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In response: How to avoid conflict minerals?

Following Alison Stewart’s interview with Human Rights Watch expert Anneke van Woudenberg, viewers wrote in to ask how to avoid buying products that use minerals from conflict-ravaged areas. Alison Stewart talks through the challenges of unraveling the supply chain and what industry, government and nongovernmental groups are doing to address the issue.

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  • Growth is not sustainable

    Rather than boycott the minerals, why not boycott countries that provide these people with arms? Seems they’d be easier to identify.

  • Eve Love Cher

    Great news, a move in the right direction, but how many millions of innocent children and parents will be brutally raped, tortured, mutilated and murdered before this giant monster moves far enough to end the genocide? I am working on a TV series and launching several projects with the help of Congolese missionaries to further help end the violence and to help the victims directly. Anyone can get involved. Stay tuned for an upcoming program at our new youtube channel:
    We are seeking to connect with all groups and non-profit organizations who are already involved or seeking to begin their work to bring a change for Congo. Feel free to drop a note, we may be making a real difference in the lives of millions of people like us.
    Blessed Be Our World~