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School safety

Would stricter gun control laws help prevent school shootings?

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  • karen

    Stricter gun control laws will only help prevent school shootings & other types of shootings if these laws are accompanied by stricter reformed mental health laws & stricter drug treatment laws. Every day when one listens to the news, one hears of shootings where the shooter is high on drugs or committing a crime to obtain the funds to purchase drugs.. We need to amend the law nationwide in which a mentally ill person can’t be forced to take his meds or forced to go for treatment because “it’s violation of his civil rights”. We also need to amend the drug laws in which a drug addict can’t be forced into drug treatment because”it’s in violation of his civil rights”. Where are those rights in the Bill of Rights or US constitution? What about my civil rights & my right not to be subjected to the inappropriate behavior of drug addicts & the mentally ill roaming the streets, stores, buses & subways

  • Tobias Cichon

    This question is too broad. What stricter laws? Clip capacity and AR ban laws? No. Universal background checks? I don’t see how. Gun training and storage laws? Maybe.

  • Jason Babcock

    To the people who think that if it saves just one life it is worth it, you are wrong. Over 2.5 million crimes are stopped by guns every year. I will not give up my rights to let you liberal uninformed maggots feel better. You want to stop school shootings, let conceal carry in school and open up the insane asylums again. Get the nut jobs off the street.

  • Jason Babcock

    Nope. Their are 20,000 laws on the books already. If you liberals think it will help and want to change the constitution, their is proper procedure to do it, however that will not happen. Please leave this once great republic. Go to Australia or Britain where they have banned guns, don’t worry about violent crime being up.

  • Karen

    Jason, liberals didn’t close the insane asylums. Ronald Reagan did when he was governor of California & the other 49 states followed California’s lead as they do in all cases because California is the bellwether state. After the insane asylums were closed, mental health clinics were suppose to open up in all areas in all cities across this country. However, these clinics never opened because people said not in my backyard. Therefore, the few clinics that are now in existence are in the bad areas of cities.

  • Karen

    Agreed Jason, the problem is we need to be enforcing all laws in this country instead of passing & implementing new laws.

  • The Geologist

    Guns kill people, it’s as simple as that. Other people with guns make me and my family less safe.

  • Steve Terjesen

    People with criminal intent ( criminals ) will not abide by laws. What they cannot get legally, they will buy on the black market Think prohibition. Alcohol flowed freely.

  • Not a genius, just smart

    Yes, stricter gun control laws will help to prevent shootings, not just in schools, but everywhere. It doesn’t take a genius to see that less guns out there mean less killing.

  • Dr Watson

    Not what statistics say

  • Robert Knopf

    I am a gun owner, I will not own a gun that is designed to kill people. Stop the madness, pass it on.

  • rye

    I think even if all the guns in America were destroyed the mass murder would find another way to carry out his/her insane act. I’m having a very hard time understanding why gun violence is such a hot topic when a person dies on American soil, but yet half way around the world American guns kill hundreds of thousands of children, women and men every year and no one tries to stop that murder! Violence is human nature everyone needs to climb out of their cloud in the sky and realize we’re all animals.

  • Dr Watson

    Exactly what does that mean ? “BAD BLACK GUN” good fancy wooden stock shotgun? LOL do you understand the intent of the 2nd amendment?
    did not think so

  • Mr Greed

    all of this talk about gun laws ,gun bans and gun control. I wish the law makers would realize that they are in fact making people run out and buy all the guns that they can afford. I challenge anyone that thinks otherwise to go out and see if they can find any 9mm luger pistol ammo. Here in Michigan north of Detroit I’ve been to every dealer around and every one is sold out! In fact my wife went to NC and yep same thing down there. At this point in time the only place that you can get 9mm ammo is online for three times the price it was before newton. I bet the gun and ammo makers are lol all the way to the bank.

  • Dr Watson

    The simplest way to reduce the body count [ you can not totally stop the killing] would be to do the unthinkable and institute a universal draft and train every one and then arm every one like the Swiss. How does Israel protect their schools ?

    By having teachers armed ! John Lott’s book More Guns-Less Crime is a statistical study of gun crime , you should read it. Emotional knee jerk reactions to guns is a problem because “CITY” folks are so far removed from guns and therefore fear them

  • rye

    The 2nd amendment was not written for hunters. It was written America the “free” people so we could stay free in the face of a tyrannical government. When the second amendment was written we were using muskets. The look of a gun means absolutely NOTHING!

  • concerned and informed parent

    Yes. We should start with you Jason and all your gun toting nut cases.

  • Bob

    It is not a God given right. God wrote “Thou shall not kill.”
    It is a constitutionally given right, but even that is a reading of the the constitution which diminishes the first phrase “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State”, followed by “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”
    It wasn’t until 2008, until the Supreme Court addressed the opening phrase of that 2nd amendment. According to the syllabus prepared by the U.S. Supreme Court Reporter of Decisions, in District of Columbia v. Heller, 554 U.S. 570 (2008), the Supreme Court held: The Second Amendment protects an individual right to possess a firearm unconnected with service in a militia, and to use that arm for traditionally lawful purposes, such as self-defense within the home. Pp. 2–53.
    Now, people only emphasize the later phrase, and do not understand the history of those times, when citizens had to bring their own arms to battle.
    For detail, see: Heller v. District of Columbia, Civil Action No. 08-1289 (RMU), No. 23., 25 On March 26, 2010, the D.C. Circuit denied the follow up appeal of Dick Heller who requested the court to overturn the new District of Columbia gun control ordinances newly enacted after the 2008 Heller ruling. The court refused to do so, stating that the firearms registration procedures; the prohibition on assault weapons; and the prohibition on large capacity ammunition feeding devices were found to not violate the Second Amendment.

  • Barbara Lynn M

    Broad question, yes. A permanent law against assault rifles, laws against large clips or magazines, and laws closing the loopholes in background checks need to be passed. The rest of our gun laws need to be enforced.

  • CommonSense

    Oh really? Then please explain why in 2011 there were the least amount of murders committed by firearms than any time in the last 30 years (according to FBI statistics) while at eh same time gun ownership in America has NEVER been higher. Genius? More like moron.

  • Erik

    I agree with Tobias: Too broad.
    What is planned now will not make a dent. Only broad disarmament would help, but that is pretty impossible.

    But: Why is nobody talking about back ground checks on ammunition and making it a criminal offense to give it to others. (Just like with alcohol and cigarettes to minors?)
    How about mandatory gun safes and consequences if a gun is stolen…
    I do own guns BTW, but I support stricter laws.

  • Barbara Lynn M

    If we have laws forcing people to take medications, a maniacal leader could force us all to take test drugs without our knowledge, force a population to be infertile, etc. About 4 percent of mentally ill persons become violent. The focus needs to be on more available and better behavioral health care.

  • Mike Mathwig

    It is the culture in this country that is at fault. Not just gun culture. A range of things. I get too pissed to put it all in words because it has been said over and over and no one even cares. Look at canada for only one example out of many.People there are not as quick to rage over any old slight nor do they fear their government like we seem to. We fear our government and then don’t organize to change it so we are NOT afraid. You are not afraid, you say. Well then why do I hear that bandied about down here and not up in canada, among others? Why is it on the airwaves, the news, the conversations in this land? I don’t read of Canadian words of “danger from the government” hardly ever. I don’t hear much of road rage from up there. Why? Why allways here, and ALL the time!? This culture is proud, vain, arogant and allowed to be so with out any effort against it at all. Either wimps who have what they want and wish to be left alone, who won’t say, “you are a blowhard” to one who deserves it when one does. OR, a puffed up blowhard who talks of guns and force and bigshot ideas because americans are so,so hot (smelly piles). Either cowards or fools as I see it. It’s the CULTURE, stupid!! America is the worlds number one problem. When you have what could be magnificent and yet you let it remain THIS, that is a real problem because history will say so. But what do YOU care about what history says could have been? You’ll be gone by then! THERE is your culture. There is your problem. Your problem is your not Swiss, you’re not German, you’re not english, you’re not Canadian,……you are american. That’s yer problem folks. If you don’t know what I’m sayin’ then you are the problem with the world. If you DO know what I’m sayin’ then SAY so with out being asked first. I say it all the time and the idiots stay away from me. They KNOW where I stand. And no, people of good mind don’t avoid me. They apreciate the way I say it and that I do. I got culture, see? I got eyes. I see that the Emperor has no clothes. AND I see this tramp country got no CULTURE! NOT the guns, the culture, STUPID!

