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Tom Kean on national security since 9/11

September 11 sharply focused Americans on our national security vulnerabilities.  Roughly a year after the tragedies in lower Manhattan, the Pentagon and Shanksville, Pa., a bipartisan commission was established by Congress and given the task of studying the circumstances leading up to 9/11 and providing recommendations for preventing future terrorist attacks.

In 2004, the culmination of this research was released as “The 9/11 Commission Report,” and it became an instant bestseller. Commission co-chairs Lee Hamilton and Tom Kean have continued their work — they now lead a bipartisan policy group. It released what it calls a “report card” last week.  It revealed that out of the 41 recommendations from the original report, nine remain unfulfilled.  Earlier this week, Alison Stewart spoke with the chair of the 9/11 commission, former New Jersey Governor Tom Kean.

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  • Jane Agee

    I enjoyed this interview. Mr. Kean made some good points about the value of politicians working together to help our country prosper. I hope some pols were watching the interview.

  • N/A

    New security camera can ‘see’ through clothes – CNN

    April 16, 2008

    New technology that can “see” through clothing and

    detect what’s underneath can now be used to scan

    crowds, making it a potentially effective tool to

    prevent terrorist attacks in public places.

    The ThruVision T5000 camera picks up Terahertz

    rays, or T-rays, which are naturally emitted by all

    objects and can pass through fabric or even walls.

    The camera can then image metallic and nonmetallic

    objects hidden under clothing on still or

    moving subjects without revealing any body detail,

    according to its British manufacturer, ThruVision

    Limited. It also means people can be screened without knowing it.
    Explosives, liquids, narcotics, weapons, plastics, and ceramics can all be detected by the camera’s
    imaging technology, which the company says is completely safe. Unlike X-rays, the T5000 does not
    emit radiation — it only picks up on it.
    The technology stems from British astronomers’ work in studying dying stars. Astronomers use T-ray
    cameras to see through dust and clouds in space.

  • Steve Miller

    The 911 inside job was covered up by Kean and his commission. The Commission by Shenon revealed Bush had been warned more than 40 time. On page 247 there was an argument by FBI Director Tom Pickard when he demanded John Ashcroft hear the warning from the CIA George Tenet. Pickard jumped out of his seat into Ashcroft’s face. Shenon and the NYT never published this spectacular srory. A missile was fired into the Pentagon. Flight 77 disappeared and all 64 people were murdered by Bush. April Gallop was a Pentagon witness who filed a suit dismissed by Judge Denny Chin SDNY. See details in

    Will PBS cover this story or cover it up?

  • Steve Miller

    Please read THE COMMISSION by Shenon to know Kean is a traitor who covered up the real facts of 911. Shenon and the NYT didn’t publish spectacular stories to protect Bush. Do you want to be misled?