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David Potorti on waging peace after 9/11

Americans reacted and continue to react to the 9/11 attacks in many different ways. Some went to war; David Potorti wages peace.

Potorti lost his brother Jim in the North Tower. In the days and weeks that followed, when it became clear that America would go to war in Afghanistan, he worried about other families who would suffer the loss of innocent lives as his own family had.  He became an anti-war activist, co-founding September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows. David joins Alison Stewart to talk about his efforts.

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  • Pamela

    thank you for educating me tonight on your peace efforts. I feel my heart opening to the feeling of peace.

  • Raftingveggie

    Wonderful interview… He articulated his experience as a family member of 9/11 very well … Also …he seemed to understand and put in to clear words those feelings of all who experienced the attack – even those completely opposite of himself – he seems to have such a clear understanding of the American psyche about this issue. He even seems empathetic / to realize the underlying emotion / motive of those who lash out at him/ his group. I wish him tbet best and completely support his mission and efforts

  • Lisa

    I knew David Potorti in years past as articulate, intelligent, with warmth, humor, and a strong sense of ethics.  From the fine work he’s been doing, and in this interview, now I would add deeply compassionate, heartfelt, and a leader to those qualities.  Isn’t that the kind of voice we need to hear more of?  And I knew his brother Jim as a funny, easy going, smart guy who was a great brother and son.  A great family, the Potortis.    

  • Dorothy Wellington

    On September 11th my teenage son called me into the room and
    said, “Mom, you won’t believe this, a plane hit a twin tower!”  He was
    right, I couldn’t believe it and then suddenly we watched a second plane
    hit the other tower.  It was like a movie at a theater, unreal.  On
    October 10, 2001 God gave me these words:

    From the Victims of September 11th

    Don’t cry for us because we all have peace
    Don’t cry for us because we all have joy
    Don’t cry for us because we all have eternal life.

    We are not in
    We are not suffering from loss
    We are not in anguish or turmoil
    By the thousands we ascended into a new
    life that will never cease.

    Put your eyes and hearts upon the present,
    not the scenes or voices of destruction.
    They will continue to lead you away from truth.
    We don’t exist there, our lives are not buried in the rubble.
    The bodies that were found are only empty shells that
    encased our lives while on earth.
    We are alive in eternity and doing well.

    We wanted a letter written to our friends and families
    to encourage all of you that it is ok to wipe away your
    tears and don’t
    forget to remember us where we are today.
    Our memories of each of you will never be forgotten,
    yet we don’t want you to throw away our past from the
    treasures of your hearts.  When our lives come to mind, just remember:

    Don’t cry for us because we all have peace
    Don’t cry for us because we all have joy
    Don’t cry for us because we all have eternal life,
    A good life that will never cease.

    We love you, In Eternity
    The Victims of September 11th

    Written by Dorothy Wellington
    October 10, 2001

    Rev. Dorothy WellingtonP. O. Box 87413Phoenix,
    AZ, 85080602-593-5903

  • Anonymous

    Great interview.  Kudos to Alison and especially to David Potorti for his fine work.

  • Leeb

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