  • Barbara Lynn M

    I do not want your guns, unless you have assault rifles. But congress is not proposing taking away anyone’s guns, just not letting more of that type be purchased. “if it saves just one life” So if it is your child, your brother, you are okay with it?

  • Carrie

    Weren’t most of the shooters on psychiatric drugs? I don’t think guns are the real problem here.

  • Skinny

    I know that no one these days can fathom the idea of Tyranny but please take the time to look at the history of the world. Our Founding Fathers knew that when the people are defenseless against their government that there can be no freedom.
    Those who would take our freedoms will always use fear to make people willing to give up their freedoms.
    “They came for the guns but I didn’t have a gun so I said nothing, then they came for conservative speech but I didn’t like conservatives so I said nothing, they came for Christians but I wasn’t one so I said nothing, then they came for me but there was no one left to speak out”

  • Gene

    More back ground checks won’t work, if you want a gun you can get from many that are on the street. There is going to be another civil war,this is leading to a total gun ban, I own many gun’s co-owned with my son he will get them all when die, I have had mine before they was such a thing as a back ground check. When it is all donw you will Bow to your king obama. bless you poor people.

  • Barbara Lynn M

    There is no data that establishes a causal relationship between the two.

  • Anonymous

    Talking about civil war over legislation you misunderstand is irresponsible.

  • masswasting

    Your wing-nut paraphrasing is repulsive–especially when one considers what you are paraphrasing.

  • masswasting

    I only fear people who think guns make them safer.

  • margo

    I would love it if we could all get along. Sing Kumbuyia or whatever. But the reality is we can’t, don’t and probably never will. Living without guns will not change that. It will make people less safe and less free. People who own guns are not the enemy. Crazy angry people are.

  • Anonymous

    Jason, many people who use guns to commit crimes obtain them in states or localities where laws are less stringent. That’s why we need universal background checks, state compliance in reporting to the NICS, and uniform national standards for what kinds of guns and ammunition can be purchased.

  • Mine

    They tried it before (1990′s) and it did not reduce anything. Gun free areas make criminals or insane people go there since they can do the most damage with their own gun. You can hide in a closet and get shot, or have a concealed weapon and defend yourself and the children. Criminals do not care if there is a law. Only law abiding citizens care about the law, and they are the ones that the laws are trying to take guns from.

  • Anonymous

    Incidentally, in the 16 years since Australia passed strict gun control legislation, there hasn’t been a single mass shooting.

  • Anonymous

    First of all, we have a record number of people locked up, so that would be one pretty obvious explanation.

  • Andrea

    If you are a law abiding gun owner why are you threatened by a 2 wk waiting period to buy a gun? How does that infringe on your rights if you have nothing to hide, have no mental health exclusions to be found, have no criminal record that would rightly prohibit you from owning and using a gun?

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps you are unaware that the NRA and its allies in Congress have succeeded in preventing the federal government from funding research on guns and gun violence. What little scientific research that exists on the subject is incomplete, but thanks to President Obama, that will change. He has authorized the Center for Disease Control to investigate causes of violence and gun violence.

    According to an NBC report, “The move effectively reverses 17 years of what scientists say has been a virtual ban on basic federal research and is part of a package of new gun control policies aimed at reducing gun violence after tragedies such as the shootings last year in Aurora, Colo., and Newtown, Conn. It would encourage research including links between video games, media images and violence.

    “The action immediately was praised by scientists who said pro-gun advocates — including the National Rifle Association — had choked off funding for CDC firearms research starting in the mid-1990s and imposed a chilling effect on those who dared to pursue it.”

  • Arthur

    I’d like to know why the Galen’s mother and brother were not interviewed or mentioned.

  • Barbara Lynn M

    Maybe you should leave? Neither of us has a greater claim to our country.

  • Concerned Citizen

    It is going to take a National commitment to reduce, if not end, gun violence in America. The popular myth of redemptive violence romanticizes the gun as the tool that vanquishes all evil. Gunsmoke, Have Gun – Will Travel, Dirty Harry with his 44 Magnum ~ “The most powerful handgun known to man…”, and many other images are etched in the national psyche. The most important thing that must happen is to strip the romantic myth away from the gun and show gun violence for the horror that it truly is.

    Acts of gun violence against people at places of assembly have made the national news before but Newtown was different. It happened near New York City, home to many major news organizations. it happened at a time when everyone in America was able to watch in real time as events unfolded. In a way we didn’t just watch, we all were involved. We saw and heard the anguish. We felt the despair and horror. Gun violence must remain front page news. When enough people have had enough then change will come.

    There are far too many especially lethal guns in private hands. A conservative reactionary element within the gun community has packaged FEAR and sold it to the public in a very convincing way. Row upon row of semi-automatic handguns and rifles are displayed at any gun dealer. You can almost hear the barker ~ “The boogeyman will get you if you don’t have a gun”. ALL semi-automatic guns with changeable magazines, including those already in private hands, should be classified as NFA guns. Prospective purchasers must be required to comply with the entire NFA approval process before a transfer may be made. Sellers need to comply as well. The private sale loophole must be plugged. Also, for this to work there must be a robust database so that people who are legally barred for owning a gun don’t fall under the radar.

    Especially lethal guns must be taken off the market. Tactical rifles are not sporting guns. They are military guns, even when disguised in semi-automatic form. The “black gun” must be banned from further sale to the general public. The design of a semi-automatic allows for a lot of bullets to be fired quickly. Magazines should be limited to 5 rounds. Anything that will slow down a shooter will help.

    Finally, our police must be given the resources, tools, and public support to get guns off the streets, especially in metropolitan areas. The leaders in New York City are to be applauded for their approach and results. This should be the national model for all.

  • Barbara Lynn M

    True, but anything that slows down or makes a purchase a little more work may deter another murder or mass shooting. I know it is not the answer, I’m hoping it will help.

  • Barbara Lynn M

    Great ideas.

  • Barbara Lynn M

    Thanks for sharing that information. The most infamous study cited shows a causal link between viewing violence then behaving in a violent manner. It was done many years ago using scientifically sound principles.

  • Sombra

    When at them in a general sense, death rates (not only homicides rates) and gun ownership do not seem to correlate, but if the data is broken into regions or states and composed to people killed by guns then the cause-effect relation is more than apparent. In this sense Not a Genius, just Smart is right, as just basic common sense wiould and do suggests.

  • K Rogers

    In what way would gun control have changed the last shooting? The Mother’s guns were grandfathered in and she got to keep them. Even if there had been a background check it wouldn’t have changed the outcome. All the “Governments” Laws will do is get more people killed. I don’t trust them. I don’t trust their motives for anything anymore. We need to be able to protect ourselves from our on government. To much “Big Brother ” already!

  • 2 gun owner

    No!.. more gun laws will not stop it from happening. There is so much to say about this subject. History will show us what will happen with gun restrictions, look what happen to the Jews after Hitler took their ability to defend themselves. Gun laws will just give more power to the criminal!! Look at what happened in Australia after their new gun laws!
    The fear people seem to have about gun registration is that the government will know where the guns are so they can come take them away. The idea behind the 2nd amendment is so we can protect ourselves from a controlling government, foreign or domestic. A documented reason why no foreign country has attacked US soil is that they believe most Americans can defend themselves.
    It is also fact that a majority of the school shooters told people and / or other kids what they were planning to do, and none of the other kids told anyone. And if they did tell someone, nobody with the power or authority did anything to prevent it.

  • 2 gun owner

    If Obama wants gun restrictions, let him set an example. let’s take his guns away! All the guns in the White House, and all of the secret servicemen assigned to protect him and his family. Let’s see how he feels then.

  • Nancy

    I don’t want to live in a country where armed guards have to patrol day care centers, mothers day outs, and schools. I don’t want to be afraid to go to a movie theater or a restaurant. Two freedoms collide. Freedom to own a gun or freedom from the fear of gun violence.

  • 2 gun owner

    guns don’t kill people, other people do the killing. if that is what you believe about guns then get rid of your transportation. I bet yearly, what ever it may be kills more people than guns.

