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Getting out of Afghanistan: An interview with Brett McGurk

Brett McGurk served on the National Security Council under both President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama. He was an early supporter of the surge in Iraq and also supported the surge in Afghanistan. In 2008, he negotiated the U.S. military withdrawal from Iraq. McGurk pointed out that during Karzai’s visit to Washington this past week President Obama spoke about negotiating a similar agreement for Afghanistan. He sees this as proof that, although the withdrawal will be slow and the U.S. will continue to have a presence in Afghanistan beyond 2011, President Obama is intent on handing control of the country over to the Afghans.

McGurk is now a fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations and is writing a book on his experiences in Iraq.



  • jan

    Those chairs looked painfully uncomfortable last night; especially for Mr. McGurk who looked like he was too big for the chair. If you really feel such a strong need to avoid having a table and feel the need to balance a clipboard of notes on your knee instead of merely putting it on the table in front of you, may I suggest you get a couple of padded easy chairs (larger for someone like Mr. McGurk) so the guests don’t look uncomfortable and so that you don’t look like you’re sitting on a tack while trying to balance the clipboard.

  • Dennis M. Beaty

    I just want to make sure I understand what Mr. McGurk is saying. I understood him to say that the goal of the American occupation of Afghanistan is to install a modern day Herod with troops to operate a Soviet style puppet state and the United States will send in Special Forces on Religious Holidays to torture, humiliate, and crucify Jesus if he shows up to complain. Is that right?