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VII Magazine: Girls of the Lord’s Resistance Army

The Obama administration recently continued military aid to four countries known for their use of child soldiers — the Democratic Republic of Congo, Chad, Yemen and Southern Sudan — by issuing a waiver to the Child Soldiers Prevention Act. In a memorandum to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, President Obama said he had determined that the waiver was in “the national interest.”

“One Voice, One Thousand Children” is a two-part series by VII photographer Marcus Bleasdale. The first part looks at the plight of child soldiers, and the second features young girls who are conscripted, raped and made the wives of soldiers. In this part, a young Ugandan woman, Lilian Andia, tells her story of being recruited as an 11-year-old child soldier for the Lord’s Resistance Army.

Watch the entire video at VII Magazine.



  • Rogi Riverstone

    I won’t be able to stand the video. The photo almost killed me. None of us is free until ALL of us are free.