  • MizShahlut

    This is the problem with all you gun “enthusiasts.” Your go-to position is to attack, to threaten. Where does that come from? It comes from your identification with your means to kill. You become the weapon. You can’t even talk from a perspective of peacefulness. Another statistic you should know is that most gun violence happens in the homes of the gun owners. You are likely to be the victim yourself or to kill someone in your own family, either accidentally or on purpose.

  • 2 gun owner

    here are some numbers about Australia: After the first year, Australia-wide, homicides went up 3.2 percent. Australia-wide, assaults went up 8.6 percent. Australia-wide, armed robberies went up 44 percent, yes 44 percent! prior to the new gun ban the previous 25 years showed a steady decrease in armed robbery with firearms. These numbers come from 2009 web site, I made a copy then and still have it. came from

  • MizShahlut

    Wow! another “enthusiast.” Maggots? LOL. Ditto what I said above. Good luck with all that.

  • Jolly

    Individuals who entertain the idea of shooting defenseless people are not in their right mind. Anyone who thinks this way, obviously has zero respect for the law and therefore would not follow any law passed in regards to magazine capacity or any other restrictions placed on firearms designed to stop these heinous acts. We, as a society, need to be aware that these unstable people exist and be on the look out at home and at schools. Education is the only way to limit these acts from occurring.

  • MizShahlut

    We have got to publish the gun ownership registrations in every locality. We have to know who in our neighborhoods have dangerous military weapons and arsenals. Publish the gun registrations!! Join me in promoting this. Some news media in New York have started to do so. Like the sex-offender databases, we need to know who among us poses this threat to our schools and communities. Call your newspapers and tell them to publish gun ownership registrations!! Now!

  • Jim

    Provide more resources to ATF to enforce current laws: straw purchases, stiff jail time for illegal use or possesion of guns. Watch this video about ATF limitations.

  • Allan

    Regulation does not mean eradication . Laws protect the public and also the gun owners equally.

  • Anonymous

    At about the same time of the Virginia Tech massacre, the debate at the University of Utah was whether freshmen should have the right to insist their room mate not have a concealed weapons permit or keep their handgun in the room.

    One might ponder why there was a mass shooting within VT’s “gun free zone” and not at UU. Or whether signs declaring “gun free zones” are real, or pretend, unless access is strictly controlled with *everyone* going through metal detectors.

  • Jolly

    I can’t even believe that you are serious! In what way will that stop anything? Only law abiding citizens would be on those lists. Criminals don’t register their firearms.

  • Unafraid Citizen

    I am 78 and have had guns since I was 9 years old when our Swiss family guardian
    taught my brother, sister and I how to shot, and why to shot a gun. I am an Expert with a machine gun according to the US Army. NO CITIZEN needs a rapid fire weapon. How would the NRA fell If I used the 2nd Amendment to place a 155mm
    cannon in my front yard?

  • 2 gun owner

    WAR….. Stands for “We Are Right”. read your statement, one thing that America is, its a culture that accepts other cultures in it boarders with an open mind and a giving chance attitude. We are a little bit of everybody, we are all descendants from people of other countries that were fed up with control and wanted more for thier families.

  • 2 gun owner

    100% of ALL gun crimes are by someone that has a gun.

  • Franklymydears

    I’m not an American history professor or a constitutional law expert, but I am mairly confident that the Founding Fathers and the Framers of the Constitution did not intend that militias were needed to defend the people against the government they had established. The very notion of a militia was, and in today’s National Guard continues to be, a civilian force ready at short notice to defend their country against its enemies, including insurrectionists. We might now in the 21st century be better served by fewer firearms and better educated citizens.

  • Anonymous

    The .22 Short is the safest cartridge in the world… it can only barely kill anybody. There is no gun that can’t be used to kill someone, pass it on.

    The problem is with people who want to kill, not with the ones who want to stop them.

  • Anonymous

    “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. … God forbid we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion; what country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms.” — Thomas Jefferson to William Stephens Smith, 1787

    We’re lucky; it’s taken 225 years for them to forget, not 20.

  • Anonymous

    Why not just get everyone who isn’t armed put a sign on their door declaring it a gun free zone?

  • 2 gun owner

    Probably think it was cool.. but there are all ready laws keeping you from having a functional 155mm cannon. there are all ready many gun and gun purchasing laws and regulations. Problem is there are so many little regulations on broad subjects about guns. if you try to look them up on line, they tell you to get a lawyer to interpret them for you. If they start passing more they will purposely make them hard to understand and it will make criminals out of good people. aren’t just for protection from other people, what about wild animals? Ever met a bear in a huckle berry patch? Or a dog that was trained to attack and is hungry on a hiking trail. I think The idea behind a firearm with a high capacity is so you can eventually hit your target. most people aren’t trained for stressful situations and need all the rounds they can get.

  • 2 gun owner

    Not sure where you get your info. probably from the same place the democrats get theirs. I’ve heard some pretty absurd numbers they have been throwing around in the media. I think the NRA likes to have gun studies done. they usually end up proving the anti gun people wrong. That might be why it is so hard to pass gun restrictions, because the facts are out there. people will kill with or without guns. they find a way. And criminals don’t give up there guns. It’s also proven that it doesn’t matter what guns are capable of, its what the people are capable of. In the majority of the school shootings, the shooters told
    someone what there plans were. and nothing was done to intervene. All of them after the fact said they wish someone would have told on them. I heard this info about the kids on PBS today.

  • Karen

    The problem is that when the mentally ill don’t receive treatment, they self-medicate. Therefore, you don’t know if they’re mentally ill because they self-medicate & fried their brains or they self-medicate to treat their mental illness. The problem is that even though only 4% of the mentally ill are violent, you don’t know when you encounter a mentally ill person if he’s violent. In addition, violence isn’t the only inappropriate behavior exhibited by the mentally ill & drug addicts. One day after work, as I was walking to the bus stop to go home, I encountered 2 miscreants having sex in the middle of the plaza.

  • PeaceMaker

    ” Your go-to position is to attack” what do you mean?

    So disagreeing with (Mr/Ms Not a genius, just smart) , quoting
    a statistic and making fun of his handle (Not a genius, just smart) is
    attacking and threatening him? If that is so, then you are on the
    attack- by saying he is identifying with his means to kill – your one
    hell of a profiler! you really should not throw stones if your living
    in that glass house.

    Now that you have showed your colors do you have anything to say about the topic? no matter the gun type or size of
    the mag. the bad guy only stops when a good guy starts shooting back.
    That’s A Fact. Jack!

  • JasonB

    A very small percentage of LEGAL gun owners become violent.
    If we have laws requiring all guns to be registered, a maniacal leader could require us to turn in our guns or go door to door and take them. They could turn the military against the people, and without guns the people would have no recourse.

    At least we agree the focus needs to be on better healthcare for the mentally ill.

  • JasonB

    8.5 times more people are kill by knives, blunt objects, and hands than all rifle deaths (including assault weapons) combined.

  • Eric Gradwohl

    now is not the time to be spending what little political clout Obama and the democrats have for something as symbolic as the gun control measure that we are debating for. this debate is putting more assault riffles on the street then anything else can. since the school shooting at Newtown, the gun manufacturers have not been keeping up with all the orders for these guns that we are debating to outlaw. our number one concern and all of our political clout should be to tackle climate change. even if we were to have 20 Newtown massacres a year for the next 20 years (God forbid) climate change is still more important and that is what we should be working on. If we continue on this road against such powerful entities like the NRA, we will loose what what seats we have left in the senate and we would cripple the president even more so nothing would be done for climate change

  • nrcbtm1

    This poll is too simplistic. Certainly making it more difficult for disturbed individuals to acquire high capacity guns and ammo would help, but it would not solve the problem. More effective screening of gun buyers would not have prevented the Newton massacre. But it would help.

  • 2 gun owner

    New gun laws will not prevent school shootings. Does everyone like fireworks? You get a loud bang and then a display. Like shooting a gun and hitting target. Does anyone like golf? Sending a small projectile down range to a target with few shots as possible. just like shooting, sending a projectile down range to a target with few shots as possible. My guns, are toys for me to play with, not for killing people or protection. just for fun. no different than someone that likes golfing. (most golfers I know, have guns) As far as for protection, its best to avoid situations if you think you might need a gun. I wish people would get off this idea that guns are for killing people.

