 75% of the American people were in favor of a single payer healthcare system well before and through the struggles that led to passage of the ACA! When our president took “single payer healthcare” off the table, all of the people who elected him felt betrayed. We knew that he made a political decision to try for something a little bit less grand, but it still hurt deeply. America, Wake Up!! The private heathcare insurance industry and their paid for politicians paid for and waged the anti government healthcare brainwashing campaign. It is not in their financial interests to give up managing your healthcare. Our president struck a compromise that took a little away from the private healthcare insurance and gave it back to us. He gave us some small and important gains.

    4. Take pragmatic steps to return our social security and medicare/medicaid systems to solvency. Simple manageable steps are there for the taking. Start by removing the income caps from these systems. People making more money simply pay more into their accounts in each of these social welfare systems. Try this first and see if we reach a balance between inflows and outflows to these systems.

    5. Pay off the national debt, slowly and methodically over some reasonable length of time. For example, I propose paying off the debt in 50 years. If our current national debt is $16,000,000,000,000; then insert a line item in our 2013 budget for 2% of that figure. ($320,000,000,000). That is $320 billion per year; which is 2% of our GDP. Don’t you think our politicians could come together and agree that they will call on everyone in our country tighten their belts by 2%?

    In summary, if we reduced our military budget, transitioned from fossil fuels to renewable energy fuels, improved our nation’s healthcare systems, took steps to secure our social security and medicare system to solvency, and paid off our nation’s debt, I think our nation would be thriving and the rest of the world would be trying to do the same.


    Your fellow American

  • Philip p.

    Following Europe into the osterity program Europe has would be foolish because it hasn’t worked in Europe. We need the approach the have a program that will for the next two years or more of putting people to work making improvements on our infrastructure. Also why not increase taxes at a ratio to income for all at least for five or ten years along with jobs to get us out of this debt mess. Putting people to work provides many features to the nation as a whole. More jobes produces more taxes and productive work helps heal the nation psychologically as well.

  • Diane

    Maybe if each of us places pressure on our congressmen by continuing to write to them our concerns and wishes every day, demanding they fix this mess, instead of pointing fingers, we could get something done. We can all sit by the side and say “the numbers are cooked” or “Obamacare will doom us” or we as citizens can take action; send our suggestions repeatedly; inundate Washington with our suggestions; be our own voice; take a rally to Washington; march; be in their face.

  • Tony

    Ben Franklin once said, “We better hang together, or we will hang separately”. Is more realavent today let the Bush tax cut lapse gradually over time back to Clinton era levels based on GDP! Reform the entilement programs so they will be solvent forever, and bump taxes up for those wealthy enough to aforded it. We have wars to pay for, a national debt to get under control and future spending to pay for such as a crumbling enferstructure, people to educate, We have to make investments to the future of the space program which will bring the future technologies and industries.

  • Lgardner


    How many people could have been helped with 6 billion dollars. The time spent in broadcasting campaign ads could have all been used to educate than show false ideas.

  • Kathy

    Extremely upset at the main stream media. Their job should be to report all the news. And not wait until after the election because it would make Obama look bad. Even the monitors at the debate were bad – and one sided. Romney was truely the best person to be president at this time. We needed him!! We have an uninformed voting public.

  • Anonymous

    I believe it my not be easy, but if both parties work together our issues will be accomplished so we can have a better life for the future children of tomorrow.

  • Patrick J. Salem

    Obama wins a majority in both the popular vote and electoral college, sweeps all of the so-called swing states, and there are Democratic gains in both chambers of Congress. That’s hardly “punting” in spite of Mr. Baker’s insistence. If the House GOP suffers any “confusion” about voter intent, it’s willful; and Mr. Baker fails in his role (as does most of the Fourth Estate) by proffering this point of view to the country.

  • Susanna Miller

    Romney is a businessman– but he represents all the worst of that kind of businessman. He made his money by helping the wealthy get wealthier- and by making the poorer, poorer. His kind of businessman has driven away to other countries, many, many of the paths in which the average worker had a chance to enter the upwardly mobile economic path.
    He offended Sr. citizens who worked all our lives by calling us people who are dependant on the Government. These so-called ‘entitlement programs’ were paid for by us, by our long careers where we bought Social Security and Medicare. He demonstrated a total ignorance of how the middle-class evolves and exists.
    The very wealthy and the Corporate powers are the ones who have a sense of ‘entitlement’ — to paraphrase– they deserve to be rich cause they are just somehow better than everyone else. Because of their economic advantages- they are mentally disabled- they figure that if you can’t get rich like them it shows a deficit on your part- you’re just not working as hard, or you want to be ‘taken care of’. They are blinded by their own denial.
    When they, the rich, continue to pay a tax that is at least 15-20% less than the average worker pays- THAT CAUSES ECONOMIC STAGNATION. Just this last week, alone, I learned of two relatives who have lost their middle-class jobs- because one’s company was ‘sold’ in some kind of financial transaction and the other because the Company is moving South where they can get away with paying even lower salaries and continue to offer pathetic benefits.
    When the wealthy don’t invest in keeping small businesses stable and don’t invest in helping employees to stay employed and grow in their jobs- that makes this dangerous gap between the wealthy and the poor get all the wider. They do nothing to help create jobs for the people at the lower end of the economic spectrum, even though they think a ‘businessman’ can create jobs better than a ‘community organizer’.

