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The sights and sounds of Cairo during Egypt’s uprising

Award-winning photojournalist and VII photo agency co-founder Ron Haviv has documented global conflicts and humanitarian crises that have made headlines from around the world since the end of the Cold War. In this audio slideshow, he captures the sights and sounds of Cairo during this revolutionary week.



  • Moon C. Sue

    What’s the matter…with the GOP party, and their satellite advocacy, dirty tricksters groups? In the past, when a US president of any party did something on behalf of all the people of the US,including both houses of Congress, its usually kosher to stand behind that leader, say after 9-11, or after the start of a world war, or after the shootings in Tucson..but the fact that he was crticized by such opponents is an example of the lack of civility in US politics today. Right or wrong? Defend your view in a few short words, say 10 or less, like you are …twittering! Thanks!

  • Misskim59

    I t is a beautiful city. To see what they are doing to the National Gallery breaks my heart!!