  • edie

    Gun enthusiasts must put human life before their having fun with their guns hunting or target shooting and support common sense reforms to remove loop holes in safety background checks , ridding civilians of military weapons that kill multiple people with mulitple bullets that should not be in the hands of those who are homicidal, suicidal, and criminals. We who do not share an obsession with owning guns find it intolerable for endless killings of innocents to contine without sensible federal changes in our laws. Australia and other democracies have comprehensive gun safety laws and far fewer massacres, killings than the US. If they can do it and still have some legal gun possession laws so can we.

  • nrcbtm1

    Many people believe the 2nd amendment was included so that the people could rebel against a democratically elected government that has become a dictatorship and denied the people the ability to replace it by elections. That belief leads to the viewpoint that banning “assault weapons,” high capacity clips, and armor piercing ammunition is unconstitutional. There has not been enough informed debate about this position. I was taught that such argument was incorrect.

    When the Constitution was written we had no standing army; President Washington relied on 13,000 militia provided by the governors of Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania to put down the violent protests (known as the Whiskey Rebellion) against enforcement of a federal tax on whiskey. Some states required every able-bodied man to own a gun that he had to bring if the militia was called out. In the 1960′s an anti-federal government militia that called themselves “Posse Comitatus” was considered by law enforcement to be a terrorist organization. This view of the 2nd Amendment is that it was written to ensure that states would be able to continue to have their state militias.

    I urge PBS to sponsor such debate.

  • wondering

    masswasting, Do you propose limiting Skinny’s 1st amendment rights because you find it repulsive?

  • wondering

    Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are God given rights. This includes the right to protect yourself and your family. Our constitution only AFFIRMS those rights.

  • wondering

    That’s your choice, and it is afforded to you by our constitution. Please don’t take it away from other gun owners.

  • Really

    The people that wrote the 2nd admendment were exactly that people. Everything they wrote and did wasn’t completely right. We have had to change and amend the admendment. When your rights negatively effects other lives, a change need to be made. Slavery was legal. Everything HItler did in Germany was legal.

  • Jay

    Some of these comments truly show the lack of knowledge about guns.

    The first thing is some think the .22 cal is a safe cartridge and will inflect the least damage. Do yourself a favor and go to the FBI site and look up what cal has
    killed the most people. Yep! The .22 cartridge.

    The second thing is some are saying they will never own a gun that will kill people. Really? The you must not own ANY guns.

    Again, the 2nd amendment was not for hunters.

  • Jay

    Just 2 things off the top of my head… Chicago — Mexico.

  • Dr Watson

    Simple minded thinking at best. Considering that there are millions of guns and we gun owners have no intention of allowing you fools to disarm us. That has been done before by your hero’s , you know the ones ? Hitler , Stalin , Mao . Pol pot, My Hero’s wrote the Constitution, you might know them too ? Thomas Jefferson ET-AL

  • Dr Watson

    This is pure left wing Propaganda, the facts are simple, In places where guns are restricted like Chicago your murder rate is huge where guns are not restricted , like Vermont the total number of murders you can count on your fingers for the whole state.
    you seek to disarm the people who do not commit crime and those who do are criminals who do not follow the laws anyway.
    the fact is even where guns have been outlawed crime and murder still takes place. This is a social issue that is created by folks like you with single mothers and welfare and kicking the church out of your lives along with your moral decay as shown by your disrespect for traditional family values.

  • OnTheEdge

    if a person commits a crime with a gun, don’t let him plea it down and make him serve out the sentence regardless of how over crowded the prisons are. I say that knowing full well this is not about killings, it’s about control. if it were about killings we would be talking about cars and the need for everyone to ride the bus because to loose one more kid in a car crash is one too many and if we can do anything to save just one life, isn’t it worth it to outlaw individual automobiles? this should be easy because the constitution doesn’t mention automobiles.

  • OnTheEdge

    if you own a gun that can’t kill it must have an orange plastic thing on the front of the barrel, even so dont take it to your school, don’t want to read about another kid getting expelled cause your mommy didnt check your backpack.

  • Anonymous

    According to one guest on NPR, Concealed Carry licensees as a group have a far lower incidence of crime than the police. (That guest has never been invited back!) Yes, the “no guns here” sign are engraved invitations to murderers and thieves that helpless victims reside within. The murderer in the Aurora, Colorado theater shooting passed up 4 theaters that allowed concealed weapons en-route to his “no guns allowed” killing zone.

  • 2 gun owner

    that is a bad idea on so many levels. It would be a shopping web site for criminals! They would know which houses to break into when people are home. Those that can’t protect thier families. Which houses to break into when gun owners aren’t home to steal thier guns.

  • Anonymous

    What a brilliant idea! Think of all the time it will save for thieves looking for guns to steal. They will know exactly which house to rob, dramatically reducing their carbon footprint. And what a boost to the economy as these stolen weapons flood the illegal market as well as all the new and better weapons purchased to replace those stolen. It’s nice to know that Click and Clack are not the only ones unencumbered by the thought process.
    Very soon after this was done by a newspaper in New York, one of the identified gun owner’s home was robbed of his guns. Not much else was taken.

  • OnTheEdge

    A couple weeks ago Dorner shot a couple people. The police, armed to the teeth, went crazy. These are people with serious firepower and they were jumpy. Did you all see the back of that truck they shot up? With the two old ladies in it? Imagine if the Veterans Admin sends out a letter to every vet with PTSD and says we are taking away your guns. Lets say 5 vets in every large city say No Way, and do like Dorner. If you don’t have a gun that can offer at least some protection you will be in big trouble because we see what happens to our police force from just one Dorner, and it won’t be to offer you protection.

  • lovepbs

    typical, several pro gun posts have just been removed

  • ken

    People dream that background checks will solve our problem. The recent shooters all passed the current background checks. Until mental illness is addressed and included in background data base there is no hope of solving our problem.

  • Lee

    Tell this to the people in Chicago NYC and California toughest gun laws around and the most violent crime rates in the nation. But i am sure facts have no place in your “smart” world.

    The liberal mind is a terrible thing …. that pretty much sums it up.

  • Done Deal

    Since when do criminal control laws really control criminals?

  • John Donaldson

    Before their was a Second Amendment, there was “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness”

  • P N

    Jason, you are WRONG! Even the FBI stats say 70% of murders are done with firearms! England, Australia, Japan, etc. all have less than 1% of the guns we have and also have less than 1% of the gun deaths we have! The answer is clear! There are far too many guns here!

  • Steve

    It’s hard to believe that the government truly cares for our safety. notice how they want to tax all….. oh excuse me, I mean a fee Not “tax”. Government wants all gun transactions private and dealer to be registered so they can tax it for more revenue for Obama’s big spending. If it was truly for our safety then it would be free..Think of the tax revenue generated by gun, ammunition, and accessories. The government doesn’t want to give it up. Think about it, there has been a push to legalize drugs, its all about taxes and revenue for our government.

  • Anonymous

    Manufacturers have not changed their prices beyond what is normal at year end. The retailers are price gouging. Maybe with the wars winding down and the U.S. departing Afghanistan (except for the thousands left behind to protect the Chinese companies mining the Afghan’s mineral wealth) the manufacturers will be able to catch up with public demand.

  • Todd

    There have been crazy people killing other people from the dawn if time. They can use clubs, knives, swords, cars, fire, poison and so on . Why don’t you give equal time to report on the thousands of events every year that armed citizens have protected themselves and even removed some of these threats from our society? Socialist/Communist governments disarm their citizens…. That’s why OUR country has the second amendment. Don’t like it? Leave.

  • Melanie Wood

    Guns may not kill people, but they make it easier to kill without effort. Make gun use more difficult and killers have to risk someone able to fight back. Few people are killed by drive-by punches.
    I support background checks and waiting periods.

  • Anonymous

    And what is the violent crime rate in England? Almost FIVE times that of the U.S. No thanks! Go live there if you wish to bow to a king or subject yourself to a non-representative parliamentary form of government.

  • Rudy

    Law abiding US citizens have been using semi-automatic military style weapons for 70 years , since the M-1 Garande after World War II ; now all of a sudden the so called “assault” rifles are viewed the demons in society today because they LOOK different.

    Baseball bats kill more people in the US than ALL the different styles of rifles combined.