  • PatrioticDad

    I think so. Job creation – people need to see changes in job creation the past 8 years. Before jumping to a conclusion, take a look at data.

    2nd – those who only chace unemploment or GDP are very misguided. Those ARE important data, but what has destroyed the middle class is the shrinkage of their wealth share. Since the cost of livinng is set by the amount of dollars available in the society, the middle class has become worse off as their wealth share has declined and increasingly gone to the top. Wealth redistributing policies are an important part of the majority of the people being “better off” that the poll question mentions. I get that that is against some people’s “ideology”. The fact is that the govenrment has been doing reverse wealth distribution the past 3 decades, with policies that favor large corproations and major investors (e.g. Exxon paying lower tax rates than small bakers in your town, wages being taxed at higher rates than major investment incomes are), and the current skewed wealth share is a result of it. You did not cry or scream when the govenrment created policies that redistributed wealth from the bottom and middle to the top. You never resented THAT wealth redistribution, so, you should not now when the game is about to be flipped with Obama. Had you stopped this 30 years ago, had you stopped the proliferation of policies based on the tricle-down/top-down money flow models, had you supported policies that make money flow from the bottom first, then, we would not have the need to do this right now.

  • PatrioticDad

    I cannot agree with you more on the generation direction.
    In support, I wanted to mention that we spend more in military than the next 30 countries combined. The republican party is for a more “efficient” and “leaner” government. Great. If need to pay that much to keep us safe, then there is definitely some “inefficiency” and better strategies need to be worked out in order to cut spending. Unfortuantely, that’s not where they seem interested in making things “more efficient”.

  • PatrioticDad

    I don’t see the connection between gay marriage and your financial security, for instance. If your point is that America is turning into a county where you feel less culturally fit, then I get your point because new generation electorate does’t share the same culture that you do. But to extend that to the economy seems irrelevant to me, unless you can explain the connection between the two. Casino gambling, which I don’t care for to be honest, is not good, but how about wall street gambling with derivatives using our savings? Both are gambling and how do you defend a candidate that goes against regulations that limit that gambling with our money while resent casino gambling by people who spend their own money? I tend to think if whoever wants to spend their money on gambling, it’s not my business, but if wall street gambles my money away, I have every time to limit that with my votes. We have no right to force our personal values on others when that doesn’t affect our lives or force our religious values on others by making nation’s law same as the Bible law, do you not agree on this?? Well, Saudi Arabia obviously thinks their religion should be their country’s law, and I am happy to have been born in America.

  • Need to Know

    Yes, we need to get our message out, however our message is not getting out from the national news media; on the right and left of issues. Need to Know gives more useful information than most political programs.
    Most people seem to be apathetic – they will accept the status quo, no matter how painful.
    Need to know is part of PBS, a huge information source that is not efficiently used – many issues concern people that have been studying politics, and if there were a public forum sponsored by need to know, and adequately promoted, allowing both left and right to politely address their concerns, it seems this would draw a lot of attention by viewers – finally people could get their voice heard.

    Perhaps we should contact need to know administrators, and ask for a public forum – certainly we would get more attention than posting to articles – the whole nation would hear us, and hopefully understand why some are very political, and very concerned about the future our children will inherit.

  • madj

    elections over the media bs machinry is retired the crying towels are drying out time to get to work our whoa is me things are bad is no longer usefull untill the next round million plus workers wanted in the manufacturing trades come on you soft spoiled out of work professionals get a real job building things a little grease and skilled labor is a good thing the U S is number 3 still in makeing stuff and cant get people to train and do it pathetic.

  • Chip Burcham

    I believe that my life will be better in the next four years because I will have won the Powerball Jackpot of November 14, 2012 because I heard Terra’s voice tell me “10 to 30″ and I’ve played white ball numbers 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and I’ve played red Powerball number 30 on the same board of the Powerball playslip. I’d like to let others have part of this jackpot or perhaps run for President in 2016.

  • Ex- Republican

    America elected the right man to continue to lead this country. With Rommey in charge only the rich will better off and middle class will be in the lower class! People have short term memory…Bush got us into this mess and Obama has been trying to get country back on track! Remember the Republicans were the ones who refused to help this country by not working with the Dems during the last four years. They figured by not helping….they could place the blame on Obama for the slow recovery….when good men stand by and do nothing to help…..They also share the blame! The voters across the country saw thru the PAC ads where these group spend 380 million dollars! Money which could have been better spend on helping the poor or helping the people recover from the disaster caused by Sandy!

  • Tony

    I dont believe in many socialist principals, but let’s agree on what it really is: Socialism is an economic system characterised by social ownership of the means of production and co-operative management of the economy. There are many varieties of socialism and there is no single definition encapsulating all of them.
    Many people don’t inderstand this and attach socialism to anything they don’t understand, so please do your home work and know what your talking about before speaking! There is a good model for the future and it is called “The Venus Project”, going to a resources based economy unleshing science and techonolgy sharing Earths resources abandon the monitary, and capitalistic model. I think we could do away with poverty and servatude over night. Peace!