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A wounded veteran, now an athlete, helps soldiers cope with their wounds

Scott Winkler thought his life was over when he came home from Iraq in a wheelchair in 2003, one of more than 43,000 soldiers who have been wounded in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Now an American record holder in the shot put and a favorite for the 2012 Paralympic Games in London, Scott is one of four people featured in “Warrior Champions,” a new documentary from Brent and Craig Renaud that will be released later this summer.

In addition to becoming one of the world’s top paralympic athletes, Scott he is a coach at the same military sports camp that first set him on a path to recovery, helping a new group of soldiers deal with their wounds.



  • Ddalton

     I’d like to let veterans know the Iraq Veterans Stress Project  has volunteers that use a touch healing technique called Emotional Freedom Techniques – EFT.  Clinical trials are ongoing – initial results indicate 90% of veterans in the study diagnosed with PTSD show no symptoms after just 6 session.  I am a volunteer for this project and volunteer my services for veterans.  Contact me for more information at

  • Peter

    Hey Ddalton, that is amazing. No PTSD after 6 sessions? I am starting to read about it. Why doesn’t everyone know about this? My wife grew up in a war zone and has PTSD, and it has caused a lot of problems. A very sincere thank you for the reference. Come to my site and I will give you a pair for cost as a thank you.


  • Tom

    Great story. Good job.

  • LJ

    …a favorite for the 2010 ParaOlympic Games — maybe they mean 2012 or 2013??