  • Anonymous

    Make gun use more difficult and a killer may succeed. Especially in a home invasion against a female or the elderly who may otherwise defend themselves with a firearm. You do not hear about it on NPR or PBS but these defensive use of guns happens dozens of times every day.

  • Denis Gould

    Email to my TN Senators and Congressman,

    Dear Congressman Duncan,
    I have read your reaction to the Connecticut tragedy, also your
    subsequent statement regarding the President’s Initiative. I do not believe it limits gun enjoyment. I am a shotgun owner, also, perhaps
    like you I am a loving parent and grandparent.
    I also happen to be a retired school counselor-director from a NY school system that usually had an armed police officer in the high school. I now
    live in Dandridge, TN. I can sympathize with the thought regarding hiring a professional police officer. Ours was a graduate of the school, part of
    the town’s DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) team. His chief of police is also a graduate, who happens to be a woman. Both were excellent role models and a wonderful community resource. They would be the first to admit that in any
    large school, especially against a determined-deranged shooter with large
    capacity weapons, he/she would be badly outgunned and have only very limited
    capability. I’m asking you to please support the President’s & Vice President’s gun violence efforts, which includes limiting assault weapons, also large capacity ammunition clips to use by law enforcement and the military, also requiring background checks for every sale. I have been to a local gun show where it was
    obvious that sales were not background checked. I believe you’ll agree, anything we can do to prevent what happened in CT and other tragedies – even saving one life – is worth a try. Thanks for your consideration and time.

  • 2 gun owner

    I read about a study done by a European college about world gun violence a week ago. The United States was ranked 27th in the world for gun violence. the countries with bigger violence numbers were countries with strict gun laws for its citizens. How’s gun restrictions working for those countries? My thoughts and prayers go out to victims of gun violence and thier families. There are other problems at hand here and more gun laws isn’t going to fix the problem of violence.

  • Denis Gould

    Dear Senator Alexander,

    I sent you an email asking you to support universal background checks for gun purchases (below) and in response, received a standard comment about your support of the Second Amendment. I’m guessing there are a lot of constituents
    contacting you, also many issues on your plate, so while I appreciated receiving your email, I was disappointed in your stock response. I had hoped for something more thoughtful, since the President’s call for universal background checks is not a Second Amendment issue, rather it’s an issue of common sense.

    The thought of a sick – mentally deranged person obtaining a gun at a gun show, pawn shop or other location – remaining nameless – without a background check makes for the greater possibility of tragedy that might be avoided. I sincerely hope you will find that you’ll want to be on the right side of history – doing the right
    thing – regarding universal background checks for gun sales. It was no problem for me to have my background checked when I purchased a shotgun. Clearly, having universal background checks -with mental health cautions, might flag or stop someone bent on creating a tragedy – even the tragic loss of one person. My grandchildren – and yours might benefit greatly by your support.

    Thank you again,
    Denis Gould

    My previous email:
    Dear Senator Alexander,
    I am a shotgun owner. I am writing to share my hope that you will carefully consider our children’s future as it relates to the issue of universal background checks for gun purchases. I live in Dandridge, TN and have been to a local gun show where it was obvious that gun sales were being made without background checks. The scene defies logic. To have any chance for a safer America, we must make it more difficult for a sick-demented person to obtain a weapon. There is no way this makes it more difficult for the average person to obtain a gun and enjoy
    collecting or shooting as a sport. As part of the 90% supporting universal background checks, I stand with the President, Vice President, Gabby Giffords and shooting-family victims – asking you to make our country safer by voting to require universal background checks for gun purchases. Thank you for your
    attention and time.
    Denis Gould

  • Rob A Richards

    could you explain your comment, it does not make sense

  • BullyMadness

    I am disappointed with PBS because they should be a legitimate news organization. Asking the same question over and over and over again just validates your own stupidity and broadcasts it to everyone who happens upon your simple-mindedness.

    An issue like this is vastly multi-dimensional–and yet the news organizations dumb down to the most simplistic discussions. Gun-control? Yes or No?

    I find it appalling that no one has seriously addressed more efforts to educate and encourage anti-bullying. This also is a complex issue–you cannot just pass a bullies-are-illegal law or no-bullies-over-age-14 or only one-bully-per-month allowance. However, if we as a society want to stop these tragedies perpetrated by a free-agent individual amongst us–we must be willing to stop tormenting them to the point where they have lost all civil and moral rationality. Now, can we stop all bullies from tormenting future rampagers? No–but rallying together to discourage domineering and cruel behavior must occur before these tragedies will diminish. We as a society, right now, are provoking the next ramapager. We must stop our own madness first.

  • FallingDown

    Thank you for saving us from orange plastic. A kid can innocently take a butter knife to school and will be vilified by school administrators. Our public schools are being run by administrators who are convicted for judging a child’s behavior. It is illegal for teachers to consider circumstances. Another reason for these rampagers in our society is the madness caused by gestapo-like Zero-Tolerance rules. Tear down the madness and the rampages will diminish.

  • Yessir

    No. I am not okay with trampling other’s rights. I might be better off if slavery was reinstituted, but I refuse to accept such an advantage because of the henous violation of another.

  • Mike Clarke

    Let’s make the waiting period for taking possession of a purchased firearm something “reasonable.” How about 50 years? While we’re at it, let’s raise the minimum wage to something “reasonable” like $50 an hour. Let’s raise the drinking age to 80. Let’s raise the voting age to 80 as well. Think of all of the lives saved if we raise the driving age to 80, too. Let’s limit “assault weapon” magazine capacity to a “reasonable” number. How about one? Zero might be going too far.

    Sadly, the technology of guns exists. We can’t un-invent them. We can’t prevent madmen from killing people.

    We can mitigate the number of people killed in school shootings. The zero cost solution is to eliminate the helpless victim zones.

  • OnTheEdge

    Yes I think you are right, in many of the school killings, the killers also used or planned to use bombs. If they had no access to guns, they would be known as school bombers and they would take the extra time to learn that skill. This attempt to shift the focus of a violent act to the tool used should be an insult to the victims. When an underwear bomber appears on an airplane there isn’t a government effort to ban underwear. Some private drones are now cheaper than guns and it doesn’t take much imagination to think of how much damage one of those could cause with a 5 pound payload.

  • Joe Hollins

    I’d LOVE to know where that number came from, other than the NRA or gun lobby.

  • Uninformed maggot with a PhD

    Jason, thanks for epitomizing the phrase “gun nut”…

  • OnTheEdge

    Perhaps you are unaware of NBC’s reporting record. You might be too young to remember the Chevy Trucks that explode when hit in the side, but surely you remember the clever editing of Zimmerman in the Trayvon case. I’m one these people that if you lie to me a few times I’m going to forever be skeptical of anything you say. Like Obama saying 5 years ago that he is not going after our rifles, pistols or shotguns should he get elected.

  • OnTheEdge

    So using your logic I can show you where one life was saved with an assault rifle and thats all you need to cut the strings and think for yourself?

  • Gregg

    As a gun owner who has only owned firearms for a few years, and grew up in a non-gun house, all I have to add is that new laws have zero effect on those that are already criminals. What new laws do is to make criminals out of law abiding citizens.

    What we need to do is ban the automobile. More people die on the highway than by civilian gunfire every year. There should be no issues with banning automobiles since there is no constitutional right to own a car.

  • Nermin Kovacevic

    I have question for PBS; at what point does journalism become advocacy? I think the line got crossed in your heavily slanted coverage that played heavily on emotion and not facts or actual data about the role of guns and gun culture in America in general.

    At no point did PBS mention that mass shootings are a 1 in 15 million occurrence in the U.S. which makes them an extremely rare occurrence or that your chances of being shot in America are statistically miniscule(most murders in the U.S. are drug related) or that guns are used daily in lawful self-defense not just for evil deeds or that most guns in circulation in America never get used for unlawful purposes.

    Gun violence is a highly complicated symptom of a cancer in which the war on drugs has played a large role by locking up generations of African American males which in turn removed that father figures in urban households. Other factors are an educational system that fails too many of the poorest of kids thereby setting them up for a vicious cycle of street gangs, involvement in the illicit trade of illegal drugs and limited unequal opportunity.

