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2012 election


  Jeff Greenfield: Crime disappears as a political issue

When it comes to the lack of political talk about crime, no news is good news, says anchor Jeff Greenfield.


  Party down: Voting and power in South Carolina

In a report from South Carolina on the eve of the GOP primary there, anchor Jeff Greenfield describes how the sharp rise in the number of black state lawmakers creates the mistaken impression of greater black power.


Fight moves to South Carolina after Romney’s New Hampshire win

Mitt Romney’s win in Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary offered few surprises, but his rivals are still moving ahead at full speed to slow his momentum for the Republican nomination.


  Presidentiality: ‘Treason?’

In this new web series, Need to Know dissects the rhetoric of the campaign trail. This week: The annals of “treason” are filled with some of history’s most reviled traitors. Now, Texas Gov. Rick Perry has suggested a new candidate: Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke.


As debate over Social Security intensifies, could Rick Perry be Mitt Romney’s savior?

Rick Perry’s mere entry into the Republican presidential contest has suddenly made Mitt Romney palatable to the insiders who previously saw him as a sort of Reagan-esque android.


  Polls and bears: Can markets predict elections better than pollsters?

Need to Know travels to Iowa to examine a unique futures market that may be better at predicting winning political candidates than traditional polling methods.


Rick Perry’s immigration ‘Achilles heel’

The Texas governor’s moderate track record on immigration is being billed by opponents as a major weakness in his quest for the Republican nomination.


As Democrats despair over Obama, there’s one issue left that could re-energize his base

Liberals are dissatisfied with the president’s economic approach. But there’s one issue left that could re-energize Obama’s base: gay marriage.


  Ken Herman on Rick Perry’s presidential ambitions

Alison Stewart talks to Ken Herman of the Austin American-Statesman about Governor Rick Perry’s accomplishments in Texas and his national ambitions.

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