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Seeing ‘conspiracy’ in protests, Syrian regime intensifies its brutal crackdown

The Syrian regime released a jailed American blogger, but its intimidation tactics — fueled by paranoia — appeared to be working, analysts said.


‘Cairo 6, 7, 8’ exposes sexual violence in a changing Egypt

Mohammed Diab captures the grim reality of sexual harassment in Egypt in his new film, based on real-life experiences of three women.


Egyptian-American blogger arrested in Syria, accused of spying during protests

Family members of Mohamed Radwan, who was in born in Texas, said he was arrested during protests in Damascus Friday and was being used as part of a propaganda campaign.


An American citizen is killed ‘fighting for freedom’ in Libya

Mohannad Bensadik, a 21-year-old born in North Carolina, stayed in Libya to fight Gadhafi’s forces. “Mohannad liked freedom,” his mother recalled.


UN wants Gadhafi investigated for war crimes — but nobody wants to pay for it

A UN resolution referring the Libyan autocrat to the International Criminal Court exempts the U.S. and others from having to pay for the investigation.


  Will post-Mubarak Egypt set the tone for the rest of the Arab world?

Alison Stewart talks to Michael Wahid Hanna of the Century Foundation to discuss what happens next in Egypt, and how that will affect the rest of the Arab world.


What Mubarak’s ouster means for the Arab world and the Middle East peace process

Activists speculated that a new Egyptian government might permanently open the Rafah crossing to Gaza.


  Neil MacFarquhar: Mubarak overstayed his welcome

In an interview with Need to Know, New York Times correspondent Neil MacFarquhar discussed the history of the Egyptian president’s rule, and the roots of the uprising against him.


Don’t expect sweeping reforms in Jordan, former ambassador cautions

Despite public protests and recent promises of reform from Jordan’s king, a ‘massive shift’ is unlikely there, says the former U.S. ambassador.

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