    When you look at the FBI statistics and those from the CDC both of which are freely available online, violent crime and gun related crime has dropped by 50% percent in the last 20 years or that in our homicide stats relating to guns, 60% percent are suicides and that most murders in the U.S. are drug related due to the federal prohibition of drugs. Or that less than 400 homicides(murder, suicide, self-defense, police shooting) are committed by rifles on a yearly bases of all types including semi-automatic which aren’t “assault rifles” since they have been banned since 1934 effectively but no one in the media seems to notice that fact or that three time more people are murdered with hands and feet and other blunt objects than by rifles of all types or that most homicides occur with less than four shots fired which renders arguments for the limits on magazine capacity useless.

    Another important factor is our poor access to mental healthcare and the near impossibility in most states to have the dangerously mentally ill committed against their will such is the case in my home state which was pointed out in the local media.

    This debate concerning gun violence should take place within a broad debate about the role of crime, justice, education, equal opportunity, mental health, civil/constitutional liberty, not just by scapegoating and blaming an object called the gun which by it self doesn’t do anything. The media also plays are role via the glorification of violence in movies and video games.

    If we seek a true resolution it has to be based in the real world where ideology and emotion collide with reality.

    I am neither to the right or the left, nor a democrat or a republican. I am an American who is concerned that the current debate in regards to guns is being misused by both political parties for political gain without actually addressing the real issues and negative effects of our failed mental health care system, criminal justice system and educational system.

    Felons, violent criminals and the dangerously mentally ill should not have access to guns, we can all agree on that and laws should be strengthened in that field including making straw purchasing of firearms a felony including the theft and possession of an illegal gun. We have to have compassion towards one another without the name calling and dehumanization.

  • DP-Alabama

    Look at the gun laws in Western Europe compared to the US. Very restrictive. Now compare the number of deaths by firearm. Big difference. That should tell you something, Guns kill people, not people. I am glad that my grand kids live in the U.K. and Denmark. I can sleep at night.

  • Jack

    On April 19,1195, Timothy McVeigh killed 19 children, 149 adults, and injured 800 innocent people at the Federal building in Oklahoma City using a 5000 lb bomb made of ammonium nitrate (chicken manure) and diesel fuel – he didn’t need an assault rifle to accomplish his terror, only a bunch of chicken shit – maybe we and our families would live in a safer world if we “outlawed” chickens !!!

  • Jack

    You can count the number of deranged , mentally incompetent individuals who have committed mass murders in the past on your fingers of your two hands – yet over 120 million law abiding families in America are to suffer the consequences for the acts a mere few who should have gotten some help thru mental health.
    And another thing, there is no other large country in the World that has never had a foreign invasion set foot on their homeland – enemies know that if they dare attack the United States of America, they would not only face our military – but also have to take us door to door as every gun owner would not only protect his family but those anti-gun neighbor’s families also !!

  • John

    Very well present with intellengence

  • 2 gun owner.

    Thankyou Nermin..

  • enough is enough

    Would Wyatt Earp be famous if he did not outlaw carry firearms in town limits and get in a shoot out at the OK Corral trying to disarm some Cowboys? The winners usually tend to dictate the way they are viewed and remembered by future generations. That being said. NO, stricter gun control would do nothing to stop someone who has lost it going to a location where they know they will meet little resistance and racking up a body count. We already have plenty of good existing laws and background check system in place. People forget the last mass shooter, Adam Lanza, ( the fact that a lot of people know his name and not the school security guard in Alanta who stopped a mass shooting is sad) stole the guns from his mom. Universal Background Checks, that is a bad idea. It would undoubtedly have tacked on legislation that would lead to registering your firearms through data-basing what you are sold. Ask Australia I think they were the last country to have their gun rights taken away, registration leads to confiscation after the next gun crime. Why is someone called a nut for believing in second amendment and the reason for it. Then they say your crazy for thinking that your government could become tyrannical or that a foreign army could invade. The fact that we are armed is why we are the country we are. To infringe any more on that right would mean this is no longer the land of the free and home of the brave. I don’t want to see any innocent person, child or adult murdered in any way, but I don’t my rights stripped under the guise of the public good.

  • 2 gun owner

    thankyou enough is enough, I wish more could read that.

  • OnTheEdge

    thats one of the funniest things I’ve read today. lets do some math. lets say you are in a room with 10 people. all 10 have guns. one of those 10 is a killer. now lets say you remove 9 of those guns, so the only person that has a gun, is the killer. do you feel safer now that there are fewer guns? take it further, let the government apply a strict absolutely no guns at all law. do you think the killer just turned in his gun?

  • Fred Sowerwine

    With all the talk of background checks for gun buyers, I would like to propose a solution that will solve this and several other problems. Incorporate this gun owner check into the automobile driver’s license system. Before anyone can get a state issued driver’s license, they need to pass said background check and a notation stating they are allowed to have a gun will be made on their license. Before anyone can buy a gun, they must possess a DRIVER’S LICENSE WITH A GUN OWNER NOTATION. When they want to buy a firearm, presentation of a driver’s license, with the holder matching the photo and signature, will tell the seller that owning a firearm is okay by said individual.

    This extra information might very well also help solve the worst death problem we have in this country; people killed in automobile accidents. Everyone complains about people getting killed in various situations, but no one talks about the biggest killer; automobiles. If Driver’s licenses were a little harder to come by and people were screened for mental issues, alcohol issues and drug issues, the deadliest weapon we have might become a little safer.

    Driver’s licenses are and must remain a state issued license, but the Federal government can use its power of the purse to force action as it has in so many instances (speed limits are a good example). A good set of guidelines and suggestions might be readily accepted by state legislatures, but withholding federal funds will surely encourage all to participate.

    Another important issue in gun safety would be universal training starting in kindergarten or pre-school. The gun is our only tool that no instructions are given in its use. We are taught not to run with scissors and to keep our fingers out of electric sockets, but we are not taught what to do with guns. Guns are just a tool; a tool to kill things. We have lots of laws as to when it is okay to kill things and when it is not. Also, there a lots of weapons that can kill just as dead as the gun (the auto is one). Maybe the conversation needs to include all such deadly weapons!!!

  • Minnesota Nice

    Nuff said. Thanks for reading my mind!

  • OnTheEdge

    consequences if a gun is stolen? you mean like if someone steals your gun, you would be responsible if that thief kills someone? yeah and if someone steals your car and crashes into a day care, you go to prison? if someone steals your wallet and buys a gun legally and commits a crime with it, you would take responsibility for that too? interesting idea, I think the administration might just go for that.

  • 2 gun owner

    Well you were doing good in what you were saying. I love to hear all sides and opinions. I might learn something or get a new light on an idea I may have failed to see. Guns aren’t just tools for killing. I have used mine for many things, and wasn’t for killing. As far as a tool I’ve used a gun to cut a tree in half across a road, knock something over, put vent holes in a fire barrel, make drain holes, scare off cyotes, deter bears, and used for various things. so yes a gun can be a useful tool. And to help feed your family. Guns are toys too. Like playing golf, sending a projectile down range to a small target with little shots as possible.

  • Dwayne Rabideau

    That number you quote is based on conjecture and not fact. There is no qualified documentation on that. In fact, the only statistic that can be backed up is that there are about 800 reports per month to the police of a citizen using a gun to deter a criminal act. And here is how your numbers came to be and BTW, the numbers quoted vary from 500,000 to 2.5 million so as I said, conjecture. I tell a friend that I used a gun to thwart a crime, he tells 10 friends and their wives and they tell 10 friends and their wives. Then a pollster comes around and learns that there are 200 people who knew of someone who used a gun to thwart a crime while in fact it was only ever one.

  • Dwayne Rabideau

    The majority of gun crime in America comes from the use of a handgun. Overall, handguns account for 95% of all gun crime.

    And it seems that other nations in the world have recognized this and have implemented laws that severely restrict and/or ban handguns.
    As a result, Great Britain with their gun ban has seen a 75% drop in their overall homicide rate where gun homicides now only account for 8% of all homicides there.
    Canada, who is much more influenced by American culture has severe handgun restrictions that only allow military, law enforcement and security guards to possess them. A private citizen can own one but must prove that they are in imminent danger. Their per capita gun homicide rate is 1/7th that of the US where guns only account for 28.3% of all homicides.
    Australia who also bans handguns saw a 52% drop in their overall homicide rate where 11% of all homicides come at the end of a bullet.
    China has a gun homicide rate of 3% and Japan holds a less than 1% gun homicide rate as both have complete bans on handguns.
    In the US, the gun homicide rate is 68.3% of all homicides.
    And it is simple to understand that it is much more difficult for someone to be toting an AR-15 or rifle through the streets to commit crimes at the level which is seen in America. Handguns are concealable and the weapon of choice for criminals.
    And statistically, since 1960 over 1 million Americans have lost their lives as a result of a gun homicide.

  • Olack

    The AR 15 Sporting rifle aka ( assault rifle) aka (gun I’m trying to ban)
    Started out as a civilian rifle not a military rifle it is no more dangerous than any rifle out there. It is used in less than 1percent of all crimes. I Would bet that it wasn’t used in Newtown. The Libertards wanted to exploit the gun control issue so they changed the weapon used. Wouldn’t surprise me if that is what they did.

  • Lovell Kevin Jackson

    Its a start in the right direction, putting road blocks in the way of unstable people having access to these weapons is Paramount. The issue of mental stability, still appears to be lacking in these gun right debates. I personally feel everyone should pass a background check to own any gun.

  • Cate

    Policies making schools gun free provide a sense of safety to those who engage in magical thinking. Killers are not following the rules! Schools and other gun free zones are obviously being favored by these killers. Stop making schools gun free zones, where the rule-following gun owner is not legally allowed to carry their weapon. Remove the no guns allowed signs posted at school entryways. How many murderers would go on a killing spree in a place where they think someone might have a gun?

  • Gregg

    If Canada’s so great, live there.

    I spend a lot of time in the more industrial areas of Canada, and it’s not all smiles and handshakes.

  • Fred Sowerwine

    You are correct that guns can be useful in other tasks (even though there are better tools for everything you suggested) beside killing things, but it was designed to kill things. That is the first lesson every gun owner learns: Don’t point it at anything you do not intend or are willing to kill”. The second is: To treat all guns as if they are loaded and ready to fire”.

    Scaring coyotes with a gun only works if if some are killed or severely injured (killed in actuality). My information tells me, that attempting to deter bears with a shot will get the shooter killed; better shoot to kill and have gun enough to get the job done.

    No, guns are not toys. That is where this nation has gone wrong. It is not okay to shoot insulators on/off power line poles, it is not okay to shoot signs or mail boxes. Tt is not okay to shoot cattle in a farmer/ranchers property. It is not okay to poach wild game. Shooting at a firing range or in an area where it is safe to do so is okay, but the main reason should be to improve your skill. Yes, it is satisfying to group your shots accurately (be a good marksman), but one should not use the firing range to let off steam; for that you should do push ups or go for a run.

    I primarily shoot gophers; I generally only get one shot at a time and my intent is to kill. It is also practice as my life does not depend om me being accurate, but I think if/when the need arises that it will be I who survives. I am also frugal and I don’t waste ammunition. I try to use the right tool for the job at hand (I do improvise if necessary, but my guns are just for killing and to allow me to improve my skill as a marksman).

    To me, the 2nd amendment is only to allow me and like minded individuals to protect ourselves against a corrupt government. Don’t forget that the founders had just fought a war with England (a corrupt government) The private militia has to have access to the same weapons as the public militia or it fails to act as a deterrent. The 2nd amendment has nothing to do with hunting, sport shooting, or personal protection; that was a given as guns were necessary for survival. Necessary to provide meat and to protect one’s life and property as criminals (those who take from those who have) have been around for a long time.

  • canitbe

    well I think it would help if thier was a gps traking devise in the guns at all time .if remove thier should be some jail time .that means some lawenforcement unit would know at all time where most guns are at. and it sould be put in side cop cars as well so that can know as well it can be a start.

  • Johnny be good

    Frist may I say my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone involved. The lost of any life young or old is tragic! Whether single or multiple, it hurts all of us. I’ve had a gun
    since I was seven years old my father and I would go out target shooting. He brought two of my guns when I started out. The rest I brought myself through thru the years.
    I was taught to only shoot what I would eat, or to protect myself and my family from intruders. My interest of guns came at a very young age from growing up near a cemetery, I and sometime my friends would watch a military funeral and wait for the 21 gun salute was over. We would then try any pick up the brass from the M1 or M16
    used to Honor the dead solider who dyed for us and the USA. From war to school killings it hurts to lose Love ones, or fellow Americans. I believe in educating our young ones, to what and how guns work and why they might be used good or bad. God bless us all!

  • Johnny be good

    Mr. Babcock, being neg. to your fellow Americans does not help get your point across.

  • bob

    All guns can kill.

  • bob

    Barely kill ?? kill is kill !

  • bob

    New laws will do nothing to curb “gun violence” In Newtown the kid murdered his mother and stole her legaly purched guns and went to that school and murdered inicent children and adults ! What law would of stoped him ? If the mother did not have the AR 15 The kid would of used somthing elese! Now if the kid had to by the gun “yes” maybe if there was a background check and he couldnt pass it would not have happend, but remember HE STOLE THEM !!!

  • bob

    New laws wouldn’t have stoped the Newtown shool shooting. The kid broke all the laws in the first place!! Make new law and they will be ignored as well ! Crimminals will always find a way.

  • bob

    Or baseball bats, knives,screwdrivers, hammers etc………….

  • Don

    There is no lodgic to gun control, its not the gun or type of gun, its the person. I say put prayer back in schools, hire security. Drunk drivers kill more people than guns, so should we go back to proabition! Its not the bottle of booze or type, its the person. Its about value of life, in this society there is none. Gods law, do not comit murder. Put God back in the schools.

  • Nanny

    so sad. You are blessed because it was not your child, your sibling whose life was cut short. You need do what Atticus Finch told Scout. Walk aound in their skin for awile. You might feel differently.

  • johnny

    What’s your mental state? There are Policemen, Doctors, Lawyer’s, Nurses with mental health issues, Bipolar, Depression and they work and carry weapons! It doesn’t make them less of a person. Even our soldiers have mental issues. I can get a gun in any city or online for that matter. To fix this problem gun stores must take a better stand on who they are selling to. I agree with VP Bidden less rounds in any guns built for mass killing. That kid in Conn. in some way was fail by society, his parents, his mother a teacher herself must have put the guns in his hands knowing his mental state was off and she can not defend herself because her life was the first to be taken at the hands of her own son that she loved. So I ask what was her mental state to allow her son to know where the guns were and how could she teach him to learn how to shoot them?

  • Anonymous

    We should regulate gun ownership and gun use at least as strictly as we regulate the ownership and operation of motor vehicles. Gun safety regulations should be consistent nationwide.

  • Eric

    that’s the problem with this legislation, it dose not remove one assault riffle off the street and the discussion has all ready put over a million of these rifles out on the street all ready. we are never going to get a gun control bill passed that would actually help us get these weapons off the street like they did in Australia, instead we will be spending what little political clout (which should be used to fight climate change) and spend it on this bill that will do nothing accept to get the gun nuts of the NRA united against us in the next election

  • gary

    our local dmv office has two armed guards and a metal detectorno school officers .

  • Doug Heidebrink

    You do not have a right to own or drive a car. That my friends is a privilege. You have an unalienable right to bear arms. This right shall NOT be infringed. un·al·ien·a·ble (n-ly-n-bl, -l–)
    Not to be separated, given away, or taken away.

  • k5r4

    In addition, he utilized his mom’s gun

  • Elmer

    Well if most folks that took your poll don’t think stricter gun control laws will help prevent school shootings then maybe we should pass stricter chocolate control laws. Maybe it’s art classes that cause shootings, what about math, if not guns then outlaw math. I got it, it’s cats that cause school shootings! Let’s ban cats!!

  • Maria Enger

    Without the universal background check we have no idea who is a law-abiding gun owner and who is not.
    We want freedom from the irresponsible gun owners and automatic weapons.

  • GunsDoNotMakeMeFeelSafer

    Guns are tools to kill.It’s insane to act like their sport and allow them.

  • Ben Franklin

    “Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” If guns were the cause of shootings, I would think gun shows would be the most dangerous place on earth… or a police station…or a security line with armed personel. What is the difference between these places and a scene of a shooting? Could it be the person holding the gun?

  • ironman586

    Stop misrepresenting the facts Automatic Weapons are not legal to own in the US . You cannot buy them at gun store, gun show or privately
    ever. Don’t let the media misrepresent the facts they have not been legal to own since 1934. Get educated !!

  • Mother

    Please show compassion and concern for others. Regulating access to guns is not the same as taking away people’ rights. Why do we need armed militias across our country? It would be safer here to be more like Australia than Iraq.

  • Timothy Roesch

    People who give up a little freedom for a little security cease being Americans and become sheep. It might behoove you all to read the US Constitution and understand why so many want, so badly, to destroy it.

  • Timothy Roesch

    All over this country children are trained to use firearms and do so very safely and constructively. Do we train our children to be sheep, dependant on ‘effective’ laws, or do we train them to stand up for themselves and eschew victimhood?

    Fight Like a Girl? Watch This Little Girl Shoot Like a BOSS.

  • Timothy Roesch

    According to statistics, hammers, a very effective tool for killing as old as a sharp, hand held rock, kill more people than rifles.

    ‘Guns’ also teach personal responsibility (something far too many are afraid of):

    Fight Like a Girl? Watch This Little Girl Shoot Like a BOSS.

  • Timothy Roesch

    Or maybe we should learn how to better deal with children and adults with mental illnesses.

    Guns don’t make people insane. Insane people use guns to randomly kill people.

    Or they teach personal responsibility:

  • Timothy Roesch

    Who will bell the cat? And, once belled, is it still a cat?

  • Timothy Roesch
  • Timothy Roesch

    Will Need to Know interview Assistant Principal Jamie Addington?

    “A 12-year-old boy charged with bringing guns into a middle school was found out
    because an assistant principal making rounds heard a cartridge being popped into
    a rifle inside a bathroom stall, a newspaper reported.”

  • Joe

    Of all the reports on the mass shootings, I have yet to hear anyone discuss the impact of the pharmaceuticals these folks were taking let alone mention them.

  • MUXC

    I would like to ask why Hollywood and the violent video multi-billion dollar industry continue to get a pass? The Newtown nut was obsessed with “getting the highest score.” Hello…are there any sane people out there capable of intelligent thought and debate?

  • elmer

    We’ve spent hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars on education in this country over the last 40 years (since the inception of the department of education) with……..wait for it…….. Declining results. A mere fraction of the money spent (as Rudy Guliani did in new York) on armed security in schools will stop this crap.

  • 2A

    So compasion for our Constitution and STOP letting yourself and others tell you it’s okay to disregard it. It isn’t and never will be! Mind if I place limitations on your Freddom of Religion? Freedom of Speech? Or any other Freedom granted in out Constitution? I MIND you even discussing limiting ANY of them period. You shouldnt be okay with your thought process.

  • 2A

    Irresponsible gun onwers (aka criminals) DO NOT CARE about ANY law you try to make … Get it?!?! That’s why they are called crminals. Stop being foolish … and STOP believing the uneducated lies your paying forward. Autmatic weapons ARE legal to own after the Federal Govenment says it’s okay. They are also 10′s of thousands of dollars to own. PLEASE get educated and stop spewing untruths. It makes you look foolish.

  • 2A

    TO be called an “assualt rifle” you actually have to ASSAULT something. Unless you’ve assualted something you only own a RIFLE.

  • maustin195

    You do not know what you are talking about. Automatic weapons are available to law abiding people if all federal rules are followed.

  • Armed and SAFE

    How is it that people cannot understand that BAD people with guns are the problem, and we will NEVER be able to disarm BAD people. Ask an Englishman if the criminals in their “gun-free” society can obtain guns. Of COURSE they can. And DO.

    New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Chicago – all cities with the strictest of gun laws – ironically also have the highest incidence of gun violence. That is, of course, because bad people who ARE armed, because they disregard the law, know that law-abiding citizens are NOT armed, and thus are easy targets.

    Guns save lives every day, when used against bad people, but the liberal-dominated leftist media will NEVER report THAT. But, ask the Baton Rouge, LA police officer who was saved by armed, law-abiding citizen Perry Stevens, for one.

    And there are thousands of such incidents every year in America.

    There is direct correlation linking the increased number of law-abiding, armed, correctly permitted citizens lawfully carrying firearms and dramatic decreases in crime – but ONLY in locations where the carrying of firearms by properly licensed, trained, law-abiding citizens occurs.

    In the meantime, violent crime continues to soar in cities New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Chicago – cities that all prohibit the exercise of the 2nd amendment RIGHT for citizens to carry firearms to protect themselves and their homes, and their families.

  • Armed and SAFE

    By the way – how about actually enforcing some of the laws that are already on the books? Like the one about a felon using a gun in a crime? I see soft sentences handed down by liberal judges all the time, in cases where a gun was used, but they only sentence the (often habitual criminal) to a year for petty larceny, when they should be sentencing them to armed robbery, possession of a firearm by a felon, possession of ammunition by a felon, and so on.

    If there was a reasonable disincentive to committing crime, fewer people might. Get the violent offenders off the streets! But, don’t try to legislate away the rights of law-abiding, patriotic Americans exercising their 2nd amendment rights lawfully.

  • Losing Faith in the Government

    I agree with “Armed and Safe”. We don’t need new laws – we need to enforce the ones we have on the books now. Any shooting is a horrible tragedy. But, I find it interesting that some in power are trying to blame the weapon instead of the shooter.

    The government should be ashamed that federal prosecutions for gun crimes is at the lowest level since the mid-80′s. So why pass new laws? It would only serve to soothe politicians conscience that they took “action” on gun violence.

    I wish our government would focus on the issues the people want – the economy, the deficeit, and things that would strengthen the middle class. Then enable and require the federal justice system to enforce the laws that are currently in place. Then, if we find we need changes or additional legislation, should new laws be considered.

  • Swarlos

    Well yes and no. You must acquire a Class 3 (NFA) license to purchase a very very very expensive automatic weapon as a private individual. Aside from that, they are heavily regulated and monitored. Plus, you need to live in a state that allows a private citizen to own a NFA weapon. The short answer is that you can’t own a fully automatic. The long answer is you can.

  • HUGE8612

    CT already had an “Assault Weapons Ban” in place when the shooting took place. It did not stop a mentally unstable persons from killing someone to obtain the weapons to perform this act of terror. Last time I check, “Murder” was already illegal. How are more laws to make “Murder” more illegal going to help anything. The same goes for weapons. Stop calling them “Assault Weapons”, because they are “NOT” Assault Weapons. The US Military does “NOT” use AR15′s. The US Military uses M-16, and the M-4 variant, which are fully automatic or have “Burst” capability. AR15′s do “NOT” have those features. AR-15 are “NOT” fully automatic, and to obtain the part to to convert to fully automatic are highly restricted and require an ATF TAX “REGISTRY” STAMP!!!! Also the lower receiver housing would need to be machined, which takes specialized equipment ” and training. If you are “Unaware ” or “Uneducated” as to how these weapons work then you are the definition of the word “Ignorant”. Learn the differences, because it “DOES” matter.

  • Doug Rowan

    Every single area that has serious gun control also has a MUCH higher violent crime problem. You make not like the NRA, but when they say the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun they are correct. Whether be a police officer OR just the thought in a criminal’s head that there are armed private citizens around it does work. Look at the facts, look at all of the stats, and ignore the emotional side of it, and you will see that gun control does NOT work.

  • HUGE8612

    I agree with that…. Well, since anyone can buy a car, and drive it. (Sarcasm)

    1st: The problem with your argument is that you expect people to follow the law. How many power drive “Un-Registered” and “Un-Insured” vehicles? How many vehicles are owned and operated by Illegal Immigrants without registration or insurance? How many cars are STOLEN, and used in crimes? There is “NO LAW” requiring a person to register or insure a car, unless they plan on driving it on a public street. I can 1000 cars have them all parked in my driveway, and never register or insure any of them…..

    2nd: Driving a vehicle is “NOT” protected by the US Constitution. The 2nd Amendment “Is”…..

    3rd: Read the 10th Amendment, and the rest of the US Constitution before putting your foot back in your mouth….

  • common sense

    I believe that a concealed permit holder in college should be able to protect there classmates , the good will out way the evil.The government makes gun free zones so the evil knows it is easy picking.